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Robbie Lawler

   June 2nd, 2008

The first round of Robbie’s fight went like we thought it would. Matt Pena had come up with a good plan on his feet, which was stay away from Scott’s right hand and with Robbie being so elusive and hard to hit we just thought that Robbie was going to get the better of him in the stand up war. At the end of the first round, I felt Robbie had Scott hurt enough to try and end the fight. I was yelling at Robbie to finish it. Robbie felt it wasn’t the time. When I heard Scott’s interviews he was talking about leaving his kids for two months to train for this fight, so I didn’t want to get into a war in the fourth and fifth round. Second round, Robbie slowed down and Scott capitalized a little bit, threw some good elbows, but I still believe Robbie won the round. Third round I think Robbie was winning more convincingly than the second. I know Scott had a hurt leg from throwing kicks and Scott started to look very frustrated. I think Scott’s aches and pains and frustrations had maybe a little to do with the stoppage. That’s just my opinion. Congrats to Robbie, he retains the belt and got his win money also.

I didn’t know what to think of the Kimbo Slice fight, didn’t know much about Kimbo nor did I know much about his opponent. I do know that Kimbo doesn’t have much training so I didn’t know how much of a factor that would play. But I don’t know how fair the ref was in the fight. Looks like Kimbo could have tapped out with the guillotine attempt and I don’t know how Thompson got stood up when he was cross sides throwing elbows. It looks to me like there was maybe a little bit of favoritism, but Kimbo is a heck of a nice guy.

Had a couple of forum members at the fights, Boomer and Dawn. Didn’t get to talk with them much, I was a little busy, but Robbie and I thank them for the support in heading out there, hope they liked it.

Jens fought last night against Uriah Faber. I knew Jens was going through a lot back up in Iowa and from what I can tell Jens just never got started in the fight. Uriah was just able to pull the trigger before Jens did. Jens fought an exciting fight like he always does and hopefully Jens can take this loss, learn from it and become a better fighter.

Today’s Monday, I think my flight’s around 6:30 PM, I’m just doing some catch up, running some errands, packing my bags and then I’ll be heading out. Thanks for all the support, probably the next blog will be when I get back next week, but Nate’s working on a video to put up on the site this week. -matt

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