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GSP and Lesnar

   August 3rd, 2008

This weekend coming up will be UFC 87 up in Minnesota. Going up there with some friends, I plan on having a good time. I like the fact that I can stay in the Midwest and drive up there. My predictions for the fights are GSP and Lesnar to win. I think they both have a great chance of winning and I think they can go in there and win as easily as they’d like to. But as everyone knows, this is fighting and anything can happen, so there’s always a chance that Fitch or Herring could get their hand raised.

Had some guys from Nashville, Tennessee come up and train with me last week. This group of seven guys work out with each other every day, they keep each other accountable and know that if they skip a practice they aren’t just letting themselves down, they are letting someone else down. So, they decided to come up and let me run them through a two and a half hour workout.

The whole trip was actually a birthday present for one of the guys, Bill, and we’re going to show a video that I sent down to Bill as a birthday surprise, to let him know what to expect when he came down here. You’ll also see his reaction to the video when they played it for him at his local movie theater:
Matt's Message to Bill

In a couple of days, I will be showing a demonstrational video of how to choke somebody out, so tune back in around Wednesday and you can see another blog entry. -matt

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