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UFC 87

   August 8th, 2008

Audra and I went up to the UFC in Minneapolis with two other couples: my father-in-law and his wife, Barbara, was one couple; the other couple was Jeff and Tisha. My father-in-law and Barbara have been to many UFCs, but this was the first for Jeff and Tisha. To be honest, I get extremely bored at these UFCs but it was kind of fun having Jeff and Tisha there as I helped them get pictures. Tisha got a picture with Rampage and Dana White. Jeff got his picture with the ringcard girls and Wanderlei. In front of me was Dana White and Lorenzo and some other guys that work for the UFC. They sit right in front of the octagon and they have several TVs in front of them that show exactly what is on Pay Per View. So a couple of times, I got to see Jeff and Tisha’s face on PPV and they also got some texts from their kids saying that they saw them on TV. So that was kind of fun, I went there really to watch one fight, probably not the one you’re expecting. I went there to watch Brock Lesnar. He is so interesting because he is so athletic as well as being so powerful. So that fight went just like I thought it would, Brock took him down whenever he wanted and on the ground he did whatever he wanted. I was also there watching my buddy, Roger, but he didn’t quite look the same. I don’t think him or Kenny fought their best fight on Saturday. Roger looked to have done a few things different and I would say that he needs to go back to what he was doing before.

The last fight of the night was Georges and Fitch. Georges didn’t look as big as he has before and he seemed like he had gotten tired from the first round. Fitch had the game plan of countering Georges and you just can’t do that. You can’t counter a quicker fighter. To be honest, halfway in the third round I got up and walked out of the arena and went to my hotel. The fight wasn’t the most exciting and I wanted to get out of there before everyone else was getting up to leave.

So then Sunday morning I got up and we drove our ten hours back to Hillsboro.

We’re still working on the choke video and that will be up as soon as we get it the way we like it. We also have the VIDEO of Mark’s tractor pull from Saturday afternoon if you’re interested in watching that. -matt

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Did GSP’s corner cheat to give him an edge? | Mixed Combative Arts Says:

[...] full guard and side control as if he were fighting a first-year jiu-jitsu student. Now Penn, other fighters who dislike St. Pierre and fans may call for an asterisk on his dominant [...]

Did UFC superstar cheat? - NFL Access Says:

[...] full guard and side control as if he were fighting a first-year jiu-jitsu student. Now Penn, other fighters who dislike St. Pierre and fans may call for an asterisk on his dominant victory. Posted by admin | Categories: [...]

Don Says:

Georges St. Pierre had the vaseline “excess” rubbed off his back after the NSAC rep noticed it and went INSIDE the cage to get it done – removed. It had absolutely no outcome in the fight. Penn got his ass whipped, plain and simple.

Seana Hicks Says:

No way! GSP is the most genuine fighter in the octagon. I was a fan of both BJ & GSP until I heard the news today. Vaseline? What a cop-out. Why didn’t BJ complain about the existance of vaseline in between rounds? Surely he would have noticed its presence? GSP was and still is awesome! So long BJ Penn!

Luis Cisneros Says:

Illegal is illegal and the corner man should be repremanded!! But Not GSP,and I do not believe that it would of made a big diff in the outcome!! I have been in praricing martial arts for over 25 years and have been a fan and have not missed a UFC event since 1993!!

I like Baby J. and I hope that BJ is not the one crying, it’s not him to cry!!I will always like the both of them and let’s just MOVE ON!!

Pardi Says:

When is your next fight Matt? I haven’t seen you fight recently. Update us up! God Bless! More Power…
A proud fan here…

jeff Says:

thats absolute cheating, other wise grease up both fighters to begin with.

Chris/MMA/ATT Says:

Penn doesn’t have stamina. Period. His corner is doing their job…looking for any reason to justify Penn getting handled by GSP that way in rounds 2, 3, and 4.

1 more jab. Kimbo is an MMA joke…ha ha ha. Bo Cantrell got paid to tap from a punch that never connected, and Kimbo got beat by a light heavyweight in 9 seconds.

Normster Says:

I think the camp of bj penn is looking for an excuse to validate his loss. Cmon! Let’s give credit to where credit is due!! GSP earned that victory well! He was on top of his game and kicked bj’s babyface butt really good!! The guy was more conditioned, athletic and hell of a better fighter than bj penn!!

jimmy dean Says:

Penn had no chance against GSP. STOP CRYING after the fight. Better conditioning, better game plan and just a better fighter. HANDS DOWN. Penn needs to stay in his own weight class.

kp112 Says:

all i got to say is cheating is cheating.look,i wrestled in high school for 3 know how hard it would be to put a lock on an oponent if he has vaseline on his back and shoulders?would be really difficult to do so.

MikeTek Says:

I agree it likely had no impact on the outcome of the fight, but even if there was a 5% chance that it did – that Penn might have pulled off a triangle or another submission were Georges’s shoulders and back not greased up – well that’s unacceptable to me.

I also agree that B.J. should really stay in his own weight class – George is faster, bigger and stronger.

But this kind of thing needs to be penalized to the full extent. The point isn’t that it did or didn’t change the outcome of this fight – the point is that this kind of thing can’t be allowed at all in the UFC or any other sanctioned MMA fight. There are some ground rules here, and anyone who breaks them must be penalized if for no other reason to guide everyone else by example. You let it slide once, and the next guy is more inclined to try it himself.

Dan Omega Says:

I won’t even go into the MANY other details of how claiming that this made ANY difference in the fight, detail for detail, because it would be a complete breakdown, which would further embarass BJ — but I will, if need be……


If, besides being coated/glazed in sweat & body oils, making you slick & slippery to begin with, there was a small amount remaining on his very, very upper torso, as soon as they began locking up / grappling (even before landing on the ground)….. THEY WOULD BOTH BE COVERED IN IT THEN !!!!! They would QUICKLY share it — and it would be NO ADVANTAGE to Georges, as much as to BJ !!!! Georges would have difficulty with Penn because Penn would quickly have it on him through exchange !!! It wouldn’t just stay on Georges for God’s sake !

Why would it be an advantage for GSP when it’s something that would actually be a DISadvantage to him as well ??? Think about it — really !

BJ was out-classed, over-powered, over-willed, drained of his energy quickly & was out-strategized.
He was simply no match for the champ of this weight category.

The fight is stopped/momentary halted for ANY given reason (including Penn’s shorts being momentarily hooked, which he cried out about) —- but THIS wouldn’t be stopped, with the commission octogan-side watching every single move ??? Let alone there being AMPLE time to do so — esp. if it was “claimed” by other fighters historically long before the fight ever began ! That is so ILLOGICAL that it smacks of a witch-hunt or an attempted ostracization of an exceptionally good fighter that has demolished other fighters — fighters who CAN’T TAKE THE LOSS !!!

GSP was all over the place was he was on the ground, constantly adjusted every single moment, not letting have an opportunity to begin any of his techniques on the ground. Because they had planned for that !!! And Georges’ conditioning was 10X what Penn’s was, at least, which allowed him to overpower and dominate him utterly. He diversified so much that Penn could never adjust.

And I won’t even go into how Penn was holding onto the cage in desperation.

You could see it written ALL over his face. After the First Round, he was confused and simply out-classed and his will was broken. It was written all over this face.

Maybe I’ll comment again if need be to break it down point-for-point (besides the basic LOGISTICS of it all) how these arguments (although a mistake from his corner man) are really, absolutely foolish.

GSP should be given proper regard. He’s done nothing to be spoken of in such a way. I think what I smell with such defamatory statements is, simply, jealousy.

DJH Says:

True that Penn lost and needs to stay in his own weight class. This was a personal grudge they had going. That really is it.
GSP, cheated or allowed his corner to cheat. In the end he should be held accountable. He knew what his corner was doing with the Vaseline. He could have said, “don’t”. You can’t just wipe it off. It’s a petroleum product that gets into the skin not just on the very surface.
Since it was a Title fight and he’s setting the example of a champion, the commission should accordingly with stiff penalties.

Michelle Says:

I think this is absurd, the NSAC found or thought they were rubbing vaseline on GSP and then it was wiped clean and fro that matter if vaseline was present during the fight Penn would have noticed and could have complained while in his corner between rounds. What an excuse for a great fighter to cry about over losing. I only purchase these fights to see GSP so obviously the only ones I get are the ones he fights in. Sorry Penn in my book you are a LOSER if you can not complain, about something that may have not been there in the first place, before you lose the fight. I don’t know why this fight was even scheduled everyone knew that GSP was going to dominate the entire thing GO GEORGES.

Curt/Fan Says:

Ditto on all comments that GSP is a much better all around fighter. If they would have checked cry baby Penn’s
corner, he probably had vaseline on his body as well. Stop crying. Let’s face it, GSP simply kicked baby penn’s

Curt/Fan Says:

Ditto on all comments that GSP is a much better all around fighter. If they would have checked cry baby Penn’s
corner, he probably had vaseline on his body as well. Let’s face it, GSP simply kicked baby penn’s ass!

Wally R. Says:

GSP is a great fighter,no doubt about it, He probably would have beat BJ regardless,however if there was a vaseline issue why not have them square off again. I think the reason that BJ didnt complain is because he is a fighter and didn’t want to make excuses.Having said that I think BJ’s brother saved his ass by stopping the fight.

Rach Says:

I cannot believe that we are discussing about GSP cheating. He is the most honorable guy in the UFC. He would have also told the guy to stop it if he would have felt that anything was about cheating…. please get over it. Even talking about it must be hurting GSP. The best man won and also…. I don’t that BJ took the fight seriously. Now please next talk about GSP’s next fight!! go Québec go!!

Jack Says:

All you guys are discussing a fight that wasn’t even announced on ESPN. This was no impact on the sporting world. Saturday night was filled with boring fights, a lot of hugging and falling and trying to get someone into a head lock. ZZZZZZZ boring! I want the UFC to go back when it was a tournament and no rules, no time limits and the fight keeps going until a knock out or submission. There is a saying, “Can’t make it in boxing, join MMA.”

Jim Says:

I like both fighters. BJ is a natural fighter and it’s fun to watch him work…when he’s on his game. GSP is a monster. Maybe he doesn’t have the instincts BJ does, be he more than makes up for it with his work ethic and almost obsessive desire to improve.

That said, I’m pretty disappointed in BJ. This is just another example of his half-assed approach to training and I guess it ultimately reflects on his fighting judgement. He should never have climbed into the octagon with GSP without being absolutely RIPPED and ready for war. While he was taking 5 days off, laying around the beach, banging his old lady, GSP was in the gym. That right there made all the difference. Skill didn’t have anything to do with this fight. GSP’s strategy was to sit on BJ until he was tired…and it worked. BJ deserves this loss. Hopefully it will wake him up. GSP deserves this victory. It is a testament to hard work and determination.

That said, this issue about the Vaseline. That cornerman should be banished from the UFC and GSP should be fined for allowing it to happen. I’m sure GSP didn’t think anything of it, probably didn’t even realise it was happening, but he is the fighter, his reputation is on the line, and he is ultimately responsible for anything that happens in the octagon. Watching the replay, I don’t see how the cornerman did it any way but deliberately. It neutralized the one slight chance BJ had to pull off a victory–a hail-mary submission. If anyone thinks that it wasn’t done delibarately, regardless of which fighter they were routing for, they need to have their head examined. It was insurance, plain and simple. Think about it. How many fights have we seen, one fighter really just kicking the living crap out of another…only to be inexplicably submitted?

No matter how you slice it, that cornerman is a douche and should be banned from all future UFC events.

Honestly, I’d be surprised if GSP hasn’t already kicked that guy’s ass up and down the block. GSP dominated every aspect of that fight, powering through every guard BJ threw at him from his back, and to have the victory tainted even the SLIGHTEST BIT ought to piss him off.

kRiS-tYaHn Says:

First things 1st, when u look at the video u will see that GSP’s trianer barely has any vaseline left on his hands b/c he puts the vaseline on the top part of the hand, with that said watch Nurse rub GSP with his palms, but even if there were vaseline on his palms there sure as hell wasnt enough to make any difference in that fight. 2ndly, GSP was rubbed down by the commission worker after each round, so there was no vaseline on him when he fought. 3rdly look at the sweat dripping off of these 2 fighters theres no way vaseline could of done any difference, even Rogan says after the 1st round of every fight he says its alot harder to get a guy in a submission b/c of the sweat, check every PPV every UFC Rogan has done and u will hear him say that over and over again. 4thly like someone else mentioned y didnt BJ notice b/c his legs and arms wuld of been covered in vaseline, but since he bever said anything is b/c there wasnt any there 2 start with. QUIT crying BJ and ur dumb ass fans, u got spanked big time. OK well if they want a rematch I’m sure GSP will have no problem going in there a 3rd time with even more to prove & I can guarantee you that BJ will not last t’ll the 4th round, I dare BJ to ask 4 a rematch, I hope he does then GSP can be the only man to have beatin BJ 3 times and twice by embaressment. As 4 u morons who think GSP knew what his corner guy was doing…. ARE U FUCKING stupid?!? hes listening to the coach and has his mind on BJ, especially since in every fight u see people rubbing GSP and helping him breathe after each round, go check his fights stupid… so to say GSP knew there was vaseline is a good excuse & it jsut makes u BJ fans & BJ look even more pathetic and even more ignorant if thats even possible. WAA WAAA WAAA I got my ass handed to me after I talked all this ****, waaaaaaa lol looks good on u BJ F@G, didnt hear u at the end of the fight or didnt see u at the press conference lol, remember making fun of GSP in the 1st fight?!?!?! lol Karma bitch Karma & to QUIT lol u had ur brother quit 4 u, thats how much of a pussy u are. Enjoy those razor blades BJ enjoy thme bc ur going to be eating them for months to come, if I were u BJ i would hide out in Hawaii for months. b/c even I feel emabressed 4 you.

GSP is KING P4P #1 lol too bad Penn fans ur boy got schooled by a guy who has been fighting half the time BJ has been OUCH. U sure BJ got his Black Belt in BJJ?!? b/c GSP sure made BJ look like he didnt, pass, pass, pass…… Rogan “he passes when he wants to, this is uncredible” lol lsoers!!!

Shelly Says:

Dan Omega is SO incredibly intelligent with his observations that many other people have over-looked! the vaseline IS a product that would’ve ended up on BOTH of the fighters! There would be no way that little “wah-wah” Pen would’ve gone to his corner between rounds and not said something to his corner-man about how GSP felt “slippery” or that even THEY wouldn’t notice if Penn also felt slippery due to the contact with the vaseline! Not only that, but when the fight was stopped, it was NOT due to tap out or knock out. Penn was at the corner – and the corner-man and the medics stopped the fight. DO you people REALLY honestly think the doctor would be allowed to stop the fight if Penn had any gas to continue going, or had any ground to tread on by saying that the fight was being affected by illegal actions of his opponent? of course not! he has too big of an ego, and he’s MUCH too proud! He would’ve been pitching a FIT… you know, the kind that a 2 year old makes when they’re in line at Wal-mart and mommy won’t let them have candy. This is what Penn is good for. Send his ass back to Hilo!

sala Says:

b j penn deserved the beating, this guy talks a lot of ****, thinks he is king**** and is making excuses for his loss. GSP will beat him again with or without vaseline

RichardYo Says:

GSP won fair and Square…Come on people hey rubbed the vaseline off!…He way more athletic then Penn…didnt ya’ll watch Prime?…GSP Striaght training.

Kyle Says:

Does anyone have any clue how vas works??? … I would have gotten all over Penn as well and would have more just as big of a disadvantage to GSP when he went for takedowns and Penn using his sprawling to stop the takedowns GSP could have slipped off.. Same if Penn tried to from guard to take GSP’s back, GSP would have a difficult time holding on to him.. this is bull and Penn like always is just looking for an excuse

NO WAY Says:

Come on people. GSP dismantled Penn from go and the controversy is over vaseline? WTF? Whatever happened to ‘GSP was on that night?’

Georges went in for the clinch and from the get go he dominated Penn. From what i saw, Penn was basically trying to hold on to stop St.Pierre from passing the guard. That’s not strategy people, that’s desperation. Believe me i was cheering for Penn and waiting for the fight to turn around but BJ did NOT stand a chance, straight up and down GSP mugged him in public.

I hope Penn takes this defeat as a wake-up call to treat every opponent seriously and not goof off when it’s time to train. There is no way in hell that fight should have been so one-sided. GSP just wanted it more and nobody (not even you haters, yeah i mean you) should deny him that.

Melissa Says:

I was fans of both fighters going into the fight. I have now totally lost all RESPECT for B.J and some of his fans that want to claim less then a pinky dab of Vaseline is the reason why GSP won. come on people. First for the commissioner to listen to a fan about this is outrageous. This is the stupidity. Yes illegal is illegal and if (IF) it was done on purpose then that someone who did it should suffer then consequences. But I don’t think it was done to give GSP an edge. He doesn’t need it. He is the Best! He is the fighter to beat. B.J should stayed in his own weight class. He wasn’t conditioned good enough. He was toast after the first round. He had no more juice in him. He stopped the fight so I guess this is a way for him not to go out like a punk. Everyone should be focusing on how much of a good fighter GSP is and not this stupid Vaseline crap.

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