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   December 2nd, 2008

Hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving, I know I had a great day. Some people have asked how closely I watch my diet during the holidays. Well, with me not having a fight coming up for a few months, I ate whatever I wanted to.

The day after Thanksgiving, Brandon came down with some of his buddies. So I got to see him on Friday night, then Saturday I did a little wrestling seminar for him and his buddies. After that we had a pool party for his birthday, which was November 6th. So all in all, I had a great weekend. We have some picture from Saturday below.

We get a lot of guys coming to the gym to train. We’ve got dorms that are very close to the gym and people from all over the world have been coming in and renting dorm rooms, which are about $100 a week, and then just walking the 200 yards to the gym. Well had a guy from the east coast, Chris Wing, come and work out with us for a couple of weeks. I didn’t know it at the time, but he wrote up a blog about every day he trained at the gym. I wish I had known, I probably would have been just a little bit nicer to him. So here’s a link to what he had to say:
Chris Wing Blog

Some photos from Brandon’s visit:

Also some photos from my visit to Yale a few weeks ago:


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