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   January 9th, 2009

Just got a call from Joe Silva and as of right now it looks like I’ll be fighting Matt Serra in Vegas on May 23rd. This is not 100% confirmed, but I believe it is going to be on this date. -matt

13 Responses to “Breaking News”

Michael Says:

He’s still talking trash on you Matt. Send him back to New York with some Manners.

Jim From Scotland Says:

Matt can not wait for the Fight and the master class from you as you whip his ass. The Scottish soldiers are right behind you, and in your corner if you need a hand. Thanks for the support you give to the troops.

Wayne Altman Says:

Matt, Please do everyone on this planet a favor and give Serra the butt whoopin of his life. He and his mouth are a pox on this sport, and he deserves to be humbled. If you could punch him in his face for me that would be awesome, although I realize you have plenty of reasons to break the man’s jaw on your own.
I never miss one of your fights, and am making an exception this time in even watching Serra. It is something I swore I would never do again. The only way I could bring myself to do it is the thought of you smashing that ugly mug.
If you retire that jerk from the sport forever, 2009 will go down in history as the best year in MMA. You are a class act win or lose, he on the other hand has no idea what class is. Even when it is smashing his face..

God bless you and your famliy,

Wayne Altman

Doug Omland Says:


Thanks for everything you have done for MMA. You truly are a great Champion and an even better man. Your commitment to your craft is inspirational to all that marvel at your talent. May God bless you in and out of the ring in all your endeavors. Best of luck against serra, not that you need it.

Doug Omland (Denver,CO)

Aj Hughes Says:

I watched team Hughes vs team seirra and serria talked to much crap I am all 4 Hughes to tear serria apart…. Can’t wait to see this fight

Dan Torro Says:

Thank goodness! Unfinished business to be put to rest at last. This will be as much fun watching you put Serra down as it was Gracie. There is no good reason to run the mouth like those 2 do and then make lame excuses when they lose!!!Good luck to you Matt and I hope he doesn’t get lucky like he did against GSP the first time.
I hope GSP beats Penn because BJ runs the chops too much with disrespect…You are all great fighters! There is no need for disrespect. Thanks for the seminar in Orlando, you and Hendo were great. I was stage side, it was a good birthday for me.

Karlee Says:

Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK Matt!!! Also THANK YOU for the autograph tonight at the gun action in Greenville, IL.

Rich Says:

Good luck in the fight and God bless you for being a POSITIVE role model

Billy Hoffman Says:

Matt…Kick his butt! Take it old school and put the pressure on him, make him taste your elbows 80 times! :-) Thanks for being one of the classiest fighters. Win this for God, for you and for FLF in Missouri!

Jonathan Willenborg Says:

Hey Matt! Do us all country boys from Illinois a favor by takin it to Serra’s ass. Best of luck to ya. Hope to see you talkin to Joe Rogan after the fight with your hand raised.
Jonathan Willenborg

Lauren Neitz Says:

Hey Matt!

I am so looking forward to this fight! You are my fav! Best of luck to you and thank you for all you do for the troops as a veteran and my husband still serving and done 2 tours in Iraq! We really appreciate the support! Take care!

God Bless and Looking Forwrd to Meeting You One Day!

Kelly Diaz Says:

Hi Matt! I hope that you continue to train hard both physically and mentally. It is going to be an amazing fight and the outcome will be you beating his face to the ground and knocking it out!!! Then maybe he will keep his mouth shut for a little while longer next time. Anyway, take care and GOD BLESS

Kelly Diaz

Robert Fischbach Says:

Hey matt, I never write these things but I feel as if I should show some support and say that I’m praying that you train like a mad-man and throw Serra’s fat-headed self all over the ring and punish him! I hate trash talkers and everyone loves to see trash talking fighters get their comeuppants. Stay focused, block, and speed around everything he tries to throw at you. Most of my family studies martial arts and my brother is going in for BUDS Seal training soon. I love watching fights and learning that it’s not about just being bigger, but also smarter and for you guys to be top notch in all types of fighting is just amazing. Take care Matt and know that you have everyone’s faith and love when you go into that ring with serra, out of the ring too, duh!
-Robert Fischbach Bradenton, Florida

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