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2009 Shot Show

   January 21st, 2009

Had a great time last weekend at the Shot Show. Pat Flanigan and I walked around before the show opened and looked around a bit, because we knew that we were going to be busy during the midday. I got to go see my buddies at Fort Knox, Charter Arms, Legacy Sports, and I also ran into Mike from Knight Rifles, but only talked to him for about 5 minutes. Mike’s a good friend, but we were both so busy we just couldn’t meet up for a meal or anything. I did sneak up on Dustin from DPMS a couple times. He gets a choke hold put on him when that happens. Pat introduced me to the owners of Otis and TruGlo. They are really good people with great products. He also introduced me to several people from Browning and Winchester guns. Scott Grange, from Browning, and I got to talk for a bit. Most of the time I was with Pat but I did break away and sit with Advanced Armament Corp as well. The owner Kevin is a good friend and a big UFC fan. Friday night, I went out to eat with the owners of Laserlyte, Larry and Aaron (Aaron was going to figure out a place to watch the fights on Saturday night, but dropped the ball on that). I stopped by the FoxPro booth and talked to Mike and John. They gave me a little gadget that I will talk more about later. I also got to see some of the boys at Hornady and walked around with Steve a bit. I talked briefly with Marcus Luttrell. He is one of those guys that I wish I could have spent some more time with. The only two guys I didn’t get to see were Jim McConville and Cameron at Leupold. I met a lot of good people this weekend, including all the fans who went through my lines. Saturday night a few of us went out to a piano bar and had a great time. Pat even jumped up and played the drums for one song.

On the Winchester website, there is a video of Pat and I at the Winchester guns booth just having a good time: 2009–Matt Hughes & Patrick

This is the pass I used for the show. Aaron, from Laserlyte, made it out to a guy I look up to:

2009 Shot Show


If you have a picture with me from the Shot Show this weekend, then you can email it to and we’ll post it here.

7 Responses to “2009 Shot Show”

John King Says:

Matt, glad your website is back and running. I was just wondering your thoughts on the Franklin/Henderson fight, I really feel bad for Rich. Looks like you had a great time at the events, that’s good. Get your game face on, Serra is already running his mouth, needs to be closed off for good. God Bless. John

Swordslinger Tactical Says:

Hello Matt,
I met you last weekend at the Shot Show hope you had a good week.
I gave you a DVD there called God Save America Agian, just wondering if you watch it and if you did what you thought of it. Thanks

In Service of Jesus Christ,
Matthew D.

vlad Says:

Dear Matt,

How are you today?
I just discovered your website. I was reading your biography and I watched some of your fights and the interview from the Shot Show.
You have a great personality with a unique combination of different values: you are tough, strong and also extremely smart and a very nice guy. You are real.
I wish I could be just like you. I am a librarian myself so nothing really like you. But I believe, we need people like you around, particularly in the academic world.
Perhaps, someday you can show me how to fight and we can talk about movies, this is my speciality. I am originally from Havana, we have great boxers there but I am not one of them. Even, I never had a figth in my whole life. Perhaps, I was too busy reading books so no one really noticed me. But the reality was that I was lucky enough that the tough guys at school were my friends, sort of friends, we never went to party together but we help each other somehow. I help them with their homework and I gained their eternal protection from potential bullies.
One of these tough guy friends of mine Ivan was very much like you but he was mad. He knew that I always wanted to be a fighter but I will never be one of them. He said that I can only be the best friend of a great figther.

Today, I have my own family, two children and sometimes I feel like I should know personal defense, no for me but to be able to protect my girls. Perhaps it is too to late for me to learn because it is no natural on me. But jst in case I will buy your DVD, so if I have any trouble in the future. I could say that I know very well how you fight. But to buy your DVD I will have to wait until the end of the month for my salary , this is going to be my birthday present to myself. Also, I would like to ask to sign a photo, thus, I think,
I will be safe.

I wish you all the best for 2009, good health and prosperity to you, to your family and friends.
Yours Vlad

chris Says:

why do you look up to john wayne?

vlad Says:

Matt, where are you????

Khoa Nguyen Tan Says:

Hi Matt
I’m a big fan of you, and I love to watch UFC now since I was watching the fight between you and BJ in 2006 . You are really cool, nice.

I just wonder why the UFC wrote on their website that you had 2 time welterweigh champion ???, while on your website says 9 time UFC champion.

Sorry about my english.

I hope you will beat Matt Serra like you did to BJ.

God bless you.




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