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GSP and BJ Penn Rematch

   January 27th, 2009

Two weeks ago we went to the AC/DC concert in St. Louis. Audra and I went with five other couples. We went out to eat first at Houlihans, then went over to the concert. I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve been to a couple of country music concerts (Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Brooks & Dunn); but never anything like AC/DC. When I was in high school, I had about twelve AC/DC tapes (yes, when I was in high school we had tapes, not CDs). So, I’ve always been an AC/DC fan and I was excited to go to the concert. We weren’t sitting in rows, we had a suite so it was nice to be able to walk around and socialize. We even had our own bathroom, so it all worked out great. I was excited to hear the old music, but of course they were pushing their new CD. All in all I had a great time.

AC/DC Concert
Matt at AC/DC Concert

Here it is Tuesday, the snow’s coming down pretty hard and the weather is bad. My wife wants me to stay home from practice, so I’m going to; but the one thing I like about the snow is it’s going to make the coyotes run and I’m going to be able to see them better.

Two or three weeks ago we did a prayer request for a baby that was born premature. Just found out yesterday, the baby is doing fine and even gets to go home from the ICU this week. So Brett, you can kiss your full nights’ sleep goodbye.

This weekend is the GSP/BJ rematch, I’ve been doing a lot of interviews on this topic, since I’ve fought both of them (lost to both and beat them both). I think this fight comes down to a lot of things, I think GSP will have a slight wrestling advantage and I think BJ will have a submission advantage. GSP might be a little quicker with his punches; but I believe BJ has more power and has a stronger chin. If BJ shows up in good shape, I think he can get his hand raised at the end. If BJ doesn’t show up in good shape, then he might have some problems. -matt

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Crisco Says:

That’s an awesome picture Matt. ACDC rocks.

Mary Says:

That’s funny that you had AC/DC tapes in high school. I had AC/DC 8-tracks. And you thought you were old.

John King Says:

Matt, that would be the best way to watch an AC/DC concert, that’s awesome!! I agree with the GSP fight, I think BJ is prepared so it will be interesting. It depends on how much steroids GSP uses this time. I can’t wait to see some videos on you training for Serra, get back to old school and ground and pound!! God Bless, John

shooter1 Says:

i can’t even BEGIN to pick a winner in the GSP/Penn rematch. both have lots of tools, and i think it’ll all come down to who’s got their head screwed on straight. or straighter, i guess.

i have to say, though, it’d be great to see GSP win then move up and beat the tar out of anderson silva. although if Penn wins i could def. see his crazy-ass calling out silva, too. i really doubt that they’d let that fight happen, but i still see Penn callin’ him out.


AC/DC will always rock. Glad you got to see them. Had the pleasure to catch both concerts here is Chicago.
Oh ya BJ Penn will win . Matt will have a chance to regain the belt while he holds it.
GSP will tap to strikes AGAIN……..heheehe

Brian Says:

Hahahah GSP beat Anderson hahahahah do you think George could beat Hendo, or Ace. I think not

Allan k Says:

WOOOOOOOOOOOO! GSP vs Penn and AC/DC wow. THe fight is going to be a great fight, even tho GSP should win and better win (haha) BJ penn could over take the odds and beat GSP. But hey forget about that fight since were on matts site lets cheer for matt, for his fight in may(we hope). we all want you to win and you should win but lets hope your old butt can still produce a punch haha. i hope you dont retire after this fight, maybe when you win this one and the next one and get a title shot, and finally over come GSP again fianlly matt will be the 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time 10 time WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION of the world!

until next time, allan!

justin in taylorville Says:

matt just wanted to let ya kno that u are badass…cant wait to see ya knock matt serra out…i was actually at that concert but way in the back…my dad worked on ur parents house…and gsp will win cuz bj penn will gas out in the 3rd round just like he did in ur fight

Curran Jacobs Says:

Hey Coach! I just wanted to say that I can’t wait until May… UFC isn’t the same without you headlining the fights. I watch your 2nd fight with Frank Trigg every day before Wrestling practice to get pumped. You’ll forever be a Legend.





Kimberly Says:

Hey Matt,

Looks like you guys had a fun time @ Ac/Dc. That’s the way to do a concert (in your own suite, with your own bathroom, I know the women in your group appreciated that,NO LINES:)). Don’t feel bad, I still have book shelves full of tapes & you’re still younger than me. I’m so glad to hear that your friends baby is doing good. Babies have so much fight in them to survive, its amazing. That child was just ready to be here. About the fight, neither are my favorite, but I have the feeling GSP is going to take it, I’ll just have to watch and see. I can tell you I am sure ready to see our MATT HUGHES pick some one up and drop him to the mat like so many times before (gets my blood pumping!) I’m patiently waiting for your next fight. Take care.

Roger Dodger Says:

Matt you’ve always been a GSP hater. Why? The only reason that makes sense to me is that you’re afraid that GSP’s legacy will overshadow your own. Which it won’t. If anything, his accomplishments only serve to hightlight your own. GSP is a different kind of fighter/athlete. While you used wrestling and combined it with jitz and G&P. GSP has worked on every aspect, his standup, G&P and wrestling and jitz. All are at a different level. It’s a case of old school vs new age. Anyways, on paper GSP should win his fight against Penn. The only way I see this going in Penn’s favor is if he gets a lucky punch. Matt you were able to pull it off against Penn in your rematch and we have all seen you get knocked out and submitted by GSP. Logic would dictate that in a longer harder fight for Penn, he would loose in an even more devastating fashion. I hope I have not jinxed GSP it is the fight game after all and anything can happen. I look forward to a great fight.

Good Luck in your fight against Serra, bring a bar of soap to wash out his mouth with.

draMMA girl Says:

Hum…that Roger guy is one of those crazy GSP nut huggers. No one will ever “overshadow” the Matt Hughes legacy. Anyways, the 2nd picture rocks. As for the match with Serra, well I hope that guy from one of your previous post don’t listen to the prefight interviews with Serra…I’d hate from him to slam his balls in a door or something crazy. :)

Roger Dodger Says:

dramma girl, read my comment again. I didn’t say he would overshadow him…. I said Matt was scared it would.

John King Says:

I’ve been a Matt Hughes fan for a very long time and he doesn’t disrespect anyone including GSP. GSP, Matt Serra, BJ Penn all will disrespect Matt but not him. We all know BJ can win, that doesn’t mean we can’t stand GSP. No one will overshadow Matt’s record regardless and I have never thought he was worried about it either, what did he say that makes you think he is worried about it. He did say GSP is one of the best in the world before he won the title, does that mean he is scared? Just trying to understand. thanks I’m sure GSP would appreciate your comments much more than here on Matt’s website.

mattrocks Says:

I can’t wait to watch the fight this weekend. I’m rooting for GSP but I think BJ looks great. I watched the UFC Primetime and it looks like BJ has really prepped for this rematch. If he didn’t have such a crappy attitude, I’d root for him but he’s too trashmouth for me. Go GSP. Glad you guys had fun at the concert.

dramma girl Says:

roger i read it the first time i commented. you use the words “afraid” and “scared” in giving you opinion about how a 9 time welterweight champ might feel yet you call him a hater for giving his opinion on how a fight might result. so by your standards you are the hater. the thing is he is an expert in the area he commented on. do you have some sort of expertise in reading people’s mind based on blogs? really the biggest thing to me is that i kind of thought it was disrespectful. i’m sure it wasn’t meant to be, but he deserves a lot of respect and assuming he’s afraid or scared isn’t showing it. take a look at what he has and continues to accomplish as a fight and now a coach. I believe the hughes legacy is not over.

Jade Goodman Says:

Matt go out and take out as many of those dogs you can. They are Fawn killers and hurt the deer and Antalope poulation very badly here in AZ. Come on down to AZ and shoot some of our desert yotes anytime.

Ken McKinley Says:

I think BJ is going to win this one. I certainly hope he does. St. Pierre is stuck on himself. From his arrogance and posturing to his time spent in the tanning bed, he is like the Canadian version of Frank Trigg. I thing GSP has a lot of people fooled with his persona, but in reality he is quite self absorbed.
Even if GSP does manage to beat Penn (probably by kicking him between the legs – which seems to be a regular part of St. Pierre’s training now) Thiago Alves will destroy him as soon as the UFC lets him have a shot at the title.
Like everyone else here I am patiently waiting for Hughes vs. Serra. The destruction of Matt “the mouth” Serra is something that will not only get Hughes back in the win column but will be a shout out to everyone in the welter weight division that Hughes is still a force to be reconed with.

Ken McKinley Says:

Well heck, GSP won. BJ lost the will to fight sometime in the second round. I don’t know what it is about St. Pierre, I think they need to drug test that boy. Machida looked impressive – I’m starting to like that guy more and more.

Lance Smith(LS) Says:

Your were right on target with your comments pre fight- GSP- Penn!!!
BJ did not appear to be in shape. I think it was predictable that BJ would show up that way, but I am surprised at how many of these fighters in the UFC seem to be so out of shape. I have been a fan of UFC since the start, and have noticed this time and time again.

Matt Hughes fan from Sweden Says:


Mike Rock Says:

Yes, they need to drug-test GSP right away, since that is the only way he could have won, it has nothing to do with his abilities, it must be the drugs.

Ken McKinley Says:

BJ’s alledging that GSP’s corner was rubbing him down with vaseline. After watching the replay I can clearly see it. GSP still would’ve won the fight (In my opinion) but but to resort to something like that puts his character in question, and who knows, maybe BJ could’ve secured a triangle or omoplata from his back. It’s ugly either way you look at it.

John King Says:

I believe GSP is on something but BJ was tired after the 1st round, he didn’t use his strengths due to being so tired. Why would you run your mouth with the biggest fight of your career and then not work out the way you should? I’m very disappointed in that fight. I’m ready to see Matt back in the octagon, old school ground and pound. Now we will have to listen to Serra’s mouth for months, watch the low blows he will try, Lord knows he will do anything to win also. Matt Hughes you are a true champ all round!!

mattrocks Says:

Drug test GSP? Why? Because he crushed BJ? GSP worked hard to get ready for this fight and BJ punked out. If he’s going to talk all the trash, he better come prepped to back it up. When did GPS’s corner rub him down with Vaseline? On his torso I’m assuming you’re talking about? BJ couldn’t even quit himself; he had his corner guys do it for him. I don’t see how it was doctor stoppage if BJ’s corner guy quit but whatever I guess. I’m just ready now for Hughes to crush Serra and send him packing for a bit.

MMAWill Says:

GSP beat BJP anyway you want to look at it. He didn’t need any vaseline or drugs to do it. You guys will be eating your words after the drug tests come back.
Sore loosers……..

MMAWill Says:

Yes…………WAR HUGHES!!!! Demolish Serra. Send him back to the bronx!!!

mattrocks Says:

For you people saying GSP is using, did you not hear him when he was talking to Joe about his plan to wear out BJ’s shoulders and make all the blood blah blah blah? I don’t think he was saying it to just say it. He beat BJ and in a big way and I’m glad. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree because GSP owned BJ in that fight.

lr876 Says:

In my opinion, BJ didn’t do a good job from the 1st round, as much as I like him, I wanted GSP to win. BJ does not seem to care enough to train consistenly, he thinks he is better than many and he might be but you still have to prove it, GSP has proven and his training regime shows how he is determined to do what it takes to be the best.

Luke Says:

I think they should fight again with people’s comments going allover.This time with vaseline spotters on side.Then we shall see the real outcome,but for now GSP in my book is a CHEATER,because the first fight
GSP won by decision,I with DANA WHITE quote GSPs’ INTEGRITY.

Ken McKinley Says:

Here’s the thing. Matt Serra alleges that GSP was greased up in their second fight, we all saw vaseline being rubbed on his back in his fight with Penn (and yes Serra is a punk and we all know that Hughes is going to destroy him, but the allegation was still made). Tito Ortiz alleges that Rashad Evans was greased up when they fought and Rashad even admited it later. Both Rashad and GSP had Greg Jackson in their corner, and now that I think about it, I can remember Diego Sanchez being lubed up like an Indy car as well.
I am in no way saying that BJ Penn would’ve won the fight, but who knows what might have happened if he had been able to secure a triangle choke?
Cheating is cheating. If a person has confidence in their abilities why do it?
From now despite what St. Pierre does I think the “G” in his initials will be remembered for “grease” not Georges. Cheating is cheating, and yes we may all eat our words, but we’ll have to wait until the athletic commission comes out and either repremands GSP and his corner or brushes it off as incedential.

Rob Says:

I don’t really understand these die-hard Penn fans. The man doesn’t take his training seriously and it’s a whole different game form back when he was demolishing everyone.

GSP trains his tail off and has mad skills. He gets better and better every fight.

As much as I love seeing BJJ submissions and as crazy flexible as Penn is, the only way he’d catch GSP in one is if Georges makes a mistake. He’s so successful in every other area, what makes anyone think he won’t be successful in submission defense?
BJ’s best chance would be to catch GSP with a knockout on his feet. And vaseline wouldn’t prevent that.

Anyway, go Matt! I’m excited to see this long-running grudge with Serra get settled!

CHad Says:

Sorry Matt my idiot friend got on here before I could post a real post. It is good to hear that you are training hard for serra. I hope you kick the tar out of him and shut his mouth for good. Once again sorry about the previous post. Train hard and bring the pain to Serra!!!!

D-Unit Says:

hell yeah matt, best welter-weight ever with the best rock n’ roll band ever. do us all a favor; go out on top and kick serra’s ass this spring!!

Cory Blewett Says:

I heard that if you start to kill off the coyotes they will start to feel threatened and you will begin to find more of them running around your farm. I drive a truck for a living and was in Illinois and made a slight detour through your town and eat at a little cafe near the high school. Looks like a nice place to raise a family.

Rich Says:

“but the one thing I like about the snow is it’s going to make the coyotes run and I’m going to be able to see them better”

If you ever want to swap a January Illinois coyote hunt for a south Texas hog hunt, let me know.

Ed Says:

Matt, it seems that the team of Hughes and Penn could work out an agreement to assist each other. BJ seems to be questioned about his training and cardio shape, it appears his training at his own school that he may be surrounded by yes men. Does anyone remember when Matt Hughes was not in shape for a match, with your wrestling skills and cardio / strength training and Penn’s jiu jitsu and stand up skills this could be a dream team. Think what it would do to GSP psychologically.

lisa Says:

hey matt looks like you had a great time at the concert! As far as the fight, I kind of figured GSP would win. He does look greasy/oily. Can something be done about that? Anyway, my son wrestles,and if you go to you tube,and type in Panther Valley vs. Black Diamonds varsity and click on Hunter(the one in the black and gold is my son) or if you go to Panther Valley vs. Pottsville varsity and click on Hunter, you will see he has alot of heart for wrestling, but his one problem I think is that he is shooting way to far out and getting caught up. It is only his second year in wrestling and he enjoys it. I am learning alot of moves from former wrestlers and trying to teach him, he said he wants to do the firemens carry, I said your not ready yet for that, next year he will be in the junior high and he already got scouted by the coach to be on the team. Wrestle on!!! From a proud wrestling mom!!!

Brian Says:

I’m not a Christian myself, but doesn’t the Bible teach that Christians are to keep an image consistent with that of Christ? Would Jesus really attend the concert of someone who sings Highway to Hell and Hell’s Bell’s? Again, I’m not judging as I’m an agnostic myself, but it doesn’t do much for the Christian testimony IMHO.

Dick Says:

Brian….If you don’t believe,why do you care?

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