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UFC 94

   February 3rd, 2009

The fights at this last UFC were pretty interesting. To me, Clay Guida won all three rounds against Nate Diaz and I was just surprised to see it being a split decision at the end; but that’s what can happen when you leave a fight in the judges’ hands. I though Karo Parysian lost his fight against Dong Hyun Kim, but Karo also looked sick like he had the flu or something. The Lyoto Machida fight was a little surprising, I thought he would win, but I didn’t think he’d be that dominant against Thiago Silva. I was also surprised by the final match, I thought BJ would have put on a better performance. BJ Penn is coming from a lighter weight class, but he took the fight at 170. That’s the bottom line. I knew it was going to come down to who had the better cardio and even at the end of the first round BJ looked tired. Now, on to what everybody is talking about, the greasing. I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a fight. I know Matt Serra has mentioned it and, even in their first fight, I think BJ said something. I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.

For the first time, one of our fighters who started out at the HIT Squad, has signed a contract with the UFC. This Saturday night (February 7th), Matt Veach (10-0) will be fighting in the UFC Fight Night event which will be free on Spike. -matt

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Hughesfan Says:

I am surprised that any body would say anything about him feeling greasy. The guy (GSP) is amazing and I think people cannot handle that. GSP is an awesome fighter and people need to leave it at that. I love watching you fight Matt and you will always be my favorite train hard and whoop Matt Serra he needs a good butt kickin from you.

John King Says:

Matt, I was disappointed all round on the last event as well, except for Machida I agree totally, I thought he would win but not like that. I really appreciate how you are open and honest with us fans, sorry since you are a legend that anything you say usually gets turned around. I’ve never heard you say anything to take away the talent of GSP, so I appreciate and agree with your opinions. Even if I didn’t agree with you, the way you are open and honest with us is more than GSP or any fighter would do on a normal bases for their fans. Matt Veach, you have a new fan regardless of the outcome, fight hard and stick to game plan and good luck. Gof Bless, John

Raymond Says:

Hi Matt,

Appreciate your thoughts on UFC 94. I too thought that Clay Guida won all the rounds. I am glad he took the win over Diaz. He and his brother need to learn some manners… I too was surprised with how easily Lyoto handled Thiago.

BJ looked over matched and out of his element at 170. If this many fighters have the same experience with GSP greasing I am sure the NSAC would have listened if more than one opponent would have come forward in advance of UFC 94. How come you and the others did not complain – you are a well respected fighter and I am sure your word carries weight. Maybe I am just naive and do not understand the politics of professional sports and State Athletic Commisions.

Anyway, good luck against Serra! I have been waiting for that fight for over a year and want to see you take him down and GnP him.

Ken McKinley Says:

Hey Matt,
Will Veach be on the televised card?

LoveHughes Says:

I love Guida…he always puts together entertaining fights. GSP is unbelievable.. totally dominated BJ …a little bit of grease or not. He would probably get schooled by Silva though.


Matt you spent your life wrestling and fighting people dry, sweated, greased ect………. Your word goes a long way in the UFC . Four other top notch fighters have been caught saying the same thing about GSP. Hope the truth comes out and dealt with. Thanks for being you.

Keegan Says:

Hey.My first comment.I want to say matt you own man.I know you mentioned having one more fight.It just sucks lol.lmao @ naters emoticon.I want that emoticon lmao.Matt you have changed me into a stronger person just by your fighting,and pure professionalism.I respect you tremendously.I hope you keep up with this site.I read it everyday.Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Matt Hughes: Georges St. Pierre felt greasy in previous fights at UFC blog for UFC news, results, videos, rumors, fights, pics and tickets — Says:

[...] welterweight champion Matt Hughes makes a startling admission on his official blog regarding the allegations that current 170-pound champ Georges St. Pierre was covered in Vaseline [...]

Jessie Says:

Well Mr Hughes, I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, but your statement about the GSP fight leaves me wondering.

From your post:

I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.

Why saying anything at all then if it would not have impacted the outcomes. And if you really were concerned (as would I be if I felt there was impropriety on behalf of the GSP corner) why would something not have been said at the time. Same goes from Matt Sera. Is there some kind of political thing we fans are missing when dealing with formal complaints? I just don’t get it.

Any feedback is always appreciated, and thanks for providing a forum for your fans

RC Says:

Strange that multiple fighters are saying that GSP felt slippery when they fought him. Can’t be a coincidence. I respect GSP and his ability quite a bit, but if there turns out that these accusations are legit, there is a crap storm coming and I don’t think GSP will survive it. Hopefully it was what him his corner said it was, just an accident.

josh Says:

i dont get it, St Pierre wins against a Penn that hardly anyone expected him to win against, and now every match he had is in question. I think alot of fighters are jealous of St pierre and Bj penn is just trying to grab every excuse he can except the one that counts, he diddnt prepare….again.

try not to sink to their level matt, i dont remember anything in your 3 fights with him that would make me think that an advantage was to be had by someone slipping out, except when you sub GSP…..

Jón Fannar Says:

Hi sorry if my english is bad…. but i am huge fan and want to wish you god luck agant matt serra.. but i was wondering,, you sad that you hafe one last fhigt left in you, did you mean that the fight against serra vill be your last… grettings from Iceland

Luke Says:

Matt, just out of curiosity do you think that vaseline can get on a guy just from your own gloves during contact with his face? I agree with you that it would not have changed the outcome of the fight either. Including your last fight against him or BJ’s, it was just pure domination and technical superiority.

Patrick Says:

i think matts wrong that the greasing had nothing to do with the outcome of the penn/gsp fight.It would have hinderd bj’s chances of submitting george from the ground and it prevented him from controlling george and preventing him from landing the blows that stopped the fight.

Dean Head Says:

Firstly, and with all due respect, you say something? Secondly, you state that you are not saying that GSP did anything wrong or that it would have changed any of the fights, but of course that’s exactly what you’re saying!

verno Says:

GSP is the best welterwieght in the world and one of the most exciting fighters to watch. Its a shame that that his wins may now be tainted because of the mistake of a cornerman.There is no way the outcome would have been any different in anyone of those fights, his opponents were completely dominated in every fight.Well besides Serra1.

Joe Pesky Says:

BJ might be the most over hyped top tier fighter fighting today and I’m sure he’ll spend the rest of his life whining about vaseline after being completely dominated by a superior fighter who had almost a 20 lb advantage over him. BJ looked scared and out of shape the minute he walked into the cage and got schooled for four rounds, hopefully he’ll grow up and take the high road back to 155 where he belongs.

Now for greasegate…..Maybe its time the comission takes charge of the vaseline duties instead of the fighters corner, that will ensure greasegate doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again in the future.

MAD Agent Says:

Can someone explain to me how GSP felt slippery in Matt Hughes vs GSP 2 when there was virtually no ground action?

Matt Hughes Says St. Pierre Felt Greasy in Other Fights - UFC Results Says:

[...] Hughes has made the following statement on his official blog: I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a fight. I know Matt Serra has [...]

Bert Says:

Hi Matt,

Cheating shouldn’t be tolerated. Grappling is a big part of BJ’s game and I think it really did affect the outcome of the fight since his high guard was nullified. What do you think? If his high guard was there BJ wouldn’t be eating those punches and gassing out that fast since getting hit takes away your energy…

Hughes Says St. Pierre “Felt Greasy” - MMA XTREME Says:

[...] latest fighter to claim that Georges St. Pierre has potentially been greased up in past fights. In a post today on his official website, the future UFC Hall-of-Famer stated that St.Pierre felt a little slippery: Now, on to what [...]

WCMMA217 Says:

I can’t beleive that after all this time you are just now jumping on the GSP greased wagon. WHy was it the last two times and not all three? I love you Matt but GSP is the best WW in the world. No disrespect, but the outcomes would not have changed and the rules only state that a fighter cannot excessivly grease. Meaning even if he did, the way the rule is written right now, it is ok. Look it up, its no where in the NSAC rules that you can’t use vaseline on your body, only that it can’t be in excess.

Good luck Veach, I hope you do well.

Ken McKinley Says:

What do we know about the greasing incident – Between the 1st and 2nd round Phil Nurse rubbed GSP’s shoulders and back with Vaseline. Between the 2nd and 3rd round Greg Jackson rubbed GSP’s shoulders and back with Vaseline (This has been confirmed by NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer) and between the 3rd and 4th round Nurse again rubbed at least the shoulders of GSP. After the 2nd and 3rd instance an NSAC official wiped down St. Pierres’s back with a towel, likely removing some, if not all of the Vaseline, but we aren’t sure how much was removed.
Questions we should ask to determine guilt – Was the greasing intentional? Has this happened before? Did it affect the outcome of the fight? If it was intentional cheating, who all was aware of it? What should be done about the incident?
Logically answering the questions – First; was the greasing intentional? It strains credulity to imagine that a corner man as experienced as Phil Nurse would be so incompetent as to not realize what he was doing. It strains credulity to also say that it was not intentional after the first wiping of the grease by the NSAC official. There is no question that Greg Jackson should have known what he was doing. Secondly; Has this happened before? We have BJ Penn (twice), Sean Sherk, Matt Serra, Jason Miller and Matt Hughes all making claims that would support this allegation. We also have Tito Ortiz making a similar allegation about Rashaad Evans, another of Greg Jacksons fighters. Some of these fighters complained immediately after the fight, others just took their lumps and didn’t say anything until it finally came out (loyalty to the UFC perhaps). Could it be that St. Pierre is just an unnaturally “greasy” person? Could each one of these fighters be trying to find an excuse for why they lost (Maybe Tito and Serra, but not Hughes, he’s an upstanding guy)? In a court of law if two or more eye witnesses agree upon what they saw and experienced it is a very good indicator of guilt. The Bible also says something about the truth being established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. Thirdly; did it affect the outcome of the fight? In the first round, when we all know that GSP had not been greased, he was unable to get Penn down. Penn was able to use his flexibility and to push down on GSP’s back and neck to steady himself. GSP states that it was his strategy to wrestle with Penn for the first round, but very little wrestling took place other than the clinches, as GSP was unable to get Penn to the matt. GSP was far less dominant in this first round.
In the second round GSP began to take Penn down almost at will. Once the fight hit the ground BJ tried several times for a high guard but kept “giving it up.” The Vaseline would also play a role in trying to pull a fighters head down. It was in the second round that GSP began to dominate the fight. It is obvious from watching the fight again that Penn had troubles maintaining his high guard in the second round, in-fact Penn had immediate problems with his high guard. That is why he resorted to the rubber guard to try and stop GSP from posturing up, as he was unable to hold GSP’s head down. I’m not a huge BJ Penn fan, but I do respect his Jujitsu, and he is widely noted as being one of the best there is on the ground. Penn took a beating in the second round as well, and despite a persons conditioning, when they take a beating, they will eventually become exhausted, if not despondent.
It was after the 2nd round that that NSAC officials began to wipe the Vaseline off St. Pierre, after the damage had been done to BJ. It is also unknown if Penn’s corner wiped off his arms and legs (Penn’s) between rounds, and thus, even though St. Pierre was being wiped down, BJ very well could’ve had Vaseline covered appendages from trying his high guard, which continued to cause slipping and thwarted any submission attempts.
Therefore I believe that the Vaseline did affect the outcome of the fight. Fourthly; Who all was aware of the greasing? I think we’ve already established that Nurse and Jackson had to be aware of it, but what about GSP? This is a question that will never be answered without a confession of guilt. Thus there is no way to prove that GSP was aware of what was going on. However if we can establish a pattern of greasing it makes it very hard for GSP to claim ignorance or that this particular case was an accident.
Fifthly; What should be done? I believe that the NSAC should conduct an exhaustive investigation into the matter, including all allegations of greasing prior to the GSP / Penn fight. The UFC should provide all available footage. If the charges are never put to rest they will hang over the organization for a long, long time. Nurse and Jackson should be fined, reprimanded, and temporarily banned from cornering fighters. They have reached the height of irresponsibility in committing such an act. Especially when one considers that his statements regarding the incident have been contradicted by Keith Kizer. Jackson claimed that he didn’t know how to do the so called special “energy” touch, but Kizer has stated that Jackson himself did the particular procedure between the 2nd and 3rd round.
Conclusion – It is quite distressing to UFC fans to have paid good money during this time of economic downturn and then be forced to have such a scandal laid at their feet. If GSP felt confident in his abilities why allow himself to be greased in every “big” fight he’s been in? The whole thing needs to be addressed and put to rest.

Matt Hughes: Georges St. Pierre felt greasy in previous fights - MMA XTREME Says:

[...] welterweight champion Matt Hughes makes a startling admission on his official blog regarding the allegations that current 170-pound champ Georges St. Pierre was covered in Vaseline [...]

Khaos Network's Fight Blog Says:

[...] Hughes is the latest former opponent of Georges St. Pierre to add fuel the greasy fire.  In a blog post to his website today, Hughes had this to say: I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during [...]

Khaos Network's Fight Blog Says:

[...] Matt Hughes’ blog. Permalink Comments [...]

Khaos Network's Fight Blog Says:

[...] welterweight champion Matt Hughes makes a startling admission on his official blog regarding the allegations that current 170-pound champ Georges St. Pierre was covered in Vaseline [...]

John King Says:

It’s a simple statement being blown out of proportion because when Matt gives any statement there are people that are dying to make something of it. GSP would have won all the matches regardless of grease but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that needs changed with the rules. I think the man is on steroids but that doesn’t mean it’s true, its a statement or opinion. GSP deserves credit and Matt Hughes deserves to make statements without a bunch of judgements being thrown out.

John B Says:

After rewatching the fight, Phil Nurse does rub a bit of vaseline on GSP’s eyes and face, then rubs his shoulders and chest, and then pushes on the center of GSP’s back, and then follows up by rubbing his back. This was between Rounds 1 and 2. He did all this with whatever was left on his hands from rubbing it into his eyes and back. How much could have been left over that was rubbed into his shoulders, chest and back to make any difference what so ever??? Plus, whatever may have been on his back was rubbed off. If he would have went back for more, to rub into his back, I’d be skeptacle. Should the cornermen be warned to be more cautious in what they do? Sure… Should they be banned from cornering in the state of Nevada? Definitely not…

And really, how come all these fighters are coming forward now, stating that GSP felt greasy in their past fights? I have the utmost respect for all fighters, but really, whether or not you’re accusing him of greasing, no one is 100% sure… And, because of fighters coming forward, it’s stirring up quite a bit of noise, and making GSP look really really bad.

And after watching Dana’s video blog, we see Liddell go up to Dana to tell him that GSP was greasing, then Dana goes all psycho saying that GSP is f****d, or whatever. Poorly handled and viewed on his blog. Find out the details before reacting, as such.

I am a huge GSP fan, because he has all the talent in the world, and yes I am taking his side. Find out the facts before the accusations.

Deyo Says:

Hey Matt,

The blogs are great but I don’t believe GSP would intentionally “grease”. It is clear vai other websites and articles that, in this case, the commission wiped him down. Fine it should of never occurred but I don’t think its is fare for fighters to all the sudden come out and say something out of convenience. Fact is he (GSP) has been so dominate I really feel fighters have some sort of agenda to bring him down. I grapple with people a lot and sometimes some people are just excessive with their sweat and they are just more “slippery” than others. I am well versed in wrestling and the submission game (I am no where near professional caliber) but there are some guys that are just too slippery to lock onto. Some guys even wax or shave which would make for a smoother surface. Has anyone thought of that? I agreed that whatever was done or witness was wrong, but there commission stated the rubbed him down and there was advantage in any round.

I think it is unfair and unprofessional to insinuate “greasing” with no proof based on past performances. Its like a guy being stronger and saying “Yeah, he was strong than me, he was probably on steroids”. The only person fit to comment is BJ Penn, the rest of you should really stay out of it and stop trying to erode the fact that a better fighter beat you.

You are making yourselves look bad. It is evident GSP is naturally gifted and on another level than those in his weight class and he puts in the time and effort.

I hope you come out as your old self again Serra. Best of luck!

NateR Says:

I have to apologize to all of Matt’s fan on here for some of the comments that have slipped through the cracks. Most comments are held in a moderation queue for me to approve, but every once in a while something slips through. I can’t be on here 24 hours a day, so I do my best to try to keep up with hot topics like this one.

Obviously this is Matt’s website and he pays to keep it running, so there is no way that I’m going to allow some idiot to log on here and starting insulting him and spewing profanity. So, for anyone who has had a comment deleted, it was me (the webmaster for this site). I don’t want anyone to flatter themselves by thinking that Matt Hughes is personally censoring their point of view. If I’m doing my job, then the garbage is cleaned up before Matt even gets a chance to read it.

So, if you want to complain to someone, you can complain to me:

brett Says:

I find it very suspicious that everyone who lost to GSP is now claiming that he felt greasy. Seems like a very convenient excuse. Matt, how do you know that YOU didn’t feel greasy to GSP? After all, everyone it sweating profusely, which makes you feel greasy!

Matt Hughes: Georges St. Pierre felt greasy in previous fights | MMA Fight News - MMA News, MMA Gear, MMA Training Says:

[...] welterweight champion Matt Hughes makes a startling admission on his official blog regarding the allegations that current 170-pound champ Georges St. Pierre was covered in Vaseline [...]

Egg Sammich Says:

How did GSP feel greesy to Matt Sera the first fight? It lasted all of 2 minutes and GSP got Ko’d.

It Had to Happen: Matt Hughes Says GSP “Felt Greasy” | MMA Fight News - MMA News, MMA Gear, MMA Training Says:

[...] Hughes is the latest former opponent of Georges St. Pierre to add fuel the greasy fire.  In a blog post to his website today, Hughes had this to say: I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during [...]

Deyo Says:

Lets end any further scandle, enforce a rule that says that only an nsac person can apply vasline to fighters between rounds – END OF STORY!

Matt Hughes fan from Sweden Says:

Matt Hughes is a great fighter. He was the best at one time – then came GSP. First time he got lucky (2004). GSP had to much respect in the first bout. Nr 2 and 3 was a walk inte the park for GSP. Why is Matt Hughes still wining? GSP fights the best, and wins. Lets hope the Serra fight is dry.

To Nathan the moderator: i post here because i like Matt Hughes alot. But if i dont agree with him,i say so. Why are you deleting my words?

zach Says:

all im gonna say is if u aint a true hughes fan why the hell are u on this site. if the most dominate champion in ufc history states that he felt greasy then he just did, who gives a damn. maybe it woulda changed the fight and maybe it wouldn’t have. i know one thing this kinda does tarnish gsp’s wins in a way, cause u just never know. and matt says a belief that he has and everyone gives him hell on his own site wtf ppl. were lucky he posts blogs every week for the fans. if ur a gsp fan go to if not shut up. i just wish hughes was 30 again and we’d see where gsp stands, he’d get owned.

Tyler Says:

Hi Matt,

As one of your biggest fans I don’t understand the timing of your statement. If there was a problem before, you had the right to object after your last fights with GSP. Any of the fighters had that same right. I don’t believe there was anything to be gained by your statement. I won’t say it’s sour grapes as I give you credit for being a better person than that but I will admit to questioning the timing.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinion. Train hard and whoop Serra big time. He needs it.

Chris Grimes Says:

I am very disappointed my comment did not make it through the first time, i just merely wished to express my opinion. best wishes in the future. Take Serra out.

brian13 Says:

JD penn was on record BEFORE the fight stating that their entire game plan centered around BJ fighting off his back. They knew that GSP wouldn’t want to keep the fight standing for very long and he would eventually end up in BJ’s guard.
And he was right. That part of the game plan worked. Unfortunately for BJ, he was unable to get any sort of grip on GSP…he was trying to have an active guard, but his legs and hands just slid right off. Kinda like trying to wrestle a greased pig. hmm….

So for anybody to say that this whole vaseline incident had no bearing on the fight….well you’re just wrong. It had EVERYTHING to do with the fight. You honestly think that Georges has had this miracle transformation and is suddenly better on the ground than BJ Penn? PUH-LEEZE!
It’s true that BJ’s cardio killed him, but NOBODY just slides out of BJ’s guard like that…and that’s exactly what he did…he just slid right out….like there was no resistance.

And speaking of transformations, I too have spent time up in Montreal and have rolled with a much drier GSP…and i can tell you that he wasn’t near as big as he looks now. Of course, I was bigger then…but have since cut out the “added edge” that i used to use. It’s amazing how big and strong you can get so quickly, yet after a very short wash-out period…test clean.
Ahh, the miracles of modern science.

justin Says:

i understand that someone in here is filltering the messages. i posted one yesterday that defended gsp and isnt insulting to hughes. but they are not allowing it but they do allow all of the comments that make hughes look good, and also ones that just make st pierre look stupid like NateR’s. shows how really pathedic this guy is

mattrocks Says:


I have to say I still don’t think GSP cheated but I don’t like BJ at all and loved seeing him get man-handled the way he did. Looking forward to May when Serra is sent packing.

lilly Says:

i watched the last fight you had with gsp , the only grease that got on you was from his face rubbing on you ,which by the way was put on by greg jackson whom was not rubbing gsp , You could hear Phil telling the NSAC that there were vaseline on gsp’s face before he was rushed out of the ring ..thats way i don’t think he intentionally was petting grease on gsp and if you remember his face was on you and even before you hit the ground . ….hence the greasey body ?lets just put it this way you guys were rubbing grease on each other with your faces

John King Says:

Matt Hughes from Sweden, I’ve been a Matt Hughes for a long time and the comments and language you used was very disrespectful. There is a HUGE difference from giving an opinion and disagreeing with someone. No fan of Matt Hughes from the states would have talked to him like that even if they didn’t agree. Nate “the great” had to delete your comments because of your language, VERY DISREPECTFUL! Quit whining yourself and show respect, even when you don’t agree. thanks

John King Says:

Nate “the great”, you are #2 only behind Matt Hughes of course. You can go ahead and delete all comments from anyone that’s not a true Matt Hughes fan. It’s like the people that don’t like what a radio host says everyday but they listen just to complain. If you are not a Matt Hughes fan, no problem go find your favorite fighters website. good luck

Mitzi Says:

Application of vaseline on GSP’s shoulders and back intentionally or unintentionally robbed BJ Penn’s greatest arsenal for that particular fight…BJJ. It is illegal and unfair to BJ and his fans. It is hard to believe GSP did not know about it because he is completely involved in the preparation of the fight. GSP is responsible to the actions of his entourage in the cage. No doubt, GSP was the better man that night but his victory is not without disappointment.

Daniel Says:

Hi matt hughes.
Am 14 years old and am a hughes fan.
i want to say good luck agants matt serra.
I hope u winn!.

i hope u will be a tittle holder agen=)

Matt Hughes fan from Sweden Says:

John King

Well,i am indeed a true fan of Matt Hughes. He was my first mma-idol. I just dont belive in beeing a “YES MAN” -much like you. I call em as a see em. See?

» Matt Hughes said GSP was greasy Says:

[...] A recent blog post of former welterweight champion Matt Hughes comments on last Saturday night’s fights. He comments on the Vaseline situation by saying: [...]

BradJohnson Says:

Hey Brian 13,

Come man give up the crap “I too have spent time up in Montreal and have rolled with a much drier GSP…and i can tell you that he wasn’t near as big as he looks now” you didn’t roll with anyone. You are a joker and need to read the rules

2. The excessive use of grease or any other foreign substance may not be used on the face or body of an unarmed combatant. The referees or the Commission’s representative in charge shall cause any excessive grease or foreign substance to be removed

The first line says it all. Technically he could apply vaseline all over his body, just not in excess.

Pacman Says:

Grease St.Pierre just said that Matt must really feel jealous and bitter, realize that he is on his way down, which is why Matt would say that he greased for the two losses against him.

WCMMA217 Says:


Unfortunatly, that is the opinion of most and rightfully so. It doesn’t sound good when you jump on the bandwagon and scream foul during the two contests you lose. If he said all three fights felt sllick, than it would have sounded less like he was making excusses for his performance. Not to mention the timing is suspicious.

Scott Says:


Great posts! You hit the nail on the head!!! Unfortunately all your posts will come down because they are all not in praise of Matt Hughes.


You said BJ could’nt hit his BJJ on GSP because he was greasy?? How about HE GASSED??!?!?! AGAIN!!!! Watch the fight again,He was gasping for air before the 1st round ended & they we’re sanding up for the whole round to boot!! Oh I guess you mean that even though they we’re standing up BJ could’nt hit that ‘Stone lotus Flying Heel Hook’ rIGHT?? Wrong! You FAIL!!!!


Go to GSP’s website,Who ever’s the Webmaster on his page does’nt take down the bad posts knocking GSP….

Mike Connelly Says:

Hey Matt
I can’t wait for you to fight Matt Sera. I would love if you went out there and out-classed him or just submitted him because a lot of people don’t think he can get tapped out. I think everyone will have something better to say about you and there are still a lot of fans who still got your back. I just want to say matt, that im your biggest fan, your always someone ive looked up to i would love to meet you one day. I love you man keep training hard.

Eddy Says:

I like your post Scott!!! Im just curious to know why Hughes,Sera,Mayhem & the ROID shark sherk all of a sudden got something to say about georges greasing?? It sounds real female to me..Totally, It also sounds like there is some serious jealousy going on

Of all people I’d expect hughes NOT to make a statement about this matter,Come on matt.He dominated you on the feet in both of your last matches with him.. I didnt expect you to stoop so low & join Serra & Sherk & mayhem in the BS. My thinking is the demigod BJpen cant believe that he got demolished so hard by gorges so he wants to hurt goerges victory..

You said your not saying gs p did anything wrong but he was greasy?? That makes no sense mat.. If you didnt formally report in within the 10 days after the fight then you should hav never mentioned it because it only makes you & the rest of the fighter’s that gorges happen to smash look jealous & like haters

Back to my point.If your not accusing him of anything than you should’t of said anything at all because its pointless.

so dont make statements about not making statements..It does’nt look good.

Good luck & god speed for a victory to you against Matt Serra(a fighter who i loathe)

Keola Cummings Says:


Great post. I hope your fighter from the H.I.T. Squad represents you well on saturday. The greasing thing with GSP looking back at you last fights definetly seems to have an effect on your takedowns. Great class on your part not whining about it then though and waiting till now when there is some evidence to back it up. Good luck in your fight with Matt Serra, I hope you teach him a lesson in respect. I’ll be ordering that ppv just to see you fight. Good luck and God Bless.

Ken McKinley Says:

I believe that Matt Hughes said something not to be a “whiner” as so many of you are accusing him of, but because it was something everyone wanted to know about. BJ made an allegation; namely that GSP was greasing, Chuck L. is the one who pointed it out, the NSAC wipped GSP off not once, but twice (shouldn’t the first warning be enough?). Greg Jackson has contradicted himself stating that he didn’t know how to do the energy touch and yet can be seen clear as day doing it (with Vaseline on his hands to boot).
But back to my point, everyone wanted to know if BJ was crying about getting beat or why he was making the allegation about GSP greasing. Serra, Sherk, and others all came out and said, “Hey you know what? He felt greasy to me too.” And the question on everyones mind was, “Well I wonder what Matt Hughes has to say about this.” So Matt being a fighter that cares about his fans answered the question. Not to make himself look good in his losses to GSP, but because it was a question that was on everyone’s mind.
You say it is disrespectful for him to say that, but then you accuse him of whining and making excuses right here on his own web-site. To me that is the ultimate in disrespect.
For you to accuse Matt Hughes, a man who has fought over 50 fights in MMA, a man who has fought GSP 3 times (once on short notice when Serra was unable to), a man who has stepped up for the UFC on more than one occasion, when others were injured – Matt Hughes fought. He fought Thiago on short notice and even when Thiago didn’t make weight Matt still fought him, just to give the card a headliner. You are accusing a man who I would be willing to be places his Christian character far above his legacy as a fighter, and you are doing it in HIS WEBSITE!
Not only are you for all intents and purposes, accusing Matt Hughes of lying, you are also accusing Matt Serra, Shean Sherk and Chuck Liddell (all former UFC champions) of lying.
Matt doesn’t need me to defend him, what he needs are real fans who aren’t fair-weather, fly-by-nights who are singing his praises one day and calling him a liar the next.
If you want to impune Matt’s character please take it somewhere else.
Oh and one more thing… When Hughes says, “I’m not saying GSP did something wrong…” and then goes on to say, “…he felt greasy.” That doesn’t mean Hughes is jumping on the allegation bandwagon. He’s saying that it is a very real possibility that GSP was unaware of being greased down, thus he is trying to with-hold judgment. He made no such claim concerning the innocent of GSPs trainers mind you. In other words; I believe that Matt is giving GSP the bennefit of the doubt. More so than a lot of the posters here have done concerning Matt. » UFC 94: GSP vs BJ Penn - vaselinskandalen sammanfattad Says:

[...] Hughes tyckte att GSP var hal nr de mttes i december [...]

John King Says:

Matt Hughes from Sweden, You need to pay attention to detail. Just show respect when you disagree with someone not run your mouth with bad words or cus words. Not sure what they call them in Sweden. If I don’t agree with Matt Hughes from USA I will tell him with respect but I will say this. I HAVEN’T SEEN OR HEARD ONE THING YET FROM MATT HUGHES USA THAT I HAVE DISAGREED WITH SO I GUESS YOU ARE RIGHT, I’M A YES MAN. thanks

Kyle Says:

Hey Matt,

Vaseline did not change the outcome of any fight of GSP’s against anyone. Everyone knows that in the later rounds (and even if someone comes into the octogon sweaty) that controlling someone in the rubber guard or pulling a triangle gets extremely difficult when someone gets sweaty. Perhaps Georges perspires more than others. Anyone that drops 15-18 pounds right before a fight and then puts it back on in 24 hours has had to
consume alot of liquids. I don’t know what Georges drinks for that 24 hours before the fight but once that sweat starts everyone knows how slippery one can get once sweating.

Does the commission have to ban sweating so that a BJJ guy can have a fair shot?

I saw Phil go from the face to the shoulders to the middle of the back as well. If it is a tactic used by them, they should have their asses kicked because Georges certainly needs no advantage on any opponent. Even if Georges was bone dry he still would have kicked BJ’s ass and I think anyone who saw that fight would agree. If you don’t you must be a little blinded.

Penn never even attempted to grab his leg when he was in rubber guard to pull off a triangle. Furthermore, GSP was wiped down after the second and the third. Those were two rounds where they spent most of their time on the ground. So with GSP’s back being extra dry due to being wiped off, BJ should have had more of an
advantage in these rounds to execute his BJJ. He never did.

If I was GSP and I realised my corner was wiping Vaseline on my back intentionally there would be hell to pay. I honestly think that GSP had no idea what they were doing. He looked a little confused when that guy went to wipe his back.

I call for a rematch between Penn and GSP. I think GSP would kick Penns ass better the next time around. BJ has alot of talent but he does not have the commitment to training to elevate himself to the level he needs to be at in order to compete with GSP.

At the end of the day I think that there was probably some Vaseline on GSP’s shoulders and back in the second round. He was cleaned for the 3rd and 4th rounds. I think that GSP sweats alot and this makes him slippery.
As for Matt Serra’s comments, GSP (in the 2nd fight) took care of him so quickly I really don’t know when he had any time to feel GSP’s back or shoulders.

I think St Pierre will always be slippery because of the amount he perspires during a match. Yes, he was probably a little more greasy in the Penn fight in the 2nd round due to the bit of vaseline from Nurses hands. This did not effect the outcome of this fight.

There should definetly be some new rules about Vaseline. Only one cornerman gets the vaseline and this person can only touch the fighters face, period. Both corners should be monitored between rounds.

Matt, you were a fantastic champion. Nobody can ever take that away from you. I used to love watching your fights. I am sure this fight between you and Serra will be a good one. Take care.

Sean in Ottawa Says:

I have to sit here and shake my head at the accusations. Matt, you were a champion once, and you are still a great fighter. I have to sit here and wonder, have you not seen first hand how much GSP sweats? The man has no body hair. When he exerts himself in the ring, he’s pouring sweat. I’m the same way. When I work out or outdoors in the summer, sweat literally pours out of me. I’ve wrestled in the past, and I can assure you that I am a slippery bugger when people try to get a good grip on me. It’s the sweat, it’s hard to get a good grip when you or the person you are grappling is covered in sweat. When I was taking gymnastics, we would constantly rub chalk on our hands for two reasons, one – if your hands are dry, you can pretty much rub the skin off your hands, and two, if you were too sweaty, you can’t grip worth a damn.

Now, if you watch a lot of fights, you see the same thing with the vaseline, the trainer wipes their face, and then they usually rub the shoulders to “help release tension”. I’m pretty sure there is residual transmittal of the vaseline, but come on, it’s not like they get a huge goop of vaseline and slather the fighter with it. Maybe people should wipe their hands with towels after they apply vaseline to the face, or maybe they should just take off the rubber gloves before touching the fighter on the torso.

I wish you the best of luck in yoru next match, and hope you are victorious Matt.

Some Guy Says:

Against BJ, a greasy body would be a problem, but against a wrestler whom he mostly picked apart on the feet, I’m not sure if that would come into play much. I’m not trying to attack you; I believe that you can still be relevant in MMA and that you can beat most guys in your division (including Alves) by evolving. I’m simply stating that considering your showing against GSP and the history between you two, it comes off as poor sportsmanship. It’s much easier to respect someone who admits a loss (especially a champion) and pushes themselves to get better than it is to respect someone who loses and then chips away at the victor afterwards. Good luck on your fight with Serra.

NateR Says:

Matt has been wrestling since high school and competing in MMA since 1996, do you honestly believe that he can’t tell the difference between excessive sweat and Vaseline? That’s ridiculous. It seems that people are so desperate to maintain St-Pierre’s innocence here that they are grasping at straws and forgetting about logic.

ILtroop Says:

Its obvious to me that some of the people commenting on here had low scores on reading composition exams. I would explain what Matt is saying, but your primitive minds would not understand anything even if I would put it into Layman’s Terms. Why would Matt say anything? Most likely because it could be true and needs to be looked into so it doesn’t keep happening because most importantly it could have an impact on a future event.

You GSP fans are quite naive even with multiple opponents stating that he seemed greasy and video evidence. I would say more but Ken McKinley really states everything quite well, read his posts.


brian13 Says:

Hey bradjohnson,

I’m sorry that you’re new to this sport and are such a bandwagon jumper, but GSP is not the end-all of MMA. He isn’t some mythical creature. He’s just the same as any other guy that trains. Well he’s a bit more egotistical than most, but i suppose that comes from all the hoopla that surrounds him. Don’t let all that fake “I am so humble” BS cloud your vision. He’s decent enough to compete at a high level, but like all of the great fighters that came before him, he’s not unbeatable. Perhaps he was looking for an edge…or perhaps it was just his cornermen…but either way, it was wrong and this sort of thing needs to be taken care of right now.

We can’t afford this kind of nonsense in our sport, regardless of whose fault it was. This is a lot bigger than ole’ Georgie boy and his people are making it out to be. Heads SHOULD roll.

Oh, and speaking of rolling… i’m 37 years old and have been involved in this business for over 10 years. I’ve sparred and rolled with many a great fighter. My experience with Georges was limited to about 2 weeks, as i was really up there to work with Patrick Cote, but (as homo as this may sound) i know his body pretty well. Things have definitely changed up there. Perhaps his training crew really is that good, but it’s a little hard to believe.

Look, I don’t want to knock you off your little GSP bandwagon, but at some point in time you just have to face the facts. But i suppose it’s hard to really comprehend those facts sitting behind you computer or tv.

Noelle Says:

It’s pretty simple….

GSP won a DOMINENT win over B.J Penn on Saturday.
“grease” or vaseline had NOTHING to do with the outcome of the fight, or any other fight GSP’s won.

GSP should be respected as the dominent welterweight champion he truely is. B.J should concentrate on growing up and becoming a better fighter, rather than wasting all his energy on coming up with lame excuses on why he lost.

Eddy Says:

NATER the point is that regardless whether it’s true or not Matt did’nt formally mention or report it before & that makes him look like a sore looser & it ticks me off because I know matt is better than that!! I cant stand GSP & I actually lost money on his fight with BJ but im no idiot & im certainly not gonna lie to myself when I witnessed gorges dismantle BJ in every aspect of MMA!! It only makes sense for you to come out in support of matt & his career,Hell so am I but I am certainly not Bias as you are. BJ cant believe that he got crushed the way he did so he’s making excuses, I lost alot of respect for BJ because of all the ridiculous trash he talked during the prime time shows & because of this BS Allegation crap storm that he started…

GSP beat both matt & BJ & sera & mayhem & sherk soundly & decisively & I just think the man in me does’nt allow me to say “Yea he beat them because he greased.” That’s just not fair at all.


ILtroop Says:

Meant “reading comprehension exams,” although I’m sure the same people I was talking about above wouldn’t have noticed.

blogger173 Says:

Well Eddy, I’m not sure what a “sore looser” is exactly, but I’m sure you’re not accusing Matt of anything, are you?

Actually, this is NOT the first time Matt, or any of the other fighters have mentioned it. Just because YOU never heard about it, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Believe me, there’s a lot of stuff that goes on that isn’t released to the public.

And it’s not just fighter’s talking about it….it’s also trainers that have noticed the same thing with other Greg Jackson trained fighters.

Point being, this really is a pretty big deal. Sure BJ wasn’t 100% coming into this fight, hardly any fighters are…but he’s not using it as an excuse. Anyone that’s ever seen him fight knows that wasn’t the usual BJ. He was nowhere near 100%…but he’s being a man about it and saying that Georges was the better fighter that night. And he wasn’t dismantled in “every aspect of MMA” like you say. Georges took him down, slipped out of his guard and worked some GnP. There was barely any stand-up….and no BJJ at all, so I don’t see how anyone can say he dominated him in “every aspect”. Actually, despite claims that BJ went to the hospital afterwards, he actually didn’t. Aside from his pride being hurt and him being tired and sick feeling, he looked no worse for the wear. Oddly, GSP’s face was more damaged looking in the post-fight interview and he was icing it down throughout it. So if BJ was so dominated, why did Georges look so bad?

And even with the Vaseline helping him slip right out of BJ’s guard…and having BJ in a crucifix, he STILL couldn’t finish him. That speaks volumes as to who the tougher fighter really is. There’s no doubt in my mind that GSP would have tapped or been KO’d long before that.

I’m just looking forward to watching Thiago destroy him this summer. He won’t be able to get away with cheating now that he’s been caught.
And hopefully they’ll start doing more random testing throughout training camp…so he won’t have his usual wash-out period.

John King Says:

Nate R, ILtroop, briam3 and all Matt Hughes fans. I agree with all of you. I’m still wondering why GSP fans are so sensitive on the Vaseline plus sweat equals very slick. At least we all try to give credit to the slick superstar. Maybe they should add 350 million dollars to the stimulus plan to do a study on if vaseline and sweat can make someone slicker and then even if the study proves to be true you can’t say that’s it’s true because that would be giving your opinion. Next time don’t say that he still would have won because that would give a hint that you are trying to show respect, just don’t say anything and all will be happy on the far left. I don’t know, this is getting crazy. I’m proud to be around Matt Hughes fans with common sense.

BradJohnson Says:

Hey Brian13,

I don’t know what post you were reading but I didn’t mention GSP at all other than your line about rolling with him. I never said any of those things that you were ranting and raving about. I just stated the rules, and if you need a rules refresher scroll up. Now if you want to talk about jumping on a bandwagon, take a look at yourself screaming Georges is a cheater and heads should roll. Really? Heads roll? Please that comment is ridiculous. Now as per your GSP/Patrick Cote experience, I’m sure you tell everyone that will listen to you that you got to meet him (assuming its true) so I think you can give that one up. You probably have a signed picture of you and him on your mantle proudly displayed for everyone to see. And I love how you keep trying to throw in there GSP may be on steroids. You being a wrestler should know the science of diet and exercise and how fast or slow you can gain muscle mass. Now don’t go shooting off that I’m saying he’s not juicing because he may or may not be, but the only people that know are him and his trainers. It seems like you and some of the other people posting here just can’t deal with their fighters being beaten in a dominant fashion by anyone. I think you and that delusional blogger173 should get together and work on your conspiracy theories I mean he still thinks its 2002 when baby jay wasn’t sluggish and such a whiner. I mean BJ has a laundry list of reasons why he’s lost every fight but we don’t need to get into that. Oh and the computer and TV comment, you are doing the same thing so it makes no sense. Anyway I hope you and the Bayside Tigers win your next wrestling match, I mean you are a high school wrestling right? GO AC SLATER!

ScottWoodstone Says:

It’s kind of ridiculous that everyone is defending BJ and trying to make this into oh George was greasing so BJ didn’t have a chance, first off BJ never had a chance and to all the foolish comments about well you have to give him credit for taking on the fight at his weight …He wanted that fight!!! George never said how he wanted to mess up BJ in the ring. George had nothing to prove , BJ even trashed talked how he was gonna kill George in the ring …big surprise that didn’t happen and it wasn’t because George was greasing he was out classed plain and simple now I’m not saying BJ isn’t a good fighter but he had no business in that ring with George I have to admit I actually liked BJ at one point but lately it seems that there is always an excuse why he loses…..but it’s never because of his lack of training or just the simple fact that his opponent is better. BJ is a baby he needs to learn how to lose with respect and train where he lacks. I could throw a few things up like how there was an athletic state commissioner rep who wiped George down one of the rounds just before George started proving that it wasn’t every round but I won’t bother George won he was amazing it’s just sad that people want to come forward and cut his image down now that they have a chance …and why because he has been doing amazing you would think they should be congratulating a fellow fighter on his success.

Jackie Says:

Enough about this……..What is going on w/ your fight against Matt Serra?? Is the date/venue for sure….we are wanting to make travel arrangements and I haven’t seen an official announcement yet……

Matt Hughes fan from Sweden Says:

John King

Ok,no probs. I am all for Matt Hughes. I just dont belive in trashing GSP.

Total MMA » Blog Archive » Sour Grapes, Sweet Redemption, or Something Else? Says:

[...] Matt Hughes reported on his blog that he agreed with Penn’s earlier assessment that “GSP was a little greasy, but was [...]


Greetings from California! I think its ridiculous that you merely stated about GSP feeling greasy and now its being blown outta proportion!! One thing I have always admired about you is that you speak your mind and don’t sugar coat things or hide behind things. The problem is people see that as arrogance or that you are bashing other fighters, because your holding grudges over wins/losses. If people can take a few more minutes and re-read what you stated and have a 1/2 brain they might absorb that you weren’t bashing GSP. I don’t particulary care for GSP myself so if anyone’s bashing him it’s ME…I hope training and everything is going well to prepare you for your fight in May. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If anyone deserves this win its you Matt!!
As for Matt Veach… I wish him the absolute best on his fight this Saturday..May he make the HIT Squad family n fans proud!! xoxo

John King Says:

Matt Hughes from Sweden, ok, peace

Steve from the O.C. Says:

Hey Matt,

Let me start by saying I’m a huge GSP fan. That said, after watching the fight again you can clearly see his corner between the first and second rounds putting vaseline all over his face then directly to the shoulders, chest and back. The vaseline was clearly on both hands. I seriously doubt that GSP (or anyone in his corner) had any awareness of it or that it was intended to give him an advantage, but the bottom line is that it happened. After the second round apparently it happened again, but you see right before round 3 starts, the official in the red jacket takes a towel and wipes GSP down. Anyway, I don’t think GSP’s integrity should be questioned, but I do think BJ deserves a rematch. He’s gonna lose… badly… but he deserves a rematch. This way GSP can mop the floor with him TWICE… You, of all people, know how that goes. :)

Steve from the O.C.

BJ Wants Rematch Summer 2009 - Page 11 - MMA News Forums Says:

[...] of any fights; but what I am saying is, for my last two fights against Georges, he felt greasy.” UFC 94 – I’ll look for a Ko’s [...]

Sheila Says:

Hi Matt;
My husband and I are extreme fans of yours and many of the other MMA fighters of QUALITY – certainly including GSP, Anderson Silva, Randy Couture – as I said, the Quality fighters and champions; current and past.
I personally don’t think it appropriate to try to diminish GSP’s win over BJ Penn in any way – BJ’s new nickname should be “The Apology” instead of the Prodigy! He showed up for that fight looking like a Hawaiian sausage – and GSP, as always, looked as though you could break granite blocks on his belly! BJ – who is nothing if not arrogant – was handed a large serving of humble pie – and then had his face pushed into it! His condescending trash talk pre-fight was nauseating – just as it was before YOUR last fight with him – and greasy, dry or covered in spackle – GSP is a humble, extremely talented and deserving champion. I hope that you DO have your fight with Matt Serra – you have always been one of our heroes – and that Serra gets HIS arrogant mouth shut, bloodied, and filled with a lot of “crow” at your hands. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving little “one trick pony”! We’ll be watching eagerly – and anticipating a big whomp for you!

bonnie Says:


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having us (FANS/VISITORS) on YOUR site, MATT-HUGHES.COM. Thank you for giving YOUR fans a place to come for “free”. Thank you for taking the time each week out of your busy life to post a blog for us, YOUR fans. And please, please, thank your wife, Audra for her patience with the time you take for us; and thank you both for sharing the stories and great pictures of the family and all the activities/adventures you get to participate in throughout the year. ROCKS!!!

NOTE: For those of you who are unhappy here or don’t like Matt or the “comments” he makes on HIS site that HE pays for for HIS fans, might I suggest you take to heart a line that an uncle of mine was fond of saying, “Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$!” With all due RESPECT!

Nathan, if I broke any rules for my “note”, I’ll gladly take my consequences. In all honesty, I thought I was pretty “nice” given some of what’s been said by some here.

Riley Says:

Matt Veach wins! Congrats!!!

kyle Says:

To all the people who say they are “dissapointed/surprised” at matt’s statement about GSP, he wasnt saying it as an excuse he even clarified that the outcome of the fight probably didnt have anything to do with the vasaline. Matt fought GSP and you guys havent, if hughes, serra, bj say gsp was slippery, their probably not lying out of jealousy.

Sour Grapes, Sweet Redemption, or Something Else? | Ultimate Fighter Online Says:

[...] Matt Hughes reported on his blog that he agreed with Penn’s earlier assessment that “GSP was a little greasy, but was [...]

justin in taylorville Says:

congrat to matt veach hell of a fight man good debut in the ufc hope to see ya again

John King Says:

Matt Veach, GOOD JOB! I was a bit worried but you came back strong. Looks like you will be very well rounded, keep it up.

Bonnie- good job to you too. I agree and thanks

Matt Hughes, you the man! always! can’t wait to hear about the fight.


who cares about gsp or bj if you want to talk about them then go to there website this is about matt only


great job matt veach go for it


The hit team looks good matt

MMA watcher Says:

Your pal Veach did good, i saw the fight. He seemed way to calm though, near the end of fights if u win u should at least scream a little, he was emotionless.

Patrick Says:

regarding the comment from MAD agent,asking how matt thought gsp felt splippery in hughes/gsp 2 when it didnt have ground action. gsp being greased aswell as helping him on the ground would also help him from being taken down as fighters could not get a proper hold of him.
this was what i think matt was refering to regarding his 2nd fight with gsp.sherk also said that everytime he tried to take gsp down in his loss to gsp,that gsp felt very slippery as if he had rubbed himself with oil before the fight.

marc germaine Says:

As a fellow christian I am sorry that you have been entangled in a web of gossip. I am sure that you had no intention of being a source of innuendo and hearsay, however that is what has resulted from your comment. As you know, the law of the land which you love considers that all should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Granted, many who are guilty go free, but the principle of law is one that many have lost their lives to preserve. Therefore, I hope you can do something to restore dignity to the ongoing blither about the allegations made re GSP.
There are, I am sure, many in all sports who connive to take unfair advantage in order to make ‘big bucks’. Neither you nor GSP seem to be of that sort.
The rules do say ‘excessive’ use of vaseline and such agents. Clearly that was not the case in this fight, especially with such close scrutiny.
I am a Canadian who is as proud of my country and the athletes who represent it. The banter about this fight is taking on a decidedly anti Canadian bias in some quarters. I would appreciate someone of your stature stepping up to the plate to clarify your values around the situation.
I remain someone deeply respectful of you,

Steve Peek Says:

GSP is a great fighter no doubt. But BJ did not have his A game, he was exhausted. Grease or Not, BJ was tired and he needs to stay in the lightweight division were he dominates. Matt any news on the upcoming fight with you and Serra?

chris209 Says:

bottom line, greg jackson is everyone who thinks it was just sweat,you have got to be kidding me. people like matt and tito have been wrestling for years and know the difference. you have allllll these people (BJ Penn (twice), Sean Sherk, Matt Serra, Jason Miller and Matt Hughes) saying gsp felt greasy..tito said rashad was greasy (greg jackson fighter) and no one remembers when nick diaz said diego sanchez was greasy as all get out in their fight (SURPRISE!! diego was/is under greg jackson) face it…gsp gets greased does all of jackson’s fighters

champion hall of famers dont need to lie.. dont get on matt for saying somethng now..cant he add is 2 cents and say “well yeah, he was greasy when we fought too”?

if you dont think it affected the outcome of the fight or any other fights then i dont know what to tell you… a bjj master relies on his primary game like matt relies on his if neither can grab or keep a hold of this MF’er then i think it heavily affects the fight

oh yeah..ken mckinley’s post was right on the money and nater’s animation is doper than a bobby brown piss test

Alby Says:

I wonder what’s going to happen to Greg Jackson after all this?

It looks like Dana wants all the blame squarely on Kru Phil Nurse, just so that it will all go away, with Nurse being the scapegoat who takes ALL the blame.

That’s totally the wrong way to do it.

There’s no justice in that at all.

Every worker deserves his wages, therefore every person who cheated must be paid his wage.

Rick Says:

I’ve always enjoyed watching Matt fight, and I don’t have a problem with him stating his opinion on GSP. Matt’s opinion is just that, no need to assume Matt has motives he may or may not have – that is only speculation and we have no way of knowing his motives. I give Matt the benefit of the doubt and leave it there.

Has anyone noticed the latest chapter of this saga with BJs next opponent? Kenny wants to train with GSP for his upcoming fight against BJ and then there’s this crazy response from BJ. BJ said he couldn’t believe Kenny would train with BJ since Kenny was the one who emailed him warning about GSP beinggreasy. Kenny is stunned and shocked – Kenny has no idea what BJ is talking about. Here is Kenny’s reponse:

I’ve never emailed a fighter about anything like that. I don’t even have B.J. Penn’s email. I’d love to see that email. I would say print that email and show it to everybody. Where’s this mystery email? I haven’t spoken to B.J. — besides ‘hello’ — since January of 2007.

you can check out BJs and Kenny words by looking at it here –

Is BJ just trying to create a S*** storm or what?

I have a question for Matt H and Matt S plus other fighters GSP has fought – after losing to GSP what is your initial reaction is it A: Man, I was outfought – tonight I lost to the better man – he was fast/strong/ good striking etc OR is it B: Man, if he wasn’t greased I definitely would have won that…

I think if we got an honest answer, from BJ Penn and others, we know what the answer would be.

Previous Opponents Lining Up to State that GSP Felt Greasy | Your Fantasy MMA Authority and MMA news at Says:

[...] Matt Hughes’ blog, Matt states the following: I’m not the only one who has said that GSP felt greasy during a [...]

tony Says:

Hey Matt, I’ve been a huge Matt Hughes fan ever since I first seen you fight. Please Please Please shut Matt Serras mouth up and ground and pound him until he cries like the baby that he is! I along with alot of other people caonnot wait until the fight! Beat him down Hughes! You will always be in my mind the greatest of all time! Not just by your fighting, but who you are as a person!

shawn Says:

i would love to see Matt and George for a fourth time. this time without the grease. kick Serras ass and go get your title back. its yours.

mma fan-4ever Says:

it seems like people would noticw if he was greased. there are so many eyes during the fight ,watchin all,see like a long shot.matt is the man, period. he ruled for a long time but all great things end…..he is still the man..!!!on the other hand,i think BJ is a bad dude,, but he also has an ego o the size of hawaii!!! he thinks his prior achievments will back all the bs he talks… i think hes not ready mentally,or concioussnessly? to be a peoples champ… i hope he will (shave his ego,)be the champ he could be!he is a MAJOR FORCE!

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