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   February 15th, 2009

Well, the last couple of blogs have caused such a stir that I decided we’d talk about something less controversial this week: gun control.

Here’s a video that someone sent me and I thought it was a pretty interesting find. I think this lady has a very powerful message here:

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For:

Pat Flanigan forwarded me this a few days ago and it’s funny that the government can’t quite regulate guns, so they’re going to regulate ammunition:

Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009

Ammunition Accountability Legislation

Remember how Obama said that he wasn’t going to take your guns? Well, it seems that his allies in the anti-gun world have no problem with taking your ammo!

The bill that is being pushed in 18 states (including Illinois and Indiana) requires all ammunition to be encoded by the manufacturer in a data base of all ammunition sales. So they will know how much you buy and what calibers. Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 unless the ammunition is coded.

Any privately held uncoded ammunition must be destroyed by July 1, 2011 (Including hand loaded ammo). They will also charge a 5 cent tax on every round so every box of ammo you buy will go up at least $2.50 or more!

If they can deprive you of ammo they do not need to take your gun!

This legislation is currently pending in 18 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

Send to your friends in these states AND fight to dissolve this BILL!!

To find more about the anti-gun group that is sponsoring this legislation and the specific legislation for each state, go to:


I also received this in an email quite a while ago and just couldn’t find a way to squeeze it into a blog until now. It’s an article that was published in the Washington Post in September of last year. For those of you who don’t agree with hunting, you really need to read this:

Hunter Green
The People Behind a Conservation Success Story
By Steve Sanetti

Today’s green movement uses certain buzzwords — organic, locavore, renewable — to the wry amusement of 15 million to 20 million of us who’ve actually lived the eco-friendly lifestyle that these words describe.

We are hunters… (To read the rest of this article click here)


Here are a couple of products I’ve received that I wanted to spotlight here:

First, C-Products LLC. has come out with a good magazine for the AR platform. In the picture, you’ll note that the magazine on the left is from an AK-47 and performs flawlessly. The magazine on the right is a standard AR magazine. The one in the middle is the C-Products magazine. As you can see it more closely resembles the AK-47 magazine and also performs flawlessly. The old AR magazines have problems not feeding correctly. AK-47 mags (7.62×39) are easy to find and I’ve told DPMS that we need to come out with a gun that will use AK-47 magazines.

The boys at FOXPRO sent me a little gadget to call in some coyotes. This has the most realistic sounds on it that I’ve ever heard. I’ve only had a chance to go out and use this thing twice, but I’ve called in everything from raccoons to coyotes to hawks. Like I said before, this has the most realistic sounds I’ve heard in a caller and the remote control means I can put it 30 yards upwind and control it, so the coyotes can’t get downwind of me.

Friday night the 27th and Saturday the 28th I will be in Bloomington for the Illinois Deer Classic. I will be sitting with Pat and Nicole from DrivenTV. If you don’t have anything going on, then I hope to see you there. -matt

52 Responses to “FOXPRO”

Bonnie Says:

I wish she had had her gun in her purse.

-a Texan

Spiritwalker Says:

I would like to give her a medal for standing up like that.. I wish she had her purse.. I wish our government was still for, by and of.. the people..

I guess I will be an outlaw soon.. cause I will not be giving up my guns.. not a hunter myself.. but a protector.

John King Says:

Matt, thanks for letting me know this. Obama is passing some crazy laws and being very sneaky about it. The funny thing about it is Democrats treat you like an idiot when you try to go against them and the media ignores them and says Republicans don’t want to act like a team. I need to know where to go on Indiana’s websites to protest this crap. I wonder how much longer we will be able to hunt??? Thanks for changing the subject. You the man!! God Bless

Good Post « Not PC. Says:

[...] on his blog yesterday about gun control. Rather than try to get into it, and tell you what he said, here’s a link it’s good [...]

Luke Says:

Just so there’s no confusion…this is state legislation, state-level. In the United States, the states themselves have their own laws and legislative bodies that vote on laws for the respective states. The legislation in question is neither authored by nor sponsored or endorsed by Obama. I just wanted to clear that up, because it seems that the contributor and one of the commenters in this thread seem to be confused about what this news means. I encourage people to investigate and find out what the facts are before they weigh in. Obama seems to think that the economy is far more important than trying to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, and so far based on his actions we have no reason to think otherwise.

Also, this state-level (not federal) legislation is not designed to track ammunition purchasers but rather to help solve gun crimes. I figure a little more information would help those reading this posting.

Tyburn Says:

They arent stoping you buying Ammo, they are simply regulating it. If you dont missue your weapon, why would you mind them knowing where you got it from and how much you use? I’m suprised that Ammo isnt already coded so atleast they can in the case of a criminal act, trace bullets back to place of sale and possibly who bought it.

I simply dont understand why this is a negative issue. Its not like they are banning Ammo. that would be a sly method of weening the population off firearms, no, they are simply making sure people are accountable. As for an extra tax…well prices are rising on everything due to the credit crunch, that shouldnt be a suprise.

Course here in England we dont use firearms, to have one equates to fifteen years possibly behind bars. You guys are a LONG way off gun control compared to that LOL. Having said that. The woman in the video has a point. A firearm is a firearm. You cant say some should be banned and not all. If they are there for protection and hunting and you can do both with either, then you cant use legitamtely that argument for banning any category. In a civilization that has grown with firearm culture, banning anything with any immediacy will simply enrage the population and lead to civil unrest. Sooo I have no problem with you keeping your guns, all types of them, but I dont see why you would have a problem with being held to account over the ammunition you use. Until they outright ban or stop something I dont think its effecting you rights, its just making it less convinient to buy possibly.

josh Says:

I think the point about the ammo that Matt is trying to make is that the government should not be able to control every aspect of our lives. If I have never done anything wrong, then why do they need to know when,where,or how much ammo I buy?..The small tax increase on ammo is just going to make it that much harder for the common man to afford ammo.If the govnerment does put a restriction on how much ammo a year a person can buy,then that will only be the beginning of a down hill process. We do not need any more gun laws,restrictions,or regulations.If you think we do ,just ask someone like Tyburn,from England, what its like to not have a firearm to protect your family with.

Alby Says:

I feel bad for that lady. I feel just as bad for the United States.

So many people who are in public office don’t even believe in the Constitution.

And these same people (i.e. Chuck Schumer) think so highly of themselves that they believe they can make our decisions for us.

Perhaps it’s just as Mark Levin has stated on his radio show.. [technically] we don’t live in a culture ruled by a socialist, left-leaning government… we actually live in a “soft tyranny.”

TheConcreteKid Says:

Thank you Tyburn!

Government officials do not care about hunters!

Gun control or, I guess “ammo control” in this case, only tries to keep guns from getting into the wrong hands. You have to register guns, if you are a violent criminal you can’t get one. Why not bullets?

Unless you are a violent criminal or want to murder someone, you should have no problem with coding ammo!

I grew up in Philadelphia and went to school in Pittsburgh, so I have seen the devastation caused by guns… and don’t give me any “guns dont kill people, people kill people” stuff, because the dead bodies that pile up each year had bullet holes ripped through them, bullets that came from a gun.

I also have lived in Central Pa (Dubbed Pennysl-tucky due to its vast farming and forrests) and Utah (which is pretty hick), so I understand the whole “pry it out of my cold dead hands” thing. Again, no one cares about hunting or defending your house/family.

John King Says:

Not to disrespect Obama fans but it’s a known fact that Obama does not support the NRA, he has made several statements and promises to change the laws and here we go. I know this is just a start. Honestly, I don’t vote democrat or republican I look at what they believe and go with that. I did not vote for Obama for that reason only, I simply do not believe what the man believes on most issues. It’s also a well known fact that democrats are the ones that want to regulate weapons and take away the right to bear arms so the states that are voting this in are probably democrats now, but I have NOT confirmed that. If you know of any republicans that are voting for this than I am wrong. sorry. Go HUGHES!!

Steven Says:


This is a great video, and I completely agree with you. I truly respect the way that you use your blog to champion the love of G-d and the Second Amendment. You are a great role model, and I certainly believe that this country would be in better shape if more athletes and celebrities used their public platform in the manner that you do.
As a lifetime member of the NRA it saddens and angers me that our own government would be so short-sighted and smug (just look at Schumer’s face) in treating our Second Amendment rights in such a cavalier way. I only wish my two boys were older so that they could be sure to have you as one of the athletes that they could look up to. Believe me, I will be showing them videos of your fights when they reach the appropriate age, and I will tell them that you are a man who fought to preserve what is truly great and necessary about this country of ours.
May G-d Almighty continue to bless you in all that you do.

John King Says:

Matt, sorry but I think you may have wanted to pick another subject besides politics, we are going to be doing the same thing this week also. sorry. I feel like I’m talking to GSP fans again. Maybe next week the topic should be how you are going to kick Serra @ss all over the octagon. I would like to know how the training is going, how your leg is feeling. Thanks, God Bless!

Rob Says:

TheConcreteKid, you do not have to register guns at all. You go through an instant background check, that is all.

Do you seriously think that a criminal is going to buy encoded bullets? They don’t purchase guns from a store to begin with so getting uncoded bullets will not be a problem.

Because you stated bullets kill people that come from guns….but a person pulls the trigger. Funny you went from bullet to gun but stopped there as if the gun itself miraculously went off.

Also cars kill more people than “guns” do, but i don’t hear anyone trying to stop cars from being produced. Why do cars go faster than 75mph but it is illegal to go any faster than that in the country?

Bonnie Says:

I was just about to mention the way Chuck Schumer looked every time they panned to him as the lady was speaking (talk about want to “slap it off his face”) when I saw Steven mention it. I thought he looked arrogant and disrespectful, just overall smarmy!

And, Rob, I’ve never thought about “why do they make cars (other than racers) to go faster than 75mph when there are set speed limits”. Great point and ? especially since, like with guns, it is a person in control of the vehicle. Maybe instead of the slogan “speed kills”, it should be “speeders kill”.

I don’t know what the solution is to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. It seems they find ways to go around any obstacle set to deter them so I don’t think this ammo legislation is going to work as far as keeping guns out of criminals hands. If it helps to solve a crime that’s great, but again, it will be after the crime is committed. And, unfortunately, it won’t address the sad situations (video) where a citizen owns a gun legally and then decides to murder his wife, family, or complete strangers. And as Rob said, the gun doesn’t load itself and point and shoot; a person is doing that.

Tyburn Says:

Josh…I dont believe the Government has any control over what Ammo you get. These measures dont limit you. They simply keep the government informed. If you have nothing to hide, why would you care if they knew what you had?? they arent stopping you from buying it, they are just keeping a record. Why shouldnt they do that? They are a government. Perhaps they have no idea how widespread gun use is. Perhaps they honnestly dont know how much Ammo the country goes through in a year…or which states use the most. This is absolutely nothing more then a statistic generating exercise.

Once again, until they decide to LIMIT the amount you can have, or until the decide to Ban certain types of handguns they are NOT stepping on your rights, they are just inquiring about your useage. Surely THEY have a right to know about such consumption. So my “Counter to your counter” to use a Hughesology LOL would be why to you care what they know if they aint stopping you from doing what your doing?

NateR Says:

This ammunition bill fails on so many levels:

1. It’s only state by state, meaning that if the bill is passed in Illinois, that doesn’t stop anyone from driving across state lines to Missouri or Iowa and buying uncoded ammo there.

2. It’s going to be absolutely impossible for police to collect up all the existing, uncoded ammunition. It would require police to do house by house searches for ammunition and, in America, we call that “illegal search and seizure.” The mere idea of police entering the homes of law-abiding citizens to search for “contraband” is a direct violation of our rights as Americans and would generate so many lawsuits that it would be impossible for the courts to uphold this law.

3. This would create a “black market” for uncoded ammunition which would increase the crime rate and put more people at risk. This would not make our streets safer, it would have the exact opposite effect.

4. Finally, as outlined in points 1-3, this bill would do absolutely nothing to halt criminals. All it would really accomplish would be to give the government an unprecedented level of data on the ammunition buying habits of law-abiding citizens. I have nothing to hide, but I still don’t trust the government with that kind of information. It essentially puts a giant target on the backs of law-abiding citizens that the anti-gun crowd can use to their advantage.

Bonnie Says:

Nathan, as usual, you’ve pretty much covered it pretty thoroughly. This law (even if only state by state) will be another piece of useless legislation that wastes more of taxpayers’ money and states’ resources that could be put to better use. And, like you, I don’t trust the government not to abuse this law or use it to open other doors into the lives of private law-abiding citizens. It’s one of the reasons the Patriot Act scared the hell out of me!

steve Says:

hahahahaha we cant even own guns in australia ….so we use use bowie knives

johan Says:

for what reason must you americans have a right to own theese kind of firearms? its just stupid. look what you are doing to the world, stop worrying about firearms and do something about your poor contry falling to pieces. Soon you will be back to the stoneage. geez wake up allready..

Luke Says:

Gee whiz. This legislation is state-level, it has nothing to do with Obama. Besides it just doesn’t have legs in light of the larger problems the country faces…the Democrats who beat the gun control drum are old-school partisans who don’t have the support of moderate voters or politicians. Don’t expect Obama to make gun control a priority because the statistics simply don’t support it.

Someone mentioned GSP fans in this thread in a kind of derisive way…for the record, Hughes spoke highly of GSP and GSP returned that compliment, at one time referring to him as the greatest P4P in the world. The level of civility and mutual respect the fighters show one another is a lesson for people who post on blogs and make assumptions about folks they know nothing about.

Josh Says:

I have nothing to hide. I am a law abiding citizen,but I do not believe the government should know everything that I buy,because the more info they have on me,the more the anti-gun liberals will have on me.

Brad Says:

I bought a Foxpro FX3 a few weeks ago. It really is a great product for predator hunters.

Kyle Says:

A gun is an inanimate object and so is a car. You can kill someone with either. More people die in car accidents than are killed with guns. If you read my last sentence you will recognise that most deaths involving cars are accidents. Most deaths involving guns are not accidents.

Human nature is a funny thing. One minute you can be perfectly calm, the next minute you can be literaly insane due to an incident of some kind that makes you extremely angry. Some people that have guns have an ego problem that goes with that gun. I know personally of people that have almost been in gun fights because one person cut another off in traffic.

There are just some people that should not have the right to bear arms, but they do.

As for hunting. I sincerely hope that if you hunt something down and kill it with your gun that you are going to eat it. There are many people out there killing things just for sport. They mount these animals on their wall like a proud trophy. Shame on anyone who does this. You should not take the life of an animal unless you need to eat.

There will always be a problem with illegal guns. These are guns for use by people who cannot attain the use of a gun through normal means. How do we change this. We make guns that involve alot more technolgy. Guns that have sophisticated devices inside them that will not allow them to fire unless the person holding them is the registered owner. Yes, this is very expensive, but it is a solution. It would also solve the problem of small children who go into Dad’s drawer and bring the gun out to show their friends and end up killing their friends by accident or themselves.

Machine guns should go altogether. Nobody here can justify owning a fully automatic machine gun. Take for example that young boy who was at a firing range with his Dad and he tested a machine gun. I think it was an oozie. The recoil of the gun sent his arm flying up and it happened so fast he ended up shooting himself in the head. Ver tragic and sad to say the least. How many of you hunt with fully automatic machine guns?

If you think that having a gun will save you or your family if there happens to be another revolution you are kidding yourself. The US government has such sophisticated weopons now that your gun will be null and void.
Raytheon makes a machine that emits microwaves. They just have to aim it in your general direction and it heats the fliud under your skin to excruciatingly painful levels. If you are holding a gun you will drop it very quickly because it will heat up very vast and you will dropping to the ground very quickly in pain anyways.

Just thought I would throw a few thoughts out there.

Take care

Jon Says:

Bottom line is this…they can pass whatever legislation they want to pass criminals are going to get what they need to do what they do. What happens then you have people who can’t defend themselves or their homes. If they increase prices of ammo too much law enforcement is also gonna have to make cutbacks on either how often they “qualify” or cut a job or two. I don’t know how many people know this but law enforcement doesn’t shoot their guns as often as most people think (unless they do so on their on time with their own ammo)..some agencies only twice a year. Also gun shops/indoor ranges will not get as much business so they’ll have to cut jobs.. dang Obama is really creating jobs isn’t he. Anyway this legislation is going to come back and bite someone in the butt whether its a citizen who would normally have been able to afford ammo to protect their family and now can’t…or a police officer who cannot afford to shoot on his own time and does hit the target he may be shooting at if he sees him/herself in a life threating situation. Just my 2 cents.

Matt please keep us updated with the ammo situation as some people will never hear about unless they watch Fox News.

Keith Walker Says:

There are a lot of ill-informed comments made on this thread, but this one takes the cake.

TheConcreteKid Says: Unless you are a violent criminal or want to murder someone, you should have no problem with coding ammo!

I am neither a violent criminal nor do I want to murder anyone. I am against the coding of ammo for a number of reasons, but the basic one is this; it isn’t any one’s business how much ammo I purchase. Stupid laws like this only infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. Criminals will always disregard the law.

Case in point. Just last night I went to a grocery store to buy Claritin D. Mountain cedar allergies are horrible here in San Antonio. It just so happens that Claritin D is a controlled substance. It isn’t an over the counter drug, but because criminals use it to make more potent drugs, some brain dead politician got the idea of making everyone register before they can buy a box of this stuff. All I did was swipe my driver’s license, then my credit card and I was free to purchase my much needed pills. If I am too stuffed up, I can’t breathe and can’t sleep.

Now swiping my driver’s license card my not seem to be that big of a deal, but here is the problem. What if I was poor, had to take a bus to the store because I did not have a driver’s license? What if I arrived at the store after the pharmacy closed? The store is open 24 hours, but not the pharmacy. What, now law abiding citizens can’t get medicine because some crack-head uses it for illegal purposes? How does that make sense? Do you really think putting a non-prescription drug behind a counter is going to make a dent in the drug trade?

Now apply that argument to ammo. Criminals will just start re-loading their own, getting regular ammo from other States or buy traceable ammo with stolen credit cards. This STUPID law isn’t going to do anything to keep criminals from doing what criminals do. THEY DISREGARD THE LAW.

Lastly, I started a video series on YouTube called “Quick Questions For Gun Control Advocates.” These questions are designed to get gun control advocates to think about the futility of gun control laws and how they strip law abiding citizens of their inherent right to self defense.

Feel free to subscribe, rate, comment and pass along my videos to others.

Keith Walker Says:

Hey, Kyle. I’ve got a better idea. Instead of banning guns, why don’t we just ban murder? Btw, fully auto machine guns have been effectively banned from the public since the 1930s.

Chris Says:


I respect you very much as a fighter and while I won’t say I disagree with your politics on guns, I come here to read about you as a fighter. You are falling into the category of other “celebrities” that try to use their notoriety as a platform. I would like to see better from you. Maybe have a section for your passions about guns, etc but to make it the main section of your page recently is a bit much. Just my thoughts, take of leave em. Good Luck against Serra. I am a HUGE fan of yours and NOT of his. :) Nuff said.


Kyle Says:

Hello Keith Walker,

You should probably do a little research before posting.

“As debate for FOPA was in its final stages, Rep. William J. Hughes (D-N.J.) proposed an amendment to ban the civilian ownership or transfer of any fully-automatic weapon which was not registered by May 19, 1986. However, any such weapon manufactured and registered before the May 19 cutoff could still be legally owned and transferred by civilians.”

You are completely wrong about machine guns being effectively banned.

Your first comment is so ridiculous is does not even warrant a response.

Have a good one,


Keith Walker Says:

That is funny. You claim I didn’t do any research and then do nothing more than quote Wikipedia. lol. I’ve done my research. How about you check out this link? What I meant by being *effectively* banned was that you have to have a class three license and go through an extensive background check before you can buy a fully automatic rifle.

You are correct about my “banning murder” comment. It is just as ridiculous as passing gun control laws. Thanks for making my point. ;-)

Kyle Says:

Your a funny guy Keith. However I did not make any point for you at all. In fact gun control laws are a very good thing. The fact that that young boy was able to test an oozie at a firing range and ends putting a bullet in his own head is a death that could have been avoided altogether with laws that make any fully automatic gun use anywhere (with the exception of law enforcement and military) illegal. There are still far too many fully automatic guns in circulation. They must be made illegal period.

You hear about it time and time again. Kids go into Dad’s drawer and pull out Dad’s gun and either end up shooting himself or shooting a friend.

I agree with you that criminals will always disregard the law, but there are certain gun control laws that should be in place.

Not everyone should have the ability to own a gun because some people are not mentally stable enough to own a gun.

Guns in the home should be under lock and key and ammo in a separate place under lock and key as well.

I could go on and on.

You said this “These questions are designed to get gun control advocates to think about the futility of gun control laws”.

So are you saying that all gun control laws are futile? If you are I think you had better think long and hard about how ridiculous that is.

The fact that I quoted something from Wiki means nothing. What I quoted is the truth, or do you say otherwise?
I also disagree completely with you that fully automatic machine guns are “effectively” banned. Not even close.
More difficult to obtain, yes, but not nearly good enough.

I agree with you that some gun control laws will not generate the hoped for effect, but we need many gun control laws just to keep children in the home safe, and to keep guns out of the hands of people who really shouldn’t own them.

Criminals are going to attain guns one way or the other, but tight laws makes it much more difficult for them to get them simply due to supply. There are several countries around the world who have comparitively low gun crime. These countries also have very strict gun laws.

Back in the old days the 2nd Amendment had its purpose. Times have changed. It is not a level playing field anymore. If another revolution took place do you think that even a well regulated militia of armed regular citizens would stand a chance against any modern occupation? Guns are relics in the modern arena I am referring to.

Anyway, this subject is one that is continuously debated. We could go on and on. Coding ammo has significant uses. You have pointed out some of the negatives. There are positives and negatives to everything. No law is perfect. It is good to debate though.

We all have opinions.



I agree with Kyle 100%!!! Hey wait lets just remember when the conversations get heated that we are all in agreement that we are MATT HUGHES fans!!! We are all unique and different with opinions that matter to each of us, but we have that in common…
Peace, Love, and Happiness,

eric Says:

See ya at the classic.

Keith Walker Says:

Yeah, I know I’m funny. ;-) I’ve got one comment for you based off of something you said.

“If another revolution took place do you think that even a well regulated militia of armed regular citizens would stand a chance against any modern occupation?”

Uh… I don’t know how to put this to you then to say, DUH! That’s why gun control laws are bad! The second amendment is not there for hunting. It isn’t even there for self defense. It is a provision for the people to be able to unseat an unjust government and since *they* have automatic weapons, I need one to protect myself from them.

Kyle Says:

Keith, maybe you missed one of my earlier statements:

“If you think that having a gun will save you or your family if there happens to be another revolution you are kidding yourself. The US government has such sophisticated weopons now that your gun will be null and void.
Raytheon makes a machine that emits microwaves. They just have to aim it in your general direction and it heats the fliud under your skin to excruciatingly painful levels. If you are holding a gun you will drop it very quickly because it will heat up very vast and you will dropping to the ground very quickly in pain anyways.”

If you really think you will be able to protect yourself from the military industrial complex you are living in denial. If it ever comes to that, no gun you could ever get your hands on will protect you.

It will be a sad sight for the people if they try to unseat the government. Most people like yourself are most likely unaware of what is really going on out there. The military industrial complex is something President Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address in 1961.

Perhaps a whole lot more research for you is in order Keith. Peeling back the layers of the onion is a real eye opener. Many people who have seen the truth wish they hadn’t. Some people would rather just live in ignorance. The truth for some is too much to bear.

But hey, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Some people just can’t see the forest for the trees.

Take care,


Steve Says:

Matt…. More fighting and less political/religious opinions please.

Yoshi Says:

Well, I don’t get it…

Looks like they aren’t outlawing ammo. They are just saying they are going to regulate with codes so they can track it…

Seems like this is a way of making sure it’s legit and not black market gangsta bullets.

I’m all for getting illegal and unregistered guns and ammo out of any idiot’s hands…

That being said, I’m a hunter, my dad’s a hunter, and I think we have not only the right but we need guns for personal safety. But from what I can tell, this is not taking our ammo away. It’s merely putting codes on it so it can be tracked in case a crime is committed with the ammo. Sounds like a great idea to me…

And no worries… the government IS the people… what do you think they are, robots?

Yoshi Says:

I don’t have any problem with allowing our police departments, or “the boogey-man government” to have tracking numbers on our ammunition.

That way, if any one gets murdered, or a bank gets robbed, then it’s a whole lot more difficult to get away with the crime when the ammo used in the crime has tracking codes. That is WHY they are doing this, and for no other reason.

The only people who should have a problem with the police keeping tabs on our firearms are people who intend to commit crimes and engage in illicit activity with their weapons.

Police officers are usually good American, “real people” who risk their lives for us and who we truly owe very much to. I think we owe it to them to register our weapons and ammo with them, making their jobs easier and safer, and allowing them to in the process make our societies safer.

a normal person Says:

The problem I have with that video is that the “cazy man” was only able to get the gun he used due to lack of regulation. That lady’s parents are dead due to lack of regulation NOT over regulation. The United States need to change laws that were made hundreds of years ago.

kyle Says:

you should watch these links, good videos on gun control, warning though the second link will get you angry!

Brad Says:

Wow, Kyle! I’m sure glad you weren’t around back in the late 1700s. I’m sure a lot of colonists felt the same way about the British Empire.

As far as the technology goes, I can understand what you are getting at, but there is no way you can really substantiate your opinion. If that is the case, why can’t we just go in there and kick the Taliban’s ass out of Afghanistan and Pakistan? How has Bin Laden managed to run around as a free man for the past several years? How do the Lebanese and Palestinians manage to hold their own against the Israelis? How did Matt Serra manage to beat GSP? You’re definitely not going to win any fight heading into it with that kind of attitude.

I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, but gun control and ammo regulations only punish law-abiding sportsmen and hunters AND hurt a thriving industry. Right now, it would be foolish for the government to do ANYTHING that would hurt such a significant portion of the economy. Besides that, we still have the Second Amendment.

Keith Walker Says:

I didn’t miss your previous post. I just didn’t address it. Talk about shortsighted. Yes, I know the military will outgun just about any private home owner, but there is something you are not taking into consideration. If you don’t have a gun, you can’t fight.

Who said anything about winning? My moral stance on self defense has nothing to do with it. I fight win or lose, but either way, I will stand up for my God given rights to self defense. It is a shame that too many people will lay down because they think they can’t win. If our country becomes a dictatorship, we have the obligation to resist. I am prepared for that. Are you?

*bows head and prays* Lord, Thank you for the men and women who founded our country. Thank you that they had the courage to fight in the face of impossible odds. May you continue to raise up more patriots. In Jesus name, Amen.

I’ll let you have the last word, Kyle. I’ve said everything I need to. You might want to check out my Quick Questions For Gun Control Advocates that I will post on the forum. You can see them there or on my DeadeyeKeith YouTube channel. Feel free to rate, comment and pass along my videos to others. God bless.

Kyle Says:


I see you have no comprehension of what I am talking about. I pray that the situation never arises where regular citizens need to fight their own gov or an occupier. It would be a slaughter at best. Your country is already a dictatorship, you just can’t see it yet. It is not as obvious as people think it should be. You think because you get to mark an x on a ballot that you live in a free democracy. Think again. No matter where you put that x the ultimate end goal “they” are working toward is still the same. Sure there is a fancy show on a stage that takes place that lulls you into a sense of complacency. I am the exact opposite of shortsighted.

The men and women who founded your country did not face anywhere near the odds you will face if you find yourself put in the situation to resist.

You sound like you are having fun playing in your little sandbox, so I will leave you to make your sandcastles.


Brad Says:


You seem like a bright person, but your comments seem a little contradictory. I mean, if you truly think we are living in a dictatorship, then it would seem to me that you would be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, because (IMHO) it was written to prevent EXACTLY what you are describing…an oppressive government (or dictatorship, in your words).

Again, gun control laws really only punish the folks who actually ABIDE BY THE LAWS. We need guns to protect us from those who do not follow the law (and that includes the Second Amendment).

The boost that gun enthusiasts and hunters give the economy surely doesn’t hurt either. Oddly enough, the election of Barack Obama has been the best thing to happen to the firearm industry in years. It would be IDIOTIC to pass laws hampering one of the few thriving industries we still actually have here in America (yes, there are still many firearm manufacturers in the United States…not to mention hunting lodges, gun shops, and the numerous other businesses that profit directly or indirectly from hunting and the shooting sports).

Guns are flying off the shelves in record numbers in fear of stricter gun control laws. In fact, I tried to order an AR 15 a few months ago and was told that the manufacturer was nearly a year behind on existing orders. It’s getting harder to find semi auto pistols for the same reason. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

Brad Says:


“The only people who should have a problem with the police keeping tabs on our firearms are people who intend to commit crimes and engage in illicit activity with their weapons.”

This silly ammo law will drive the cost of ammo up, potentially cost Americans in the firearm manufacturing industry jobs, and really only inconvenience those of us who actually follow the existing laws. I mean, do you really think a person who is willing to use a gun in a violent crime is going to worry about the “firearm accountability act”?

Last time I checked, it was pretty much illegal to shoot people. Last time I checked, fully automatic weapons were pretty much illegal. I can’t really see how the ammo accountability act is going to do anything other than be a pain in the neck to those of us law-abiding hunters and gun-owners, and potentially damage a significant portion of the U.S. economy.

Yoshi Says:

Well Brad,

point taken. But I think the price of ammo is going up, what, a few cents? It won’t really cost much, nor affect the demand for bullets. And I don’t think it would affect manufacturing jobs… I mean, we are talking a few cents on ammo. And I think the demand for ammo is pretty inelastic, meaning, a small price increase doesn’t really affect the demand that much. I mean, a person only needs a few spare bullets for the intruders that may or may not break in.

Yea, it’s illegal to shoot people. But only if you are caught do you get convicted. I want to make it easier for the police to track you if one of those bullets ends up somewhere where it shouldn’t.

It’s the same concept as FedEx or the Post Office with the tracking codes… I like to know where my package is, who signed it last, and where it is now, and when it is coming… tracking codes will make the police more efficient in solving crimes and that efficiency saves money…

But your point is well taken. Maybe it’ll just create a black market for ammo, this really isn’t my field of expertise. I’d have to see more intelligent, peer-reviewed research on the subject.

Kyle Says:


My comments are not contradictory at all. They might be if it were true that guns might help fight the people I am referring to, but unfortuneately bringing guns to the type of situation I am trying to open everyone’s eyes to would be all but useless. Perhaps if people had the technology to create an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) coupled with heavy firepower, that might be of some use, but from what I understand they have figured out how to avoid being affected by an EMP.

I will not further dilute this discussion on gun laws. Many are useful, some have positives and negatives all wrapped up into a nice little package.

Debate away.


Jon Says:

Yoshi, Kyle, and whoever else thinks this won’t infringe our rights

Prices will go up more than a few cents….5 cents per round is what I’m hearing…50 rounds per box ups the price per box $2.50…myself and most other gun owners buy several boxes at a time…so we’re talk about 5,10,15 dollars per transaction. I’m not paying that much more per box (prices have been going up as it is) so what will happen is people will buy less ammo…and in return they will produce less which means less workers in the ammo factory…and possible job cuts in local gun shops (which do not make a lot of money to begin with). It’s this crazy left wing idea that taking guns, ammo, etc will reduce crime…and it will until the criminals find a way around it AND they will find a way around it. I’ve lived in many places around the world being a former army brat and even the places where it’s rare that regular people have firearms STILL have problems with crime. It’s not going away for criminals it’s a job just like you and I go to work everyday…that’s what they do. Jacking up prices isn’t going to help reduce crime (if that’s the point of this legislation).

Yoshi Says:


So how about this compromise.

I agree. There is NO REASON prices should rise for bullets, UNLESS, it’s SUPPLY and DEMAND affecting the price. I know it doesn’t cost .05 cents per bullet to put that code on… that’s a tax, and we don’t need it. Agree 100% with you.

BUT… and this is a bit BUT:

I don’t see why they can’t put tracking codes on the bullets though. I think that’s a good idea, just like have a license plate on your car is a good idea, just like fingerprints are good ideas, and just like passports are good ideas…

If someone I know gets shot, I want to know where that bullet was last.

Then I’m going over to find that person with my own tracked bullets.

Yoshi Says:

okay Jon.

I agree with you. Do you agree with this though?

How about, there is no tax on the ammo.


There is a tracking code.

Sound fair enough?

Jon Says:


As long as unfair prices aren’t attached to it I wouldn’t mind as much…but it’s still the government controlling the law abiding citizens and that’s what I’m (a conservative) is against. I doubt this legislation will get very far but it’s scary that it could..because it’s punishes the law abiding people more than the criminals.

Brad Collins Says:

Having been a police officer for 32 years I feel I may be able to add little insight to this discussion from another perspective. First and foremost folks you need to understand that no amount of laws or restrictions will stop the bad guy from getting a gun. They are criminals not because they abide by the law but because they break it. Ammo tracking, Ammo taxing, it’s all another avenue to gun control. They hope to make the price of ammo so high that we can’t afford it. You have to understand it’s all politics and nothing else. It’s all about power, plain and simple. The radical left wants total control. Gun owners can point to instance after instance where guns have saved lives. On the other hand the radical left gun grabbers cannot give one instance where gun control has reduced crime. Australia more recently. Crime increased. In concealed carry states crime has went down. Chicago, “Crook” county is as good od example as any. They have had a gun ban for years and they still have one of the highest murder rates and crime rates in the nation. There’s an old saying “Outlaw guns and no one but outlaws will have guns”. That’s simple truth. The new attorney general Eric Holder has already started Obama’s move to gun control. He is using Mexico as an excuse to reinstate the expired assualt rifle ban. It’s laughable !!! The little girl from Texas has it right. Watch that video again and pay attention to it. Go back in history and take a look at gun control. Hitler and Stalin used it effectively. The state of Illinois has the FOID card that registers the firearm owner. No one but law abiding citizens follow the law. I’ve arrested many a criminal on various charges involving guns. Know that? Not one of them had a FOID card but they had guns. Outlaw the gun the result would still be the same. The bad guy will still have his gun whether he be the local mope on the street or a terrorist. Only solution is for law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves from that element. The cops can’t be everywhere. Sometimes we have no one but ourselves to protect our lives, our familys and our property. Matt is a God fearing man and the last thing he would want to do is kill another human being but I’m sure he would be the first to say that he would if it were to protect his family from great bodily harm. The forefathers gave us the 2nd ammendment to protect ourselves from a tyranical government. Even that may be in the making now more than ever.

Jon Says:

Well said Brad!!!


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