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Walter Reed Hospital

   February 23rd, 2009

First thing I want to tell everybody is this Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I will be at the Illinois Deer Classic in Bloomington, IL, at the XWT (Xtreme Whitetail Technologies) booth signing autographs and meeting anybody that wants to come around. With me will be Pat and Nicole from Driven TV.

Last week was busy, I went to Utah and trained with Jeremy Horn at his new gym, Elite Performance. Not only was Jeremy there, but Matt Pena as well. So I learned a lot on the ground with Jeremy and on my feet with Matt. I’m going back out there next month and doing some more training, but also going to make an appearance at Jeremy’s fights on March 27th. They offer advanced, beginner and kids’ classes. Of course, Jeremy doesn’t have time to teach all the classes, but he has some great coaches on the submission side as well as wrestling that help out. The classes were so diverse that it struck me as odd. In one of the classes was a 54 year old man, they call “Doc,” and he did very well.

I left Utah Thursday night and flew straight to Washington DC. There in Virginia were the UWC fights in which I had two of my guys fighting in. The day of the fight some of us went to Walter Reed Hospital to have a meal with some wounded soldiers who were there. As most of you know, I believe that our biggest fans are in the military. So going there, eating a meal with them and meeting some of our soldiers was a great way for me to spend my afternoon. I was fortunate enough to have Amy (TexasRN on the forums) come with me to take some pictures and do a little write up in our forums for me. Amy’s done this before, so I knew it would work out pretty well. Here is the link to see what Amy had to say and the pictures she took: Walter Reed Hospital

The UWC fights went off very well, great production, very well organized and just an all-around good time. The only bad part is both of my guys lost; but they put on good performances and fought tough guys. One of the guys even took the fight on a 2-day notice. So, regardless of the losses, I’m still really proud of them. -matt

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Bonnie Says:

Matt, first, it’s good to hear about your training in Utah with Jeremy and Matt P (I hope he’s doing well!); second, the pictures from Walter Reed were great of you and Marc and our brave soldiers (Amy did a great job!); and third, I got to watch the UWC fights (via a link Michelle posted after Jeff gave her the heads up Sherdog would be showing it live) and saw Whisper Goodman and Justin Robbins. I wish they had won, but I think they both did a good job. I can’t wait to see them fight again. I’ve got a good feeling about Whisper and as for Justin, I’m so proud of how he held his own and how he stepped right up on such short notice. All around good fights in the show!

Bonnie Says:

Great blog, Matt!

Great hearing about your training with Jeremy and Matt P. (glad he’s doing so well!). Pictures from Walter Reed always glad to see! Loved the fights! Got to see them on Sherdog (Jeff texted Michelle from where y’all were and gave her the heads up and she posted a link for us).

Can’t wait to see more of Whisper Goodman and Justin Robbins!

Bonnie Says:

Sorry for the double posts; had some problems.



Dave Says:

You don’t know me but we met very briefly and you allowed my nephew tyler to take his pic with you just after intermission there in fairfax on saturday, I am very greatful it is his 18th b-day on Tuesday, it was very exciting for him. Thanks for honoring the men and women who defend our freedoms and especially our rights to worship the true God and Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! As you speak of heroes, I want to salute the youth at my church like Tyler who from their youth have honored Jesus by living seperate and, holy lives, not pursuing the world and its ways but learning to obey the Word of Gpod in all things. I share these things because I have heard of your profession of faith in Jesus Christ. My hope is that you will never be ashamed to name the name of Christ boldly and set a good and godly example for those in your jerusalem and shine as a bright light in your neck of the woods, raching those Father has appointed for you to reach. Thanks for your ears Matt, look up our redemption draws near, Jesu is coming soon!!!

Dave Armstrong

pat ferguson Says:

enough is enough, all you wannabees’ and bj lovers,matt hughs lovers,matt serra lovers, suck it up. bj was beat plain and simple.get over it, show some class admit he wasn’t an 1/8 of the fighter, and now try using any excuse possible. bj is like gumpy, all rubber and bends in ways no person normally can, but if there was any type of transfer it would work both ways and gsp would not be able to hold or control bj the way that he did if there was any type of transfer at all. so now that he’s been beat and beat bad, if mr white grants him a rematch, which he wont because bj got beat and beat badddd, totally embarrassed. but if he does, bj better hope it is in 25 yrs so he can catch up as he is so full of himself he thinks he’s good, and now he has both matt losers joining him, gsp will totally punish him, and imbarrass him even more.suck it up princess, you got beat real bad. – suck it up matt, you too lost, and cant take it. if gsp felt greasy, it would have went both ways, and he would not have totally controlled you like he did. any excuse you can find.sad case buddy

Maria Says:

It is SO refreshing to see that you carry out such kind, considerate, loving acts…I fully support our troops…and would love an opportunity to visit a facility like Walter Reed Hosp. I’m inspired by what a great person you are…Much Love & Happiness…M

MH Says:

Pat F. If you can’t say anything nice on this site, then don’t bother saying anything at all. This is a Matt Hughes fan site and we don’t need you coming on here slamming him.

Hooray for Matt and Amy would went to see the soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital! The pics were great and Amys blog was great…..the part about her Dad being a Vet and the people coming up and shaking his hand still is what it is all about……that’s awesome……

Tyburn Says:

Dear Mr Hughes,

I am glad to hear that you had a great time with Jeremy Horn in Utah. Its a gym, and person, and offshoot of MFS that I know almost next to nothing about. Obviously training must be going well. I also think its a fantastic act of charity to give of your time to such a worthy cause as Members of the Armed Forces.

As for the Man-O-War event in Virginia. I know you understand that records are relatively unimportant compared to growing and character. If your guys tried their best, and learn from their mistakes and grow, then it will be a testimony for future successes.

P.S…I hope Chase Beebe has turned up LOL

John King Says:

Matt, AWESOME blog!! It’s so good to hear about your training. I wish it was Bloomington, IN so I could afford to come and see you but eventually I will make it there. That’s awesome how you take your own time for troops and others! Glad to hear you are doing well, keep up the good works! God Bless!

Brad Collins Says:

Just read your blog entry for the 23rd and visited the Walter Reed site. God bless you and your fellow fighters for visiting our injured soldiers. I too have a special place in my heart for our military. My son retired out of the Army last July with 21 years plus service to our country. That included four deployments to Iraq. God bless all of you.
The Old Hillsboro Dude,
Brad Collins

dunedainRanger Says:

to Pat Ferguson:

Quote from, Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009: ” … I’m not saying GSP did something wrong and I’m not saying that it would have changed any outcomes of any fights.”

Melissa Villaseñor Says:

Pat Ferguson,
If you don’t have anything mature or respectful to say please get off Matt’s fan page. Im sure there are plenty of chat rooms/blogs you can post to talk trash however here we take this very serious and I find it offensive that you are talking so rude, and also that you have so many grammar and punctuation errors. Maybe before you try to look intelligent use the spell check on your computer.. =)
Respectfully yours,


I am so glad to hear about the training!! Wonderful!! Also I agree with our service members being such fans of MMA. I was a military spouse and thats when I first became a fan of yours, because you always showed us love and support. A lot of people claim they support the troops, but they never got involved or showed they’re support like you did. Ultimately Matt your presence to them means a lot!! Hope training continues to go well. Love, Melissa

T.J. McClaskey Says:

matt, i was going to pass up the deer and turkey classic this weekend and head to granite city in hopes of you being there, but it looks like i may stop in bloomington for a visit. you are an icon in my house and my girls, 11 and 4 have wanted to meet you for the longest time. they know your name and face well and will be excited to see you. train hard matt, my family is behind you, and we will see your hand raised in victory come may.

dcox916 Says:

matt, your by far my favorite fighter to watch in the world win or lose. espicially when you fought trigg the second time when he kicked u in your fellas and u still slammed him that was great. i like your values and the way you fight. id love to check out your gym. are you still fighting matt serra in april??? well if you do kick his ass cuz i hate the way he runs his mouth. keep up the good work and hard training. you might be surprised you got a lot of fans in mississippi. i got out of the Marines back in 04 and i really respect you for your support of the troops and your faith in God. good luck matt well until i see you fight again ill watch your highlight reel on youtube. ground and pound all day

matt Says:

ahhhhhh I live in Fairbury, I’m seriously not even an hour away from Bloomington, but I have a funny feeling I won’t get to meet you tomorrow.

but you should definitely visit sometime soon again. My name is actually Matt Hughes aswell.

Kyle VanMeter Says:


I can’t tell you how much of an enjoyment it was for me and my friends to meet you at the deer classic today! You are such a down to earth guy and are true to your roots….a good old country boy…..we loved talking to you and only have two things to ask of you and that is first and foremost to pound Matt Serra and send him packing and switch to Mathews Solocam….We know it will be a tough journey to get you away from Bowtech but i think with enough fan support we can do it! Good luck with all your training and God Bless your family!

ben uher Says:

hey matt i think that is really cool how you support out troops you might not realize it but they really do appreciate it and i do to i lost a good freind in 2003 in iraq well it was nice meetin you at the deer expo in bloomington and good luck on your fight in may

Randy Says:

I see you’re fighting May 23rd in Vegas against Serra. Please Please Please train like you’ve never trained before and knock the crap out of him. I’ve had the unlucky pleasure of being at one of his seminars and he’s a complete tool and not to mention a waste of $80 bucks for what he called a seminar. Just shut his mouth up once and for all and do not give him the opportunity to gloat.

Take it to him. Peace

Tyler Says:

come to Canada

pat f Says:

Melissa Villaseñor : mom, i didn’t know you came to these sites, and matt started it.

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