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XWT: Xtreme Whitetail Technologies

   March 2nd, 2009
Last weekend I went and sat at the XWT booth at the Bloomington Illinois Deer Classic. Had a great time, met a lot of people. Next to us was Pat and Nicole from DrivenTV. Jacking around with the two of them made the time go by much faster. We have some photos from Friday and Saturday in the forums, to see them and read what people are saying, click on the photo below:
Illinois Deer Classic


As most of you know, Jed Leist was the guy who asked for a picture with me choking him, not a terribly uncommon thing to ask for; but then he tried to sue me saying that he didn’t feel well after the picture. Just so happens that Jed is now in a federal prison, thirty minutes from me, for an unrelated charge. A couple of weeks ago, he sent me a really interesting letter and you can read that in the forums by clicking HERE.
Here’s the photo of me and him that caused all the trouble, in case you haven’t seen it, and I just want everyone to know that he asked for this:
Jed Leist


On Saturday night, four of us went down to St. Louis to see Master T. Master T was the one that brought me out to Yale for the Chubb Award. The five of us ate at a restaurant, then went to a piano bar for some entertainment. Just want to go on record and say Master T is one of those guys that I love to hang around. For those of you who forgot what he looks like, here is a picture from this weekend:
Master T


13 Responses to “XWT: Xtreme Whitetail Technologies”


Looks like you had a great time at the deer classic!! Love to see all the pictures and to read what the fans have to say.
As far as Jed Leist his letter was interesting. It sounds nice that he wants to commend you for helping him find Christ and in a perfect world I would love to believe that, however I think he is well aware of what he has done and is now having to be humbled. What he did to you was horrible! Also what he did to his wife and children is something he can’t undo. I hope I am wrong and this mans dedication and heart is true. I just find that people try to use religion as a scapegoat when things don’t work in they’re favor. I am not negative in anyway just realistic. Once again I hope I am wrong, nevertheless your still awesome and I am waiting for my shirt I ordered! I got the college fitted tee w/ #9 HUGHES and I can’t wait to rock it!! Take care Matt and thanks for sharing so much with your fans. xoxo Melissa

Jonathan Moorhead Says:

That’s very interesting about Jed. God certainly works in mysterious ways. I hope you find the time to visit him when you have time. A good MacArthur Study Bible would be a great gift for a new believer! Warm regards, Jonathan

John King Says:

Matt, That is so awesome how you are there for us crazy fans all the time. I can’t wait to meet you someday. They are going to start talking about your fight with Serra soon so although I don’t want to hear his mouth, I can’t wait to see you get in the ring again.

The Jed story is a good one, the fact is if he changed God will know his heart so from my stand point is I pray that he has changed and is able to stay that way. The fact that he is admitting things shows a change regardless for me.

Thanks again for all you do, you are a true champ always for me and my family. God Bless!

Jason Rampley Says:

I saw the UFC finally announced the fight on May 23rd. I cannot wait because not only will we get to see Matt fight again, but my fiance and I are getting married that same afternoon at the MGM. That couldn’t have worked out any better. Can’t wait to make the trip from St. Louis to Vegas. Take care and God Bless.

Matt Hughes fan from Sweden Says:

Yeeees its finally announced: Serra is going to get his ass beaten come May 23. The letter was amazing: lets pray for Jed.

Gary Says:


If choking a guy can change his life, I would be honored if you would smash my face in and break my arms. Take care and God bless.

steve Says:

remeber when you picked that guy up matt and drove him into the mat and you broke his ribs ………….please do that to serra

Dave Says:

Matt, great to see you being the good christian once again and graciously accepting the apology from the man who sued you and then dropped the suit. A lesser man, say a non-christian for example, would have perhaps made no comment about accepting his apology and instead used the opportunity to let everyone know the guy is in prison now etc etc, and remind everyone that he asked for it.

But not you, Matt. You amaze me with your ability to stay focused on the lord and the teachings in the bible which i know are so dear to you. Thanks for being the bigger man and the better christian and accepting that man’s apology and not taking any cheap shots at him. You are truly an inspiration and its people like you that lead by such a gracious example that have made christians in general so popular and loved throughout all modern cultures. Kudos.

michael hamlin Says:


bob Says:

Dave, so because someone isn’t a “christian” they are a lesser person automatically. WOW what a christian thing to say.

Dave Says:

bob, you aren’t very smart, are you?

mattrocks Says:

Man, what was with the boos on Saturday night when the camera panned to you? That isn’t what we’re used to hearing then your shown at a fight. Can’t wait for the fight on May 23. Any thoughts on Rampage vs. Rashad and the outcome? I hope it’s Rampage all the way. Good luck training and take care of that knee so you can get back in the cage and take care of Serra.

Mark Says:

yeah that made no sense at all. Why would any MMA fan with a brain boo the guy with the most championship wins in UFC history? Only explanation I have is that Matt Serra spent the last year and a half trying to make you look like the bad guy when talking to the media. Do me a favor Matt; PRACTICE YOUR BUTT OFF. I’m sure you can beat this guy while being fatally ill. I want more than that. I want to see you embarrass him so bad, that he’ll retire. we’ve all waited too long for this. SHUT HIS MOUTH FOR ME.

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