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National Health Through Fitness Day

   March 9th, 2009

Last Wednesday, I flew to Washington DC for Century Martial Arts with Dan Bower (pictured below). We went around and had several meetings with Congressmen. What we were lobbying for was PEP (Physical Education Program) Grants and the PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act. The PEP Grants are for physical education where a teacher can receive a grant for their class; but only 1 of 10 applicants are receiving the grant. So there is a huge need and we went there to get it raised from $750,000 each fiscal year to $100 million. Recently, California tested 3 million students and found out that students who are more physically fit achieve greater academic success.

The PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act will encourage millions of Americans to participate in physical fitness activities. Basically what they are trying to do is to allow people to write off several fitness/sports related items as tax deductions, up to $1000. Things like your kid’s baseball gloves, gym memberships, maybe some exercise equipment. An interesting quote I received stated:

“Investing in physical activity programs will lead to economic savings. An investment of $1.00 in physical activity (time and equipment) leads to $3.20 in medical cost savings.” -World Health Organization (WHO), Health and Development through Physical Activity & Sport Report, 2002

Another quote stated:

“The ultimate objective of any health care system is to promote health… Financial incentives could be modified to encourage healthy behavior and to discourage poor health habits.” - Peter Orszag, Office of Management & Budget Director, Testimony before Senate Budget Committee as Director of CBO, Jan. 31, 2008

One of the biggest problems I think this country has is the obesity epidemic. In 2003, US Surgeon General, Richard Carmona said, “The fastest growing cause of illness and death in America today is obesity.” 8 of the 9 most expensive medical conditions relate to obesity. This is a very important topic to me and I’m very happy to be helping with these programs.

I did have a good time out there, very interesting going through all the tunnels that connect the buildings. I did get to meet Herschel Walker, who happens to be a huge fan of MMA and also does some training. I gave him my phone number and he might be stopping by the HIT Squad the next time he comes to St. Louis.

Matt and Dan Bower
Me with Dan Bower from Century Martial Arts.

Some photos from Wednesday:


Friday morning, I woke up at 3:10 AM and started my drive to Columbus, OH for UFC 96. Had to be there in time to do the Q&A session before the weigh-ins. Mike Goldberg joined me on the stage and we fielded questions from anybody that asked. There is a link to the edited video in the Forums. As you can tell Goldie’s and my personality play off each other well and I had a good time up there.

Saturday morning, I woke up and went to the Arnold Classic. All I can say is ‘wow’ was that place packed. Had several guys from my gym compete in the grappling tournament. One of our guys, Blake, even won his weight class and his division. I tried to stick around and watch them but it was just too busy. With all the fans there, I didn’t have time to do anything but take pictures and sign autographs. I knew if I stuck around there I would have made some people mad, so I left and went over to the UFC booth. There I horsed around with Sean Sherk, Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture a little bit. Even got to shake hands with Governor Schwarzenegger and got a picture with him. I’ll try and get ahold of that picture and we’ll post it later. Although, it’s probably somewhere on the UFC website.

That night, I picked up my tickets, went to the fight and had a great time. My seat was right between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar. Randy was backstage with one of his fighters, so I got to talk to Kim a little bit. I also jacked around with Brock the whole night and I would have to say that Brock and I are a lot alike. Dana was busy doing some filming for something, so we didn’t get to chat much It’s funny, I’ve been with the UFC for so long that I know the cameramen, production guys, and I even knew the Ohio commission who were around the octagon. So I had a great time. One of the better UFC weekends for me. Finally, I made sure to wake up early Sunday morning, so I could get home as soon as possible to see the family.

So, until next time… -matt

24 Responses to “National Health Through Fitness Day”

HUghes Fan Says:

I was watching your Q&A session for UFC 96 and was concerned that you might be seriously considering moving up to 185. Please don’t become the next Ken Shamrock. Beat Serra and then hang it up.

ILtroop Says:

Wow is right, I went to the Arnold Classic for the first time. It was so packed on Saturday, I missed seeing Matt over by the grappling, but I did see him up in the top of the UFC booth. I couldn’t imagine being a fighter or professional body builder at the Arnold Classic they got mauled everywhere. Some of them even when they were eating with their families, which is rude if you ask me. They had 1 hr to have a break and people were forming lines right where they were eating, I could not believe the audacity of some people. One word of advice, if you go to the city of a fight and you want to see the fight, buy tickets. They blackout PPV in the city of the fight. I went to UFC 68 in Columbus when Matt beat up Chris Lytle and it was great. From now on I will be going to the Arnold Classic and whatever fight they have since they always have a UFC fight in Columbus on the Weekend of the Arnold Classic. If you want lots of Autographs from fighters and don’t mind waiting in lines you may want to check it out too. I am sure Mr. Olympia is the same way in Las Vegas. – Keith

John King Says:

Matt, will you go to my work and negotiate a raise for me? Wow, 750,000 to 100 million is a great thing. Congrats. I really enjoyed all the info this week, thanks for sharing it with us. How is your training going for Serra, hopefully great! thanks and God Bless.

jay Says:

Herschel is the man. Go Dawgs!! Beat Serra.


Joseph Says:

You were asked to fight in Canada and you said you have no interest in fighting in Canada? That seems harsh.

Kimberly Says:

Hey Matt,

I’m glad to see someone fighting for physical fitness. I feel so sad when I see all these kids so heavy and out of shape, they are victims of the fast food and video games generation. I remember growing up and the whole nieghborhood was outside running and playing, now you can drive trough just about any neighborhood and not see one kid outside playing, that’s awful. They are all bueatiful people cutting their lives short because no one has taught them the importance of physical activity. Thank you for trying to keep it alive. 96 was awesome, alot of very good fights, someday I’ll be able to watch these fights live and maybe get the chance to meet you and a few of my other favorite fighters.( you are the utmost favorite:) ) Hopefully my 1st live fight will be your next one, so put him down for me. Take care.


John King Says:

Saying you have no interest and turning down a fight is 2 different things and not harsh. If you know Matt he NEVER turns down a fight and if they asked he would go to Canada. Don’t take it personal, try to get to know Matt Hughes and you will understand he is not harsh, he speaks honestly which is rare now a days. thanks

Maria Says:

Excellent info!! Another great thing that you are involved in!! Is there any info on how just a regular person, like me can get involved with PEP or PHIT? I’m very interested in additional info…Thanks for all you do. Wow…you never stop being amazing!! TEAM HUGHES!!!!!!

John King Says:

Joseph, I understand your point but they are still fighting, but why would he want to fight Serra in Canada? That fight doesn’t make sense to fight there, GSP maybe but not this one. He didn’t mean he doesn’t like Canada but for Serra it’s a rival here in the states. He was just being honest, not meaning to be harsh. Thats how I feel anyway, if you know Matt he does not mean anything bad by it.

ILtroop Says:

Hey HUghes Fan, do you watch the fights? Because Matt and Ken are nothing alike. Ken is fighting cans and Matt is fighting top fighters. Beat Serra and hang it up, Why? Because he had lost to two top guys in the weight class. That is a decision for Matt to make on his own. He is a class act that has bled for this sport literally and all you can do is throw a rude comment out because you don’t want him to take a tough fight against Silva.

HUghes Fan Says:

Its not taking the fight that I am worried about. Its the outcome and the criticism that will tarnish his legacy. He may say that he doesn’t care what a bunch of bloggers think, but there opinion is a reflection of the masses.

Tyburn Says:

Matt you look so…different in a suit, I think that every time I see a photograph. Its funny, even after meeting you twice I still have this vision in my mindseye of you in the apparel you would wear to a UFC fight. Its always a little strange when you have a picture of someone in your mind that you know and you see them doing or wearing something else LOL I was not very good at Physical Education when I was at school :’( I used to get A for Effort and E for attainment :’( I would love to see how California tested academics to find those in better health were better at academics. I’m sure its true in terms of a healthy body eqautes to a healthy brain which helps with academics, but I am suprised its a big enough factor to be measured.

NateR Says:

HUghes Fan,
Matt took the fight with Thiago Alves in London at the last minute as a favor to the UFC. I just think he didn’t want to travel out of the country again, that’s why he didn’t want to fight in Canada.

As for Matt’s legacy, his place in MMA history is secure even if he were to retire tomorrow, because NOBODY in this sport has accomplished what Matt Hughes has. Stating that he doesn’t want to fight in Canada is not going to change that at all.

Finally, just because some guy can create an MMA related blog and say crap that he would never say to fighter’s face, doesn’t mean that his opinion is a “reflection of the masses.” It’s just the opinion of an idiot with too much time on his hands.

John King Says:

Nate R, thanks you are the best at what you do.

Joseph, Serra and Hughes are a rivalry, Silva and Leites, Chuck, etc. are just fighting. It’s not a shot at anyone. Read what NateR says and it may help.

I agree, NO one can take away what Matt Hughes has done for our sport! He is the best ever and will be for a very long time.

HUghes Fan Says:

Nate R,

Did you even read my comments? I haven’t said anything about Matt fighting in Canada. Go back and read through the messages and you will find out that you are talking to the wrong person.


mattrocks Says:

Okay Matt, tell us how you felt when you were getting boos Saturday night when the camera panned in on you. LOL I couldn’t believe it. WHO in the world boos Matt Hughes?????? Great job on the physical fitness in schools program. Hope the request for the raise was successful. Looking forward to May 23 when you crush Serra like the pesty bug he is!

NateR Says:

I don’t think those were ‘boos’ I think the fans were saying “Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes!” which sounds very similar.

mattrocks Says:

Ohhhhhh, that makes perfect sense, Nate. Thanks for the clarification!!!

NateR Says:

I don’t believe that they were all saying “boo.” Even if they were, Matt doesn’t really care about that kind of thing, he knows who his true fans are. Those people who love you when you’re winning and hate you as soon as you lose a couple of fights are irrelevant and were never real fans to begin with.

John King Says:

Joseph, they were saying Hughes, Mark said it also. What doesn’t make sense is when non Matt Hughes fans come to this sight. Anyway, when you are the best ever like Matt Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes, it’s normal for some fans to not like him because they all want their favorite to be like Matt Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes.

HUghes Fan Says:

What? John, Nate are you being serious? I even read Hughes lips when he said ” they are booing”. The crowd was pathetic but they were definitely boos. When I read the above post about Hughes not fighting in Canada, I immediatly thought of when Hughes more or less called Canadians cowards compared to US citizens while speaking of the war in Iraq. I don’t think that the average Canadian MMA fan is very fond of Matt.

NateR Says:

Regardless, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Matt’s true fans know who they are and we’re not going to swayed by the whims of a bunch of drunken idiots in a UFC arena.

John King Says:

NateR, you are right. I think they are wishing they had a fighter that cared about them the way Matt takes care of us.

Hughes fan, not sure why you go by that name. Joseph. I take it you both are from Canada. There is probably a nice GSP website you would enjoy, he probably updates it weekly for you doesn’t he? Why spend your time on this website when you seem to be looking for an excuse to go against Matt. Go on GSP’s website and tell him you are his number 1 and 2 fans.

Gary Says:

I understand alot of companies and people are in need of your services i just hope you dont over do the promotion part to the point that it takes away from your training for Serra

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