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   March 17th, 2009

Well, not a lot going on, all I’ve really been doing is training; but I do have a couple of things to talk about. I will be down at Dale’s Harley-Davidson next Saturday, March 28th, in the evening for anybody around the area that wants to come. I’ll talk more about this next week.

Also next week, I’ll give you the official HIT Squad dodgeball rankings. We’ve had a couple of fluke wins, so I’m not going to talk about them now; but next week should be different.

Had a Model 42 that I wanted some work done on. Some of you might know but the Model 42 is Winchester’s .410 Pump, I had Simmons Gun Repair reblue and put a rib on the barrel, they also threw in some good wood. Ended up turning out great and I want to thank Simmons Gun Repair for the great work. Here are a few pictures:

(As you can see all of the vehicles are out of the garage. Here it is springtime and I’m just trying to do some cleaning.)


As most of you know, some of the money made off of this website’s store goes down to Rancho3M. I guess with some of that they poured a new basketball court for the kids, so here is a little card with a picture on it to show you what’s new down there. I also want to thank everyone who has purchased items from the online store and helped to make this happen:



Received this email about a young boy named Logan and it’s just amazing on how kids perceive things and how right they are sometimes. I gotta say this kid’s right on the money, click on the link and you can see what I’m talking about:

Meet Logan


Last but not least, Patrick Flanigan is coming into town this weekend with some of his buddies to give me a workout. As always there will be something to talk about, so I’ll fill you in in a week. Sweet dreams ’til next time. -matt

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Bonnie Says:

Matt, bless you and Audra for your good works for the Rancho3M orphanage. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing joy to a child’s heart and seeing it on their smiling faces.

And, everyone, click on the link to “Logan”. If you don’t have at least a tear in your eye after listening to that angel, well…I don’t know what to tell you…

Thank you, Matt, for another wonderful blog.

God Blessings!

Rick Says:

What a great story, thanks for posting the link Matt.


HUghes Fan Says:

This site is turning into a big commercial for all Matt’s sponsers. When do we get some MMA related news?


Great work being done down South!! God Bless.

Say it isn’t so Matt…………. A Mustang………… BOOOOOOOOOO jk.
Thought you pro chevy. Any work down ect……GT, Cobra? Have a Camaro SS
here. If you ever think of taking it to a track email me. Track is a good time.

Jason Says:

sweet gun. I’ve got a .357 magnum pump action…an Israeli gun….It is fun to shoot.
Whoop Serra for me. God bless. Jason

John King Says:


Thanks for sharing what’s going on, can’t wait to see training videos. I hope that is going well.

That Logan kid tore me up, that kid was all heart. That’s awesome for the kids at the ranch, I hope I can help someday as well. That’s a nice gun, if you ever need a hunting partner just let me know.

Thanks for making your real fans feel like your family by sharing what’s going on in your life and with your family. I greatly appreciate this website and what you do for the sport and I’m glad you are getting all these sponsors on your personal website, it’s AWESOME!! God Bless

NateR Says:

HUghes Fan,
The only sponsor mentioned is Dale’s Harley-Davidson.

No one else mentioned in this blog is a sponsor of Matt’s. However, we do plan to have an update on Matt’s training within the next couple of weeks. So be patient, Matt did say that there wasn’t really a whole lot going on didn’t he? ;)

Dustin Says:

Great story Matt! realy touching! Hope all is well with you and your family!

Jon Says:

It’s a blog it’s supposed to be about what he’s up to I think it’s covered pretty well.


I like the shirt in the pic with you holding the shotgun. Where can I get one?

Brad Collins Says:

Thanks for putting up the video with little Logan. I’ve seen it a number of times now and still amazed at the perception some youngsters have. Us old folks should pay more attention. They make it so simple :-)

Great little shotgun you’ve rebuilt. I haven’t seen one in a number of years. Lock it down !! The “Gun Grabbers” are gettng in full swing now. I”ve got a semi-auto pistol almost as rare. Colt .380 Mustang. Sweet little gun too.

We’ll be tuned in when you whup up Serra.

The Old Hillsboro Dude
Brad Collins

Spirirtwwalker Says:

If we could all not become jaded… we could all be like Logan. yeah.. that was great to hear.

Londa Schwarzenberg Says:

I am glad I stopped by to read this. I will have to add you to my reader.

Paul Salchow Says:

Thank you for the nice comments,we were happy to do the work.If you need anything else done please feel free to contact me.Paul Salchow,Gunsmith.

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