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Ruthless Fights in St. Louis

   March 23rd, 2009


Just found out a few days ago that Robbie Lawler will fight Jake Shields on the Strikeforce card on June 6th, in St. Louis.  It’s great to have Robbie fight that close to home. We were worried that he would fight in the month of May close to my fight, so it actually turns out to be a pretty good schedule.  As always, Robbie’s a performer and puts on fights that people want to see. 

This last week was a great training week. I trained twice a day up until Sunday, in which I only trained once.  On the weekend, Pat Flanigan brought a couple of his grapplers down, Mike and James. Saturday morning we went down and played a good hour of HIT Squad dodgeball and then did a little over an hour of grappling.  Saturday afternoon we had another practice at Rising Sun Martial Arts here in Hillsboro. We also practiced there on Sunday morning, before they got back on the road.  One of the guys Pat brought down, James, was a Pan Am grappling champion.  Great to roll with, he’s going to come back in about a month and do the same thing.

Me and Pat…


…and Mike…

…and James.


Finally, if you’re in a fight, you definitely want this buddy of mine in your corner. He just got done helping me out and is now 49-0.



20 Responses to “Ruthless Fights in St. Louis”


Thanks for giving us the update!! So glad your training is going well. Those pics are awesome.. As for Robbie thats good to hear and yes he does put on a good performance.. Keep up the work bro we all believe in you!!
Much Love,

Matt Sparks Says:

Awesome update, keep up the good work with training. Looking forward to May 23rd! Should be an awesome night of fighting.

Mark Says:

Hi Matt
Glad the training is going well, can’t wait for your fight with Serra, hope you annihilate the fool

Carl Says:

Just hope you’re bringing in UFC quality guys to train with. You’re the king of your castle right now and, in my opinion, you’re not evolving because of it. I’m just afraid UFC MMA is passing you by while you train with fighters who aren’t anywhere near UFC level. I’ll always be a Matt Hughes fan, but it’s no fun watching you lose the way you have the last couple fights.

John King Says:

Matt, it’s great to hear your training is going well, I hope to see some videos soon if possible. I’m glad to hear Robbie is going to fight soon, I would love to see that one as well. Is your buddy going to be in your corner for the fight?? ha. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off big time for you!! God Bless!! thanks

Chas Says:

Ya missed some great wrestling at the scottrade center this past weekend. Looking forward to the strikeforce card. Any word on the venue?

Jameie Says:

Good luck on the upcoming fight. Have my tickets & coming to watch.

HUghes Fan Says:

I was wondering about the wrestling shoes. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to go bare foot so that come fight time you have a real good idea how quick your shot is. Everytime I see a pic of you grappling, you are wearing shoes.

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Carlo Says:

Good luck with your fight against Serra, Matt! Great to know everything is going well! God bless!

peter dilorenzo Says:

Matt I love more than anything in MMA but I’m not sure your training the way you need to. The above post about being the king of the castle i agree with very much. One thing about pat’s place when you were their was a ton of top level pro fighters. Do right by yourself!! We love ya

bobby snyder Says:

matt wip serra for us.southern illinois style.matt one more thing a county boy can surrvive

HUghes Fan Says:

I can understand why some may doubt after the way things have gone for Matt in the last couple of years, but to question his ability to beat Serra is shocking. That being said, I hope there is at least a few people in the gym that can hang with Matt. Cardio and wrestling isn’t enough these days.

Palewriter Says:

Hughes Fan – never overlook/underestimate your competitor. Even if it’s Serra. Just ask St. Pierre.

jnick Says:

Have any of the people been to Matt’s new gym? I dont train there by any means, but I have been there to see a bit of their workouts. Matt has Pena, Fiore, and Robbie there to help in the training. Has a pretty good BJJ guy there also, quit worrying about his training, that place is top notch.

Keith Says:

I’d love to seeya spit some beechnut in serras eye. Show the mouth what farm boy strong is. G and P his butt! Your legacy is riding on it.(no pressure). good luck man I cant wait for the fight I dont know if i will follow mma when you call it quits. I worry to about your training partners. I just dont want to seeya lose. Do not stand up with him you can take him down.

Pain Peters Says:

In the past 2 or 3 weeks I watch Matt’s fights with Newton,Sakurai, forget his name and Sean Sherk…If that Matt Hughes comes back nobody can beat him.

I cant wait!!

peter dilorenzo Says:

Matt where not coming down on ya at all, we all love ya but we also know your theking of your gym so thats not gonna push you. You dont wanna look anything lass than great against the piece of s!#t scum bag

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