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Upcoming Appearance

   March 25th, 2009

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15 Responses to “Upcoming Appearance”

steve from oz Says:

that clip of robbie demolishing trigg is so brutal man. by watching robbie I reckon he has the heaviest hands in the buisness

HUghes Fan Says:

heavy hands… yes. heaviest in the business… no way.

DENA Says:


HUghes Fan Says:

I just listened to an interview by Dennis Hallman. He says that Serra will submitt or knock Matt out in the first round. I hope he is wrong and I hope Matt trains for this like he has never train a day in his life. Hughes has more to lose than Serra does.

Dustin Says:

We gotta pray that Hughes wins! this will be an amazing fight!

steve from oz Says:

hey hughes fan who do you think it is ???

HUghes Fan Says:

Drew McFedries … If he can land his punches, it is good night for anyone.

Duwayne Says:

Where can we get info on tickets for Robbie’s fight in St. Louis?

John King Says:

I just read an article and it said Matt Hughes was going to slam Serra through the ring like Carlos Newton in the 2nd round after he toys with him like a cat and mouse. Ok, I didn’t read that but that’s my prediction. Keep training hard Matt, ground and pound. God Bless.

Cathy in KY Says:

Just wondering when you’re coming back to Southeast KY? You have a huge fan club here–Hope you remember us :0) !!!!

Terry in MO Says Says:

Matt looking forward to meeting you in Osage Beach for your apperance. I was born in Hillsboro also, you know my cousin Don Downs. So of course you are my alltime favorite fighter. RIP SERRA TO SHREDS.

steve from oz Says:

Im intersted to know what matt thinks of lesnars fighting style. Seeing though they have such similarities in their history . do you think brock is truelly using his wrestling ability to its fullest advantage or do you think he is just bruting his way through the division?

Maria Says:

gotta agree with Dena…u are sexy!!

staceywilde Says:

Hi Matt, Im one of your bigest female fans. I got to meet you when you were in Orlando last month and I’ve gotta say, I was more excited to meet you than I was to meet The Backstreet Boys 10 years ago. I hope to see you give it your all on the 23. Dont forget your buddy Mask will be watching you to. Make him proud.

Marvin Phillips Says:

Matt, Just wanted to say that you are a Blessing to this 41 yr old Man! I am a minister who Loves the Lord
Jesus with all my heart! For the past year I have been separated from my Beautiful wife. So I started doing
somethings for me I started training in MMA Fighting I have been involved with martial arts since I was a kid
but put it aside after the passing of my Dad(his name was Matt too!) Well I started training and one afternoon
while talking to my wife I told her what I was doing and suggested that she should come do some cardio kickboxing with me since I do it everyday before my MMA Training. She agreed! Matt! when I tell you that I
Never thought in my wildest dreams that something like MMA would bring us together! Here’s the kicker Matt,
she stuck around one day to watch me do my MMA training and saw a team of 8 girls training like myself. After my class she asked me what was all that about with the girls. I explained that the girls were apart of a women MMA team she asked me to get her on that team so I did now Matt she’s at the top of her class! I coach her and sometimes spare with her I have showed her video’s of your fight’s and we are now watching you 2 disk dvd and working on moves that you teach in it! Jesus is so Good Matt and I Thank Him for restoring my relationship with my wife. I Thank You Matt for being the Man Of GOD You are! We are both Praying for You! Sorry for being so long winded but I had to tell you how much of a inspiration You are to me. I know you may not be able to write back because your so busy but know this You have a Brother In CHRIST in Houston Texas!

Marvin Phillips (
2nd Tim. 2:15

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