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Dancing with the Stars

   April 1st, 2009

I just got a phone call from Renana Barkan, the producer of Dancing with the Stars and they want me to be on the show for the next season. The 4-weeks of training doesn’t start until after my fight, so that won’t be a problem, and then we start taping the show right after that. So, I’ll kick the idea around with the wife and we’ll see where it goes from here. -matt

53 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars”

Andrew Says:

I really think you should do that Matt. I have never watched the show before but I would watch it if you were on.

Andrew Says:

this aint an April fools is it?

tracy Says:

That is not even a funny April Fools Joke! The thought of you dancing around in tight pants just makes me mad……oh wait tight pants….It’s cool then!

Amanda Says:

Okay, Matt, I am hoping you are serious!! My guess is this is an April Fool’s joke on us!! But if you are serious, I am voting for you all the way!!!!!!!! :)

Pete Says:

I bet this is April Fools thing, but it would be a good idea for real. They’ve had everyone from former football players to a one-legged lady and a billionaire. Why not one of the most recognizable faces in MMA?

Joe Says:

NICE TRY!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Says:

Ok, So I googled Renana Barkan and it looks like she is a producer for the show. But it being April Fools and all I am still not sure if I believe it.

Karie Says:

HAHAHA!!! GOOD ONE!! I was going to believe this one had it been on another day, but today not so much. However, it would be nice to see you doing something different.

justin Says:

If this is not an April Fools joke, I think this could be a good thing in terms of introducing MMA to a new audience. That said, I will be watching this spot to see if this is an April Fools joke.

dunedainRanger Says:

Remember last year, when Matt was going to pack on 30 pounds, move up to LH and fight Shogun Rua? Hmmm, I seem to recall that was around the beginning of April, too.

Ben Says:

Wow, Matt going dancing!! I’m going to be at every live taping! And I’ll bring my unicorn & my dictionary that left out the word “gullible”.

Joseph Says:

Maybe you will get paired up with Serra!!

lakers Says:

nice try Matt…..

Heath Says:

Oh Matt, say it ain’t so…

Will they let you dance to “A Country Boy Can Survive”?

Josh Says:

What was last year’s joke? I remember it being pretty good, I just can’t remember what it was.

John King Says:

Matt, I’m one of your biggest fans and if you were on dancing with the stars I would watch, but I think there is a better shot at you getting a call from America’s Got Talent and your talent can be 1000 ways to whip up on Matt Serra. Stick to your day job, good try though on April fools. What was it last year you were moving up to heavy weight to fight Butter Bean! ha. thanks, God Bless.

JD Combs Says:

Fedor retiring,you dancing and baby jay sicing his mom on the NSAC.I’m afraid to ask whats next.

eric Says:

ha ha very funny.

Katelyn Says:

MATT!!! wow thats so cool!!! i hope Audra will go for this! : ) i love watching dancing with the stars and i would love to watch someone i KNOW on there!!! i wonder if u can dance haha

Katelyn Says:

okay okay so you got me…

cody ponder Says:

Although i would watch every episode because you are my fav fighter and my idol! knowing your personality, i feel like this is an April fools joke!

Andrew Says:

BWAHAHA!! Good one. Had me for ten seconds.

Mike Says:

So it kind of makes me sad that you’re NOT serious about this, because one of my business partners work with NBC and can get me tickets to the show whenever I want. If only.

Stacy Says:

Ha Ha Ha Ha yeah right!!! Very funny , Funny man !!!!! April Fools!!!!

bamagrits84 Says:

if it aint on mma it’s just a joke and it aint!

Tito Says:

Go for it!!!

mattrocks Says:

So here I am saying YES YES YES YES do it then I realized it was an April’s Fools joke. That’s cold!

chad simpson Says:

i would just because of the girls you get to dance with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t let the wife read that one or she’ll be cookin gritts one night before bedtime!

Michael Says:

I remember the shogun joke from last year… I’m not falling for it.

vanessa amlon Says:

hi there! how are you doing? Its me! hope you do remember me! Good luck to your career! and your vacation! God Bless!

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Betty Says:

OMG!!! I am so excited about this…..Please Please Please I hope you decide to do this!! Yippee!! Keep us up to date on your decision!

Betty Says:

Seriously?!?! April Fool’s Joke?!?! Not nice! LOL

Robby Says:

Obviously a joke, remember this is the man that posted he was going to fight Shogun Rua at 205 lol

Melly Says:

Ok, Ok, let us know already that this is an April’s Fools Day joke!

Yosh Says:

well Matt I hope it is not an april fools choke …. jejejeje … but if it’s true, I can only support you and see for the first time because he never did … jejejejeje MAKE THEM TAP MATT ¡¡¡¡

Chris Says:

remember matt…when u tie up with your partner NO SLAMS!!!!! and NO KNEES OR ELBOWS!!!

Andrew Says:

This is not funny. My first thought was NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it Matt!!!! Good joke.

Shane Lee Says:


Larry Says:

So dissipointed

Travis C Says:

You should do it! If this is serious I think it is a great way to get more fans to get into MMA.


if Emmitt Smith can do it so can you, i hope your dancing partner is Hough, i think it would be a great idea for you to do DWTS, if this is a joke it should be made reality…. More publicity for the sport by the most dominate ww fighter of all time cannot be bad..

take care
and kick serras loud mouth into the next county

charity Says:

You really should do that!! I think alot of your fans will be really syked to see you somewhere else besides the matt!!! I know I would! Well hopefully we see you out there! Good luck!

Jason Says:

I think you should do it, alot of pro football players have done it, and it could bring a lot of new fans to the sport. Women watch Dancing with the stars, and every women i know that watches the UFC thinks MAtt Hughes is hot!

JohnnyJones Says:

OK you got me… :)

Emily Says:

DO IT! I watch that show strickly for the athletes like Warren Sapp etc … Please do it …

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Kristie Says:

go for it matt. try something different

Matt Says:

Do it. Would be great for the sport and puts mma in the mainstream!

Matt Says:

But please shut Serra up first!

Dillz68 Says:

I say NO. You shouldn’t stand up and trade with anyone, even if it is trading dance moves. Take it to the ground Matt!

Heather Says:

Go for it. I watch the show it is alot harder than you think.

Mitzi Says:

Are you serious, Matt?!? I would love for you to join the dance contest. Oh man, I just cannot wait to see you on the dance floor.

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