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UFC 98 Recap

   May 25th, 2009

UFC 98

Well, I’ve got a lot to say about the entire trip; but I don’t know if I can remember it all now. Maybe I’ll piece it together over the next couple of weeks or post some added updates down the road.

I came in this fight feeling big so I didn’t know how weight loss would be. Thursday, before my last practice of the night, I was 5.5 pounds over. I worked out for six rounds, the last three with plastics on, then sat for ten minutes and just let my body continue to sweat. I wasn’t going to check my weight that night, but at the very end I decided to and was glad I did. Thursday night, at about 10:30 PM, I ended up being only about 2.5 pounds over. Which is a very big deal for me, because it means the day before weigh-ins I get to eat something. Went up to my room and had a protein shake, half a pickle, four slices of tomato and a handful of shredded lettuce. To put that many calories in my body, the night before weigh-ins, is usually unheard of for me. I guess my hard work was going to pay off.

Friday morning I woke up early, 6:50 AM to be exact, first thing that jumped in my mind was to just suit up in my plastics and work out, while everyone else was still sleeping. I thought about going to the spa and getting on a bike or Aerodyne machine. Soon after that I just started to pray and finally I came up with the notion of “God, if I should work out then give me a sign.” Five minutes later, my wife wakes up, tells me she’s going to go for a walk down the strip, and I figured I had just received my answer. I suited up in my plastics, with my sweats over the top, and hit the Vegas strip following my wife and Tysha (Audra’s friend from Hillsboro). We walked for an hour and a half, when I came back into the MGM, the air conditioning felt good and I was tired. Went up to the room, laid on the floor for about ten minutes, jumped up and took a shower, and then went and weighed in on the official scale. I expected to be a pound or two over, but to my pleasant surprise I was half a pound under. Once again a first for me, the morning of a weigh-in I’m usually anywhere from 3-5 pounds over. So weigh-ins were easy this time around, which I’ve always said is half the battle.

Friday night, several of my forum members got together at a karaoke bar. I got to meet up with many of them for the first time. It was nice to finally put some faces with the personalities that I’ve seen on my forum. Here’s a photo of Boomer, the forum member who organized the karaoke party, there are more in the forums:


Click here for more Karaoke pictures.
Boomer also wrote one of his famous “Boomer Tales” about this weekend, so you can read that here.

The morning of the fight, I woke up and had breakfast with my buddies Paul and David. Went back to the room, laid down for about three hours and when I woke up we were close to walking down for the fights. One thing different about this fight was going to be the addition of Marcus Luttrell (author of Lone Survivor). Marcus wanted to talk to me about the mental side of things. With him being a Navy SEAL, what he had to say was very interesting. Actually more than just interesting, he helped out a lot. We talked for a couple of hours before we walked down to the fights. Everything else was pretty normal. Security came up to the room at 6:00, picked up me and my cornermen and walked us straight to the locker room. Walking out to the arena, I could tell I had crowd support and was very thankful for that.

One thing I always do when I get in the cage is look for my wife. It took me a little while to find her, but when I finally did, I could see she was worried. She’s told me countless times that she wants me to retire and, as I ponder the thought, I just know I’m not ready for that step yet.

The fight went like I thought it would. I though my wrestling and strength would play a big role. He was a little more elusive than I thought he would be, so standing I didn’t get to hit him as much as I was wanting to. On the ground he did a very good job of hand control and staying in decent position. I was surprised that all he wanted to do was try to tie me up on the ground. He really didn’t go for any submissions, he didn’t try to gain position, all he wanted to do was make the ref stand us up. There were some instances where the ref couldn’t stand us up because I seemed to be in a dominate position. It’s hard to stand a fighter up when he’s out of the guard.

When he knocked me down in the first round, I didn’t know what hit me. When I finally realized what had happened, I thought it was the same punch that knocked GSP down. My corner eventually told me that it was a head butt. His two minor submission attempts never even had me worried. When the fight was over, I was pretty confident I was going to get my hand raised. Some people have asked why I raised his hand at the end. Actually I didn’t, he raised mine. He also told me that, no matter what the decision was, he was done with the rivalry.

After the fight, I had things I wanted to say, but to be honest that head butt affected my whole fight and I couldn’t remember anything that I was going to say afterwards. Of course, I wanted to thank God for the win, thank my family and teammates for the support, and all the fans who showed up.

You know it’s funny, I keep track of little things, like who goes to the fights, who’s supportive afterwards and even who comes up to me after a loss and brings it up (in a negative way). With a hometown of 5000 people, a small farming community, I’ve had people, even friends, bet against me. They said it was because of the odds. Well it would have been a mistake this time.

Anyway, I definitely want to thank all of my forum members for coming out and my family and friends for all the support. It was nice to see everybody out there.

Usually, I have an after fight party at some big club that has loud music and wall-to-wall people. This time I wanted to do something different, we found a nice quiet bar thanks to Scott Luttrell (Marcus’ younger brother). As we hung out there, I shot a little pool and got to talk with all my friends that were there, without having to yell.

My webmaster was out there, so I got a lot of photos from the trip. Here are a few photos from the fight, we’ll post the rest on the forums:

Pre-fight photos
Fight photos
Post-fight press conference and miscellaneous pictures

So all in all I had a great trip and a lot of fun. I got my hand raised, met some forums members that I’ve talked to for years, and saw some old friends. One more time, I want to thank my sponsors so here they are:
One More Round
Dale’s Harley-Davidson
XWT – Xtreme Whitetail Technologies
DPMS Panther Arms
RBP – Rolling Big Power

I’ll come back in a couple of days and tell you my thoughts on the Machida fight. -matt

64 Responses to “UFC 98 Recap”

Shane Says:


I mean no offense by this, but I believe you should honor your wife’s requests and retire from the octagon. As one of my favorite fighters, I have followed your UFC career since nearly the beginning and I’ve seen your game slip off a bit since the first loss to GSP (and perhaps it is not your game that has declined but your competitors’ that has gotten much better?) Had you fought a guy like Matt Serra a few years ago, you wouldn’t have broken a sweat. You have nothing more to prove.

Mitzi Says:


Mike Cantrell Says:

I was super excited to hear you won the fight! I didn’t get a chance to see it, but I definitely think the best fighter won. Congrats!

Eric Says:

What an awesome night! Tell DW that I would be willing to pay almost anything to see you have one more fight close to “home.” When your hand was raised I’m sure we (me, my wife and daughters) woke the neighbors. Of course our closet neighbor lives a mile away so you can understand our excitement seeing you win.

Rick Morlan Says:


Just wanted to say congrats on the win…I’m sure its good to see the hard work pay off. I was really rooting for you to finally shut serra up and you did! Thanks for such an entertaining fight! I hope you keep fighting because I love to watch…but that is just selfish of me. Anyway, thanks again.


Karen Woyak Says:

I really enjoyed the fight! Matt Serra is rather crass, rude and generally disrespectful. I know that you live your life by a different standard and it is nice to see the good guy win.

Your an amazing fighter
God Bless you and your family.

jeff b Says:

matt congrats on the win, but man i love you to death and i really hope you listen to audra you won the fight but you didn’t look like your oldself

Keola Cummings Says:

Congrats Matt, that was a good fight. You did a great job of coming back from the headbutt. You did an awesome job of surviving then imposing your will in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. That was a great win and hopefully Serra will stop talking now. Glad you decided not to retire yet, can’t wait for your next fight! God Bless.

Craig Says:

Tell Dana you want one more fight…Anderson Silva at 185. You got nothing to lose by taking that fight and it will be one heck of a pay day:) Also congrats on the “W”!!! Well deserved…you are a true WARRIOR!

David Says:

You have a huge HEART. In and out of the ring Matt. Make us proud as always!!

Gary Says:

I did see the fight and it was very close. I think the fight could have gone either way. There was no dominate fighter and I think the fight should have been a draw. I am a big Matt Hughes fan and have been watching you fight since the beginning. As a MMA fan this fight did not live up to the hype. I would have liked to see you submit or knock out Serra and make a statement. The most impressive moment was after the fight. I am always amazed with the respect the fighters have for one another. It was nice to see you and Serra set aside your differences at the end of the fight. A true professional will not be judged by what he accomplishes in the ring, but how acts after the fight. Matt, you are a true professional. God bless.

Mark Says:

I think you should fight every 3 months so you can get yer swagger back. Seriously, it looked like yer reflexes were starting to come back again. You still got it Hughes. You are so awesome, Serra knocked you out, and you still took him down while knocked out. If that’s not a true champion, I don’t wut is. Come to think of it, St.Pierre couldn’t even do it. Congrats on yer win, and God bless!

Scott Says:

Congratulations on what I rank as one of your greatest wins: beating a solid opponent, if I’m correct, without ever recovering fully from the clash of heads. It reminded me of the Silvia-Couture fight, where I don’t think Tim ever recovered from that first right hand. Except, of course, that you won. I’ve been hit enough times to know that sleepy, dreamy feeling that never quite goes away, that dulls your reflexes, that makes you feel like you’re underwater, and I definitely saw it throughout the fight.

Bud Says:

Matt, i can sum this fight up simply with one word…………COMPOSURE! I mean seriously dude, i could just see the focus and confindence in yours eyes as u entered the octagon and stared serra down during the intros. Then came the headbutt and BAM, all the hard work and advantages and game plan u had for this fight were now gone and most fighters would have probably not have made it out of that round. But not you, u did what u always have do. U hung on and fought back on nothing but pure heart and unwillingness to lose and WON in classic Matt Hughes style. SRAIGHT UP GROUND AND POUND BABY! (there was a moment there in the first round when you had half gathered your senses where you had taken serra down and had his back and all i could think about was the rematch with trigg) Where you faced similar adversity and turned the tables on him as well. As for retirement goes, i personally think that you looked bigger and stronger than you have in awhile and would have won more convincingly if not for the headbutt. I think you may still have a little left in the tank if you can stay in that type of shape and fight to your strengths more. That being said you’ve had a heck of a run ol boy and you’ve had alot of fights and now could also be a good time to go out on top! Whatever you decide, we are all behind you and just remember A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE!

steve from oz Says:

after the headbutt you could see where ring experience and especially wrestling experience comes into play its allways awesome to watch a wrestler against a jiu jitsu guy well done matt

Jason G. Says:

Congratulations on your victory, Matt. You’ve always been my favorite fighter for reasons I can’t even fully explain. There are many fighters I like whose fights I can watch as entertainment, but I’ve always felt too personally invested to watch your fights as mere entertainment. During your title reigns, I was excited by the back and forth in your fights. I loved that you were a champion who wasn’t invunerable but who, in a battle of wills, would somehow find a way to come out on top.
Lately, I can’t watch your fights live anymore; I get too worked up. When you win, I go back and watch the fight but when you lose, I don’t watch it. It would be selfish of me to advise you to retire. However, I think the Matt Hughes of old would have had a pretty easy fight with Matt Serra. I don’t say that because it went to a decison. I understand that not every fight can end in a KO/TKO or submission for you, but I think if you won a decison over Serra at your peak, it would have been more like your decision over Sherk: dominant.
Thanks so much for the most epic fights this sport has seen to date. Whatever you decide, I’ll remain a huge fan.

shooter1 Says:

hey, good fight. and thanks for winnin’, cause i had a bet goin’ that if you lost to this piece that i’d burn my “team hughes” hat. and i got this one all broke in, so i would’ve hated to lose it.

i think you could have tapped him when you had his back if you would have trained a little on the “million dollar dream” choke. yeah, it’s hokey, but it also works. a simple half-nelson arm-across choke.

it would have been sweeeet.

keep on truckin’.

John King Says:

Matt, I’m so glad you got the win on him, you deserved it. Your heart of a true champion pulled that off after the head butt. I didn’t know what hit you either until Joe Rogan pointed it out. Awesome, me and my kids were yelling when they raised your hand. Tough decision on retiring for you, you don’t have anything else to prove but I can see you want to fight close to home. I hope you get whatever your heart tells you because man you deserve it more than anyone else in the sport. I feel like if you stay confident you can do anything you want. I hope I can afford to make it to your gym or maybe even your next fight I really want to meet you someday. I’m glad Audra was there with you also. God Bless, relax but not for long! Thanks again for everything!!! John

Chris Curran Says:

Matt, I finished reading your book the day of the fight. It’s awesome. It made me laugh out loud (how many people laugh out loud while reading a book?!?!) and truthfully it made me tear up…ok, I cried…a little. It’s the best book I’ve read in years. I liked the entire book, especially when you were saved. Though I must admit, I kept thinking about how your oldest boy is doing. Congrats in your victory Matt. God speed.

Bobby Says:

Great Fight, you could clearly see the beating Serra took at your hands at the post fight press conference. Now, finally let Serra bury his head in the sand and retire knowing he let his mouth overload his butt. It would be great to see you continue to compete but make sure it is what you truly want, I know the feeling I had for you when you went down in the first round and cant imagine how your wife was feeling. I will always be a big fan of yours no matter what the decision is, I feel that you have more than represented the sport in all aspects, family, training, hard work, dedication, and respect. I am not sure if there will ever be another Matt Hughes, today’s younger fighters just dont have those qualities. God Bless

Missy Says:

Congrats Matt!
This is Missy (From Maine) We had a fight night party with a few friends here and were all SO excited (I was jumping in my chair during the fight) to see you win!
Some of the people that were here watching don’t follow the UFC and very quickly made their own opinions of Matt Serra, and his whole corner. All you heard was rude language when the camera was in his corner. We were proud to be cheering for someone that has respect, you are an honest, nice, classy guy.

Mike Cantrell Says:

I’m ashamed of some of you so called fans here….no one here has the right to tell Matt he should retire….especially people with no octagon experience….this is a decision to be made between Matt, his wife, and God…not any of us. If Matt feels he can still compete and still has it in him then he should keep going. It’s not about having something to prove as one person said on here. It’s about doing that which you love to do….

How disrespectful to come on a blog post where the guy just won and say something like that….

Karina Says:

Awesome! I was soo nervous! So happy you won! Great job!

Steven Says:

Great job. You made a great recovery in round 1. You dominated round 2, and you clearly won round 3. Serra, true to form, showed no class by saying that he thought he won…he did not. If not for the head butt, I believe you might have finished him in round two, because he was clearly overwhelmed and gassed, while you did not seem fatigued.
It is always great to watch you fight, and you sure showed a lot of heart in the way you came back in round 1.
G-d Bless, Matt.

Brad Collins Says:

Congratulations Matt!! We knew this one was yours. Do what you’ve always done. Follow your heart and your God and all will end well.
“The Old Hillsboro Dude”

Jeremy Pugh Says:

Congrats on the win, it was an amazing fight. You may not of finished the fight but I think it was one of your better fights, not many people would have recovered from that head butt. I could tell you had no clue where you were at for the whole first round. If you would have known what was happening you would have got him in a rear naked choke when you got his back because it looked like he was just going to let you get the choke. Just glad to see that you were able to recover enough to pull out the victory although you were probably dazed the whole fight. Thats just pure mid-Illinois farmboy toughness. Would love to see you fight again, especially close to your hometown, maybe St Louis is what you were hinting at. Anyways congrats and good luck with whatever your future holds.

Hillsboro Neighbor Down the Road Says:


That was my first live UFC event after watching you for close to a decade on PPV- and what an amazing fight I got to see! From the second the lights went down and your music came on, until your hand was finally raised it was just pure adrenalin! Congrats on being a class act both in and out of the ring and representing your roots and staying true to yourself. I also had a lot of fun at your after party, thanks for taking the time to talk and take pics with your fans- it means a lot! Congrats again!


My husband and I were at UFC 98 and had a great time. This was the first time we have been to the fights and only would travel from our farm in SE IA to watch you. We sat beside some nice people from Hillsboro (Jamie) and were excited seeing them root for you. We thought is was a great fight and are truely happy for all of your success. I pray your decision making for your future in or out of the UFC comes easily. If you do fight again “in this area”, we will be there.

Chad Says:

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you and Marcus Lutrell Spoke. I have read both of your books and found them very inspirational. I am in Law Enforcement and my wife is in the Army so I have a funny perspective on life and what is important. Both of your books also have a uique perspective on life and I found them both inspuirational. Other than my father you both have provided positive perspectives on life’s situations. Thanks for being who you are and making no apologies for that (Marcus Also).


Joe Says:

1. MMA events are legalized in Illinois
2. Matt Hughes headlines UFC 112
3. In the first ever outdoor UFC event, the Grandstand at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield draws 20,000 screaming hometown area fans in Matt Hughes’ retirement match
4. Hughes takes a victory lap around the track on a John Deere tractor
5. The UFC throws Matt a post match retirement party at the Prairie Capital Convention Center and instantly inducts him into the UFC Hall of Fame in front of 7,500 people.

Thats how I picture it.

Mark Says:

Congrats Matt, me and my buddies were screaming the house down. I’m not going to suggest that you should retire or fight once, twice or three times more etc..That is obviously a decision you and your family are in a better position to judge. You are my favorite Ufc fighter however, I think it would be madness for you to take a fight with Anderson at 185. Just my opinion.
Take care

Dustin Says:

Matt we are all so proud of you! I wish ud never stop fighting! but i know you gotta sometime right? Hope you ae happy with your preformnce cause we all are! way to be Hughes!

Twig Says:

Great fight! I hope you keep fighting but your a grown man and if you choose to retire your true fans will support you till the end. Keep God first and all this small stuff will work out fine.

Shawn G Says:

Great fight Matt. I was a little concerned when you took that head butt (at first I thought it was a body shot from the angle of the camera), but you showed great heart and composure coming back like you did. I thought for sure you were going to Trigg him (RNC).

Thank you for the explanation regarding the in ring interview. I thought it was odd you didn’t credit God like you always do, but it makes sense that you were still out of it. I shudder to think of what you would have done to Serra had you not taken that shot.

If you decide to retire on a winning note I’ll be happy for you, but if you decide to continue on, no matter how the fights end up I’ll always be a fan.

Rest, regroup, and get a new contract.


T.J. McClaskey Says:

congratulations matt. one thing is for sure…i would never bet against you. my wife and i were on the edge the whole time. if you fight in or near hilsboro, we plan on being there, thanks matt for all the memories you have given us

michael hamlin Says:

Matt good job on the win

Stacey Says:

You had me on the edge of my seat….I was their to watch and thank you for the win….good luck with your future..

Bill Says:


Excellent fight. It was good to see you with your hand raised. Now get back to the gym and prepare to hand your next opponent a one sided beating:) Pslm 121

Andrew Brooks Says:


I would first off like to congradulate you on the win. You were the first fighter I ever saw step inside the Octagon, and have been my favourite ever since. After the losses to GSP and Thiago a lot of people started treating your name like mud. It is not that you had lost your skill, it’s that as you’ve always said: You’re a farmer first, a fighter second. It was unfortunate to see you let yourself go a little bit (you werent quite as muscular and fit as we had all seen in previous matches) and it was an obvious result of less commitment. You were maintaining, but not really “improving”.

Seeing you beat Matt Serra has been the highlite of my year. I never doubted for a second that you would, but with Pros like Randy Couture putting their bet on Matt Serra, it felt great to see them proven wrong. It was disappointing to see the fight go down the way it did. The headbutt at the beginning obviously slowed you down (and almost ended the fight, which would have been tragic) and I feel it prevented you from being able to lay the beatdown on Serra like you could have had it not happened.

I know you’re talking about retiring (and this Shane dude feels for some reason you should — please dont listen to him, he’s one of those nay-sayers who obviously doesn’t want to continue supporting you) but I would love to see a few more Matt Hughes matches. Honestly; Of everyone I’ve seen fight GSP lately you have held out the best, and that was with less determination than you seemingly now have. You looked fantastic & in shape at UFC 98, and I hope you will continue to put tha drive towards a few more matches at the very least.

I am 100% confident you’re still a top contender for the belt, no matter what anybody says. You’ve got more heart than any other Fighter I know, and that alone speaks loudest.

Best of luck & I can’t wait to see your next fight.

Michelle Mayes Says:

As a follow Illinoian I have got to say I am very proud of you. Great fight, I am so glad you beat Serra- now maybe he will shut up. You are the greatest— I love to see you fight!!!! No matter what you decide to do in the future–best of luck. But I do hope to see you kick some more butt!!!!!

brandon Says:

First of all, great fight!! I think I speak for all of your fans when I say, we would have loved to seen more ground and pound and less stand-up, especially in the first round. I was really hoping to see you win by TKO or submission. All in all, very entertaining fight! You really scared us but you stuck in there and pulled it out in incredible fashion. Whatever you decide to do in the future, you will undoubtedly have the support of your fans. God Bless you and your family!

kyle Says:

Good job Mr. Hughes, we are all very proud of you. Just add a little bit more ground and pound at your next fight, and you’ll be in tip top shape. Thank you very much for all that you have done in this sport in a christian point of view. Serra crossed the line many times, but when he started insulting Christianity, that got me pissed off. Again, excellent job!

Rob Says:


Alot of people on here seem to forget you beat Serra when he brought his best… alot of people questioned you with your win over Chris Lytle also… your beating these guys when they bring there A game… Its obvious he wanted to keep it standing but thats where your wrestling defeated him. With Jeremy Horn I knew once you hit the ground he didnt stand a chance catching you. strong work. Second I’ve been watching you compete in the UFC since you slammed Carlos Newton to win the belt, Im a wrestler myself which is why you and Mark Coleman (haha) have always been my favorite to watch. There is no doubt in my mind on a good day you could take that belt back. I just think that this sport isnt done growning yet and with the name you’ve made for yourself I’m sure you can take your pick at a direction and run with it… Comentator or Maybe even start your own organization up back home. Your a fighter and the fighting spirit is never gonna let you retire… I say get outta dodge for a few weeks enjoy life and think about it with your family and you’ll know whats right. But the last thing I got to add is im up here in Washington State and it sucks because Dennis Hallman is a nobody but he’s built a career out of “being the only guy to beat Hughes twice” and if your gonna have that one more fight…. I wish you could shut him and his cowboy karate butt up once and for all, but I think doing so would put his sorry a** back on the map… He was the masked “bird man” at the latest ultimate fighter tryouts up here… How lame is that? He wore a mask and showed up to smash on the local up and coming talent for no reason… Anyway. Thanks for being one of the best fighters in history!


jarrett Says:

matt, i finally got to watch you fight again and dominate like the hughes everyone knows. I could tell youd been lifting hard , your traps and back looked in amazing shape. Watching you win was on my things to do before i leave for boot camp on may 31st! so thanks matt , keep illinois proud and listen to yourself about retirement , not what other peoples opions are, you the only one that knows your body, and obviously your a beast

so keep it strong and keep winning :)

future U.S Marine!!

jarrett davidson

Jackie Says:

Hey Matt! Congrats on the win!! My husband and I travelled all the way from illinois to vegas to see your fight…. The tickets and the trip were my anniversary present. It was great!!! I was soo glad you won!! (although i never really doubted you would…….) I am a huge fan of yours and have been for years , ever since my husband introduced me to the ufc. I hope you do fight again locally we will def. be there!! We are headed to Philly for UFC101….mainly because I am from Philadelphia and we will also be visiting family. No one seemed to understand why I would not be a Serra fan considering i am from the east coast , actually Matt Serra embodies everything that I don’t miss from my hometown!!! Although there are ALOT of great things and people there, there are also alot of “lil mini Matt Serras” running around!!
As for retirement, thats a decision only you can make. If you retire before you are ready,for the wrong reasons you won’t be happy….You’ll know when you are ready…..(and from your post-fight interview it dosen’t sound that you are yet!!!! Only one slight disappointment during the past weekend….really wanted a pic w you and almost got it on the floor right after the fight, but security rushed you away!! OhWell!!!! Relax and take it easy!! You deserve it!! Keep us up to date on possible future plans!! Congratulations again on your win!!

Jackie Says:

Just wanted to wish Jarrett (who posted before me.) Best of Luck in Bootcamp!!! My little brother just graduated April 24th from MCRD in San Diego(really beautiful ceremony….) and is now at Pendleton for SOI(Infantry) training!! We miss him but we are SOO PROUD of him!!! Thank you for making the decision to serve our GREAT country!!!! Semper Fi!!!!!!

Ken McKinley Says:

Hey Matt,
I already said this on your last blog post, but I’ll say it again. I am proud to be a fan of Matt Hughes. As for all the talk of retirement I would refer you to Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Seek godly advice, check your motivation, stay humble (Proverbs 3:34 and James 4:6), and consider all the possible scenarios (whether you stay on and win, stay on and loose, or retire).
Regardless, I will pray that you have wisdom, clarity and assurance in your decisions.
Once again congratulations, good job, and God bless.

Ken McKinley
Pastor – Ft. Supply Baptist Church
and former US Army Ranger

Pain peters Says:

I was really confident Matt would win but I got to tell you that knock down scared me…

I was at a bar so I really didnt see the head butt…..I was like NO!!! Matt came back really strong in the first round..The fight was more competitive than I thought it would be..

Thank you Matt for winning..

Fannar Says:

HY Matt congratulations On your winn. i was so nervos before that fight, exbesaly when the head butt came, but you are a true warrior and got the w. thiago alves is next in line and you will dominate him:) gretings from a huge fan from Iceland

ryan1207 Says:

Glad to hear you won …. As I was reading your blog I saw that you spoke with Marcus Luttrell prior to your fight; How fitting. Although one can read the book “Lone Survivor” and get a taste of who Marcus is… it really doesn’t do him justice.

My soldiers and I missed the fight (UFC 98) due to being deployed but we waited patiently to hear the outcome. We are all huge fans and respect your sportsmanship as well as your drive and determination.

We look forward to your next match if you choose to do so …. no matter your decision, you have accomplished far more than most will ever know. You have a wonderful family, you have your health, you have God and you have friends & fans that will go to battle with you any day of the week. Best of luck with all that is soon to come!

SGT Ryan Whaley

ILtroop Says:

Apparently some people on here do not understand the damaging effects a head butt can have or that if you are rocked by a head butt that its not something you instantly recover from. I can’t believe that people actually come up to you and tell you they bet against you because the odds were so good, truly people who lack tact and are not true fans. Lastly I am sick of people trying to tell you or even other fighters when they should retire. I understand that you will retire when you decide the time is right for you. I will support you over and over until you decide its time to hang it up. Personally I thought you did great in the fight and showed great class and perseverance in your actions and the way you fought through the first round. I assume your game plan was probably different then the one you implemented, but I believe that after you were rocked by the head butt, taking the fight to the ground was the smartest thing you could have done. God Bless you and your family – Keith Joliet, IL

Kimberly Says:

Hey Matt,

You just about gave me a heart attack:). I watched the fight at a friends house, there were about 20 of us there, when you got the head butt at the beginning you could have heard a pin drop, all of us looked like we were in shock(and believe me, this group of people is not a quiet group when it comes to fights.) But you pulled it together and the shouts came back in that house, I’m sure you could have heard us all the way to vegas, and we are in Apache Junction Arizona, and then pure silence again when we were waiting to see whos hand was going to be raised. I told them to keep the faith, because it sure looked to me you were ahead throughout the rounds, but you never know how they are going to see it. When they raised your hand up in victory, so did our hands go up( along with alot of ice tea and irish beer) it was a room with alot of very happy & proud people for you Matt.

As far as retiring, I know it’s nice to respect your wifes wishes, but only you know if you are ready to do that, and she should also respect your wishes ( which I’m sure she’ll do no matter what you decide. She Loves you.) If you retire before you’re ready you’ll always have that in your mind.

You’re awesome Matt, Love ya! God bless you and your family.


Aircrewsar Says:

Hey Matt,
I’ve been a huge fan for years and often check up on your website. I just now decided to register onto your site. I just want to say that I’m glad you haven’t decided to retired just yet. I can see that you have a lot more fight left in you and for some reason I just have this feeling that your next fight you will destroy the other fighter. Keep working hard and I can’t wait to see your next fight. God bless and take care


Sheila Says:

Matt; my husband and I have been fans of yours for all the years you’ve been fighting for the UFC and we were both so excited before and during this fight that despite the late hour on the east coast where we live, our hearts were pounding and we were WIDE awake! We knew you would win – and certainly it was sweet to see you muzzle that mouthy little troll, Matt Serra. You have a LIFE, other sources of income and other talents – so that when you retire you can do so with dignity and honor. Matt Serra is pathetic – without his smack talk and his few little wins, he’s pretty much NOTHING! Oh well – perhaps if they ever re-shoot “The Wizard of Oz” he can play a Munchkin – or even better, a Flying Monkey! Or there’s always a pushcart for peddling fruit! Congratulations on the W – and think hard about retiring on a high note. You should go out like John Elway – at the top of your game – instead of waiting too long like Chuck Lidell and taking more unnecessary damage which will definitely come back to haunt you in later years. You are our hero and a great role model for kids!

Ben Says:

Get job Champ! Well you shut up another big mouth, and now Trigg is back so i would have to say it’s a good day to be you, it sure would be nice to see you whoop him again maybe a K.O!

André Says:

I’m a Portuguese new fan of UFC fights. It’s been recently added to a Portuguese cable channel list of programs.

Awsome fight the one I saw (not live, as we may figure) tonight, the 30th of May.

It’s fantastic to see a stand up guy, in life as in sports, beat up a braggart like Serra. I see a lot of those in life and business and it’s always encouraging to see that, at the end of the day, it’s the righteous man standing. I try to be that righteous man.

Either you keep doing it in fighting or in any other area, just keep on going! Congratulations !!!

Sven Says:

After the headbutt/punch you still continued and won. Thats strong. I hope you will go on for at least 2 years. You are still a top-fighter.

Steve Preston Says:


You are a real warrior. Your takedowns were clutch and you avoided getting caught with Serra’s Jui-Jitsu…

I noticed a marked improvement in your strength and conditioning compared to the previous 2 fights.

I feel honored to have had an interview with you, and look forward to hearing your most recent strength and conditioning tactics.

Best to you and your family!

Jacob Smith Says:

Thank you Matt for making my make a wish come true by meeting you and seeing you fight at UFF 98. I will cherish the shirt you wore in the octagon and that was signed by you and Dana after the fight and press conference. I am doing well and am still in remission from my cancer. Thanks Jacob Smith

Ron Says:

Hi Matt,

Where can I buy the fight short you are wearing here for this fight against Matt Serra? Thanks man and God Bless!


Scott Mitchell (Irving / Hillsboro) Says:


I’ve been watching for years, actually watched this one with a mutual friend. Been a long time, but I just wanted to say how happy I am have watched you do so well over the years. Keep going, no reason to stop yet, there’s always someone new out there.


Rick Says:


Thank you for fighting and a sincere congratulations on your win. As far as retiring goes I hope you get the clarity you need for such an important decision. Personally I think in the big picture you have already built a legacy as a fighter, and if you switch gears that would be fine, since you would then be working on a bigger legacy as a man – assuming you are free to pursue worthwhile causes that are fulfilling. May God bless you and your family,


Lynsey Says:

Matt if you have a torn MCL, PCL you do NOT need surgery!!! check out…best in the country!!!

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