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Jens and Kannika Pulver

   July 6th, 2009

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going up and being a part of Jens and Kannika’s wedding. I wish I had some pictures to show you all, but I had a great time. Got to meet up with a lot of old friends: Able Pulver, Tony Fryklund, Tim Sylvia, Monte Cox, and Robbie was up there as well.

The rehearsal was Friday night, the wedding was Saturday night, and I left the reception early enough to make the 4-hour trip back. I got home at 2 o’clock in the morning, woke up Sunday morning and did some stuff with my family. The 4th of July celebration in Hillsboro was somewhat postponed due to weather, so Sunday night we set off our own fireworks and also watched Hillsboro’s own fireworks show from a distance. All in all, a great weekend with the best thing being my buddy Jens getting married to a good girl. Congrats and I wish them the best.

Had some extra footage left over from my last fight so Nate put some of it together for a couple of videos. I haven’t seen them yet but here you go:

Splitting logs in Hillsboro and training at the HIT Squad:

Cutting weight in Vegas:

Talk to you all next week. -matt

11 Responses to “Jens and Kannika Pulver”

Curran Jacobs Says:

Sometime next month, Pat Miletich is running an MMA camp of his and I heard rumor that you’ll be there Coach. As of right now, I’m planning on attending the camp. I hope that you’ll be there, I’d love to learn from you; it’s a GOAL of mine. But what I’d really be looking forward to and I’ve been saying this for a long time; (I even told Rashad Evans this when he came and wrestled with us over here at Michigan State) That I’d love to challenge you in a Wrestling match, on our feet, Best 2 out of 3 take downs. When we meet, you’ll remember me by this challenge. Just don’t hurt me. :-) Until next time Coach – God Bless.

Tyburn Says:

I’m Glad Jens is happy…I hope they have a very long and happy life together :)

Karina Says:

Im coming to see you in San Antonio! I will be the woman with her four kids! My husband is in the USAF and wont be able to make it due to work, but I can’t pass this chance up!

John King Says:

Matt, I’m glad for Jens, I’m a fan of his also. Have been ever since the old Miletich days. Those are some good videos. I hope to make it to your gym or farm whatever someday. I’m not to proud to admit I will be sqealling like those girls did when they seen you walking with your wife. Matt Hughes, Matt Hughes. Ha. glad everything is well. God Bless.

Eric Says:

The wrestling looks like so much fun!

Jnick Says:

Matt, all of that work to cut weight looks like absolute hell. As I was watching it I was enjoying a nice tall Mt. Dew and thought how painful it would be to burn that off in an hour. I can see why you like living in Hillsboro, walking through the hotel the hotel with Audra, and having to stop for people to sign and take pictures. I guess it all comes with the territory and fame, but it’s gotta be nice to get back to where you’re just another guy.

Jamie Says:

Matt in San Antonio? When and for what? Live close to San Antonio.

Karina Says:

Hunting expo…


matt is there any other place to buy you o.m.r clothes that dont cost so much money??

Karina Says:

It was soo awesome to meet you in person and actually shake your hand!!!!!

brad Says:

Hey matt! How much did you weigh before you started cutting weight this time?
You looke really big and cut up. Like the old Matt Hughes:) Keep up the good work..

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