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UFC 100 Picks

   July 10th, 2009

Well I was at the Fan Expo today out here in Las Vegas and I got to watch the weigh-ins on a big screen TV and I thought I would give my picks for the last three fights. I think Henderson will have a slight advantage against Bisping. I also think GSP will have a slight advantage against Thiago, and Brock will have a slight advantage against Frank Mir. None of these fights are definite, though, and Bisping, Thiago and Mir could definitely pull out victories. Just my two cents on what’s going on this weekend.

Will talk more about the fights on Sunday. -matt

20 Responses to “UFC 100 Picks”

Joebra Says:

Just a thanks to Matt for his cool! I approached him in the airport leaving St. louis and said “you eyeballing me!” he was cool enough to say “not me” rather than knock my ass out! All the best Matt, you are truly one of the greats! Joebra!

Eric Says:

Hey Matt, looking back over the UFC history has brought back alot of great memories of your fights. I got into MMA around the time of Liddell V Ortiz II and immediately got hooked. I went and bought a bunch of the old UFC videos and some of your fights have been the main reason why I love the sport. Your second matchup against BJ Penn was incredible but the one I still pop in and watch often is your second fight against Trigg. In my opinion, the scene of you carrying him across the octagon before the slam is the single most defining example of what makes the UFC so great. I still get chills when I see it and listen to the crowd. Thanks so much for all you have brought and continue to bring to the sport. Fighters like you, Randy, and Rich are why the UFC made it to 100 and will continue to grow


mir, henderson, ? (gsp-alves), bonnar, fitch, okiyama, those are my picks, i cant pick a winner between gsp and alves, if i went based on total skill it would be gsp, but alves could put him to sleep with one perfectly timed strike of any kind, kinda like rashad and chuck… i really wish you were on this card, but maybe you can fight at ufc 103 since its gonna be in dallas and i could actually make that fight live. that would surely make my wife and i happy. she is a huge fan of yours as am i and she doesnt miss a single fight… definitely one of the coolest chics you will ever meet, and you wouldnt think shes a fight fan by looking at her. haha

Garrett CA Says:

I’m stoked you posted your opinion, I think you’ve picked all the favorites, but I have to argue that my heart supports Mir. He is classier, has a more relaxed, amicable attitude, and his game is more technical and dynamic. The way Brock talks really rubs me the wrong way, I know you’ve trained with him so maybe you know a side of him I don’t, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get subbed or KO’d.

And as a side note, I started watching UFC 4 years ago when I caught a replay of you beating Trigg in the second match, the dynamic anything-can-happen action really hooked me, and watching you fight back from such a dominant position and a low blow was really inspiring. Whether you fight a dozen more times or retire tomorrow, you’ve got my support!

John King Says:


You are the best!! I know you are very busy at the expo, if I wasn’t so poor I would be there to see that event. I agree with your picks, I think Bisping has the best chance at sneaking a big surprise in. Anyone can win in this sport so who knows. Have fun, be careful and God bless.

Jennie Says:

This may sound silly but thank you for showing us how to cut wood. I am interested in homesteading and one common energy source is wood. I guess that I could have just chopped away with any kind of axe. If I have the right tools, then the process is easier and more efficient. I have seen other kinds of log splitters that involve a big mallot and a triangular spike.

Anyway, thanks!

LeoASaid Says:


Dang man. You were exactly right about the fights tonight. Good Job.

Ken McKinley Says:

Hey Matt,
Looks like you were right on in your picks. Though I thought that Lesnar’s attitude and behavior after the win was pretty tasteless. And what’s up with GSP giving Dana White a portrait of himself (GSP) to celebrate UFC 100? Can anyone say narcicism? I hear you’ve got a fighter on this seaons of T.U.F., not sure who he is, but I have to tell you I’m pulling for Schoonover (us military guys gotta stick together). I have to tell you I’m pretty excited about the UFC coming to Oklahoma City!!! I’ll finally get to see a live event. If you’re going to be there please let us know on your blog here, my daughters would absolutely die if they got the chance to meet you!

As always, God bless

randy wilson Says:

wow! I think a rematch between you and alves would be perfect for you right now. Plus I believe Dana loves the publicity Brock’s attitude brings to the UFC. Just likee therr sports the bad oys stir up the fans and interest. This means ratings and ticket sales! Hope Chuk, Randy and yourself are around for a long long time to time.

Garrett CA Says:

Hey Matt, just watched the fights, thought I would ask your opinion on how Brock won the fight, whether you think that position would have worked if Brock and Frank were the same weight, how hard it is to escape, etc. I’d also like to hear your take on his post-fight antics specifically because you know him to a degree. It would be great to hear that in one of your blog posts, thanks!


cman023 Says:

dear matt,
my name is charles and i heard that you are looking for students for your camp. im 30 yearsold. a green belt in american kenpo karate and also study some brazillian jujitsu. would love a chance to prove myself at your camp. i fight lightweight 155 and im 6′2″ so its alot of fun- long reach. let me know??????

Dan Byrd Says:

Hey Matt!
When Thiago kicked gsp low I immediately thought of your fight to him and how I watched him low kick you 3 times before deciding to try a head kick. Man that gets me all worked up. Anyways, I only picked one person right last night, and it was Dan Henderson, lol. Your google search bar that I downloaded has a few issues on my end too. If I hit the Upcoming apperances tab, it just brings me to an error page. :/

Dunedain Ranger Says:

Disappointed both that (a) Mir lost and (b) Lesnar won.
Not surprised that GSP won.
Not surprised that Jones won, the guy is incredible.

Sean Says:

Anyone else not impressed by Brock’s attitude? The UFC seems to be hyping this guy up but if I were the owner of the UFC, this is the last guy I’d want representing my company. Very poor sportsmanship and attitude. Someone needs to tell him he’s not in the WWE anymore and fans booing isn’t a good thing.

Brian Says:

Lets remember that Tito didnt act any better,and the guy humiliated the losing fighter by wearing T-shirts with Slogans about them. Lesnar is fighting each and every critic that said he would never be a winner in the UFC. He for most of us is a joke and for the true hard core UFC fans, we dont want his type of wrestling (wwe) mentality in our sport. Dana is not going to scold him, after all he makes him millions of dollars and provides a clean image that he can sell. Dana loves controvery and he hypes and causes most of it.. Ive read Chuck and Randys books and they detail this very subject.
Matt love watching your fights and hope you and the family are doing well..

Kimberly Says:

Hey Matt, how’s it going? I have to agree with Sean, Brock’s not in the WWE anymore, someone needs to tell him UFC has more class than that. I was disappointed at that. I really hope UFC doesn’t start being like the way way the fake wrestling is, I’ll have nothing to watch if that happens. If Brock wants to act like that, well then, he’s needs to go back to WWE and take his attitude with him.

IN RUT Says:

GSP=boring. I know he has to have a game plan going in, but if he holds a guy down for 5 rounds and cant finish him its not that impressive. Standing with Alves is risky but at least try too submit him or ground and pound him out. Brock was great he brings a little fire to the UFC . He is not WWE, he showed what you do to a guy who runs his mouth. Hendo,best of the night he also done a perfect job of showing, A)38 is def. not to old.B)Making bisping eat through a straw for a mounth.C)Being honest in the post fight interview.

gerry Says:

hey matt thanks for the great vids of you training for 98 very helpful so i can incorprate some of your training into my own thanks ..whats your thoughts on brock lesnar out brust at the fans{fliping us of}

UFConRise Says:

Hey matt, you looking to fight again?

Dallas Says:

Hey Matt, I am dying to know what you think of the fights this weekend, especially Brock’s antics. I know you know him and may even consider him a friend. Do you know if he is a believer in Jesus or not. MAn God has really put you in a major evangelism field for sure.

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