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Happy Birthday, Matt and Mark!

   October 13th, 2009

Happy Birthday

Don’t forget to wish Matt and Mark a Happy 36th Birthday today. You can also post a birthday message for them in the Forums.

24 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Matt and Mark!”

Mike Cantrell Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark! I’m praying that God continues to bless you both and your families with long happy lives serving Him and enjoying His many blessings.

Brandon Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark. Hope all continues to go well for both of you guys and your families. By the way, I was at the fights in Poplar Bluff, MO this last weekend. We had a blast. Thanks for the pictures and autographs. My son is 11 months old and I cant wait till next time your in the area so I can get his pic taken with you.

John King Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark. God Bless you both, thanks for all you do for us fans that are much younger than you!!! I can’t say that I’m 37. Enjoy your day!!

Karina Says:

Happy Birthday Mark and Matt. May God bless you both with many years to come.

Justin Says:

Happy Birthday guys!

Ken McKinley Says:

Happy birthday guys!!!

Amanda Says:

Happy, Happy Birthday, Fellas!!!!

Shooter girl Says:

Happy Birthday Matt & Mark!!! I hope its a great one!!!

lca1499 Says:

Happy birthday, Matt and Mark. God bless you and your families, and I can’t wait to see you fight again, Matt.

Dustin Says:

Happy Birthday Guys!!!! havea good one!

Illinois_RN_RRT Says:

Thank you for being born on the same day as my mom! This is the second year in a row your site has reminded me to call my mom.

JJ Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark! Hope you guys had a great day and God bless the both of you.

Thrash Says:

Happy birthday guys! I haven’t been on this site very long. What does your brother do? Is he a fighter too?

Dale Says:

Happy B`day Matt. Your such an encouragement, I love how you wear your faith on your sleeve. See you in feb, when I come train.
God Bless

Kharent Says:

Happy B-day to both of you Matthew and Mark. I wish you a happiness that will never end and an infinite blessings in everything you do. Good luck to your next fight Matt!!!!!!

Maria Says:

which baby is Matt – which is Mark?? Cute cupcakes ;)

David Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark!!

Anthony Lawrence Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark Hughes. I wish you both the best in the rest of your lifes. Also Matt good luck in your next fights no matter who they are.

Jordan Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark!!! Stay safe and God Bless!

Josh VanAtta Says:

Happy birthday guys. Many more healthy ones to come. Any news on the hunting show? Man I hope that comes around.

Alex Says:

happy birthday guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Says:

My b-day is November 24 1999

Matt Reed Says:

Happy late birthday, i’m a huge fan and dying to know when your next visit to Dollamur in Southlake Texas will be. Can’t wait to see you in the ring again.

donnie barnett Says:

You are the man matt and I can’t wait to see you beat the crap out of bj soon and happy bday to you and mark

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