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Fedor Fight

   November 3rd, 2009

Well, my wife’s been on me about being clean and not bringing excess germs into the house. Audra and I were raised very different, she grew up in town and I would say her mom might be considered a germaphobe. I grew up on the farm where you drank water from a spring sometimes and you didn’t always have a sink readily available when you used the bathroom. I think the way I was raised has given me a strong immune system and I just don’t get sick very often; but I’ve got a website you can go to learn how to reduce the risk of spreading germs. I would hate to keep all this knowledge to myself so I am going to share it with you: Parenting Tweens (And if anybody asks you why you went there, you tell them Audra Hughes sent you.)

Boomer and I are on our way to Ohio, I’m going to get a quick hunt in and will hopefully be back in a couple of days. I get a lot of questions about the gym and everything is going well. I was teaching class there this evening and I think there were more people at the gym tonight than I’ve seen in a long time.

I still haven’t got the chance to watch the Machida/Shogun fight, but I know that Fedor fights Brett Rogers this weekend. Rogers is a heck of a hitter; but that’s Fedor’s game. I’ve never seen Fedor get out-slugged during a fight and I have to think that the pressure might get to Rogers as well. When you fight somebody as high profile as Fedor people tend to get conservative; but the fight should still be interesting.

Got a local boy, who is a good kid, get into a car wreck. He’s not doing the best right now, so if you’ve got some time give Heath some prayers.

Here’s this week’s Bible verse and I will talk to you all again next week:

Jesus said “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world can not give. So do not be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27)


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Dan Byrd Says:

I’ve noticed that Jesus was/is constantly reassuring us not to worry, and I couldn’t have read this at a better time. :)

BlakeK Says:

Hey Matt so whats the word on your next fight? Ive been hearing that Renzo Gracie could be next for you.. How long do we have to wait for you to fight again??

Ministry Addict Says:

If Christians are not careful, they can find themselves losing out own one of the greatest blessings of their salvation. In a world where many people are worried, frantic, panic-stricken, or just plain distraught, Christ Jesus tells His followers, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27)

The peace that Jesus gives to Christians is “not as” the counterfeit peace which the world advertises. A worldly peace is completely dependent upon external circumstances, and, ultimately, the evil designs of our worst enemy. “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” Satan himself is the prince of this current world system, so it is not surprising that he has “rigged the game,” in order to rob Christians of their peace and confidence.

The Lord provided a good example for His disciples, for, in Jesus’s earthly life, Satan was never able to obtain a foothold (“hath nothing in me”). Christians should strive to remember that the Lord has left His Spirit with them. The Holy Ghost will produce a peace in the lives of Christians that does not flee in the face of troubles. In fact, trials and struggles only strengthen and nourish the peace of Spirit-filled Christians.

Shooter girl Says:

I agree with Dan. I used to be VERY STRONG in my faith and have found myself very far from home. My life has became unstable and I can see that I need Him now more than ever. Your message came at just the right time. Thanks Matt for being the man that you are.

John King Says:


We were raised similar to you, didn’t worry so much about everything as well. Thanks for sharing with us. Good luck hunting, I’m hoping to be out in the woods soon. Great verse again. Hope to hear you will be in the ring soon. God Bless.

Thrash Says:

There are very few people who can beat Fedor at ANYTHING. Let alone his greatest talent. The most intimidating man on the face of the earth vs. Brett Rogers? Fedor in round 1.

Thrash Says:

P.S. prayed for that kid Heath last night. Hope he starts doing better.

Minor Says:

Hey Matt…

Just finished reading Made in America… Great book!

I appreciate your vulnerability… helping me understand who you were and then walking me through significant points in your life where you decided to conduct yourself differently; an incremental process that seems to have significantly improved your character. An encouraging example of this is the transformation of your friendship with Tim Sylvia.

More than a fighter, I appreciate and respect you as a man! The world has offered you a life most of us could not resist, but you have turned it down. Instead you have chosen a life of self sacrifice, faithfulness to God and your family, kindness, and gratitude. I am inspired by your example and inspired by what God can do with a man.

As David was through many ups and downs, I pray that you continue to be a man after God’s own heart. I pray that you continue to enjoy God’s blessings, and finally, that you continue to be a light on a hill for family men like me.

Best regards,


Drew Says:

Dude. I love you (not that way…not that there’s anything wrong with that). I am soooo looking forward to watching you on Spike tonight.

Patrick Says:

Matt are the rumors true,are you fighting renzo early next year

Ministry Addict Says:

Matt Hughes: “I’ve never seen Fedor get out-slugged during a fight.”

Credit where credit’s due. Matt called this one. And, post-Saturday night, he still hasn’t seen anyone out-slug Fedor.

Fannar Says:

hei mat i am a guy from island, i look so forward to se what you blog, but you are a litle slow sorry he he, bur i am your nomber 1 biggest faan i know. my and my litle brother he is learnig jui jitsu in island now but he loves you, me and him i hope gona se you fight . my biggest dream in the world. hopeyou will send a respond ore somthing . god bless

Thrash Says:

Fedor will go unbeaten until he either gets too old, or goes to the UFC, (and that one’s questionable; he’s still the best anywhere, in any weight class). There isn’t the quality of competition in Strikeforce to keep him on his toes. I really wish he had signed with the UFC. That would have been the best option for everyone except Strikeforce, (and maybe even them: an unbeatable champion gets dull). The UFC, Fedor, and the fans would have all been much better off I believe. Not to mention Lesnar is apparently just itching to test himself against the best. At least that’s what he says. It would be a spectacle at least. I see 3rd round armbar submission for Fedor. But I guess we won’t know for some time. If ever. Haha I could cry.

Ryan Burchett Says:

Awesome stuff. I love the web site. I’m a big fan of the UFC. Just recently go into it and I love it.
I’m glad to hear of a Christian brother in something like the UFC. Keep it up and keep growing in faith.

Alexa Says:

I think your amazing. Heath will be in my prayers tonight. One love. Peace.

Pastor Rob Says:

You are a awesome role model. Keep up what your doing! Happy Hunt’in — I’ll be sure to keep Heath in my prayers. Blessings to you and your family!

Ken McKinley Says:

More than any other command given by Jesus was the command to “Fear not!” I think that the reason for this was two-fold. First, fear often is the result of a lack of understanding or knowledge. I’ll give an example if I may. I have two young children and they trust me completely, because they know their daddy will never let anything happen to them. Sometimes they are very daring to the point of adding more grey hairs than a person my age should have, but they trust me completely. This is because they know their daddy. The closer we get to the Lord, the better we know Him, and thus the better we understand that despite what happens in the world, and in our lives, He ALWAYS has our best interest at heart. It comes down to faith and faith is not only believing, but trusting, and that trust (ie. faith) if it is true – should have coresponding actions and behaviors. Secondly; in Matthew 13 Jesus gave the parable of the sower, and He said that some of the seed fell on thorny ground. IN verse 22 Jesus explained the meaning of this and said, “He who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, but the CARES OF THIS WORLD and the decietfulness of riches choke the word out and he becomes unfruitful.” In other words, a person can magnify their problems to the point that God looks small in comparison to them… this is a bad thing to do… Again this is tied to the first cause… a lack of understanding, specifically when it comes to the sovereignty of God.
So thanks for posting this Matt, I appreciate it, and you and your faithfulness.
May God continue to bless you and your family.

Daniel Says:

Hey man, just want you to know i love MMA and watching it, and you have always been my favorite fighter for some reason and i saw your website and your bible verses and that just made me like you alot more. I like to see a guy that can be “on top” and still stand for what he believes in and for what is right! Super cool man. But i do have a question… what’s gonna be the deal with rashad and rampage.. whats your take on that situation? I wish they would fight..

God bless,

Daniel Says:

Oh, and one more thing… the Rogers Fedor fight.. was pretty raw.. Rogers did great in the first round, he was dancing arround alot while Fedor just sat back and looked for his opening, and in the second round he got it and capitalized. great fight in my openion.


1ToughMama Says:

I am a Christian that is struggling right now. I’m sure that the Holy Spirit led me to your website tonight to read your entry. I needed the verse that you posted on faith. Please continue to allow God to work through you to your fans and to the rest of the MMA community. God Bless!

Bonedoc Says:

Hey Matt, I’m a huge Hughes fan and am your Christian brother as well. Was hoping we would hear it here first from you about any fights coming up. Are the reports of you and Henzo Gracie possibly meeting in the ring true? Hoping you’re reading these and you will let us know.
God Bless

daniel higdon Says:

any word of who you are fighting on the febuary card or is it not yet confirmed so you cant discuss details? two, can you shed some light on brock lesnar or if you have spoken to DW personally about it or brock himself since i know you guys are aquiantances. I hope he has a fast a speedy recovery and the fans on these boards should keep brock in his prayers.
And lastly, what do you think about tito vs forrest.
thanks matt, cant wait to hear from your blog and god bless

Thrash Says:

Rampage and Rashad were originally scheduled to have the rematch of a previous bout between the two of them, but Rampage left the UFC after TUF was done filming. This was for Daniel, who asked (not the one right above me, the other one).

Thrash Says:

Also, I’m so proud of Randy for continuing to perform at this level against top athletes like Vera. Brandon isn’t soft so to win a tough fight like that against him is all the more impressive. I don’t know if he could take the title at light-heavyweight with the division so stacked, but he could definitely make an impressive run, and I like forward to the Coleman fight. I say Couture by wide decision.

Mike Johnston Says:

Are you going to post an update Matt???

Dan Byrd Says:

@Mike Johnston
You beat me to it. :)
That was going to be my question.

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