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   November 30th, 2009

First off, I ran across this video the other day and I just don’t see how this can happen. If I had been the one who caught this terrorist, I can guarantee that I would have done a lot more than just give him a bloody lip. I am appalled at the thought of putting our own soldiers on trial for capturing a known terrorist.

I have a possible date for my next fight, they tell me that it is April 10th. I’ll tell you later who and where when I find out for sure if it is confirmed.

Got a buddy who’s got some good news. I don’t think it’s quite public, but I’ve never been that guy to keep my mouth shut. Robbie and Marcie Lawler are having a baby boy in the first part of February. If you see him around, tell him congratulations.

Next week, I’ve got some pictures to post and some other things concerning deer hunting. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and I will talk to you later.

I almost forgot about the Bible verse for this week:

And David put his hand in his bag and took thence a stone and slang it and smote the Philistine in his forhead, and he fell upon his face to the earth. (1 Samuel 17:49)


48 Responses to “Next Fight”

Lance Says:

I can’t believe that we are going to actually send these brave soldiers to court and possibly jail for this. These men risked their lives to capture a terrorist and this is the thanks they are getting? I’m with you on this one Matt, I probably would have done a little more than “rough him up in a scuffle” as well. Thanks to all of our soldiers and my prayers are with the three americans and their families. Can’t wait to hear about the fight Matt!

Norton Says:

Hey Matt,

I am a US Army soldier stationed in Japan and well we here all have are predictions of your upcoming fight.

Most people here think you will be fighting Renzo first, But I personally do not see that happening quite yet, I believe Renzo will face you later on but not quite yet, I do believe you would win that fight though hands down, it would be bloody, but it would be a nice win.

I believe a good match up that would boost you would be Sakuraba. He has defeated Renzo and Royce, and I believe he could be a good starting point. Koscheck is apparently going to fight Hardy, I personally do not like either one. All due respect, Kos is a puss. Hardy should be a promo for Wild Hogs 2.

I think you should fight Sakuraba, then avenge your loss to Alves. Pending on where that leaves you, I would love to watch you slam the living hell out of Koscheck. Then time to arm bar GSP again.

I really hope you make one last run to reclaim your belt, To see you a 10 time champ would be a great finish to a great career.

Best of luck to you, Try and make it to Okinawa.

r-dawg Says:

wow, this is freaking ridiculous!! hopefully the judge will throw this out. side note, i’m a little thrown off by the “obama and thugs court martial navy seals”. i was under the impression internal military officials choose to court martial individual soldiers – and doesn’t say anything about the pres himself ordering this. but maybe i’m missing something. regardless, this is pretty dumb.

John King Says:


It’s great to hear you are going to fight, I wish it was sooner but I can’t wait!!!!! I’m happy for Robbie as well, I was able to meet him when we came to your gym back from Colorado and he was a really nice guy as well. Our government is messed up to even consider giving those idiots any rights! God bless and keep us posted.

Matt Hughes Says Next Fight Possible for April 10 | Says:

[...] date for my next fight, they tell me that it is April 10th,” Hughes today wrote on his official website. “I’ll tell you later who and where when I find out for sure if it is [...]

SorentoBoy Says:

Who cares! These guys will be found innocent! End Story!!!

dunedainRanger Says:

What a wonderful signal this is sending to the bad guys! “Look, bad guys, we punish our own soldiers for hurting you! Pretty soon you won’t have to fight us at all — we’re going to do that for you, ourselves!!”

To say nothing of the impact on the good guys’ morale.

Yes, I could rant on and on about this, just like all of you could …

Matt Hughes Says He Is Returning In April 2010 @ MMA POSERS Says:

[...] making his return after an 11 month lay-off at UFC 112 on April 10th.  This is according to what Hughes wrote on his website I have a possible date for my next fight, they tell me that it is April 10th. I’ll tell you [...]

queendivad Says:

Glad to hear another fight is in the works! Just in time for my birthday!! Good luck, and I’m sure you’ll be great. Oh yeah, might want to check out, someone in Fall City, NE killed a 38 pt buck. There were pics in the paper. Have a great day!


Matt Hughes Eyeing April Return | MMA Fight News - MMA News, MMA Gear, MMA Training Says:

[...] UFC bout, though he doesn’t have an official opponent just yet.  According to his blog, Hughes says he’ll likely be back in action on April 10, which would put him on the UFC 112 fight card.  He says he’ll tell fans "who and [...]

MDS Says:

That Court Martial link really pissed me the hell off!! I’m steaming right now; how are we ever going to win if we keep handcuffing our military. We need a revolution and get the liberal A-holes out of running our country! Take a look at this link:

On a side note; Brian on Fox from that link use to be a commentary guy in the first UFC’s before Zuffa took over.

CarrieInCali Says:

I totally agree Sorento Boy. Matt I wish you did forget about the bible verse ..oh well maybe next time. Can’t wait for April 10th!!! I hope it will be against one of the guys from American Top Team so you can shut them up for a while! Train hard like always Matt!!!

» Blog Archive » Matt Hughes Expected At UFC 112 - 767th Edition Says:

[...] UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes expects to return to the Octagon at UFC 112, according to his official website. I have a possible date for my next fight, they tell me that it is April 10th. I’ll tell you [...]

Corey Says:

Hey there Matt…

I watched a show years ago about military special forces and competitions, GB’s, Seals, Recon, Rangers etc, and that fellow Halveston was one of the competitors. He was a Navy seal and a very mouthy but friendly fellow. Sort of wanted to punch him in the face at times, but in the end, it’s hard not to like a guy that hardcore and competitive. In any case, you sort of get to “know” them even though you never shake hands or speak to one another. Very much like how fans observe and get to know you. I feel like I know Matt Hughes, although you know nothing about me. But when I heard about Halveston dieing, being torn to pieces, mutilated, raped as well if I remember correctly, I admit I got misty and shaken up.

And it all comes back with these Seals being burned on the cross for the sake of a murderous radical muslim that committed this atrocity to those men. I love my country, and I will always be a patriot, but I am ASHAMED of my country. ASHAMED. We have fallen very far. Putting your site on my favorites.

Tim Gria Says:

” Hey Matt can’t wait to see your next bout with whoever it may be!” Now as far as whats going on with this Obama administration treating these terrorists as if they were US citizens is absolutely crazy! They need to be judged in front of a military court, plain and simple. I know Obama and his cronies want to show the world how humane the United States government is but in reality it shows us as being weak. I just hope in the next election we get someone who has character and someone who represents the US as a strong nation. Oh! and by the way for the soldiers that ruffed up that terrorist I would give them a medal and say good job!

Travis Wheeler Says:

How shocking, Fox News runs an anti-Obama story. I don’t deny being upset by the Presidents but the office should garner more respect, here in America at least. On a lighter note, I look forward to seeing you fight again. Hopefully against someone more challenging than Renzo. I think your best days lie ahead of you Mr. Hughes. God Bless

Tanner Says:

Matt who are you fighting.

Dustindwyer Says:

Thats pathtic gotta fix up the law system. I hope the Seals will be found innocent. I hope you win your next fight matt! Train hard.

CB Says:

The guy is a _suspected_ terrorist. That means he hasn’t been to trial and convicted yet. So he’s innocent until proven guilty. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to brutalize someone without due process probably needs to read the Constitution and learn what America is all about. Even though this didn’t happen in America, and the suspect wasn’t American, we don’t roll like that.

It’s an unfortunate incident, but whichever one of those soldiers gave him a bloody lip violated his code, orders, and training, yet still deserves his own due process. On the bright side, at least these guys won’t have to continue on fighting this BS war… I wish the same was true for my brother.

Second, anything you watch on cable news is going to be way overhyped… This is the same type of sensational stuff that the “liberal media” is always criticized for.

Joe A. Says:

April 10…be good to see you back in the cage again…I hope they give you a decent top five opponent to make it a card headliner. Someone like Fitch?!?

Thrash Says:

I would give my opinion on the news story, but it would involve me swearing. Alot. And I don’t want to do that on a christian man’s website. As far as you fighting goes, can’t wait to see it. I still believe you can handle anyone in the division if you can stay aggresive with the takedowns and stick to your gameplan. If it’s Renzo, my advice, (as if you need any), is to get to side control early, stay there, and keep up the gnp. Hard position for BJJ guys. Lay and pray him if that’s what it takes. Makes for a boring fight, but it’s the intelligent way to beat someone like that.



Nate Manningfield Says:

Christian = Christ-like. Giving someone who is a suspect, and deserving of proper justice as a human being, “more than a bloody lip” is by no means Christ-like. This is just one of the main reasons why more and more terrorists are coming out of the woodwork.

As the Bible states, there will come a time when Christians will be terrorized and persecuted for their beliefs and practices. We can just hope and pray we won’t be falsely imprisoned and tortured by those who hate us.

whogitdabiscuit Says:

Best of luck with your next opponent. Take care and God bless. You are an inspiration to Christians.

tm Says:

CB, would you feel the same way if it was your brother that was burned alive and then hung from a bridge for all to see. the guy these SEALs caught admitted 4 years ago he was the one who planned the attack on the American security officers. ideas and thoughts like you have are the reason we can’t win a war. sorry just had to tell this guy what’s up…GO MATT!

Boomer Says:

Manningfield – Yes Christian does = Christ like. Christ = the Word of God .. all of it. Not just the part where He was fulfilling our sanctification. Your ignorance of what the news cast was talking about and of a mature world view is why Christianity has lost a place of respect in society and feeds ideals that are counter-Christian. Addressing your ignorance would take more time than I have for posting, but it’s up there in the highest levels of stupid.

Jason Says:

this is so disgusting i wont even watch it…our soldiers deserve so much better than this..i sent the link to my gf and she watched it and told me what’s going on..i don’t even want to hear it myself. this kind of crap just aggravates me so much. sometimes i really feel like our country is a different place now. being politically correct is more important than standing for our values…..anyways, sorry, just had to get that out…GO MATT!! i’m guessing the next fight will be Renzo but who knows..but april is so far away, geez….u gettin lazy on us hughes? lol

daniel higdon Says:

He’s fighting Renzo Gracie

adam newman Says:


God Bless you and I hope the Lord continues to extend his grace and love to you and your family.

Off-hand I cannot remember the chapter and verse but I recall something from the bible that states; “Where your treasures can be found, your heart will be also.” It is very refreshing to see someone that is steadfast in their convictions and solid in their beliefs.

Keep on keeping on brother. My friends and I are looking forward to your next fight. Regardless of the circumstances (time, opponent, outcome)…you always bring exemplify the gold standard; humility and graciousness.

Regards -


Ministry Addict Says:

I Samuel Chapter 17 is an especially well-known chapter of God’s Word. It contains the true historical account of David and Goliath. You may remember this tale fondly from childhood Sunday School, but it contains innumerable and invaluable lessons for Christians of all ages.

One thing that stands out is the number of times the Holy Spirit tells us that the armies, both of the Philistines and the Israelites, were “in array.” (Verses 2,8,21) The Hebrew word is “arak,” and it means “arranged” or “placed in a special order.” The king of the army of the Philistines and the king of the army of the Israelites (Saul) both had plans in mind for how the battle was supposed to go.

However, we might wonder how confident Saul was in his military arrangement. When Goliath the Philistine giant stepped forward to taunt the Israelite army and their God, the Bible tells us that King Saul was “dismayed.” (Verse 11) In fact, both he and his army were dismayed and afraid. The Hebrew word for dismayed is “chathath,” and it describes someone who trembles with such fear that it is as if he has shattered into pieces and is utterly useless.

When David comes onto the scene, he is indignant that this uncircumcised heathen giant would dare to mock the One True and Living God of Israel. David, who will eventually replace Saul as king, is neither arrayed, dismayed, nor afraid. He sees Goliath as an infuriating fool with a head full of rocks, and through the strength, power, and providence of God, David is determined to add one more rock to the giant’s hard head. (Verse 49)

Samuel, the prophet after whom I Samuel is named, was used of God to anoint both Saul and David as king, in their turns. In Chapter 2, Samuel’s mother, Hannah, had spoken prophetically when she praised the Lord like this: “The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall he thunder upon them: the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth; and he shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of his anointed.” (I Samuel 2:10) The word for “broken to pieces” was “chathath,” the same word translated “dismayed” in Chapter 17. King Saul was broken with fear of Goliath because He did not fear God. David chopped Goliath into pieces because he ONLY feared God.

(Oh yeah – Obama is wrong, and, uhhhh – a big buck ran out in front of my car, and I wasn’t tough enough to blast it with a high-powered rifle, so I submitted him with a gogo-plata or something.)

Nate Manningfield Says:

Boomer: I’d be more than happy to have a discussion with you, as I think you’re the one who’s ignorant on the subject of justice, terrorism, and more importantly, the gospels of Christ. Relying solely on a news cast (from Fox News nonetheless) about a SUSPECTED terrorist and formulating your own judgment based on that is exactly what will be our downfall as Christians.

Lynnette Says:

What an awesome fight date, its my daughters birthday! She is 6 and always roots for the best……Matt Hughes!!! I’m starting her out at a young age!! Cant wait to se you back in the Octagon!

Mike Cantrell Says:

No Nate, our downfall as Christians will be leftist wuss bags like YOU. I’m so sick of ignorant human beings who have no idea what they are talking about saying they represent Jesus. It’s funny how people who clearly don’t know their Bibles want to school Christians on the gospel. if you’re going to give your opinion at least be educated and not douche bag.

Billy Says:

If memory serves me correctly one of the Blackwater contractors killed was formally a Navy SEAL. So, consider that you caught the guy who killed one of your brethren (once a SEAL always…) and the worst he got his a split lip? He’s lucky he wasn’t breathing through three or four new holes in his terrorist head. SEALS are not well known for taking their targets back in cuffs….

Dan Byrd Says:

Nate, when reading your first comment I thought about when Jesus went to the church and flipped tables and pretty much punked those people out. I think it’s safe to correlate the two situations.

Kevin Watkins Says:

I was in the Marine corps and did three tours in Iraq and that is how is is we fight for are government and they turn around and **** on us. I was a Sniper and I had 8 Brothers of mine go out on a search of weapons and one of their brothers were shot and killed and they went after the guys who did it and killed them all, and a Iraq said that the Marines killed those insurgents after they threw down thier weapons. They came back to the states and are still fighting court issues on our government sending them to life in prison with no parol. These men are between the ages of 18-26. I was out doing some recon work and called in a road that was blocked off, so we called it in as a black road(no travel on) well a Captain decided he wanted to go on in (ribbon chaser) and was pinned down and got eight Marines killed. I had to go to his court martial and had to speak about what I saw. I was very hard to go up there because all eight of thoses Marines Familys where there. After all was said the court punished him with paying $1,300 dollars and was not could not pick up rank any higher. He was a captain which is very high. I was a Sgt in special Forces and I got out and they were not happy about that but I would rather be poor and homeless then be told to go and do something and after it wa down come back and be thrown in jail for it.

Dan Byrd Says:

Mr. Watkins, I’d like to convey my sincere gratitude.


Wow!!!!!!!!!!! What the Hell Matt I saw you in Ohio In march of this yea!!! im a huge fan!!!!!!!!! **** thoses terrorrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a part of the udai and cusa raid in the summer of 2003 in mosul iraq with the 101st airborne…. Im glad we killed them or else they would of said the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have no rights!!!!!!!!!! they have killed our friends brothers and sisters!!!!!! **** Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charlie Says:

mr.watkins thank you for your service to our country! it is a shame when soldiers are being charged with doing their duty. it discusts me that these charges are even being considered

scott Says:

This dude should be lucky all he got was a busted lip…and just didn’t “disappear” during transport.

CarrieInCali Says:

Wow I would love to see a rematch between you and BJ Penn!!!

charlie Says:

i agree Hughes penn 3 would be good. so would Hughes koshcheck

Mike Says:

Just want to say that the idea that these guys would be prosecuted for busting up that shitbag is sickening….they should be applauded.

charlie Says:

absolutely mike these guys are heroes and should be treated as such not put on trial for doing their job

B.R.Y. Says:

I tell you what, Those terrorists should feel &!@#$ lucky that I didn’t get them! We, as a government, give a crap too much about their feelings. Why don’t our politicians care about what they do to us and our troops! Do they think that we can sit down and talk to them? All they understand is violence and that’s what they WILL get! God Bless ALL of our men and women over seas—-we will be thinking of you this Holiday Season!

ET Says:


It’s been a while since we last spoke but I’m glad to see you are still thinking about our boys overseas. These 3 men deserve their freedom. We both know my husband died doing what he loved for a nation he loved and there is no greater cause. I would hate to think he might have to fear a trial in his own country for what we asked him to do. I’d certainly love to give the man who murdered my husband and all of those on the helo that day a bloody lip at the very least.

Alva R. McDowell Says:

I just want to thank you for your donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation auction to be held at the V.F.W.( Il. Rt. 159 south off I-70) in Collinsville, Il. on Sat. night Feb. 27th as part of their annual Chicken and Beer dance. Matt has donated an 8×10 framed autographed photo and one week at his H.I.T. Squad training camp in Granite City, these are priceless. Anyone wanting more info can call Jeanette Zobrist at 618-654-3816 or 618-830-3616. There are many other great sports items in the auction. Check the complete list of items out at Hope to see some of you there!!!!!

Matt, thanks again, these events would not be possible if it weren’t for people like you.

Lashaunda Boback Says:

I seriously would like to thank you, this was very good to read.

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