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Matt Veach and Jon Madsen

   December 3rd, 2009

As most of you probably know, this Saturday is the Ultimate Fighter Finale and two of my guys are fighting. Matt Veach will be fighting Frank Edgar and Jon Madsen will be fighting Justin Wren. I just wanted everyone to wish them luck and if you wanted to say a prayer for them, that would be appreciated too.


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Jimmy Says:

Who are YOU fighting next?

Cooper Burton Says:

Howdy from Misawa Japan. I wish you boys good luck, been following season ten over here with a bunch of my boys, and we wish you boys good luck! I just had to say man its great to hear your coming back to the octagon. We love how you support your troops, good luck and God bless.

John King Says:

Good Luck, fight hard and be confident in yourself!!!!! God Bless

Jamie Says:

Southern (very southern) Illinois will be rooting and praying for both of your boys. They both look as if they have a very bright future in the UFC. And Matt, good luck to you with whoever ends up across the octagon from you in a few months!

daniel higdon Says:

Kind of dissapointed by this season. It was entertaining on a Rashad-Rampage stand point, but outside of their confrontations, it wasn’t that appealing. Riding Kimbo got stale pretty quick and the talent was lack luster. Big Baby loves competition, but his heart isn’t in it. He could be a big factor in the HW division, but his family is more important and that is completely fine. He seems light years maturity wise ahead of anyone else in the house.
Madsen is a very powerful wrestler that moves well, he will have a bright future, but he will be a pretty small HW. Wren will give him a very interesting fight. T.U.F. has seen it’s day if you ask me.
Can’t wait to find out who your opponent is matt!


you can do it veach go for it


Veach go take what is yours all of springfield will be watching and going nuts for our boy veach!!!!!


Good luck john I think you need to move to light heavweight

Ministry Addict Says:

“if you wanted to say a prayer for them, that would be appreciated too.”

Lord, please help Matt Veach and Jon Madsen to repent of their sins, believe the Gospel, and trust Christ as their Savior. Please show Yourself mighty to regenerate their hearts, if they are not already Your children. In Christ’s Holy Name, Amen.

HughesFan Says:

I didn’t like Madsen on TUF – pretending to touch gloves then when the other guy stuck his hand out, he went for the take down. This whole season of TUF was disappointing to *me*. I loved the “chemistry” between the coaches, and I loved Big Baby, but other than that, I wasn’t too impressed. I was quite sad that Big Baby beat Brenden Saturday night. Oh well – onward to the next season with Chuck and Tito. Can’t wait for that!

Sawyer Says:

I’m with Jimmy, I can’t wait for your fight.

MadsenHater Says:

I agree with not liking Madsen on TUF. What kind of punk pretends to touch gloves, then goes in for the strike. What a little B* Punk. Looks like he’s retaining water to. Whatever. Peace.

Zachary Horning Says:

Matt Hughes is one of the best UFC fighters in the business he is up their with Chick Liddell and Randy Couture. It had ben a dream to train with Hughes or even get an autograph or something. I have watched UFC for a couple of years and i have had dreams of competing in the UFC! I’m only 17 and i go to fort plain and im gunna be a welder and. I respect Matt and his style and the way he represents himself and he tells it what it is and he can back up anything he sayes in the Octagon!

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