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New House

   April 24th, 2010

Sorry about the late blog. Finally got home from the fight and immediately started moving into a new house. Moved to a place that has a little acreage at the end of a subdivision where the kids will be safe walking down the road. I can go out the back door and be on my farm in five minutes riding a 4-wheeler. Audra can go out the front door and drive to the grocery store in five minutes. It’s the best of both worlds and she can consider herself in town and I can look out any and all windows and not see a neighbor.

Everybody is probably wondering about the fight and I can say that it definitely went my way. My plan was to stay on my feet with Renzo and not give him a chance to work his slick submissions. I thought that was the most uncomfortable place for him to be and when people are uncomfortable, they tire easily. After I re-watched the fight I realized there were probably a couple of times in the second and early third round where I could have gone in for a finish, but one thing you need to realize is that people are dangerous up against the fence. If you don’t believe this statement, you need to re-watch Robbie Lawler’s last fight. I think I had the best cornermen there, Jeremy Horn, Matt Pena, Robbie Lawler, and forum-favorite, Boomtown (as Hanna likes to call him).

The other fights on my card were very interesting. The BJ Penn fight didn’t go like I had it scored, but this was the fight right after mine and I had several things going on as I watched it, so maybe my scoring wouldn’t be that accurate. From what I saw, I thought BJ won the first three rounds. Frankie’s gameplan was to use a lot of movement, but to be honest I didn’t see it as really effective striking. I thought BJ landed more power shots (even though it didn’t look like it at the end of the fight) and damage is my first criteria for judging. Second would be aggressiveness, which I don’t know if I would count Frankie’s movement as being aggressive, because it’s not like he was backing BJ up. I even think you could see the disappointment in Frankie’s eyes, when one judge gave all five rounds to one fighter, as he knew he didn’t win all rounds. So I didn’t have it as the judges had it, but I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to beat the champ. He’s the defender, you are the challenger and you have to take the belt from him. Nothing against Frankie, he’s a great guy and I wish him the best.

The Anderson fight was interesting in a whole different way. I don’t understand why Anderson didn’t want to finish the fight other than maybe he was tired. That’s really all I want to say about Anderson’s fight. Don’t know how the UFC is going to do it, but I hear talk of trying to make fighters be more entertaining.

The UFC has contacted me about a possible next fight. I can’t say who, where or when yet; but there are plenty of rumors floating around about it. As soon as I get confirmation that all is settled, I will let everybody know.

I want to thank everybody for their support and mostly the prayers. So everybody have a good weekend.

Here is the Bible verse for the week:

My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline and do not resent His rebuke, because the Lord disciplines those He loves, as a father the son he delights in. (Proverbs 3:11-12)


21 Responses to “New House”

Aaron Says:

Congrats on the Renzo fight and the new house. I keep hearing Ricardo Almeida. I think it would be a good fight. I still would like to see you beat up on Matt Serra again

Kyungae Bachman Says:

Your wife is EXTREMELY lucky! You would be the only person that could ever turn this city girl into a country girl!!! God bless you and your family! Good luck with getting settled in your new home :)

mike l Says:

good fight matt,you showed a lot of class as well

Greg Says:

Congrats Matt! I know you said that you didn’t want to jump into Renzo’s guard when he was down out of respect for his BJJ, but we all know you were looking for that standing knock out that has eluded you…and YOU GOT IT!!! Also, the helping him up was a great show of respect and dominance at the same time. Looks like you added another weapon to your arsenal with those vicious leg kicks, too!

Tim Griggs Says:

Great job Matt. If your next fight is against Ricardo I think thats a great fight for you. Have fun unpacking ! Ha Ha

Daren Croy Says:

Congrats Matt! Glad you came back safe and sound. Take care of your family, friends, and faith. Still proud to be a member of “Team Hughes!” Looking forward to hearing who’s next for you.

John King Says:

Congrats on the new house and the win!! Sounds like you have been very busy. Thanks for taking your time for us. Can’t wait to hear who is next. God Bless.

Ivan Says:


I think you are a really nice man that has great core value. If I have a kid, I would definitely like them to look up to you as their role model.

Ivan (Hong Kong)

Michelle Says:

Way to go Matt! I’m ready for another :-P

Merris Says:

When people are uncomfortable AND 48 they tire easily! lol

Kim Says:

What an amazing fight in Abu Dabi! Your footwork was CRAZY! I made my whole family watch- TWICE!
Thank you for bringing God with you and glorifying Him with integrity and excellence in your sport.

jim nicholso Says:

I would like to say thanks for all that you do Matt. Congrats on the fight. First of all I haven’t been watching MMA fights for avery long time. But, when I do like watching you of all. I have my 6 yr son watching with me. And you know how they can be when Dad gets into something hes right there. And since I’m a single parent hes’ always around. He tries to do some of your moves. And I’ve to show him how its done. Sometimes he gets carried away with it. He has hit my girlfriend pretty hard in the head sometimes when he comes off the top of the couch. I think to much wwe. Just wanted to find out if you ever come out to Colorado to the Broomfield event center to fight. I try to take my son there cause its fun and exciting. But, again thanks for everything you do. God Bless you and have a great day

Dustindwyer Says:

No problem matt! way to go buddy!

Matt Ferguson Says:

Hey neighbor.
Having grown up on a farm as well, I love the setting where I live at the end of a dead end street and see woods out 3 sides of my house. It is like living out of town and yet you are in town.
I hear there are mushrooms around your part of the woods (as well as a lot of deer, turkeys, etc.). And you have a great setting for campfires there—wonderful place for your family as the children grow.
Remember when you coached on the Ultimate Fighter and hated when guys didn’t listen to their coach—well, in your last fight you listened to your coaches in the corner.

J.R. Says:

I have already expressed to you my feeling about the fight. Most excellent strategy and execution. Now that you’re in your new house, did your strategy in building allow for a deer/turkey stand over the rear wooded area and a camphouse for your buds? Look forward to seeing you soon. Since your boat may be coming south, why don’t you come with it? Always your brother in faith. jr

Fannar Says:

Matt Hughes vs Jake shields. any comments one that

Alfredo Morales Says:

Great job on your victory, you seemed to be in great shape. I really hope you can get Denis Hallman and avenge those losses. Always enjoy your blogs, your verses at the end are very inspiring. Thank you for being a humble Champion, the belt does not make someone a Champion, as we saw proof of in the Anderson Silva fight. Best luck and God Bless!!

Dave Nemeskal Says:

Was going through Matt’s MMA stats and realized the only losses on his record since 2001 are to GSP, BJ Penn, and Thiago Alves. I’m sure you are all well aware, but I thought this was very impressive. The great thing about a Matt Hughes fight is you know you get your money’s worth, he comes to fight. As a fight fan, that’s all anyone can ask for.

Andy Says:

Hi,i’m from China and I hope you could give me some training advise~

ibot Says:

Great to see Matt fighting again!!!! Congrats on the new house!!!

UFC Undisputed Forums Says:

Very Cool Matt. Congrats on the new house. You and your family must be very excited.

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