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2010 NRA Show

   May 20th, 2010

Sorry about the late blog, this week’s been pretty hectic. We are getting ready for Audra’s brother’s high school graduation party. Trying to get things straightened up, trying to get the pool opened for the summer and trying to train for a fight, on top of all that, and it just got hectic. The UFC hasn’t told me I can release this yet, but I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ve done my paperwork to fight Ricardo Almeida on August 7th, in Oakland, CA. A lot of you know my history with the UFC, I’ve never turned down a fight and this is who they asked me to fight next.

Last weekend, I went to the 2010 NRA show. As some of you might imagine, I’m a life member of the NRA. I went there to help Browning and Otis. Friday night I even taped a commercial for Otis and when I get my hands on that I will let you know. Had a great time at the show, I got to see some old friends and see the latest product out. I hate traveling by myself, so I took my father-in-law, Jim, with me. He’s a big reason why I’m in the shooting and hunting industry and he likes to go to shows like this and look around.

Besides, everything I just told you about, I also just got back from a trip to Ft. Bragg, NC. I did a 4-hour seminar and then got to go around the base and see all the cool stuff they’ve got. It’s amazing what the technology is like today. They are shooting real guns at screens and they can simulate just about anything. I think I’ll have pictures for that for next week’s blog.

To wrap it up, my buddy Pat just broke another world record and I’ve got the video of him doing it. I like to call this the “got ‘em” video:

Finally, here is the Bible verse for this week:

Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrews 13:16)


15 Responses to “2010 NRA Show”

Boomer Says:

Good to hear buddy, you know I’ll be there root’n for yeah.

Michelle Says:

See you in Oakland Matt! Woo whoo!

Jon Says:

Dang…hate I didn’t make the NRA show I was planning to go but we’d spent all day at the range on Saturday and didn’t really feel like going Sunday…

Matt I remember you saying something about being on some hunting shows on versus, have those shows already aired?

John King Says:

Good to hear from you. Does this mean you will fight at 185? I thought Ricardo fights at that weight. Either way I’m glad you will be back in the octagon soon, last time took to long to get you back. Thanks for the blog. God Bless. Congrats to Audra’s brother.

ricky Says:

good luck with your next fight! i know your going beat him just keep an eye out for those nasty submissions! thanks for always posting on your blog and for being the kind of man everybody can look up to and most of all thanks for not forgetting where you come from

Jon Says:


Almedia dropped to 170 he fought Matt Brown at that weight not too long ago. Almedia is a beast it should be a very good fight…I gotta pull for Hughes even though I really like Almedia.

John King Says:

thanks for the info Jon

Tanner Seuntjens Says:

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel Says:

You go Matt Hughes! God bless you!

Craig Says:

The UFC is just trying to build another youngest off the champ. Please don’t take it lightly Matt…he’s going to be a tough one and also a fight that puts you back in title contention!

Jon Says:

I think Hughes will pull it out…he beat Almeida in a pure grappling match a few years back and they’re pretty even in the stand up. Should be a great fight.

Good luck in the fight!!

**I totally screwed up spelling Ricardo’s name in my last post…haha my bad.

dustindwyer Says:

Thats awsome Matt! im pumped to see you fight again. hope you kick some more ass!

Pattrick is an amazing shooter cant bellive he can do that stuff. Very cool

A.J. Theiss Says:

Hey Matt I met you at the convention and I just wanted to thank you for showing up to represent Browning and the great firearms that they make. Good luck in your next fight.

Jon Says:

has anyone got the new UFC game?? Matt is repping Browning shorts in it.

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