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UFC 114

   May 28th, 2010

I wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend. It looks like we will have some nice weather here in the midwest. I’m actually heading to Vegas as we speak to go to the Fan Expo tonight and then the UFC tomorrow night. I look forward to the main event. Even though I didn’t watch any of the Ultimate Fighter that Jackson and Evans coached, I know that these two have a genuine dislike for each other. I know both of them pretty well and I think the fight could go either way. I do have some news to tell, but I’m going to wait until next week to do that. You guys will probably figure it out before I blog about it.

On the training side, things have been going great. I took a few weeks off after my last fight and now I’ve jumped right back into it. To be real honest, I would say that I’m in shape right now for this fight.

Last week, I told you all about the graduation party at my house for my brother-in-law. Well here are a few pictures from that:

Like I started out with, I hope everybody has a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

Here is the Bible verse for this week:

I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you. (Isaiah 44:22)


23 Responses to “UFC 114”

Kyungae Bachman Says:

Thanks for sharing the pics….your fans enjoy them! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend too!

Craig Says:

HALL OF FAMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Matt you deserve it and God bless.

dennis alfiler Says:

sir, im your avid fan eversince im watching ufc, im from far far country philippines, i know you know this place, its so beautiful place but corrupt politicians(lol) im just wondering why i cant see the picture of your wife.. im just asking sir…. coz your handsome so i think your wife also is so pretty…. i think to be happy family can you post also your picture wife together with you and your beatiful angels… thank you sir…. god bless

John King Says:

Matt, thanks for the blog again. Looks like the family and friends are having a good time. Thanks for making us wait!!!!!! Hall of fame? I hope so and you do deserve that for sure. Is there a chance your fight will be in Indianapolis? I heard a rumor they were coming soon, I hope so and yes before you ask I will be your water boy in the corner for that one! ha. God Bless, good luck

John King Says:

Hall of Famer!!!!!! I just read that on Matt you are the man and we all knew you would be there eventually but this is awesome for you and us fans. Congrats!!! I know you don’t like to talk about yourself so I will do it for you. You are the best ever not only as a fighter but how you treat us fans and others. That alone deserves to be recognized. Thanks again for everything you do and congrats you deserve this!!! God Bless

Mark Says:

IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME!!!! Congrats on yer HALL OF FAME induction. Although it’s a great acheivement, remember that God has only just begun with you. There’s more blessings and victories ahead. God bless!

Robin Robb Says:

I’m so disapointed we missed you at the expo Friday. Any chance you’ll make another appearance at the expo Sat.?
God Bless!

Daniel Says:

You are easy the most deserving to be in the Hall of Fame so far. I think this might be a little early look at Randy he got the Hall of Fame nod then went on to win another world title. The last thing is I think it is complete crap that you are not ranked in the top ten in welterwegihts you are 44-7 and three of those loses are to guys in the top ten. You don’t get nearly enough credit for beinging one best mixed martial artists ever.

marcus Says:

Hall Of Fame is great man…I’m sure this must be exciting news for you and your family….Congrats to you sir and may you and your family be well for a lifetime.

kim Says:

congrats on the HOF nod! more importantly… baby girl is beautiful!!!! take care!

Keegan Says:

Hey Matt!Man I’m so excited you’re in the UFC Hall Of Fame.I’ve been watching you for a long time now.I’m always checking your site daily.To see how you’re doing.Watched the fan expo ceremony.You have accomplished so much in MMA.So glad to have been watching you.You’ve made a big impact on my life.I read your book.You are an amazing guy.Thanks for keeping in touch with us fans on this site.Means a lot.Hope you and your family the best sir! Keegan.

Garrett Says:

Congrats on the Hall of Fame. You’re a great guy and you deserve it.

Marlin Says:

Hi Matt,

My first time here. I’ve always admired you as a fighter and thought you to be a man of high integrity. Just reading your post I am so impressed. You are a nice guy with strong family and religious values. I hope you will always stay with the UFC in some capacity. Best wishes to you and your family.

mike Says:

Hello Matt, I first saw you when you KOed Newton for the title. I didnt even like MMA, But once I saw you in that fight and the way your built, well lets just say I loved it. You inspired me to workout. Im trying to get built like you are, but time is running out. Im 16 years older than you are, but I keep trying. I wish you luck in the future. Take care

Mike Says:

Great pics nice looking family. Matt! We know you are very dangerous in the octagon…but you look especially dangerous behind the bar-b-q grill. LOL Congrats on the Hall of fame.



Vinny Says:

Congrats Mr. Hughes on The UFC Hall of Fame. God bless

Austin Says:

Congratulations on the Hall of Fame Matt, very well deserved.

I’ve been a huge fan of yours ever since I got into MMA several years ago. I remember how much most people respected you, but then you got so successful that a lot of people began to dislike you and either write or say derogatory things about you that I just can’t believe are true from the way you carry yourself.

I think now with you being less active in the fight game your detractors are finally beginning to realize what you’ve done for the sport and just how incredible your career has been. I still see some whining and complaining from GSP fans that demand he be considered the greatest WW of all time, but I’ve seen plenty more rational people tell these guys that when GSP manages a decade of what he’s doing now, then maybe he can be considered an all time great. In most of our books, #1 WW of all time belongs to you, and I think you will always be remembered as the best of your era.

I’m looking forward to your next fight, and however many you think you have left in you. I still would love to see one more run as a champion, but like all things, it will be as God wills it.

Curtis Says:

Congratulations on the induction Matt. As one of the pioneers of the sport you definitely deserve it.

Thanks for sharing the pictures we all appreciate it.

Victor Augusto Says:

Glad to see that you’re spending some time around with your family!!!!!!!!

brandon hughes Says:

im 13 and do mma in nc.. and ur one of my favorite ufc fighter and that fight u put on in ur last fight was awesome and u should have thrown a superman with those leg kicks and u were so close to getting ur ko and id like to u for ur time reading this

Eemeli Kontkanen Says:

MATT! i hope u read these comments, i would be even honored if you would read my comment. I just want to say shortly how much I like you.. I got into UFC from the ultimate fighter 1 and ever since that i have been following it like crazy, and have been a fan of yours ever since tuf 2.. Its always a pleasure to watch you fight and read your blogs.. Good luck aganist ricardo almeida!

marco calderon Says:

Hola matt, soy de Peru y quiza no comprendas lo que te digo pero en verdad eres un ejemplo de deportista y tienes todas las caracteristicas de un buen luchador, ademas de un buen hijo y un buen padre, aqui en Peru siempre veo tus peleas sea por la tv. o en internet. Me sorprendio mucho la pelea que tuviste con newton donde casi le arrancas la cabeza, soy tu idolo y espero que alguien pueda leer esto y traducirtelo para que puedas saber que aqui en Peru esta tu amigo y demas fans, espero tambien puedas responderme para saber que te llego mi mensaje, no sabes lo feliz que seria si me respondes, es mas en el 2011 pienso ir a las vegas y conocerte personalmente…un fuerte abrazo de tu amigo …marco calderon.

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