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Happy Birthday Matt and Mark!

   October 13th, 2010

Happy Birthday

Don’t forget to wish Matt and Mark a Happy 37th Birthday today. You can also post a birthday message for each of them in the forums.

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Matt and Mark!”

Jared Says:

Happy Birthday boys! God bless ya.

LTrain Says:

Happy birthday, Matt! I’m sure you’re training hard, but make some time for a good meal and some birthday cake!!!!

Fannar Says:

happy birthday guys… matt blog soon i am waiting :)

Clair J Muir Says:

Matt and Mark Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! God Bless you all!!!!!!

Lynnette Says:

Happy birthday (belated, sorry!) to my favorite UFC fighter—-and his brother too of course!!

Victor Augusto Says:

Sorry, man !! I know that I’m late ! So, anyway … happy birthday to you and Mark !!! God bless you and your adorable family !!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From you biggest fan.

jb Says:

Happy late b-day, and whatever happened to Mark signing back with the UFC. Getting up there in age to be coming back.

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