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   October 14th, 2010

We had a great time at the Indianapolis UFC, I wish a few of the fights had been a little more exciting; but you just never know what you’re going to get. Hanna did pretty good, although I doubt Audra is going to take her to Detroit. She’s only 4 and most of the time we sat next to Dana right at the octagon, I just hope that she’ll remember that when she gets older.

Training is going great, I caught my body where I never got out of shape, so my lifting, my technique and my cardio are really good.

I have a press release for an upcoming project that I wanted to share with you:

Texas Trophy Hunters
Matt Hughes

San Antonio, Texas – Texas Trophy Hunters Association (TTHA) proudly announces that Matt Hughes will be joining TTHA as host of its television program, TROPHY HUNTERS TV®. Matt is one of the most dominant fighters in the history of the UFC® as a 2-time welterweight champion with a 45-7 record and is a member of the UFC® Hall of Fame. Matt is also a TTHA Platinum Lifetime Member.
Matt will appear as host and be featured in the field for TROPHY HUNTERS TV® beginning January 2011. While Matt continues to train and compete among the ranks of the UFC®’s best athletes, he is also an avid hunter, outdoorsman and devoted family man.
Matt Hughes “I am proud to be a part of TTHA and will honorably carry on the tradition that Jerry Johnston established as host of TTHA’s television programs. I look forward to sharing many exciting adventures and my love of the outdoors with all of our members and viewers”, Matt states.
“As founder of TTHA and the visionary behind TTHA’s television programs, Jerry Johnston is truly a pioneer in the outdoor industry. We hope to continue Jerry’s goals for excellence in outdoor programming. We are honored to have Matt as our host because he has the heart of a champion and has a true respect and appreciation for all things hunting. Matt believes as TTHA believes in the protection of our right to hunt, the right to bear arms and the responsibility of advocacy and education to preserve these rights for future generations”, adds Joe Betar, President of Texas Trophy Hunters Association.
You can catch Matt Hughes and all the action of TROPHY HUNTERS TV® Saturdays at 8:00 pm EST/7:00 pm CST, beginning January 2011, on Outdoor Channel. Outdoor Channel airs on DirecTV Channel 606; Dish Network Channel 153 or check your local cable provider for additional listings.
To learn more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact Hal Gahm, VP Sales, TTHA, at or call 210.491.2110 or 210.310.9499.

TTHA strives to unite all segments of the hunting community for the dissemination of information and joining of energies to promote and protect our hunting heritage. Founded in 1975, TTHA, a membership-based organization, publishes a bimonthly magazine, The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters, and produces the award-winning outdoor television program, Trophy Hunters TV. In addition, TTHA hosts the Hunters Extravaganza outdoor expositions, renowned as the largest whitetail hunting shows in the South. For membership information, please join online at or contact TTHA Membership Services at (877) 261-2541.

About Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc.
Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: OUTD) owns and operates Outdoor Channel, America’s leader in outdoor TV, and Winnercomm Inc., an Emmy Award winning production and interactive company. Outdoor Channel offers programming that captures the excitement of hunting, fishing, shooting, off-road motorsports, adventure and the Western lifestyle and can be viewed on multiple platforms including high definition, video-on-demand, as well as on a dynamic broadband website. Winnercomm Inc. is one of America’s leading and highest quality producers of live sporting events and sports series for cable and broadcast television. Winnercomm also owns and operates the patented Skycam and CableCam aerial camera systems which provide dramatic overhead camera angles for major sports events, including college and NFL football. For more information, please visit

Here is the Bible verse for this week and thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes:

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your Good Spirit lead me on level ground. (Psalm 143:10)


10 Responses to “Texas Trophy Hunters”

Brian M Says:

Matt, good luck on your upcoming fight with BJ. We always host fight parties in our shop and you are definately the crowd favorite, just remember not to over grease your shoulders as this has led to BJ thowing in the towel and nobody wants to see the fight end that way. You may not realize it but you have a lot of fans who are also avid hunters. I was wondering if you have ever considered putting a photo gallery up for your fans to submit pics of thier game? Just wondering. Anyways cant wait to watch your victory over BJ. Western Oregon will be cheering you on!! Brian.

raymond payne Says:

Congrats Matt I will watch your show and look forward to it I think you will do a great job and wish you the best.

Lightopia Says:

Congrats on the show. I hope to catch it in my area.

Ricky T Says:

Matt, im a huge fan of yours and im also a pro hunting guide. i have guided deer, turkeyand bear hunters all over the country. and in your home state at mid-west whitetal adventues. cant wait for your show im sure you will do a great job. can’t wait for nov when you beat bj again

John King Says:

Matt, I was lucky enough to meet you again at Indy. It still amazes me how down to earth you are. I appreciate that as do my kids. I only had one with me so I heard it from the other 2 that they didn’t get to see you. I seen your little Hanna next to you at the fight, she is still a bit restless. When you guys left I was like why didn’t Matt call me to take his seats. We were 5 rows from the top!! lol. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off. God Bless. Good job on the Texas trophy hunters also.

jake Says:

wutsup dude

jake Says:

Your the man Matt. I’m 23 years old and I look up to you as an idol. Theirs nothing in this world that would make my day more then seeing you demolish BJ Penn. Knock his Hawiann ass out!!

Steve Crawford Says:

Matt I am thankful for your clear testimony for Christ. You are my favorite UFC warrior. I can’t want to see you put another “W” in the win collumn againt BJ. I hope you knock him out or submit him in 1 minute or less. Let this be his last fight!

Ben Says:

I cant belive you forgot to move your site back to 20yrds.. I use a BowTech bow with a Trophy Ridge arrow rest and single site cant remember who made it . How big was that white tail you missed anyways? Just kidden dont want to get the CHAMP angered. Good luck at the BJ Penn fight I wish I could be there to see you fight one time in my life you are the best of the best. God Bless you and your family…
Ben lillard

Rich Says:

When you’re in Texas, if you want to come and hunt some hogs, let me know. We got 100lb all the way to 300+ hogs where I hunt.

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