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Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn – UFC 123 Official OMR Walkout Shirt

   November 18th, 2010

Official Matt Hughes One More Round Walkout Shirt (click on the images below to order your shirt):

OMR - UFC 123

This is the official shirt that Matt will be wearing when he walks out to face BJ Penn on November 20th, 2010 at UFC 123 in Detroit, MI. We have the shirt available to order now in our online store, the price is $34 in sizes ranging from small through 2XL. You can have the shirt autographed by Matt for an extra $20 (portions of which are donated to the Rancho3M Orphanage in Mexico).

NOTE: If you choose to have the shirt autographed, then it will delay shipment of your order until after Matt has returned from his fight. Non-autographed shirts will be shipped out within 1-2 business days.

OMR - UFC 123 - shirt

46 Responses to “Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn – UFC 123 Official OMR Walkout Shirt”

NateR Says:

Just a quick note: if you want to take advantage of the free autograph, then just mention it in the comments box when placing your order. Otherwise, selecting “yes” in the autograph option box will automatically add $20 to your order. Of course, that money will be refunded back, but we understand that an unexpected $20 charge might cause some complications with people’s finances.

So, you should select “no” when it asks for an autograph and then just specify that you want the free autograph in the comments box. If for some reason, you don’t make the 100 order cut off, then Brian will contact you to see if you still want the autograph (at which point you will be charged the $20), or if you just want the shirt sans autograph.

Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion.

Jake Says:

I like the shirt!! War Hughes!!!!!!!

David_Banner Says:

Is there anyway to get another type/style/design of shirt autographed by Matt?

Joey Says:

Hey ima 155′er that naturally weighs 162 what size do they gets cause i know some of the past OMR have ran big!

dustin dwyer Says:

Lets gooooooo Matt! Take the win tommorow buddy! Love yah!

Mike Petty Says:


Regarding UFC123: BJ got lucky. It happens with 4 oz. gloves. Stay motivated and stay in the game. We love you.

Daren Croy Says:

Hey Matt,

Not the way Team Hughes was hoping it would turn out…BJ looked pretty fired up pre-fight. Hope your head clears and your spirit stays strong. Win or Lose…Go Team Hughes! Romans 8:28
Daren C
Southern OR

keith silva Says:

Matt as much as I love to see u fight tonight killed me seeing you lose I think you have honestly done enough with the sport that maybe you should hang up the Gloves

dustin dwyer Says:

Hey Matt, hard loss. I dident see that comming at all. Keep you chin up and take care of yourself.. its not the end of the the world. Lots of love from Canada!

Joe Says:

It seems that every loss stems from a stand up shot to the chin. Show me when someone took Hughes down, out wrestled him, or was in better shape. Not sure why he decides to stand toe to toe at the beginning of all fights. No shame in circling for a few minutes then shooting for a takedown. Call me crazy bit maybe aim to turn every fight into a wrestling match???

Fannar Says:

mr Hughes u was the man i cot in to mma, my first mma fight was u and thiago,after that i watch all ur figghts, and if it is an expert on matt hughes i thing i am one of those, u got a god shot from bj, nothin else u didnt even gat to start on ur game plan it was over before it becone ,i know u are the better fighter but u got got i am very sorry, first time i gried during an mma fight. but rembember i pried for u, and alot of other christian people did that, but it was not the lord,s way this time, and u and ur famyli should be very proud becouse i am, my cristian brother, take care u will always be my hero, no stress, would love to pray with you if u come to norway some time,take care ……….Fannar

Jake Says:

Dammit!! I nearly freakin cried when I saw the ending of that fight : ( Try not to worry Matt. I know you wish you could rewind time and start that first round over, but thats a fight and anything can happen. Be good brother and you will always be the MAN!!!

Raymond Says:

Atleast you still got hunting season. But no way can you go out like that so you have got to fight again

Keegan Says:

That loss was hard to swallow. BJ Penn at least showed good sportsmanship and said you were his role model. You just caught and things will smooth out from here on. Pray to God and things will turn out the way they should. You’ll always be my role model in the sport and your legacy will never be tarnished.

jase Says:

tough loss matt. really wanted to see your hand raised. Have you thought about a Hallman rematch? as far as i know he’s the only other person you’ve lost to.

JB Says:

I was certainly bummed to see the fight end in such an immediate and drastic way. Obviously there was a lot of dissapointment on Matt’s face and in his words. Reguardless of the outcome though I was proud of Matt’s composure and attitude following a very tough and emotional loss. Very humble, very classy, very inspiring. What a Champ, he’s been a long time favorite of mine. Thanks Matt

bob Says:

A few weeks ago I commented that BJ is probably one of the best boxers in the welterweight division while Hughes is probably just at par. Sitting their and wanting to trade with Penn who has mega power in his hands is just so dangerous. I had bets going that this is pretty much how the fight would pan out. If hughes could withstand the early hurricane he would win, but the hurricane is what I figured would be the end of the fight. Though one Hughes. My thoughts on future fights. A trilogy match with Hallman.

Jaime Says:

I was shocked at the way the fight ended last night, but never give up hope. I know you were very disappointed and so was I; but you still have a few fights left I think!! You were and always are my favorite fighter!! Love ya!

Joey Says:

Matt im one of your biggest fans you got me into mma and I wanna say keep your head up you won a BIG fight against Almeida earlier this year, that was the best BJ weve seen in a LONG time, and the fight was just getting started so had that punch landed a decimeter in any direction who knows how the fight would have ended. ANYBODY can get caught with a good punch thats the danger of standing and I know you know this, but I would love to see you fight ONE LAST TIME PLEASE! DAN HARDY, CARLOS CONDIT, OR MATT SERRA WOULD BE AWESOME!!! I wanna see you make it into a GNP Expo on one of those guys!

Joe Says:

I know you are disappointed and this may be a step back. But I believe in you! I think you can take the title back if you wish. So do what makes you happy. I selfishly hope you will get a rematch with Penn and make a title run. But of course you may have other ideas. So God Bless you and your family. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Victor Augusto Says:

Dear friend,
I just couldn’ t believe ! I saw it happens but I still think that its not for real !!!! But I know something else : God’s time it’s not our time … don’t be upset ! Don’t hang up your gloves ! Don’t care about some comments !! When I looked into BJ’s eyes I´ve seen something wrong ; not that ” eye of the tiger ” ! But that look of rage … and I know it’s not good ; something really evil…
Still praying and asking Jesus to take good care of you and your family . And I hope I can sill be one of your friends and also part of the team. Go TEAM HUGHES !!! #Armyoftheone

Dave Says:

I know you will keep your head up, you are a true professional and will always be a Champion in my book. I lost my wife when she was 29 to cancer and from that point I truly believe everything happens for a reason. We may not like what happens but there is a higher power and we just have to believe. Live life to the fullest every day, we know not what tomorrow holds. Spend some time with your family and have a great holiday season. See ya in 2011………..

Ben Says:

I have always enjoyed watching you compete in MMA.
I had the honor of meeting you briefly in KC before the Royce fight.
You are a good competitor, and a good man.
Your fans love you.

Lynnette Says:

Chin up Matt. Everyone has a bad day at work. Your fans still love you.

Dedra Tingle Says:

You are my favorite fighter, always have been and always will be. Obiviously BJ got lucky Saturday night! I no your the best and always will be. I can’t wait to see your next fight. You have lots more left in you!! Keep your head up, God’s will be done. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas! God Bless you!

Bonedoc Says:

Love ya Matt. My heart sunk for you but you know something …. getting caught is …. just getting caught, thats it. No way to prepare good enough for a lucky shot. Keep fighting man. You will catch the next one. God Bless.

Lynnette Says:

Right on Bonedoc. Well said.

bob Says:

I don’t understand something. What makes what happened to hughes a “lucky shot (punch).” Penn threw it with every intent on it landing. So where was the luck. He threw it and it landed. Nothing lucky about that. If hughes landed it would you say, “great fight matt, but that was just a lucky punch.” I don’t think so. Matt decided to go toe-to-toe with one of the best boxers in the welterweight division and got hit by a counter-punch. Thats what happens with 4 oz gloves. Hughes has always had questionable hands when it comes to knockout power. He has never had a ko or a tko that was started by punches while standing. All of his tko’s were started by a takedown. Dust yourself off and get back to the drawking board.

Jake Says:

He TKO’d Renzo Gracie standing up. I believe Matt has good hands but has been wrestling all his life, he’s great at it, and that’s his sencond nature.

Joe D Says:

Let me help you understand. There is a bit of luck in almost anything we all do for fun or professionally. No matter how good at our job, sometimes we are unlucky. If Matt did this, or if Matt did that it, is irrelevant. The outcome is unfortunate and Matt’s fans are trying to say something encouraging to him. So that brings me to a question who the #### are you! Furthermore what makes you think anyone here needs your critique of the fight?

John King Says:

Matt, No one likes to lose and you are my favorite fighter and always will be. I was impressed that BJ even said it happens in this sport and it doesn’t take away from you as a fighter so put it behind you and come back with the fire in your eyes. Win or lose you are the guy that helped make the sport what it is and who made me a fan of mma. God Bless

NateR Says:

Normally, I delete comments like Bob’s, because I think that trying to give a fighter advice after a loss is just such a classless and disrespectful thing to do. I don’t even know any professional fighters who would give criticism or advice to another fighter that wasn’t asked for. However, I didn’t catch this comment in time and the responses have addressed it pretty well, so I’m going to let it stay.

Matt already has a boxing coach, so veiled insults from “fans” disguised as advice, or even honest advice from well-intentioned fans, are simply not necessary.

Nate Manningfield Says:

Bob’s comment is over the top for sure, but his point about BJ getting in a lucky punch is valid. Nothing about BJ’s or Matt’s striking is luck. They’re both professional veteran fighters who’ve logged thousands of hours of MMA training and BJ was just the better man on Saturday. His game plan without a doubt was to take out Matt as early as possible, as he knew Matt would get the better of him in the later rounds. I just wish Matt wouldn’t have stood toe to toe in exchanging with BJ as he did in his past two fights with Gracie and Ricardo. Even Frankie Edgar knew better and moved around like a guy on crack so BJ wouldn’t get that “lucky” punch in.

Austin Says:

I agree with Nate. No such thing as a lucky punch, this is MMA, it’s 4 oz. gloves, this type of thing happens. No big deal. I mean yeah I was very disappointed that Hughes lost, but I bet Matt will be the first to tell us that it’s God’s will and there are more important things in life.

BJ is no scrub, he’s a legit top 5 fighter in the world on any given night. Hughes ran into a Penn that was primed for this fight. If this BJ comes out against GSP, I have no doubt he could take GSP out just like that too.

Jeni J Says:

Matt – my heart sank for you….and still hurts…..but you will ALWAYS and FOREVER be mine and my sister’s FAVORITE fighter!!!! XOXO

Abel Gutierrez Says:

Matt my heart sank when I saw that fight you are my favorite fighter of all time and you always will be. I was there live and I sat really close to Mark, it was my first UFC event I saw live. Win or Lose I’m glad I got to see you fight and promise to go to your next one if its in the states. GOD BLESS
PS:BJ closed his eyes when he threw that punch so it was lucky

Abel Gutierrez Says:

PSS: Say hello to Mark for me :)

jake Says:

I really have to say, eventhough the fight lasted only 21 seconds against a real good bj penn. Matt looked good on his feet. Light on his feet and it looked like his punches were real quick and sharp. His hands look real nice and I wanna see him fight again!!!

Joey Says:

Matt fight Jake Shields!!! you can outwrestle/strike/and out power him, I love you your the reason I began training MMA please dont give up just yet you have two good fights in you Serra is still ornery about his loss for some reason he thinks that head butt was a right straight finish him, then go show Joe Rogan that Jake Shields is not a better grappler than you god bless have a Merry XMAS and PLEASE come back!!!

Kim Says:


No matter how many fights you win or lose you are still my favorite fighter in the UFC.
Better luck next time! Can’t wait for your next fight.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.
God bless!

Gary Says:


Sorry, about the lost to BJ. As Christians, we will all get knocked down from time to time but, we will never get knocked out. We have the Lord Jesus Christ to always pick us back up. Keep up the good fight Matt. God bless!

Aaron W. Says:

Hey Matt,
I know that as crushed as all of us (your fans) were, you we even more disappointed. You’re an awesome man and fighter….A name that I’ve failed to see yet is Jake Shields….I’d love to see you return and get back on track by taking out an overrated fighter such as him…..WAR HUGHES!!!!

Jake Says:

Jake Sheilds? I like to see him demolish Josh Koscheck! Eventhough I’m rooting for Josh Koscheck against GSP, I think Matt would take the win against Koscheck!

Kelly Jo Says:

Matt- I just wanted to say that although your fight with BJ went like it did, I truely believe everything happens for a reason. I really hope that is not the last image I have of you fighting but if you choose to retire, I just wish all the best to you and your family. The photos of all of you are really great and I hope you all enjoy the holidays this year! Take care and good luck with everything!

chris coleman Says:

dont give up buddy. u have such a legacy and are a champion in the hearts of many people.(even those who wont admit it) your my hero and my kids hero. my 7 year old doesnt even like to watch cartoons anymore, he always wants to watch ur fights. that was ur first loss since 08. your still the man and i hope u make another run.

best wishes
chris coleman

Dave wessely Says:

u do have fans in Australia my underground mining mates and i offen talked about u and ur fights and how ur a freek of nature in the lunch room, maybe if get sick of fighting u can come down under and i will get u a mining job, love to have u, thanks for the motivation over the years (luck favours the prepared)
Thanks Dave

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