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Happy Thanksgiving!

   November 25th, 2010

From our family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hughes Family

Sitting here this morning, I realize how much I’ve got to be thankful for. Most of it being my family, but there is much more on top of that.

I will reflect more on the fight in a bit, but I do want to say thanks for all the support and concern for me. I’ve been on my website and a little on my Facebook and I’ve read all the encouragement. So once again, hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. God Bless.

The Bible verse for this week:

For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not: I will help thee. (Isaiah 41-13)


38 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Nate Says:

Thanks and same to you.

matt Says:

thanks matt you are a great dude and i great champ

jase Says:

Happy Thanksgiving Matt. To Matt and all that read this be thankful for all that we have as God has said to Job “Who has given to me that I should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heaven is Mine.” In other words God created everything even time. Be thankful for your time here cause your time is in actuallity God’s. Thank you God for all that’s been given to us even though we have a tendency ruin it (we brought sin into this world) and that is why I must say that I am most thankfull for our forgiveness in Christ Jesus. amen

Brad Says:

Matt, You are still one of the most respected, most decorated, and a guy that I admire very much!

zach Says:

Happy Thanksgiving to u 2 buddy… sorry bout this past saturday.. u got caught bud thats the fight game.. if u dont lose u can’t learn and get better, more importantly u aint fightin’ the right people.. u fought a tough opponent and it was his night.. felt really bad for ya cause i know how important this fight was to u and i kno how hard ya worked for it.. didnt even get a chance to show the world how prepared and how much effort u put out… but im def a hardcore fan 4 life and i look forward to u bouncing back.. it’s gotta be hard to get motivated considering u’ve done everything in the sport.. very few fights left out there that interest u im sure.. but u have millions of people that put u in your prime as the greatest of all times! much support in whatever u choose to do next

ster J Says:

your oldest daughter looks a lot like your wife. Congrats to you on your wonderful career and family. Through your career you were able to touch and change many peoples lives, and provide tons of entertainment on saturday nights. You are and will always be one of the best at WW. I believe you could do fine against someone who isnt a great striker. I think you would fair very well against Fitch I really do. Have a great holiday season. Hey its your job to fight and winning would be great every time but its not how it goes, but you still went out there and provided for your family. Lets all be thankful for jobs and the health of our loved ones. Thanks for saturday night always look forward to watching you fight. I got off the band wagon due to some political blogs not that i disagreed just didnt want to read all about it. But you are a class act and I better see you in the cage again. If that sounded like a threat it wasnt. Thanks Matt

Fannar Says:

thats the way to go, u are a lucky man and has a wonderfull family, life goes up and down all the time just has to remember al the things we have and enjoy the holiday. thanks for taking the time to write to your fans, best recards from Norway

chad Says:

Although i’m a big bj penn fan, after watching your prefight post fight, and all other interviews, I became a big fan of yours!!! You are truly a great model for the sport of mma and wrestling but most especially a great man of God! Thanks for all your contributions to the sport of MMA. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Matt Hughes fan, the most decorated WW champion in the UFC.. God Bless You Matt and Family.

Lynnette Says:

I still proudly sported my Team Hughes shirt today Matt. If your fans are true, they stand behind you always. You guys look great, babys getting big!!

Todd Says:

You’re a great champ and a wonderful God loving man!

Bobby Says:

Great to see your back into the swing of things! I know what the fight did for your fans so it has to be a million times worse for you. Enjoy the holiday with you family and God will lead you to what your future holds.

andy Says:

hey matt you have accomplished so much in your mma career u knw the ups and downs of the fighting world keep your head up high and dnt let one little mistake dictate your greatness as a top contender happy holidays and get back on that horse one more round

Gord fro Canada Says:

From my family to your family Matt, have a happy thanksgiving down south in the USA, keep your head held high and walk proud my friend, you desrve it. From one hunter to another “Miss the buck of a life time, get back in the stand and try again.
God bless you and your family.
Gord from Canada.

Patrick Simpson Says:

God bless you and yours Matt. Lots of love from Canada!!

steve from australia Says:

You are still number one to me and my friends. I will continue to say that,” I am a Matt Hughes supporter”.


Jake Says:


sue Says:

Didnt know at the time of our plane ride from St.Louis to DFW you are a champion!!My son is so jealous I asked you your name and sat by you on the plane,If I had only knew!!Will try and watch your next fight.

pain peters Says:

always my favorite fighter!

Jim DuBois Says:

Thanks for the Thanksgiving blessing and the new verse of encouragement. The Florida shark fishing invitation is still open.

mark hatcher Says:

You are and always be my favorite fighter of all times. Continue to be the GODLY man that you are and thats all you need to do. You have nothing to prove in the fight world that you have not proved already. you have beaten the best. You have been the best. Hall of famer. You have been beat by the best thats the way the fight game goes. Enjoy some time off and go shoot a big buck or fight again. Whatever you do know that you are truly blessed and you have always been a true warrior for Christ thats what really matters. Stay cool.

mark hatcher Says:

Hey Matt if you get time could you email me back some time with a good word or somethin. Iwould like to brag and tell my wife that Matt hughes actually emailed me. I live down here in North Carolina and the UFC dont come here to often at all so needless to say i have never been to a UFC event but i am still a big fan from the beginning. Stay blessed and shoot a biggun.

Nick Says:

One more title. whaddya say?

DaveCromwell Says:

You have a beautiful family there, Matt. You are my favorite UFC fighter of all time. You are an inspiration to me – both as an athlete and a family man.

God bless.

David_Banner Says:

Win, Lose or Draw, you will always be the best. ALWAYS.

dustin dwyer Says:

Happy Thanks giving matt. I hope you have a realy good day with your family.
Even though you lost your fight all your fans are still with you! Your the best man…. always will be. Thank you for bringing me into MMA. If it wasent for you i would have never started watching or participateing in the sport.
You are a true legend and a great man.
Thank you for everything.
Canadian Fan!

Jase Castillo Says:

Matt – I live in Hawaii, and I’m a BJ Fan. However, I always had the greatest respect for you. You’ve always stood proud, strong, mature, and respectable. You are a no-nonsense type of guy that just put things the way it is. You displayed TRUE CLASS and HUMILITY, before and after the fight. You are a great fighter, a good person, and an awesome Champ. Believe it or not, you really have the respect of many BJ fans. Take care, and continue to move forward and God Bless. Aloha, Jase

Brent Abielz Says:

Hey Matt, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I met you in Junction, TX at the Wild Game Dinner, I just wanted to say thank you again for the autographs and taking time to do that for fans. I gave you and a few friends or table members a couple of Hunting Business cards for Check it out if you have time, I know your an avid hunter and have seen you on the TTHA website. Would be great to get you out on a Hunt in the Texas Hill Country. Thanks again!

Clair J Muir Says:

Matt, You are a class act and always have been!! We could all learn alot from you on how to live our lives and be good Christians !! God Bless you and your family!!!!

gabe Says:

Hey, Matt Hughes you are by far the best UFC fighter there has ever been!!! Ive been a fan of yours since i saw you for the first time on t.v. I am so impressed with all of your fights and even more impressed with your faith. Honestly, i would expect you to win over anyone you fight includung GSP and Bj. You are simply the best and God has given you an amazing gift. Please continue showing everyone what an amazing fighter you are and how important your faith is to you. You inspire me and thanks for all your fights, you are number one and will always be the champ in my mind. Happy Holidays!

Jaffar Says:

Hay Matt,

You always gonna be my hero, no matter what….. God bless : )



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Ty Says:

Hi, Matt:
You are my Brother In Christ, and my favorite UFC fighter! Thank you for your stand for CHRIST, and God Bless and keep you and your family ALWAYS!!!
God’s Love and Grace to you!!!!!

John King Says:

Matt, great family photo! You are the best ever, thanks for doing this for us fans and God Bless.

Brad Says:

Haha, I accidently posted this on an old blog. Im sure you get a bazillion messages on here but I wanted to tell you I look up to you as a christian and a fighter. Ive been a christian my whole life but Ive had an internal revival as of late and I enjoy reading your Bible passages you post on your website. In regards to your last fight I hope you keep your head up. Youve put on some of the most amazing fights in history. I know you may be undecided on whether to retire or not but Im going to pray for you and your decision and regardless of what you decide thank you for some of the most epic fights Ive ever seen.

Anil Says:

Matt: As you are a thinking fighter and a concerned citizen, perhaps you would find this ‘project’ useful: we read often in the news of girls/women being strangled by their partners/criminals/husbands/boyfriends. Is it possible to develop a defense for them to escape from or avoid such a stranglehold? Perhaps using jiujitsu or other principles so that even weaker victims can use.

chris coleman Says:

matt: i hope u dont quit bud. ur my hero and i love watching u fight. its a dream of mine to meet u. if u have time it would be awesome to get an email from u

good luck and cant wait for ur next fight

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