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Lawler KO’s Lindland

   December 10th, 2010

Robbie’s fight went just like I thought it would to be honest. I knew Matt was going to have a hard time taking Robbie down and I also figured Matt was going to have a hard time striking with him. One thing I’ll say is that Robbie was really ready for this fight. Robbie said that he thought Matt was going to try standing with him for a little while; so we were all hoping Matt would make that mistake. I only had two pieces of advice for Robbie in the locker room: 1) fight in the middle of the cage, don’t even go near the cage and definitely stay off of it; 2) don’t be too aggressive out there, make it an even fight, don’t rush Matt but make him come to you. I just didn’t want Robbie to overcommit. It’s a lot easier to connect with punches and also take somebody down if they’re stepping into you. But I’ll tell you what, when I saw Robbie before he entered the cage I knew Matt was going to have a hard night. To be honest, I didn’t say anything while in the corner because I was so confident in what Robbie was going to do out there. So 50 seconds after the start of the fight, I’m looking through the cage telling Robbie that he did a good job. He was pretty excited and so were we all.

This first picture is in the locker room after the fight:

Strikeforce STL

This is the punch that started the vicious combination that put Lindland to the ground:

Robbie uppercut

Well, my buddy Boomer was at the fights and actually came up a little early and stayed with me. Usually on these trips we get a Boomer-tale. Well my buddy didn’t write one this time; but another forum member, Jeff Crow, was at the fights and told his tale of what happened:

GSP and Koscheck fight this weekend and I think it will be an interesting fight. I actually think Koscheck will make it more of a fight than it was last time. I don’t think Koscheck will win, but I do think he will put GSP on his back at least once. Another interesting point is the fact that Koscheck likes to throw heavy punches and GSP doesn’t like to get hit. So I think a lot of this match will be on the ground.

I’m in Hillsboro deer hunting for the weekend. I actually just shot a doe tonight and will be looking for my buck tomorrow or Sunday. Been doing a lot of traveling for TTHA and I’ve got plenty of other hunts lined up.

The shed’s coming along pretty good, I’ll have Nate come out and take some pictures to update everyone on the progress.

The Bible verse for this week:

Keep you life free from the love of money, and be content with all you have, for He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)


12 Responses to “Lawler KO’s Lindland”

Andrew Says:

Matt- I love the Bible verse this week man. God Bless You!!

Joey Says:


Fannar Says:

robbie is a beast, grats on that matt, happy for u guys:) take care. just watch ufc 124 lokking forward to hear yur toughts on the main event.. take care buddy

bob Says:

gsp may not like getting hit. But when you have a jab like that you don’t have to worry about it, cause you won’t be getting hit. You’ll be doing the hitting.

Brian M Says:

Matt, congrats to Robbie and you all for his win. Matt Lindland is a formidable opponent and for Robbie to win in such a commanding fashion makes quite a statement. Good luck on your hunt and please make sure to post pics if you shoot a nice buck.

John King Says:

Great job Robbie!!! I got to see the ending and it looked great. Good luck hunting Matt, If you ever need help dragging deer out or whatever just let me know. I had a bad year hunting here in Indiana myself but there was some good deer killed in the area. Thanks for the updates I really appreciate your kindness to us fans. God Bless

dustin dwyer Says:

Glad Robbie won.
Congrats on the doe, how big was it? hopfully you got to knock a buck down to.
I was supprised during UFC 124, Cant bellive Koshek got beat that badly. It was good to see his big mouth get punched shut. Hehehe Kinda reminds me of your fight against Matt Serra
Hope all is well. Take care Matt!

Bill Says:

Congrats to Robbie. Obviously he’s under contract with Strikeforce, but has he given any thoughts of taking a run at Anderson. Both are crushing strikers and would make for an exciting fight. Merry Christmas to y’all.

kristen Says:

Thank you for your Bible verse. I had been struggling with something, and that seemed to put things in order for me.

Ty Says:

Hi, Matt:

Yes, THANK YOU for the Bible verses you post! Awesome! You and all of your family have a very “Merry Christmas and a super-great 2011!!!!!!!!!!”

In Christ’s Love,

Matt Waters Says:

thanks for the autograph and pic after the fights at the hotel meant a lot, mark was cool too…..thanks again congrats robbie

chris coleman Says:

tell robby great job of beating matt linland. im ur biggest fan and am a lost person. ive lost some people close to me and have been struggling with myself to move on. anyway i hope u continue to do well and fight again soon.
chris coleman

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