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December 17th, 2010

   December 17th, 2010

Chuck Liddell

Happy Birthday, buddy!

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randy hoffman Says:

hey i dont want u to quit your my favrite fighter i think if u start trianning like before u won the belt ur be unstop of bull i belive in u i think u can win the belt back just dont quite i love watching u fight but ur my hero

Fannar Says:

he looks scary hehe, happy birthday chuck

Thrash Says:

Right after you, Forrest, and Randy, my favorite fighter. Happy B-day Chuck. I hope the guy can go out on a high note. You too. You’re definitely the only person who can say when it’s time to hang up the gloves, but I find a better note to go out on than that. You deserve better.

FC Bojie Cantiller Says:

Belated Happy Bday The Iceman… Have More Bdays To Come NAd Best Wishes… :-)

Victor Augusto Says:

I just gotta know ! I saw Renzo’s picture in the magazine and he says that lost lots of weight just because he’s goin’ to fight against you. Is it true ? God bless you , my brother !!!

Jake Says:

What are you talkin about? They already fought.

Ty Says:

I hope you had a great birthday, Chuck!!! God Bless and Keep you and yours ALWAYS!!!

Rob Says:

Dana Give Chuck a real birthday present and let him KO Tito one more time for all of us. Matt same for you buddy, I know you have nothing to proove but if it weren’t for guys like you and Chuck this sport wouldn’t be where it is today. You are the greatest UFC champion ever and you finished fights, and memorable ones to say the least. Enjoy your holidays and hunting and know there’s a lot of us out here in NJ that are behind your. God Bless you man. And go read Yahoo sports, “Pitbull” is putting the welterweight division on notice, let’s see if he can stop your take down when healthy!!!

dustin dwyer Says:

Happy Birthday chuck!
Hope all is well matt, thinking about you. Keep your head up and kill some animals! haha

James Sheehy Says:

Happy Birthday Chuck and merry christmas to all arcoss the pond. Its a white christmas here in Ireland

Daren Croy Says:

Merry Christmas to the Hughes Brothers and their families.

Daren C in Southern Oregon

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