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   March 9th, 2011

Hey everybody, I forgot to mention that I have a buddy up in northern Illinois, Brandon, who just had a birthday this last weekend. And also, if I remember correctly, Pat Miletich’s birthday is today. I believe Pat turns 32 today. So Happy Birthday Brandon and Pat!


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chris coleman Says:

happy bday to ur buddys. isnt pat older than that though? On ufc31 it says he is 33 years old?

Chris Coleman

Dave Says:

Chris, it’s called a joke. lol

Mike N Says:

Whoa, isn’t Pat in his forties??!! I’ll forgive the memory lapse since I’m sure you’re busy :)

Erik Says:

43…. 32…. Same thing! Your funny Matt, When is your next fight and with who?!?!?!

brian13 Says:

once you get to be our age, you start counting backwards. ; )

John Hanselman Says:

That is a good clean joke. I am planning to repeat it to my neighbor. He could use some cheering up. He was shot 3 times in WWII and still “walks” with a plate in his leg.

dustind Says:

Happy Birthday boys!

hayman Says:

wow just read that the ufc bought strikeforce… so any number of opponents may be in your future….. now im really excited to see your news! happy b day all!

Melissa Says:

My son Brandon turned 19 last Sunday and he is a fan of yours. I told him that was for him. LOL

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