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Homes 4 Wounded Heroes

   March 15th, 2011

Some interesting news this week was that the UFC bought Strikeforce. I’m not real surprised with this because I feel the UFC needs some type of a feeder program. A place where if a UFC fighter got a couple losses, they would move down to this lower tier and still have a place to compete and make money. A lot like what they did with the WEC. So it will be very interesting to see what the UFC does with Strikeforce and how the UFC does at building the organization up. The UFC got where it’s at today because they are smart people, no one in MMA can deny that.

Homes 4 Wounded Heroes

I’ve got a buddy named Leroy down in Texas, who is giving homes away to war heroes. Leroy is a retired 3-star general, with 42 years of military service, and he founded the Military Warriors Support Foundation in 2007. His Homes 4 Wounded Heroes program awards mortgage-free homes to wounded veterans injured during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The homes are for families who have severe and/or unique circumstances due to their injuries received while serving our country. In addition to the home, the families also receive 3 years of family and financial mentoring. They plan to give away 1000 homes in the next 5 years and 1000 jobs in the next 12 months. So, it’s a great program and I’m really excited to be helping out in any way I can.

If you want to help give homes away to wounded heroes, you can text the word HERO to 85944 and you will be able to give $10.00 to help a hero and their family. Your donation will help change their lives. If you have questions on all of the ways your donation will be used please look at their web page:

Here is one example, in this picture is Robert Leonard and his family. He lost his right leg below the knee. Homes 4 Wounded Heroes awarded them this beautiful home in Sugar Land, Texas. They have been in it about 6 months:

Homes 4 Wounded Heroes

If you would like to see exactly who is eligible to apply for a mortgage-free home, how to apply, and to see what homes are available, visit

Or click on the Military Warriors Support Foundation logo to see all that they do to help our wounded war heroes:

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Show #12 “All in the Family”
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Matt and his father-in-law hunt whitetail deer in the cold climate of Minnesota.

Here is the Bible verse for this week:

The LORD delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love. (Psalm 147:11)


8 Responses to “Homes 4 Wounded Heroes”

Bobby Says:

I have been keeping up with UFC news and hope the text you were referring to last week did not have anything to do with a second bout with Royce Gracie. There is nothing in that fight for you, I know you dont turn down any fight but you have proven yourself with that whole crew!

Thor Colberg Says:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing this story. I had no idea they were giving away homes as well! The Wounded Warriors Project is an awesome organization. I am a fitness professional in Charlotte, NC (Concord to be exact) and am doing a Pushups For Charity Challenge (along with over 100 fitness pro’s all over the USA). All the money raised is going to the WWP. It is a great community event involving the local fire and police depts and citizens…all competing against each other to raise money for our wounded warriors.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing. Can’t wait to see you fight again!


Sean Day Says:

What an awesome program! The injured troops deserve every bit of help they can get, they took time out of their life to defend our way of life and paid a big price. It’s great to see something like this for them. Matt, when are you fighting again? I can’t wait!

chris coleman Says:

any word on ur next fight? if ur fighting royce gracie again, this time knock his butt into retirement. if gsp moves up and fights silva, hopefully u can make a run at the vacant title. i dont think gsp will, hes making all kinds of excuses and thats gutless. get ur title back matt

John King Says:

Matt, That is awesome for the veterens. To come up with homes like that is amazing and shows there are still some good in this country. I really hope its just rumors about Royce Gracie, that is a waste of a fight. I can’t wait to see you in the cage again but it seems they can do better than that. I figured it would be Alves rematch. Either way God Bless and thanks for all you do.

keith Says:

Hey Matt,

Check this out!! My wife found out about this ministry an now our church is helping the cause. Just figured with your faith in Christ, military back round and position in life you might be able to help get the word out there. I am in no way tied to this organization just think it’s a great cause.


To Whom This May Concern,
This is not a comment, but a request for information for a mortage free home. Because I was hurt in Afghanistan and had surgery on my right shoulder which will not have the full 100% range of motion. Most of all I lost my home when my spouse decided to divorce me while I was deployed to Iraqi, and the divorce was final just before I deployed to Afghanistan. And, I would like to know what kind of assistance that you all could provided me with, right now I am in the process of retiring on 1 JAN 2013 and possibly getting married. As for now I will be taking terminal leave to find a place to live. But until then I will be living with a friend. It would be very much appreciated if you all could assist/help me with a place to live in the Norcross and Marietta area of Atlanta. If all possibl I will Thank you very much and may GOD BLESS!

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