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The Biggest Loser Finale

   May 24th, 2011

I’m in L.A. right now getting ready to go to The Biggest Loser finale. I’m just going to be in the audience, I don’t think I will be on TV or anything. Full blog to come when I get back.


9 Responses to “The Biggest Loser Finale”

Jaffar Says:

We love heaps Matt…can’t wait to see you fighting …… You are a true hero = )

Abel Says:

I hope they show you on T.V Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yaser Says:

no we want to see MATT!!!!!!!
i was waiting for this, then just nothing

Morgan Says:

Can’t wait to see your next fight matt. Godless you and your family.

Verion Says:

no prayer for the week?

NateR Says:

This was just a quick update that Matt called in while he was traveling. He’ll post a full blog here soon with a Bible verse and everything.

jonathan Says:

have fun post some pics.

Donald Says:

Met Matt at the BL wrap party, a very very cool guy. Down to earth and great to talk with. But he was on his toes after giving my friend a punch to the liver. Matt did not want to get sucker punched back. lol That was a great hit. I think my friend is still feeling it.

Steve Tucker Says:

Hey, Matt…Raines says, ‘yeah, we’re all casualties of Delta and American AL, but what about the bear hunt? Not a word?” haha!

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