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Happy Father’s Day!

   June 19th, 2011

Just wanted to wish all the dads out there a happy Father’s Day. I’m always interested in the origin of the holidays we celebrate and I was a bit surprised by what I learned about the origin of Father’s Day. The idea for it came to Sonora Smart Dodd back in 1909 after she had listened to a Mother’s Day sermon at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church in Spokane, Washington. She chose June 19th (her father’s birthday), 1910 to celebrate the very first Father’s Day. However, the day was received with mocking and scorn by the general public. It was gaining attention, but for all the wrong reasons and the earliest Father’s Day celebrations were marked with jokes, satire, parody and derision of fathers. In 1913, a bill was introduced to make Father’s Day officially recognized by the government; but it wasn’t until 1972 that Richard Nixon established Father’s Day as a permanent national observance day. Fortunately, the day is now for commemorating all the positive aspects of fatherhood (sacrifice, courage, selflessness and love) which is how Sonora Dodd originally envisioned it. I’m sure there is a lesson for us dads somewhere in that story.

Again, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

7 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day!”

Abel Says:

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MATT!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day and I can’t wait to see you when you come to Texas!!!!!!!!!! :)

John King Says:

You too Matt, I’m a little late but oh well. God Bless

jen Says:

Hi Matt,
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NateR Says:

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chris coleman Says:

Thanks matt. I dont get to see my kids because my ex wife has taken off with them and it breaks my heart. This was the first fathers day since they were born that i didnt get to celebrate with my boys. Any advice for someone with a broken heart because of a woman who only thinks of herself instead of our kids??

Chris Coleman

Kris Says:

dear matt i am a huge fan and i am training for mma i have been training for three years i am 15 years old i enjoy it and hope that you send me an e-mail back i someday hope to be as good as you at mma

sincerly, Kris Lewsader @staunton illinois

John O'Keefe Says:

Maybe a week late but I hope you had a great one (as good as mine)

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