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Training Camp Photos – August 15-19, 2011

   August 19th, 2011

Click on one of the images below to check out exclusive photos from Matt’s training camp this week!
Training Camp Training Camp Training Camp

13 Responses to “Training Camp Photos – August 15-19, 2011”

Jeff Says:

Looks like fun. Video would be great to see. Good luck Matt and BJ on your upcoming fights. How is Robbie feeling during these work outs?

Abel Says:

Good Luck Matt!!! Hope your learning new tricks to show Dieago that you can still hang with the young guns!!!!! God Bless Matt :)

John King Says:

It’s great to see you and BJ together! Train hard as you always do. God Bless

John King Says:

Also Matt it’s good to see you with Pat again as well. Thanks for all the pics

Rob Says:

Great Pics Matt, I know you’re gonna smash Diego. That’s some serious talent around you!! Good luck to you and BJ , real champions who always come to fight.

Dave Says:

Matt do me a favor. When the fight begins. Scare the crap of Sanchez by doing your old wrestling starts from your first fights. Bounce back and fourth with you arms down and back him in the corner. Act like you only want to wrestle and him. He will crap his pants. Good luck Matt. We got your back!

yaser Says:

awesome !!!! champ expert wrestler and expert striker !
good luck matt

yaser Says:

wooooow 9 time champion and 2x champion traing together !!!
what the ……….keep it up wairrior matt

NateR Says:

Don’t forget the 5-time champion Pat Miletich was there as well.

Jeff G Says:

Hey Matt,
It was great to shake your hand and exchange Blessings with you at the Ft. Worth TTHA extravaganza (I was the guy that just shook your hand and asked God to continue to bless you). God bless and let your light continue to shine brother! If you get a chance checkout this amazing youth ministry Hunting and fishing are tools to find those lost and show them the Truth. I am currently moving forward to God’s calling to minister in this way.
put Him first
Jeff Graham

Aaron Says:

If those walls could talk… wow!

jonathan Says:

tough training