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Matt on Twitter

   September 6th, 2011

Tweeted at 6:10 PM CT, Tuesday, September 6, 2011:
I just got off the phone with DW and it looks like Josh for the 24th. (Follow Matt on Twitter at!/matthughes9x )

Tweeted at 2:26 PM CT, Tuesday, September 6, 2011:
Still waiting to hear back from the UFC. I have said “yes” to facing either Koscheck or Fitch at UFC 135. I should know more later. (Follow Matt on Twitter at!/matthughes9x )

5 Responses to “Matt on Twitter”

hayman Says:

wow, i think this is a better fight for you matt, just his overhand right to watch for, he has less tools then sanchez, but a ton more power. but not at all near the amount of strentgh you have. i dont know if kos even kicks in his fights, which is another plus for you on sucha short notice change…. ill be watching.

xq10xa Says:

I knew you would accept!Great job Matt!! Always great to see my favorite fighter step up in challenge, especially someone at that caliber!! This will be a great match for wrestling!!

yaser Says:

hope you slam both of them
and ko both of them
and submit both of them

Abel Says:

Good Luck Matt show them what a country boy can do!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAARRRRRRR HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crawford Says:

GOOD LUCK! I missed your last fight in my home state because of deployment and im going to miss this one because well another deployment… hopefully i can catch you out in vegas next year for a fight!