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Opponent Switch

   September 6th, 2011

As most of you know, Diego hurt his hand and is now out of the fight. I was sad to hear that, I was looking forward to going up against another Christian and thought that I could just let the fight go in God’s hands. Dana called me yesterday and told me the bad news, and said that Koscheck or Fitch would most likely be replacing Diego. I said “yes” to either fighter and then here about a half hour ago, DW called me and told me it was going to be Koscheck.

Training has been going great. Yes, we’re switching things up with a different opponent and I will be ready.

Here are the air times for this week’s ALL-NEW episode of Trophy Hunters TV that I’m hosting, on the Outdoor Channel:

Air Dates & Times for 2011
Beginning March 28, 2011
Tuesdays, 6:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM CST
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The show description for this week:

“Hunting in the Heat”
(Airs the week of September 5th, 2011)
Blake Barnett discovers the true meaning of heat during a Texas crossbow hunt and TTHA’s Hal Gahm returns to his home state of Illinois during the whitetail rut.

The Bible verse for this week:

Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever. (Psalm 86:11-12)


20 Responses to “Opponent Switch”

Abel Says:

Good Luck Matt!!!!! You got this, no one in the entire UFC has the heart and strength that you possess. All your fans, myself included, will be with you in spirit when you step into the octagon and defeat kos. A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE!!!!! WAR HUGHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Says:

I think it’s total crap the UFC to do this to ya Matt. They should of pushed it back to the next card. Josh is a total different animal. He is going to totally try to knock your head off. He is taking this in short time. So he doesn’t want to gas out by wrestling. So get his ass on the ground. Wear him out, then sub him. Kos only chance is if you try to stand with him. I know u have bills to pay ect…. But the UFC owes you not to put you in this situation. Asshats!!!!! Good luck brother and god speed.


Hey Matt, sad not to see you for a long while on the full tilt poker tables, (ha ha ) Well like i said youre not as hard to meet at the table than in the octagon

I have a great feeling that you are going to come back stronger than ever, you seem to be a very strong and hard working fighter, look forward to seing your fight against Koscheck and look forward seing I am right! Matt holding on to the belt!


john Says:

i kind of agree with dave above, in that i think it’s pretty crappy that you have to take on a completely different fighter on such short notice. as a former fighter myself, i know how hard it is both physically and mentally to have trained so hard for one guy, then have to switch gears at the last minute and try to prepare for someone with a completely different skill set. but one thing i’ve learned from watching you over the years, is that you’ve never backed down from a challenge. no matter who you’re facing, you’re always the consummate professional and bring it each and every night. josh is a super tough opponent, much like diego, which will make a win over him that much sweeter. good luck and i will be watching, as always.

Bonedoc Says:

WAR MATT!!!! Kos has done nothing but talk trash about and to you. Please I’m begging you … charge in and slam his sorry butt on the mat and GNP him OUT!!!!

CJ Says:

Unless, his opponent is GSP, Koscheck is a serious threat to anyone at WW. I do think you can catch him in submission, and you have an edge in the BJJ department.

But he will be sprawling and swinging that big overhand right and shooting the straight right at you for sure. This is may be a cliche, but jab and circle to your right….far-far away from those. If he blitzes too hard, level change and double. Ehhh, I’m no coach or professional fighter. I know your team will get you ready and this isn’t your first rodeo.

Win, lose, or draw, people will respect you for taking this fight.

Will Says:

Matt is a legend, but Diego or Koscheck woulda been a tough fight either way you slice it. I actually think Diego posed more of a finishing threat than Koscheck does. Kos has nothing but a hard overhand right when standing. Hughes is pretty efficient at avoiding ‘big shots’, everything Diego throws is bog shots though. He was probably looking to swing and wrestle like a mad man for 15 minutes. Kos poses less threat in that sense, but generally more polished. So the opponent switch isn’t the end.. Matt can actually propel himself to a higher contention by taking on a fighter who’s last fight was for the belt. He can maybe even contend to get a title shot if he looks good enough, or at least be a few steps away. I’m not sure of Matt’s goals, I remember him saying on TUF couple years back that it was soon his time to retire. But he’s showed up impressively at his last couple of fights. Matt, you trained with BJ, and so, I know your jab has been polished up some.. Time to bring that back out against Kos. He struggled so badly with it against Pierre. Look put for Kos’ headkick… He’s gonna try to land that throughout, I’m suspecting. The wrestling is equal and thus nullifies, but Matt might actually be the more powerful guy. Interesting matchup. And as for wanting to fight a Christian, well man, nothing wrong with telling Kos in pre fight conference that Jesus is the good Shepard. Win or lose, give your best as you always do. Allow your whole system to fire silmutaneously… God didn’t allow you to be a hoss for nothing.

Sam Hiemstra Says:

Love to hear your thoughts on GSP and Condit/Diaz switch since you were training with BJ Penn. Sounded like BJ didn’t even know about it yet in the press release. DW said there is probably a “pi##ed off” Hawaiian out there when he finds out. I think they should stick Diaz in with BJ now and let BJ teach him some respect and maturity for the sport. Even if Nick has some sorta social/public anxiety, he has been in the sport a looooong time and is old enough now, he should know how to control it (without smokin pot). Just a thought. Hope that is the only problem and pray he’s ok. Good luck with Koscheck, hopefully he isn’t such a mouth now that GSP slapped him around for 25 minutes…..but some people never learn.

-He is wise in heart and mighty in strength-
—who has hardened himself against him, and succeeded?— JOB 9:4

Ministry Addict Says:

Never any doubt in my mind that Matt would say yes to any fighter they chose to replace Sanchez. Especially with Koscheck calling him out. There is coming a day in MMA, I imagine,when fighters will pick and choose who they match up well against (if that day is not already here for some fighters), but you have to love a fighter that just says, “I’m here to fight and not scared of anyone.”

yaser Says:

just slam hin maaattt !!!!!

jonathan Says:

he will expect a takedown. take out his legs first. weak legs easy takedown.

Victor Says:

Hey Matt,
I just wanted to say good luck in your fight, I’m really hoping you win. I don’t know how many more fights you have in you but if you win I want to see you take one more chance to go for a title run. I go to Eastern Illinois and I’ve had your old wrestling coach as one of my teachers and I thought it was awesome when you did a shout out to him when you won one of the last fights and saying he taught you that move. I love seeing an EIU alum do graet so keep up the work and god bless.

Meredith Caulk Says:

Looking forward to your fight. I hope you win, and more importantly, come out healthy.

It was nice, when i saw you fight the first time, to see you were from Hillsboro. I spent a lot of summers around there (Hillsboro, Sorrento), as my grandfather grew up there.

Here is to hoping that you shut Koscheck up.

Jack Says:

Hey Matt your my favourite fighter .
You can do it if you shot in and go for the takedown.
Then the rest is easy for you. I’,m sure your the stronger man by a country mile
Good luck and God bless.

keith Says:

good luck hope to see the old hughes come out and slam this guy hard

Matus Says:

Matt please after you finish him (kos),please mentioned
Really clear to everyone in there and for the fans on ppv
That all the trash that he always talk,the same thing tha he did
With GSP and he kick his…..and now again I hope you take him
And do it hard….good luck to you and please mentioned to D White
That he need to be retired…..for the respect to the real fighters.

Rebecca J P Says:

I so wish I still had ESPN, so I could just watch that fight!! I find Koscheck very arrogant and would love to see Matt, my favourite fighter, beat him in a fight!! I wont say good luck Matt, because I know you don’t need it. Much love and best wishes from the UK

Chels Says:

Matt. Idk if you remember me or not, you use to live with my family in canada Deneca Calhoun/Day is my mother. I was about 3 years old the last time you saw me. I am now 15 and have been waiting for the right time to try and contact you again. i’m just not sure if you remeber, mom said you lived with us till you were about 10.

NateR Says:

I think you have Matt mistaken for someone else. He was born and raised in Illinois and has never lived in Canada.

Chels Says:

Bahaha my little brother is in love with Matt and he managed to get on here and use my email address. sorry guys, and his mother is crazy, just saying, so i wouldn’t doubt it if she did tell him that, and yeah, like i said sorry <3 :)