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Happy Birthday Matt and Mark!

   October 12th, 2011

Happy Birthday 2011

October 13th is Matt and Mark’s birthday (it’s also their dad’s birthday) so don’t forget to wish them a Happy Birthday here or in the forums.

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Matt and Mark!”

chris coleman Says:

happy bday matt. cant wait for saturday. ill meet u for the first time at max muscle. have a great bday and see u then


Melissa Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark! Hope you have a great day!

Melissa Says:

PS- You two were such cutie patuties in that picture…..and dressed alike, I love it!

John King Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark and your Dad!!!!!!! Have a great day and happy hunting. God Bless

Broken Not Beaten Says:

Thank you for coming to the Association of the United States Army conference the day before your birthday and hanging out with soldiers! That meant a lot to all of us for you to come to DC and hang out with such a busy schedule. I didn’t get to talk to you much b/c you were leaving but I wanted to ask you some advice on working out specifically related to core and especially neck strengthening. I used to grapple while on active duty but neck and back injuries have prevented me for some time now. I believe that performing skills under physical stress (as in rolling) will potentially help improve functional memory while making the body stronger too. But I need to get strong enough in the weakened areas in order to start so any advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks to the great people of Otis for bringing you out and Happy Birthday Matt.
Jeremiah 17:5-8

FC Bojie Cantiller Jr Says:

Happy Birthday Matt and Mark And To Your Dad. Have More BDays To Come…

Daren Croy Says:

Happy Birthday to the Hughes brothers and their father. Come out to Oregon and we’ll do some hunting and fishing. May God’s blessings be apparent, overflowing, and precious to you and your families.

Tracy Nelson Says:

Happy Belated Birthday out of STL!!

Sheila Gibson Says:

Happy Belated Birthday to the Two HOTTEST guys in Illinios!!!