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Happy Thanksgiving!

   November 23rd, 2011

Just a quick note wanting to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day holiday.

7 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

James Says:

Hey Matt, thanks, from all of us, for the wishes. Have a great thanksgiving, and be safe yourself. I also just want to say that I really admire the faith that you have displayed in Jesus Christ, thorughout your career, and its been a great model for me to look at. And I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving

Abel Says:

Happy Thanksgiving Matt!!!!!!!!! Hope you and your family have a good one!!!!!!!!

Roderick May Says:

Just love and Respect for you and your family. Many of us will never forget your mind over matter
willpower, strength and faith! on this our Thankgiving day, we just wish you happinesss.

John King Says:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God Bless and thanks

Vinny Says:

Happy Thanksgiving back to you Mr.Hughes.

barney Says:

Wanted to say thanks for stopping by in watertown.
Thought it was pretty cool getting to meet you.

Kevin Says:

Just wanted to say thanks again for stopping at Tilted Kilt and i saw you checking out the t.v. when you first got there.. because i was watching the same t.v., it was Bruce Lee, on Fuel(the network). the series is called “Bruce Lee Lives”,, i ordered the channel and recorded it when it aired a few months ago. I’m pretty sure you can get the series somewhere… MUST WATCH!!! I grew up on that too.. I’m 35.. Thanks again, Kevin.Hope NY hunting goes GOOD!!!