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Texas Trophy Hunters 2012

   December 30th, 2011

There is an end of the year UFC tonight and I think the main event is going to be pretty exciting. I think Brock will win it in the second or third round. I would say that the only way Overeem can win is by a KO/referee stoppage in the first round; but I think Brock’s takedowns will play a huge part and I would say that he could get on top of him, wear him out and win the fight.

Trophy Hunters TV starts a new season and will have new episodes for the next three months. A new season also means new airtimes and here is what they are:

Tuesday at 6pm EST / 5pm CST
Wednesday at 8am EST / 7am CST
Saturday at 8pm EST / 7pm CST

They’ve done a few things different for the new season and I like what they’ve done. So watch it and let me know what you think.

The show description for this week:

1 Critter, 2 Critter, 3 Critter Boom!
(Airs the week of December 26, 2011)
Matt Hughes hunts for big whitetail bucks at Agarita Ranch in South Texas, with ranch manager, Tye Green.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas, I know I did and I also wish everybody a great start to the New Year.

The Bible verse for this week:

And she will have a Son, and you are to name Him Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21)


10 Responses to “Texas Trophy Hunters 2012”

Justin Lavine Says:

I love that verse it really makes me feel a lot better knowing that a man would lay down his life for everyone :)

Abel Says:

Well, Matt u were right about Overeem winning in the first and wrong about Lesnars takedowns. Sad to see Brock retire… O well it happens.. On a better note, hope u had a good Christmas and I wish you a happy new yea!!! :)

Rob Says:

Matt hope you had a great Christmas. Just read that Hardy is tweeting stuff about your hunting. Please do us all a favor and smash this guy. There’s no way he can stop your takedowns. Please take this fight and put this guy out of the UFC for good. This guy has no respect for the path you paved.

Steve Says:

Appreciate the updates you take the time to post! Love the pics being posted of the animals, great kills. Just wanted to let you know I fully support you sharing and PETA and Hardy can both go pound salt. I guess that’s what I’d expect though from a socialist.
Thanks again Matt, God Bless!

Alex Says:

Matt you are the best fighter in my eyes and will always be my favority, you are also a good Christian and family man. I heard Hardy calling you out. Dont even worry about that idiot, you would beat him any day. You have acoomplished more in your career then he ever will. You been champ and he has not and never will. He is making a big mistake if he wants to revive his sorry career at your expense, cause you would end his worthless career. You are the best Matt and if you do decide on one more fight, I hope you dominate him and punish him non stop for his stupidity. God Bless

John King Says:

You are awesome, thanks for this website. I feel bad for Brock I think his illness messed is insides up pretty good. I would like to see you again in the octagon, didn’t know about Hardy running his mouth. I can see you taking him down and ground and pounding him pretty good. Take care and God Bless

Randy Hll Says:

Hi Matt,

Glad to see you are such a proclaimed Christian! I’d like to recommend a guy who know’s the Bible like you just won’t believe. I never understood that Paul is the Apostle to the Gentiles (you & me) Gal. 2:8-9. The 12 apostles were sent to the Jews ONLY, and it’s the next verse after He chooses them Math. 10:5-6. Jesus came to fulfill his promise to the Jews to return. The 4 gospels describe what Jesus said to the Jewish people who were living undert the 10 commandments. You have to keep that in mind when you read them :) When Jesus told them that if they didn’t forgive, they wouldn’t be forgiven, that’s because they were under the 10 commandments (the law). He hadn’t gone to the cross yet, so he couldn’t be telling them about salvation by grace. The time hadn’t come. This guy totally opened my eyes to the struggle Paul went through trying to convince the Jews that Jesus had come for us pagan gentiles as well as the Jews! That’s one thing the Jews couldn’t believe! Please see Les Don’t judge him until you listen to a few programs. He’s also on cable/satellite. I’m so glad I watch that rancher. He’s the only guy I ever saw who can explain Revelation. God bless.

troy lobato Says:

hey hughes my names troy im 19 my dream and passion as always been fighting not on the streets tho but in competition .. ive trained at okinawa ta karata for 17 yrs sence i was 5.. ever sence i saw ufc on tv ive i made my dream to become a ufc champion.. i know it takes great discipline and dedication and im willing to give it that..

my queastion for you is how do i get started what are the steps i need to take that will lead me to becoming a ufc fighter i know its not easy but its my greatest dream and ill do anything to get there

if you could write me back on my email or on here with the steps and things i need to do to accoplish my goal it would be much appreciated

sincerely Troy

Michael Pautu Says:

“Matt, please come back to UFC! In Jesus name, I pray, Amen” (A true fan of yours, far far away from Aizawl,Mizoram,India :D)

stan woodward Says:

Matt ur the man …. I’m glad to have a chance to reach out to u . U reach out to so many . I have recently started to make major changes in my life like fittness , health , and a better relationship with God . I also have decided to make a commitment to quit smoking . I work out at northside fittness in Yuba City , Ca. One of the guys there talked about u and said we looked alike . So I looked u up . Very inspiring !!! U r the bomb … I really liked the fact that u believe in God ….. so cool it hit the spot .. I will keep u in my mind from here on out . The Lord has always
been the bomb and a great focus for succes. Thanks Matt

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