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NJCAA Hall of Fame

   March 1st, 2012

Right now I’m headed to Columbus, Ohio to make an appearance for Lone Star Distribution at the Arnold Classic. I’ll be there tomorrow and Saturday at the Lone Star booth. Come see me.

There’s been quite a few matches here recently that have been close with some disagreement on who really won the fight (Edgar/Henderson, Diaz/Condit). The only thing I have to say about close decisions is that you should never let it go to the judges because you never know what is going to happen. When time expires and nobody has won, sometimes it’s like flipping a coin.

Last weekend, I was inducted into the NJCAA Hall of Fame. I travelled to Rochester, Minnesota to receive the award and watch the matches. Had a great time, saw a lot of old friends, watched some very good matches, and probably the best thing about the trip was the time I got to spend with Dave Klemm. We rode up and back together and just got to catch up. For those who don’t know, Dave was my wrestling coach at Lincoln College. The Linx had several place winners, one national champion and ended up taking third as a team.

NJCAA Hall of Fame 2012

Been working out a bit and my body’s feeling pretty good. Kind of getting that itch to compete a little bit.

This Saturday night is a new episode of Trophy Hunters TV on the Outdoor Channel. It has me going to a gym and doing some work there. Check with the times listed below and tune in if you can:

Tuesday at 6pm EST / 5pm CST
Wednesday at 8am EST / 7am CST
Saturday at 8pm EST / 7pm CST

The show description for this week:

(Airs the week of February 27, 2012)
While hunting for whitetail in south Texas, Matt Hughes visits a local MMA gym to meet fellow combatants weeks before an upcoming fight. And he still has time to kill a south Texas trophy whitetail.

The Bible verse for this week:

Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper. (Proverbs 13:4)


9 Responses to “NJCAA Hall of Fame”

Shane Lee Says:

Ok who from the forums is gonna be here. Cindy and I get there tonight and leave Monday. Hit me up Cindy competes in figure so she is getting some more training here not competing though this time but next year yes.

Daren Croy Says:

Congrats Matt! Come out West sometime and stop by Oregon. We’ve got some great hunting and fishing out our way. Blessings.

Brian M Says:

Ditto with Daren’s comment Matt. You have a lot of fans in Western Oregon, we are always cheering for you. And there is nothing better than bagging a big Columbia Blacktail Buck!!!

Morgan Says:

Oregon does have great game, but why travel so far when you can bag a great 12 point in southwestern Wisconsin. Haha. sincerely, your Wisconsin fans

spencer Says:

You’re the man Matt!!!

John King Says:

Matt, Congrats on another hall of fame!! Glad you are enjoying your time off you deserve it. God Bless and keep us posted

Shannon J Says:

Haven’t visited the site for awhile and missed two opportunities! First of all, I live in Minneapolis so we missed you here and I was at the Arnold and missed you there as well. I’ll have to check in more often! Congratulations!

Pat Says:

Hey matt I was first in line at the classic to see you on Saturday.. Must say it was awesome to finally meet you and chat.. Even cooler you asked my wife about the baby on the way. Just shows that your a family man.. Take care hope to see you fight again, even though when I asked about retirement you may be leaning that. Take care

yaser Says:

awesome matt!!

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