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Back from Africa

   July 27th, 2012

I’ve been saving these videos in my inbox to use for different blogs for a while now, but fell a bit far behind. So I’m just going to post all three of them in one blog for you to watch. The last “Penn & Teller” video features a lot of foul language and vulgarity, so I was originally hesitant to post it; but parental discretion is definitely advised when watching that video:

Obama’s Second Term Tax Plans! Dick Morris TV:

United States Budget Dilemma:

Penn & Teller – P.E.T.A.


I just got back last week from a big hunting trip and Joey and I took to Africa. I should have a bunch of pictures to share with you all here soon.

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The show description for this week:

(Airs the week of July 23rd, 2012)
There’s always a story behind the hunt! More than just the pursuit of wild game, Trophy Hunters TV blends compelling storytelling with exciting hunting action in a documentary-style format. Be a part of the total outdoor experience.

The Bible verse for this week:

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law: rather, through the law we become conscious of sin. (Romans 3:20)


21 Responses to “Back from Africa”

Gary Says:

Today I see many Christians getting caught up in the political battle of this age. We as a Christians have a duty to get involved with politics and to support laws that are consistent with biblical truth. We cannot support laws that are not consistent with biblical truth. Too many Christians get caught up in the political battle and lose sight of the real battle. Our battle is not against men. Our battle is against Satan and his evil forces who are attempting to devour the souls of men and women. I believe a true Christian politician will never go far in the political arena. To succeed in politics, one must compromise his or her Christian beliefs to gain acceptance from his peers and to attract votes from the general public. A politician must accept the coexist gospel, which accepts the concept that all men and women will enter heaven despite their beliefs. If a politician were to state: “Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation. Unless, all mankind accepts Him as their Lord and Savior, they cannot have eternal salvation in Heaven. Today I am running for office to support laws that are consistent with the Christian Bible and to share gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples of all nations as instructed in Mathew 28”. The world would view these comments as being intolerant and judgmental. However, the Word of God would view these comments as consistent with His Holy Word. Men can never change a nation; only God can effectively change a nation. Until we stop focusing on the political battle and start focusing on the salvation message of Jesus Christ, is when we will see God inspired change. Do you want to see our country change? Then do what the bible commands of all Christians and start sharing the gospel message and making disciples of all men and women. As a Christian one must ask. Is Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion consistent with Biblical Christianity? Is Barak Obama’s secular Christianity consistent with Biblical Christianity?

r-dawg Says:

while there are some animal rights activists who are nutjobs and extreme this graph illustrates the amt of money spent by peta, humane society, etc vs the amt of money spent by the meat industry:

a budget of a few million dollars by animal rights groups vs several hundred million dollars by the meat industry just on advertising (not even taking into account the amount of welfare handouts/government subsidies they get from the US govt, or the free tax breaks they get b/c of our unfair laws) – i feel more threatened by those who lie to us about meat that is unsafe, imported from china where laws are less restrictive, and the FDA which doesn’t fully inspect our food. don’t even get me started on the scientists altering God’s natural creation by creating genetically modified plants and animals!

Dom Says:

Matt, just wanted to say it was good talking with you at Dale’s Harley in Mt. Vernon about my brother Joe and wrestling from your BAC days. Joe told me to tell you hi and that you were his best training partner. And I don’t know if I said it, but congrats on all you’ve achieved and I like what you stand for. Thanks, peace and maybe I’ll see you down the road.


John King Says:

Matt, I’m glad you are not afraid to show videos of these type things. Although normally when you put politics on here it seems to spark a nerve in some but the peta people are nuts. I didn’t see any adopted pets running around those people that are protesting either. Either way just wanted to say thanks again for all you do for us fans. Can’t wait to see what your next update will be. God Bless, John

steve from australia Says:

I dont know whether to laugh or cry becuase as an australian living in sydney our tax is so much higher than you ammericans

Morgan Says:

Great videos Matt. The statement that “common sence isn’t that common” is so very true, especially within PETA. If i got the message that PETA is trying to pass correctly, then they don’t agree with the milking of dairy cattle, feeding supplements to beef cattle to fatten them up before sending them to butcher, and branding animals. And these a very large factors in our agricultural sector of the USA. Eliminating these “unethical” practices would be like throwing our $50 billion a year. Granted we would still have $45 – $50 billion in crops, but that is not enough to feed our growing nation. Since only 2% of our population now live,work, or are some how involve with the farming community, if PETA is successful then I would guarntee that 2% would get even smaller. Honestly i’d say i would let a few PETA members come to farm and live there for a year to see that everyting we do in our beef facility is beyond ehtical in my eyes, and that PETA members and supporters need to shut their mouths and open up their eyes to see what their beliefs would do to our agricultural community.

*I’m a supporter of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)

NateR Says:

Supposedly, PETA would want to outlaw pet ownership as well. Considering how there are over 78 million dogs and more than 86 million cats (according to the Humane Society statistics) in the United States alone, that’s an awful lot of animals kicked out of their homes to fend for themselves. Most of those animals know nothing but domestic life, so they would have little chance of surviving on their own in the wild. So they would either starve to death or begin to prey upon each other. I guess that’s what PETA considers “ethical” but we all know that they would just exterminate the vast majority of those animals.

And that’s just dogs and cats. That’s not including other pets like snakes, lizards, fish, mice, rats, guinea pigs, chimpanzees, scorpions, tarantulas, etc. that would have to be set free upon the world if PETA had its way. Again, however, PETA would just kill them all.

So, for all those idiot pet-owners out there who donate money to PETA, just remember that you are giving money to an organization that wants to kill your pets.

Abel Says:

Matt, can’t wait to see you at the Hunters expo again this year!!!! It’s gonna be the highlight of my month :)

John Ballard Says:

Will have to watch the PETA video when I get home. Don’t want to do that while I’m at work.

As far as the first video though, I stopped watching about 30 seconds in when he said, “You and your family pull in over 250K a year”. I don’t know anyone who makes that much money….

I’ll start believing all the GOP tax garbage when old Mitt reveals what tax shelters and offshore accounts he’s been dumping his money into. Perhaps at some point he’ll actually talk about what he plans to do when he’s elected, rather than adhering to the right wing rhetoric I’ve been forced to listen to ever since Sarah Plain opened her mouth. As much as I’ve seen so far, it really looks like tax breaks for the upper upper class while the lower and middle class make up for the deficit shortfall.

The second video is very disturbing….wondering if I should dump the old 401K and start buying up property. At least then I can feed the family while the world burns.

Roger Peterson Says:

Want to read a good book? Read ‘One Shot at Forever’ by Chris Ballard. A small town and
a magical baseball season.

John Ballard Says:

Cool…will check out the book. No relation btw…

Roger Peterson Says:

Obama hasn’t come to central Illinois to campaign and I doubt if he will unless it’s at the
Univerisity of Illinois or the capital rotunda in Springfield, where he first announce his
candidacy for president, because unemployment in Decatur, IL stands at 11%, that’s
not a place to come to unless he’s desperates for votes. Obama thinks he has Illinois
in his hip-pocket and he thinks he has an ally, the Illinois governor. But the governor
has tried and suceeded to screw the unions in the state that you wonder if any of the
union’s bosses can get their members to vote Democrat or not at all.

Roger Peterson Says:

This article found in Decatur’s Herald & Review Sunday morning newspaper;
A bountiful new oil well on Decatur’s southern edge(1 1/2 mile west of Elwin) has storage tanks emblaaoned withm
cripture urging us all to embrace faith as we confront the future. “Trust in the Lord with all you heart, and lean no on
your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.
It sure sounds like a path to the faithful at the nearby Bethlehem Presbyterian Church. The Production Engery LLC
oil company, which mixes the Holy Spirit with its crude extraction, has another well on church owned land that hasn’t
hiy the big-time yet, but the 80-strong congregation is praying the Lord will eventually provide and give them expanded means to do good work’s for his name’s sake. We don’t want to build something big new church,” said
trustee Brian Albert, 52, who worship in a sanctuary that dates to 1911. “But, hopefully, we will be able to do more missions work: we would give the oil royality money to that.” It would be easy to think Bethlehem Presbyterian hasn’t got a hope or a prayer of striking it rich, but think again. Oil production pumped from reservoirs buried under the scorched corn and beans of the Illinois farmland is ticking over nicely, and crude cash is helping to lubricate an Illinois economy desperate for good news. The oil well on church property is barely 110 years from the well the Biblical quotes, and that well has been like manna from heaven: It’s so productive it earned Iowa-based Production Energy the “Wildcatter of the Year” award from the Illinois Oil & Gas Association in March. The well gained top honors by pumping out more than 175,000 barrels of crude in just nine months. Eddy Ekis, an oilfield pumper who works for Production Energy, put that in perspective by explaining a typical good well in the small scale production standards of Illinois might pump 10 barrels a day. “But here near Decatur we’re looking at 100 to 150 barrels a day,” said Eddy Ekis, 27. “It’s kind of like they hit honey hole.” Decatur and Macon County lie at the northern edge of the most prolific oil production area in Illinois, which is mainly concentrated in the southern and western parts of the state. Most wells, reconizable with their little huddle of above-ground tanks and a nodding jack nearby, are very small and produce maybe two barrels a day flat out. Natural gas production in the state is tiny, andoil wells are where the money is. The Illinois OIl & Gas Association siad there are 16,000 active wells in 43 counties in Illinois pumping
9 million barrels of crude a year in Illinois. There are 915,000 barrels of oila day, or about 18% of total US domestic production. The landlocked oil industry in Illinois employs more than 4,000 people directly, while it’s estimated that related economic activity and spending create jobs for another 10,000 employees in various other industries. There are also the lucky landowners collecting royality checks for the oil sucked from beneath their farms. Those growing wealthy aren’t always keen in brag about their greasy good fortune, but you can get an idea what they are buying,
a new shed for his farm equipment and helicopter. But the state lawmakers are clouding up the state’s horizon
on oil production in moving a bill restricting hydraulic fracking in Illinois. Some people are fearing for safety of their water supplies. Hydraulic fracturing using water under pressure to open up oil-bearing rock pores, has been crucial in getting many wells flowing. It’s not known for causing problems in Illinois. But if the state lawmakers restrict
fracking it will strangle the black and golden goose, would kill the oil industry in Illinois. My brother farms just east
of the productive reserve and my nephew farmstead is right next the 40 acres where the most productive oil field is.

Roger Peterson Says:

The newspaper article didn’t mention and I forgot, there are four pumps pumping out that oil on that 40 acres. There are 16 storage tanks for that oil on the property and tankers haul out 2 to 4 times a week to the refineries. And the Royalities to the two families who owned the farm ground after the first 5 months totaled $400,000 each.

Roger Peterson Says:

Fox News President Obama’s record
Then Now
Unemployment 7.8% 8.3%
Median Income $54,983 $50,964
Gasoline/Gallon $1.85 $3.78
National Debt 10.6T 15.9T

Sources: BLS; Sentier records, Dept of Energy; Dept. of Treasury

John Ballard Says:

The president has little to zero control over the cost of a gallon of gas. Even if we drill for more oil domestically, which we are, it has little bearing on the market because of the increase in demand for countries like China and India.

MPMajorMike Says:

Matt – Are you ever going to post again??? Mike

r-dawg Says:

sorry to break the news to the people loyal to their political party but unemployment occurs under both repubs and dems. think back to the recession under g.w. bush sr. the economy was good under reagan, and it was good under clinton, presidents of 2 opposing parties. you can give obama the boot but the economy is not going to bounce back nor will there be any magical transformation of america.

secondly, we don’t even vote for the president. the electoral college decides who the next pres is. so if matt is voting in il. the electoral college has already decided to vote dem regardless of how many il. residents don’t vote dem. look it up – at least 3 candidates have won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote – and they were denied the presidency b/c of that.

NateR Says:

It’s funny you guys bring up the employment rate and gas prices, r-dawg and John Ballard, because I recall about 4 years ago people being more than happy to blame unemployment and high gas prices on George W. Bush. Now that Obama’s in charge, it’s “Oh, the President really has no control over that stuff.” Can you say double-standard?

MPMajorMike Says:

Matt, Seriously, are you ever going to post? It has been almost 2 months since your last post. Yes, you do owe it to your fans to post on a regular basis or quit the website. I still love ya, but you need to post at least monthly. Mike

r-dawg Says:

nateR, i’m not an obama supporter or a democrat. the economy is controlled by market forces – bush sr and bush jr were not responsible for the economic crash (under bush jr it happened b/c of 9/11, under bush sr. it happened during the end of the cold war).

please don’t lump me with john ballard who is clearly democrat. if you ask me both repubs and dems are looking out for their own interests and their re-election, not for the well being of america. i have zero faith in both parties.

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