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   September 18th, 2012

On July 4th, Joey and I left for Africa. We flew in to Johannesburg and then took a jumper flight to Port Elizabeth. All of our hunting was done in the country of South Africa. Joey and I had a great time, I got homesick, but Joey didn’t want to come home when the hunt ended. Here are the photos of the animals that we hunted.

My blue wildebeest:
Matt's blue wildebeest

My kudu:
Matt's kudu

Joey’s kudu, also called the Grey Ghost of Africa:
Joey's kudu

Joey’s trophy bushbuck:
Joey's bushbuck

Joey’s impala:
Joey's impala

My red hartebeest:
Matt's hartebeest

Joey’s gemsbok:
Joey's gemsbok

My gemsbok:
Matt's gemsbok

My eland (the biggest antelope on the planet):
Matt's eland

Joey’s zebra:
Joey's zebra

My black wildebeest:
Matt's black wildebeest

Me, Joey, and my cameraman Blake:
Matt Joey Blake

For my equipment, I used a Browning Medallion XBolt, chambered in .300 Win Mag. I shot a Barnes 180gr, all-copper bullet and I topped it with a Nikon 4-12 BDC reticle. Joey shot a Browning Micro Midas XBolt chambered in 7mm-08. He shot a Barnes 120gr, all-copper bullet and was topped with a Nikon 3-9 BDC reticle.

The Browning gun shot great, the Barnes bullets did their job well; but to be real honest I could not have done the trip without the BDC reticle. With those animals moving close and then sometimes running away, if my guide could get a range on them I could quickly look down and see what reticle to put on them.


This was the reticle as I looked through my scope, so between 100 and 534 yards I had a place to put my scope. Like I said before, I dont’ think my hunting trip would have been nearly as successful without Nikon’s BDC reticle. I shot trophy animals and to do that I had to use a little bit of range. Very few shots of mine were under 300 yards. Like everything else, I think confidence plays a big part in that. I’m very confident in my shooting and looking back I think I did great, but having the right equipment played the biggest part.

The Bible verse for this week:

Let us not grow weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)


71 Responses to “Africa Photos”

Joe Says:

Matt are you going to fight again? I thought for sure after almost 2 months with no updates you would have atleast mentioned this in some way.

JOEY Says:



voetstoots Says:

Awesome, I hope you got a good couple steaks out of them while there, and hopefully the rest dried out into biltong and sent to you at home? How can you possibly be homesick while in Southern Africa?? Though it is winter and does get below zero.

Mike Says:

Matt.. Are you going to eat these animals?

Brett Says:

Do what do you do with the meat? Thats a lot of animals killed, is there any point other than killing something? Dont get me wrong or take the wrong impression just wondering if there was a point to all the killing?

Blake Says:

Wow, what an amazing trip!
I didn’t know you could take Zebras.
Did you guys ship the heads, or anything else home?
The horns on those animals make a white tail look like a jackalope!

Jarrett Smith Says:

We are all indebted in our lives to be good stewards of God’s beautiful lands. Do you feel Jesus would have agreed with sport killing?

Tyler Says:

Great photos, looks like a good trip. Good on you for taking the youngfella along for an experience like that.

Well done.

Retry Says:

Please tell me you or others actually ate these animals and didn’t just kill them for the sake of it?

brian Says:

what did you do with all that meat?

Lunar Says:

Amazing photoset, Matt! I’m in no way a hunter, and I’m very uneducated in the sport and history, but I have to say that I appreciate the professionalism that you seem to approach it with. I enjoyed reading your more technical entry about your gear and equipment. It’s amazing how every action we take, we can hone a mastery at some level.

The game photos are brilliant, surreal, and you are truly blessed to be able to share these things with your son. Best of luck, and here’s hoping to see you run from the your corner to the center again someday!

Matt Hughes and Son go Big Game Hunting in Africa « Vigilante MMA Says:

[...] they cleaned up on their hunting excursion. No matter what you think of hunting from a moral standpoint (ehem, Dan Hardy), one thing is [...]

Jay Says:

What did you do with the meat?

NateR Says:

Matt responded to the question of what was done with the meat in the forums:

“In Africa when you kill any animal the ranch keeps the meat and the hunter gets the hide and skull. when we were there we ate meat from hunts before us so we did get to try different animals. everything we had tasted very good. i think thats a good way to do it though. if i would have got the meat of the animals i would have donated it to a village. they waste nothing over there and have plenty of need for food.”

Dave Says:

What would God say?

JohnR Says:

Another thing Matt isn’t saying is that to shoot just about anything in Africa, especially these animals, you have to buy a “tag”, which are usually very expensive. The tag money is used to protect these and other species in Africa and to keep poachers from threatening the populations. I know people unfamiliar with hunting might find that ironic, but hunters have traditionally done more to protect these animals than anyone or any organization out there, including bringing poachers to justice.

Great job, Matt! You’ll have some nice additions to your trophy room. I wonder how your UFC belt will look on that Eland!

NateR Says:

Dave: GOD definitely wouldn’t say anything that contradicts what He’s already said:

Genesis 1:26-28
Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Genesis 9:2-3
And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be on every beast of the earth, on every bird of the air, on all that move on the earth, and on all the fish of the sea. They are given into your hand. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs.

jay Says:

I respect that. If you eat the meat nothing wrong with hunting. Killing animals by hunting is taking responsibility for all of the hamburgers and steaks and egss one eats. Hope your boy had fun, sounds like he did:)

Adam Says:

Everyone needs to get off Matt’s back the meat wasn’t wasted so quit crying. And God put those animals here to be hunted and then ate…ever read the Bible? Genesis 126- And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Matt Hughes skjuter djur igen | Says:

[...] med djurrättsaktivister.Fler bilder på när Matt och hans son poserar med döda djur finner ni här.Vinn UFC-biljetter! Delta i MMAnytts Summer Challenge 2012 – Submitta en staty!Dela denna artikel [...]

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UFC Fighter Dan Hardy Says He Wants to Shoot Matt Hughes | :: Sparxxrx LLC :: Says:

[...] Hall of Famer Matt Hughes went to his website and uploaded a gallery of photos from his hunting trip to Africa. In that gallery, Hughes and his son pose next to their [...]

Max Says:

Awesome trophies Matt! I’ve hunted in South Africa and am heading back in October. I got a really beautiful Gemsbok, and Cape Buffalo last time. Really beautiful animals you got there. I don’t know about you but my all time favorite meat had to be the Gemsbok. Just so tasty! Again congrats on the successful hunt. And Dan Hardy’s an idiot! No respect for that guy.

Cab Says:

Great photos, how many yards did you shoot from?

Chris Says:

Matt…..I am a Christian too. I am curious why you killed all these animals? People in the bible hunted because they NEEDED to….for necessity of feeding families. No arguments here….just curious on your take on this. Thanks, and God Bless. -Chris

Bob Says:

So the only reason animals are on this planet is for people to kill them. Yeah I don’t buy that. What about the animals that 100% unedible. Eat a poison arrow frog see where that gets you. I have zero issue with hunting as long as it is done responsible and in a fair way. Reason why I’m a falconer. It’s more fair. As long as nothing went to waste and these animals weren’t just killed cause they were there then I have no issue

tony Says:

well i do think animals are 4 eating…..but to kill just for fun and for a head is wrong…but this isnt the case….this safari trips gave an income to people of sudafrica and the meat is given to the some villages…algo this animals are breed to be hunted….its not that they hunt eild animals…and even in that case u hace to buy a very very expensive tag that helps conservation and bring income (sometime to some very littel wealthy people and not to the sudafrican people)…..i think it will be differente killing a big cat (BOBCAT 4 example) just 4 his head or for his skin or an elephhant just 4 his tusks…..

Bob Says:

These animals are 100% wild animals. This wasn’t on some ranch in Texas. It was in Africa where all these animals are native to. They are not bred to be hunted. That’s like saying wild ducks are bred for hunting

DK Says:

I just wanted to say thanks and God Bless you for that scripture… =)
I totally needed it..
It’s funny how things perfectly line up like that in the most unlikely of places.

thanks again!!!

John King Says:

Matt, all you have to do to get a huge reaction just mention something against Obama or show all your hunting kills. ha. Congrats. I knew you wouldn’t waste all the meat. I’m a hunter and if you kill something you eat it or make sure it’s eaten by people that need it. Thanks for sharing with us. I would like to hear what your future plans are as far as fighting if any. You are and always will be the best. God Bless you and I bet the people in that village are thankful of the hunters as well. If you are ever in Indiana please make sure I’m notified with a post or something. Thanks again.

Joe Says:

Hey guys i think we should remember its not Matt’s job to please you or have the same views as you. SOme of us are hunters, some are not. As long as we all respect eachothers views we can disagree on things. Some of you are asking questions about where did the food go, why did you hunt, etc??? if you read the comments carefully its all answered. I personally dont hunt im too much of a sap to kill the animals, but i eat steak every day. From what i read here Matt cant keep all the food but it goes to other hunters and to people in Africa. Hunting is something people do, get over it….and Dan Hardy you’re just a putts whose looking to gain some fame off the hard work Hughes has put in over the years…Why dont you go win a title and stop acting like a saint and get a real haircut.

Roger Peterson Says:

I am also a Christian….. Congrats goes to Matt for not letting the meat not go to waste. And not all animals in the
Bible was HUNTED for FOOD. Some was used for Sacrifice to God! If YOU read YOUR Bible, YOU WOULD know THAT!

Roger Peterson Says:

And remember there was a human sacrifice…… Jesus Christ was sacrifice for our sins as told in the New Testament. I pray every communion, 1st Sunday of each month, for my sins and thank Jesus for his sacrifice. Read the BIBLE.

John Ballard Says:

Love the pictures Matt. I’ve really never understood all of the hoopla over people crying foul when someone shoots an animal on a hunt. All of these animals you have shown will be eaten and the tag money will be used to protect the population. None of the meat is wasted. One thing that I’ve taught my son is that anything you shoot…you have to eat it!!! He’s only three years old but we apply the same lesson to the small “garden” in our backyard. If he pulls something off of a plant, then he has to eat it whether its ready or not. Now he only pulls off the red tomatoes that are “ready”. He says away from my peppers. Hehehehe.

Glad you had a fun and safe hunt. I look forward to going deer hunting with my sun when he gets a little older.

bob Says:

So according to the bible the only reason animals are on this planet are to be hunted for food or to be used as sacifices to GOD. Hmmm, must have missed that part when I was a practicing Roman Catholic. I have zero issue with hunting. I am a hunter myself I just don’t hunt with a gun. I also fish, but practice like 95% catch and release. As long as the animals hunted and killed are used to their full extent possible. Good on you.

As for Dan Hardy. He is entitled to his opinion. May not be favourable on this forum, but he has a right to them. I’m there are plenty of people who are against what Matt Hughes does. Doesn’t make them idiots, just means their opinions are different then those here.

NateR Says:

“So according to the bible the only reason animals are on this planet are to be hunted for food or to be used as sacifices to GOD.”

Nobody actually said that. The Bible states that humans were created to have dominion over the animals of the earth. Which means that some animals were killed for food, some animals were sacrificed and many animals were simply left alone. Of course, the food and sacrifice aspect of that didn’t take effect until after mankind fell into sin, but we were still given dominion over the entire earth before sin entered the world. Which means that it is GOD’s perfect plan for humankind to rule over animals.

Roger Peterson Says:

Nate R. is right God’s perfect plan for humankind to rule over animals. Thank you Nate. But I never said ALL animals, but some. I am a farmer, but I can not understand why PETA and Humane Society tells hog farmers how to raise their pigs? I guess we are just DUMB farmers. Matt is right, they are idiots! I also don’t understand why the Humane Society is suing over the Pork Producers phase ‘The Other White Meat?’ Because they don’t like it’s
advertisement? I do not hunt, but allow my land to be hunted. I do fish, but release all my catch.

mitchgu Says:

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

NateR Says:

It’s customary to provide book, chapter and verse every time you quote the Bible to allow people to check the context of your quote. However, it’s pretty clear that verse is referring to how a man should treat animals that are his own personal property. It has absolutely nothing to do with wild animals. Hunting an animal in the wild and torturing/mistreating an animal that you own are two completely different things.

Roger Peterson Says:

Nate R.; Found it in Proverbs 12:10 King James

Roger Peterson Says:

Sorry I forget to open my Good News Bible till afterwards. Proverbs 12:10 states- A good man takes care of his
animals, but wicked men are cruel to theirs.

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andy Says:

matt when are you coming back to haines city fl. to the archery shop.. heard yall had a good time on the gator hunt..

Roger Peterson Says:

Need a break? Clinton, IL Apple & Pork Festival Sep 28-30. At Clinton’s Old Settler Homestead, Fairgrounds,
street from fairground towards downtown Clinton and west on Route 54. Crafts galore, tools, T-shirts, fresh
produces, entertainment, tomahawk throw, old craft demostration and food, food and more food.

Biel Casen Says:

Hey buddy, fantastic photos, looks like a great trip. I knew you’d love Africa!

david Says:

Killing for sport is can not be justified if someone else eats the meat. Bottom line, individuals are taking joy in ending the life of one of God’s creation. This is not right, and no where in the bible does it say to take joy in killing something. As far as the excuse of “contribution” to the preservation of the animals by paying for a tag and the right to hunt them. If providing a means satisfy a disgusting thrill is the only way these beautiful creatures can exist, then perhaps it is no longer there time to be on this planet.

God Says:

People are jealous because he is rich and famous to an extent, so look for anything to shit on him. I don’t care to hunt but to think all that meat goes to waste…. Come on

bob Says:

after dan hardy beat amir (which I think is totally possible). I would love for him to call out matt hughes. I don’t know if matt has any plans on returning for “one last fight.” But I think it would be an interesting match up

Carlos Says:


great pics, thanks for sharing.

NateR Says:

So killing an animal is wrong if the person pulling the trigger doesn’t eat all the meat themselves? So what about cattle ranchers and chicken farmers? What about people who kill mice to feed to their pet snakes? Your perspective on this seems pretty illogical to me. But if you really do believe what you just posted, then I hope you don’t eat any meat from grocery stores, restaurants or fast food places, because that would be hypocrisy on your part.

Adam Says:

That looks like an awsome trip, I hope one day I will be able to take my son on a trip like that. Who is Dan Hardy? Funny I havent heard anything for awhile about Hardy and now only because he posted on Matts blog LOL…Oh he fights tomorrow, losses he is out of ufc. Dont waste your time thinking of fighting him. He probably wont be in the ufc after saturday… Jesus was a fisherman do you think he ate all the fish he killed or did he give some away or even sold the fish? God bless you and your family Matt.

Mike Says:

Lot of people are uneducated about conservation and that the meat does indeed get donates to villages as you pointed out or eaten by the hunter himself/herself. They hear “don’t shoot the animals” in grade 3 ethics and unfortunately it stays with them for life even though they have been misinformed. I can preach and you may disagree (which is absolutely fine) but one thing I can’t do is fight in the UFC, Matt I am so sick of Dan Hardy, he is obnoxious and nauseating, please shut him up.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes | MMA DIEHARDS Says:

[...] be honest. He’s not my kind of person.” – Hardy gave his thoughts on Matt Hughes’s hunting photos via Fighters Only. Tags: Anderson Silva, Bellator, Bjorn Rebney, Chris Weidman, Dan Hardy, Dana [...]

Sam Says:

Hardy’s a pretty close friend of mine and while i idolize Matt as a fighter, i have to side with Dan on this one.
He’s not just some douchebag, running his mouth…he’s a very intelligent, caring person that just happens to believe that killing animals for fun is wrong. I don’t see why we can’t like both fighters for different reasons.


In May 2011 Mr. Zuckerberg made a pledge to consume, for one year, only meat he had hunted or slaughtered himself.

r-dawg Says:

there are a lot of starving folks in africa. did you share any of that meat with them? i feel like the money spent on flying to africa and staying in a hotel could’ve been better spent to feed or teach skills to people who have no food. remember christ always shared multiplied food with those who were hungry, not brag about his conquests. just a suggestion…

NateR Says:

You seem to be making an awful lot of assumptions, r-dawg. You do know that the meat from these animals isn’t going to waste right? Also, do you have any idea how much money Matt donates to charity on a monthly basis? I didn’t think you did. It seem to me that you personally don’t agree with hunting so you are passing judgment and manufacturing arguments just for the sake of arguing. Quite simply, it’s not your place to decide how other people spend their own money.

r-dawg Says:

dear nateR, you have made assumptions about me. i’m ok with hunting if it’s communally shared with everyone (like most tribes do when they hunt an animal). even more so if you are in an area where the majority of people are malnourished or starving. in the US where there’s plenty of access to food, i guess it’s not a big deal. also, i respect a hunter more than someone who eats at McD’s and doesn’t know how exactly that burger got there. i posed a a question, not an assumption.

if matt donates to charity that’s great. as someone who is pro-life & has done missionary work in poorer places, seeing a bunch of malnourished kids didn’t exactly make me want to go out and eat something gigantic just for myself. here in the US where i’m surrounded by ppl always eating, i have no issue eating at a buffet.

and you’re right, i can’t decide for other people decide to spend their money, but i hope no one minds if i make *suggestions* to those who are blessed with extra income?

r-dawg Says:

some bible passages i strongly believe in:

Luke 3:11
And he answered them, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.”

Isaiah 58:7
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

Roger Peterson Says:

Last week our church had a undie Sunday collecting over 100 pairs of new adult underwear for
Operation Slieghbell for their Christmas Store in Macon County. Several area churches in Macon
County is collecting Operation Christmas Child through Samaritans Purse organization, giving a box
to needed church around the world with school supplies, toys, hygiene items and other items of
personal interest.

Roger Peterson Says:

Sorry, but I want to talk about something else. I guess everyone heard that Warren Buffett, the billionarie,
gave each of his children a million dollars. One of his sons lives in Decatur, IL, where he is the senior
executive positions at Archer Daniel Midland and the GSI Group. Howard has bought over 1,300 acres
of famr ground in Macon and surrounding counties. Most of the ground he bought is a Agriculture
Research Farm, main headquarters’ ssouth of Decatur. Somehow connected with Southern Illinois Univ.,
but not as a SIU research farm. He shows the internation dignitaries through ADM and SIU, what crops
look like with half or no chemicals, fertilizer and anhydrous applications. His main farm just south of
Decatur is north of my property, has made improvements from an old machine shed, corn crib and
two 7,500 bushel bins to a machine shed over 200′, two open sheds, two additional 7,500 bushel bins,
a heated smaller shed to work on tractors in inclement weather, made the old corn crib into a house
for his farm workers and tiled all of his 320 acre farm. With his millions/billions has bought farmground
in the countyt and surrounding counties at 10 to 12.5 grand an acre., placing most of the reach of
farmers. Including my nephew, who had our machine in now his shed last fall. My nephew didn’t
know the owners sold the ground till after Mr. Buffet bought it at 10 grand. But Mr. Buffett allowed
my nephew to keep our machinery in his shed till my nephew build a 200′ shed on his property
this past summer. My brother also has found Mr. Buffett nice when as raod commissioner, place
a culvert for another entrance onto his property. I, on the other hand, have never met the guy,
but have bad dealings with him. In my waterway there were holes had devolve but tiles busting.
Mr. Buffett had laid an 10″ tile into my 8″ tile busting mine out without informing me of his doings.
I repaired my tile, but the water draining from his property I placed a 6″ tile! It hasn’t rained
enough yet to cause any problems. Oh yes, there is a Foundation. Money that the government
cannot reach and is there long after he passed away.
On the flip side Howard has given generously to a Decatur soup kitchen after the community
put in the first 50 grand and he matched it. The kitchen doors are open for a noon day
meal 7 days a week, 365 days a year and serves 300 daily. But buying more and more land,
he said he wants to own a quarter of the county, from farmers livelyhood hurts farmers.

Roger Peterson Says:

Howard Buffett bought more farm ground this past week in neighboring Moultrie co. One 160 acres,
the other ?? acres. One piece he bought for 10.2 grand. One he was the only bidder. All farmland
is under the name of Sequoia Holdings.

Jeremy Says:

I hope you guys are eating gemsbok and zebra roasts every night. Otherwise this is kind of rediculious.

NateR Says:

US customs would likely never allow meat to be brought from Africa into the US through the airports. Plus, it would be too expensive and impractical to transport the meat across the ocean without it spoiling. So obviously the meat was left with the company who put on the hunt in the first place. Nothing is going to waste.

Elizabeth McKenney Says:

Matt, I have a lot of respect for you as a fighter. I’ve met you in person in Pittston, ME. I grew up hunting and the purpose of the hunt was for food to feed our family or feed our neighbors. You say the ranch keeps the meat, for what purpose and to what folks with enough money does the meat go to? I doubt very much it goes to villages who need it the most. I am sure that in your heart you feel you are giving it to someone else but more than likely it is going to some fat cat who doesn’t need it via some gourmet restaurant in another part of the world. It broke my heart to see you teaching your son that killing for sport is acceptable. Growing up here in Maine, killing was never a sport, and you had respect for the animal you killed and showed it by killing it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You then taught your child how to gut and skin it and use every part possible to eat for survival. If you had extra you donated it to a large family nearby. Hunters are becoming less responsible and shooting at whatever looks like a target which is how people are getting shot every year. These are beautiful animals, but I would have preferred seeing them running wild in Africa, not dead on the ground. As to the “Christian” who said that the Bible referenced the sacrifice of animals for God, there was first of all nothing godly in this sacrifice, and secondly, those sacrifices were done PRIOR to Christ, who was the Lamb of God and was sacrificed for us, ending the need to continue to sacrifice animals. I’m an Atheist and I know that. Christians should not believe in animal sacrifice for God for that reason. The only reason animals are sacrificed is for the survival of Man. This was not for survival. My father would be cursing in his grave over this type of behavior. He had absolutely no respect for ‘flatlanders’ who hunt for sport.

Nick Vall Says:

Matt,Those are some awesome pictures.I have only ever dreamed about an African hunt. I, like you grew up on a farm. I lived on a fifteen hundred acre. dairy farm. We milked about 250 Holsteins. Anyway,I have a great deal of respect for you and your work ethic. You are what todays kids need as a role model. A hard worker, a husband, not to mention a father! When I saw you on the Tuff show I admired your desire to share the word with the young men on your team. Serra laughed and made fun of you,but lets face it your in the hall of fame and he is not! I wish you and your family all the very best! God Bless You!

donnie church Says:

Dude killer hunt, no wonder the boy didn’t want to go home.great dad Matt. U go Guy’s

Harold Speed Says:

Hey Matt your a true champion in every ones eyes I am so happy to open your site up an see your a Christian I know the Lord is very proud of you an your my hero for life, I live down in southern Okla build airboats well we do all kinds of custom aluminum welding. I hope you have a great life now your retired from fighting I can remember when you started out watching you workout, I am so proud for you Matt keep God first if your life an you will have many more successful years of happiness.

John Anderson Says:

Hey Matt,

Almost finished your book. I know, Its been out for a while. I see why it was on The New York Times bestsellers list. An inspiring read.

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