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Conservatism is Calling

   November 3rd, 2012

Just a quick blog. A buddy of mine sent me this video and I really think everyone should check it out:

The Bible verse for this week:

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest — and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man. (Proverbs 6:10-11)


25 Responses to “Conservatism is Calling”

Sony Says:

Sorry I don’t understand this bible verse. I interpreted initially as if u sleep, pray and have a humble life things will be good but it ends with poverty and scarcit. Can someone please help. Thanks!

NateR Says:

The Bible verse is speaking against laziness and sloth. The entire passage from Proverbs 6 goes like this (verses 6-11):

6 Go to the ant, you sluggard!
Consider her ways and be wise,
7 Which, having no captain,
Overseer or ruler,
8 Provides her supplies in the summer,
And gathers her food in the harvest.
9 How long will you slumber, O sluggard?
When will you rise from your sleep?
10 A little sleep, a little slumber,
A little folding of the hands to sleep—
11 So shall your poverty come on you like a prowler,
And your need like an armed man.

This mentality is also repeated in the New Testament in 2 Thessalonians chapter 3:
10 For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.

hayman Says:

i wonder how much and how bad the us would have been with out the bail out, and with out the action taken. i think america is heading in the right path now and has taken alot longer to get thier. i wish that congress and the senate would act for the country and not the party. i believe any president inheritiing the actions wall street took to screw every american would be in the exact same place( remeber it wasnt govt who got us here rather corrupt bankers and the rich want more wealth)! i beleive that during the last election the republican party, the honorable john mccain thought nothing was wrong with the economy as did barrack obama when they started on the campaign trail, but things drastically changed i think we can all agree to that. i think that the current president is taking all measures possible to get the country back to where is should be, and from what i can see in the latest polls so do most americans. im hoping who ever wins continues on the path of recovery for the average american, and not for the wealthiest, as mitt romney said the wealthy will be just fine. its time to work for the rest of america. i hope the countries wins in the long tern and i could care less about the party lines. i hope that we all are aware a budget is estimated 10 years out and that the costs of wars are not what they used to be. i really hope the americas chose not to go to war and work on recovery as it really needs to! i dont buy any foreign cars, and check every label before i purchase any product and i only support the americas!( funny how little things make a diffeance) i would rather by quality and service over price. please support a recovery that supports the masses, and dont get caught up in party lines, vote for recovery and for the future of america, im tired of the attack ads, i want to see america unite and prosper as does the rest of the world, and they too are waiting for america to stand up and shine again, that only has ever worked when the parties worked toghether for a common goal. having said that matt im a long time fan, and would like to see you post about not only the democrats but the republicans promise before the recession hit to make fair and equal promise, not one party could have achieved what they promised last time around before the huge crissis lets be fair and not jump on the wagon, mitt romeny came out and said jeep was heading to china this week, well thats not the truth as dodge came out and asked romney to stop creating lies about the country, plus if that were true baine capitol would also be a partner in dodge and they are not. i remember the last election and the forums here where concentrated on the current president taking away guns, well that did not happen then came the sept 2007, and well gun control was not an issue and the country and the direction of the country changed, and we cannot forget that. either party coming in was about to assume a financial nightmare and either would have had a difficult time. im not impressed with the handling, but to be honest im not sure what could have been done differently, its funny not one time have i heard a solution offered by a single person ever by either party say how they would have done things differently. how they would have handled the recession. not one other alternative has ever been given. you have to think about why not, mit romney or any republican has ever said what they wold have done differently. not only that mitt romney will not use former president bush in any promotion of him, or to endorse him, only in this video do i see a comparison yet no other republican will step up and do so, thats another thing to think about. i know they always say hind sight is 20/20 yet in this case nope, not one other solution offered. i really hope that america recovers, and becomes a shinning hope for all again. i hope that smarter people then i figure out a way, and not just promise thier way to the highest office on the planet. vote for who you think will do best for the country, vote for who you think has a vision for the country! and remember, regardless of who your voting for, please rememeber the soldiers who have and will fight for your rights have given thier time, and lives, so vote as not voting is the worst thing you can do. vote for america!

NateR Says:

Well, first of all, I would recommend learning how to use paragraph breaks. It’s very difficult to read a massive block of text on a computer screen that has almost no formatting to it at all.

Anyways, you don’t need 20/20 hindsight to see the mistake of the current President. As the old adage goes, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Unfortunately, President Obama has not only taken the shovel out of President Bush’s hands and continued digging us into a hole, but he’s brought in some steam-shovels to escalate the digging to unprecedented levels.

From the $1+ trillion stimulus bill from 2009, that has done absolutely nothing, to the auto-industry bailouts, and the $1+ trillion healthcare bill that is likely going to cause the cost of healthcare to skyrocket in the next few years. Obama has dug us into a hole that we may likely never recover from. That has nothing to do with politics, it’s simply math. 2+2=4 and you don’t get yourself out of debt by getting two new platinum credit cards and maxing them out immediately. It’s as simple as that.

However, if you want 20/20 hindsight, then look at this and tell me that we’ve been on the right track over the last 4 years:
government spending

John King Says:

The facts don’t lie, it’s not being made up. I don’t know if it will help or not but I hope so. Thanks for sharing this. Anytime politics is mentioned it gets nasty but I do know what you have posted are facts and not opinions so good job. God Bless

r-dawg Says:

i consider myself a fiscal conservative and am no fan of obama. with that said, electing a republican doesn’t mean the budget will get fixed or that they will improve our economy.

republicans voted side by side with democrats to bail out banks, giving them billions of our tax money.
they voted with dems for an automatic pay raise EVERY YEAR without a performance evaluation from the public, like regular employees must go through.
they’ve voted with dems to keep spending money on imprisoning people for non-violent drug offenses.
both republican and democrat former presidents get an unlimited spending account after they retire from their 4-8 year job.
both parties have no problem with borrowing money from communist china.
both parties have no problem giving free military aid to saudi arabia or being their #1 oil customer, a country where it’s illegal to preach the gospel.

nate, i also hope that you are aware that mitt romney passed a very similar plan to obama care when he was governor of mass. this was a big attacking point from other true fiscal conservatives before romney was tapped as the republican nominee.

politics are funny b/c people idealize one party while ignoring the fact that both parties actually cooperated on a lot of things that have dug america into a deep hole. only thing we can do is pray to God, it’s so frustrating.

hayman Says:

again, hindsight being the party offering another strategy during this time. none was offered, by either party, as a matter of fact this was a joint solution. either party would have been in the same mess. remember it wasnt the govt who got us here, it was greed by wall st. its funny i dont expect a solution from govt on this, i understand its not thier issue, but its what they both parties agreed to to save the country, and now the gop wants distance from this mess. work toghether and suceed. help your nieghbours, love thy neightbour.

NateR Says:

I agree that we shouldn’t expect a solution from our government to our current economic problems. The problem with that is our government seems to think it is their job to fix it, so they keep passing short term “band-aid” fixes that will only exacerbate and prolong our economic crisis.

hayman Says:

had they penalized wall st for this financially i would have felt better. but they did not, and wall st could care less. i feel that the top should pay more, not people but companies that are using the tax code to pay little or no taxes. ibm, apple, microsoft, ge, facebook, the auto industry baine capitol! they should be paying taxes to give back, when profits are released by the big banks it sickens me. im not asking people who have worked hard for money to pay more, my wife and i work every day we have kids and are doing alright and even though we are a middle class family that could change if more profits are pushed for at the company i work for. but compnies who are pushing for billion dollar profits and are paying less tax due to loop holes and asset allocation, when this happens well my stomach cramps. they should want to help out and give back to the people who buy the products they supply, instead they create new lower paying jobs and cut high paying ones, which again sickens me. if one thing is wrong with the curent president ( and no one is perfect)its not talking to these top level persons and asking them why they slashed these great jobs over the past 4 years and are now hiring them back at half the pay (that should be a financial penalty by the way) the answer again is greed and profit. thats not a govt issue. but govt should work on education, infrastructure, medicare,health, services transportation, justices ect not creating jobs, thats never been thier job the only job they can create is a govt job, and i personally believe in smaller govt. i have many freind who do work for the govt and i am being completely honest in saying they really cold eliminate a 3rd of the jobs if they would work harder at what i call a private pace. if your worked that slowly at the company i work for youd be fired. thats not an obama issue, this is a govt issue. having said that some people do work extremely hard in the govt, but that is the select few.
sorry about the block writing, im on my blackberry all day and night.

NateR Says:

But you see, the very assumption that the federal government should even have the power to penalize Wall Street is the same flawed thinking that helped get us into this mess. The more our government involves itself in our free market, the less free it becomes.

hayman Says:

i agree with that statement, but in all honesty had they not changed regulations requested basically by the lobbyists to make more profits we could have penalized them, and not just monetarily rather criminally. but as we all know white collar crimes dont serve time in the end. i know that what i said about the power to penalize should be a tool used, well thats more of a moral issue one that again on a personal note in which i have watched over the past years the re hires happy to accept a job with little pay(this thought was more just of an opinion). but i do feel if we got an apology from wall st years back or a decade from now it would go a long way, it wont make it easier, but it will help people get over the anger and allow them to focus it where it belongs rather then the govt. i feel amercia has become so devided over the last term and most people forgot how it happened. i look at last nights election, and from what i have heard the number is close to 20 billion in expenses spent in the entire process. senate congress and the white house, i heard linda mcmahon spent 50 million alone and lost her campaign, and that mitt spent 900 million more then obama in the last 3 days. that again sickens me. i really would have liked to see ron paul go further and spread his message, his thoughts are focused, and plans are clear. he is a real visionary. having said that i will always support the elected president. you vote win or loose, its up to the country to get itself outta this mess, and we do that one day at a time by waking up to pay taxes and go home to our families and supporting our communities. each night i get home, walk my dog, spend time with the wife and play with the kids. thats life.

r-dawg Says:

totally random comment: is anybody else seriously confused about by all their friends saying they want to move canada or central america? don’t they know those countries have government run health care and socialism?

NateR Says:

I don’t know anyone claiming that they want to move to Canada or Central America. What are you talking about?

r-dawg Says:

my mistake, nate. there are posts i keep seeing on my facebook and twitter from my friends who were upset over the election results. i guess i should’ve clarified what i was talking about.

anyways, we should just move on and hope for the best for our country. i kind of like herman cain’s suggestion:

Roger Peterson Says:

Thank you Florida, Kentucky and Missouri which are the 1st states that require drug testing
when applying for welfare. Some people are crying and calling this unconstitutional. How
is this unconstitutional??? It’s OK to drug people who work for their money, but not for those
who don’t?? If you can afford to buy drugs and extra illegal things then you can afford your
own groceries.

NateR Says:

I’ve never understood how requiring drug tests for welfare recipients would be considered unconstitutional. Since that federal assistance is paid for by taxpayers, then every precaution needs to be taken to ensure that people are not abusing the privilege. If you are living off of taxpayer money, then you need to be held accountable to those very same taxpayers. If that requires invasions of privacy, then so be it. Otherwise there is no incentive to get off of welfare, unemployment, food stamps, or any other form of government assistance.

Jgrubb Says:

Or perhaps welfare itself is unconstitutional.

Anil Says:

If you are disillusioned with religion… my dream church.

Roger Peterson Says:

Our military rejected Barak Obama by a 2 to 1 margin, 67% of our active and retired military
did not want Obama as their commander in chief, but the,liberals still voted for Obama.

Roger Peterson Says:

Give a man a fish and h eats for a day. Give a man a welfare check, a free cellphone, food stamps, section 8 housing, a six-pack of beer and he’ll vote for a Democrat the rest of his life.

Roger Peterson Says:

Britian rasied their mtaxes and what happen?? 2/3rds of their millionaries left the country.

r-dawg Says:

fox news actually has a good piece on entitlements govt officials get:

republicans and tea party politicians also get free entitlements, for roger peterson it’s inaccurate (and also way to easy) to assume ONLY dems push welfare. any govt official that publicly speaks against entitlements acts differently in private. they have no problems in giving themselves plenty of entitlements, so it’s hard for me to take them seriously (democrat, republican, i don’t care).

if they speak against govt run healthcare know that they get FREE govt healthcare.

both repub & dems voted to give themselves an automatic yearly pay raise with no performance evaluation and regardless of whether their constituents think they deserve a raise. automatic $5K added to salary every year.

congress has suggested changing the retirement age for all americans from 65 to 70/75. they can retire at age 50 and collect a *government* pension (they don’t need a 401k)

g.w. bush told the public don’t rely on govt/social security – save up your own IRA or 401K. every pres, whether dem or repub, only has to work 4-8 yrs. when they retire they get an *unlimited* amt of money (bush & clinton are the highest spenders on frivolous things – all paid for by your taxes).

congress has cut funding for public transit saying it should be privatized. they have their own FREE govt-run subway just for them in DC.

they also get 62 days off paid in addition to 3 weeks vacation.

there is no “battle” b/w dems and repub when it comes to lining their own pockets. they are capable of being bi-partisan. thinking only one party is supporting the welfare system is not a smart way to make america better.

Roger Peterson Says:

I agree r-dawg.

Roger Peterson Says:

Anyone has extra calendars? Take them to you local nursing home, they will love you for them!

Bobby Says:

Why were you left off the round table discussion with the great welter weights last week. Glazer had Penn, St. Pierre, Renzo Gracie and that Dough Boy Seirra. What a disgrace to you and the UFC for Seirra to be included as one of the best Welter Weights ever. Gracie should not have been there either but I can live that him being there. You may have retired but dont let them leave you out and over shadow your legacy to the sport of MMA.

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