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Renzo Gracie

   December 10th, 2009

I didn’t know if I could say anything about my next fight, but I see that Dana has let the cat out of the bag. So I can tell you what I know, on April 10th I will be fighting Renzo Gracie in Abu Dhabi. I haven’t signed any paperwork and I don’t think Renzo has either; but I think this fight is going to happen. That’s all I know, serious training will start for me at the new year.

Just got back from a new project I have been working on with a couple of my good buddies Frank Silverman and Mike Metzger. In case Mike reads this, I meant to write Mike Metzger and Frank Silverman. It is called Cage Fitness and we have come up with a new workout plan based on some the exercises I do and adapting them to a program that requires no partners and is a total body workout. Check it out, the link to the website is You can view a promo of the workouts there.

Next week, Robbie will fight Trevor Prangley on the Strikeforce card. It’s December 19th in San Jose. For more information this link might help you out.

Just got back from Texas (I love that place), where I went on a goose and duck hunt with Gary, from Dollamur, and a few other folks and had a great time. First time I’ve ever shot duck or geese and it was a lot different than anything I’ve done before. We’ve got some pictures and I’ll post them after I get them.

This weekend is the last gun season in Illinois, so if I find my big deer, I could be done hunting for a little while. Sounds like it might make some of you happy, but I am who I am.

Here is the Bible verse for this week:

The thing you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what God wants. Then all these other things you need will be given to you! (Matthew 6:33)

I hope everybody has a good weekend and I’ll get back to you later. -matt

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Ivan Says:

Hey Matt,

Looking forward to your fight against Renzo.

The cage fitness looks fun and I’d certainly hope i can join. However, I’m living in Hong Kong, and hope you guys some gym here will be a licensee of ur cage fitness system and provide it here soon.

John King Says:

Matt, It’s great to hear you are fighting again. Where is Abu Dauibi? Sound like you may be on his home turf huh? I’m not familiar with Renzo so I will youtube him. Don’t listen to the people that complain on YOUR website. I’m a hunter as well but if I wasn’t I would still respect what you like to do. I just appreciate you giving us your time, it means a lot to us real fans. Good luck hunting, then train your butt off and ground and pound this guy!!! God Bless and thanks for the info on your new workout stuff as well. I guess you want me to lose weight huh??

Renzo Gracie signs with UFC, likely meets Matt Hughes at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi | MMAComments Says:

[...] 10 return earlier this month with a post on his official Web site. On Thursday he again took to to confirm the likely (though un-signed) fight with [...]

Renzo Gracie to Debut Against Matt Hughes in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112 | Fight Club House Says:

[...] on it. Once Hughes heard Dana open the can or worms, he divulged some information on the bout via his blog: I didn’t know if I could say anything about my next fight, but I see that Dana has let the cat [...]

Matt Hughes vs Renzo Gracie likely for UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi | UFC News Says:

[...] “Country Breakfast” on his return: “I didn’t know if I could say anything about my next fight, but I see that Dana has let the cat out of the bag. So I can tell you what I know, on April 10th I will be fighting Renzo Gracie in Abu Dhabi. I haven’t signed any paperwork and I don’t think Renzo has either; but I think this fight is going to happen. That’s all I know, serious training will start for me at the new year.” [...]

Amaris Griffin Pereira Says:

Hi Matt!

I am rooting for you, in this case: to get a big buck. :) I’m from Texas, so a good portion of my buddies are hunters. The others certainly don’t complain when eating Venison Chili. ;)

I am really excited to hear about your upcoming fight vs. Renzo Gracie on April 10!
I will be watching it on my brother-in-law’s PPV… and be the only one in the room not cheering for RG… I live in Brazil, so you can see how i’d be outnumbered. :D Regardless, i’ll be cheering you on!!

You are #1 in my book because you always give God the glory – and you ROCK. Thanks for keeping it real.

KellyJo Says:

Very excited to see you and Renzo!! And also for your new project, I will definitely check that out! I’m also VERY excited to see Robbie fight Prangley, I was just watching an older Prangley fight the other day and was wondering what has become of him. I also think it will be a great match up and although I do like Trevor, I am definitely more of a Robbie fan:)Good luck to both of you in your up coming matches!
On the subject of how some people may not agree with hunting (I actually used to be one), I would never hold my belief against someone else and as I have gotten older, I have realized how beneficial and necessary hunting is for the world. So I hope you enjoy the last hunt for a while, and take care while training! Can’t wait for 112!

Dustindwyer Says:

Hey Matt, Hope your tranning goes well! i know it will. You hard worker so keep it up! Hope everything works out for you! Lots of love from Canada!

Josh Says:

why renzo? that guy was done before he fought BJ penn… i guess its just the gracie name they want. The UFC is messing up by putting on fights like this.. You need to fight a contender, not a last name. Before you know it they will ask you to fight kimbo at the first UFC/WWE cross promo, lol..anyways goodluck.

Bill Says:

Hey Matt,

I’m a Pastor up here in Canada and I read your book. It was exciting to know your relationship with the Lord is authentic and you’re an ambassador for the Lord above all. Thanks for your blog posts and especially the Bible texts that point the way to truth and light.



Matt Says:

hey matt
hope all your training goes well for the Renzo fight and ill be wearing the Army of One shirt and cheering you all the way. Your an inspiration mate

Mike Cantrell Says:

Hey Matt! Excited to see you getting back in the octagon. Never apologize for who you are! God made you that way for a purpose. This is still America, and it’s still a free country despite the socialist president and Congress we have in office. Things will get better. Keep up the good hunting!

Adam Justice Says:

Hey Matt! Looking forward to seeing the fight. I’ve loved watching your fights ever since my buddy sent me a DVD while I was stationed in Iraq. It encourages me so much that there are athletes like you who aren’t afraid to openly live for American christian principles. May God bless you.

Shane Lee Says:

Ugh!!! Abu Dhabi…. Blah!!!! Happy for you buddy but not for me. See ya in Texas next time.


Why fight him he is way to old and a waste of your time. Do you not think you can win against fighters like fitch or gsp or koS ?? Please let us know what you are thinking taking this fight and what will it do for matt deep inside??


Matt are you going to fight the best 170lb fighters anymore?? You are the only 170lb fighter that can beat gsp

Jim from Canada Says:

Hey Matt, I’m a huge fan and have followed your fights since the Carlos Newton fight, loved your book,can’t wait for you to hand another Gracie a defeat. God Bless you and your family this holiday season

Mike Cantrell Says:

Hamiln….chill….he doesn’t make the fights….that’s Joe Silva’s department.

Opie Hughes Says:


It’s a Gracie!!! Nuff’ Said!

Dallas Stringer Says:

Hey Matt, great to hear about the fight. I think you will destroy him. You are pretty bulked up and muscular, what would the chance be of you losing muscle mass and droping to 155 to beat BJ? I know you can compete at 170 and probably get the belt back but it seems they really want others before you get your shot. I like this rubber match and think you can take it. Let me know brother


john from iceland Says:

I am very big matt hughes fan, i am in here every day and and chech the blogs from him but i dont want to se this fight becose this is a lose fight for him if he wins everybody he got the w over a old washed opp gracie, and if he lose ya what then, i just dont se the point, want to se remach with thiago, i beleve he can win over him, just a bad game plan last time, any thougts any body

JR Spear Says:

Hey Matt! It was a pleasure meeting you in Florida a couple weeks ago. I’m totally excited about kicking off Cage Fitness at my school and my students are as well. Good luck on your next fight. This is my first time seeing your web page and I wanted to say I totally respect you in so many ways. Not a lot of UFC fighters will proclaim their faith and you posting scriptures and being a humble man you are really says a lot. Thank you for that.

Alex Says:

Hey Matt, Was wondering if you would consider dropping to lightweight and do what others can’t and that is to take BJ’s belt. Nothing would be sweeter to see you being the one to beat the guy they say is unbeatable.


countrygirl Says:

Ideas for your geese!
My hubby makes his goose into jerky, it is awesome!
He also makes amazing duck on the grill. he marinates small pieces in orange juice and bq sauce, then rolls a onion and jalapeno around,then wraps in bacon and grills. These are the bomb, my girls love them

Karen. H. K. Says:

I just want to say have a great fight in April 2010 .The Good Lord willing,and the creak dont rise, you will
come home a winner. TAKE CARE.



Mike Norman Says:

There are so many things I’d love to debate with you Matt. Ranging from your political ideologies to how you view the war in Afghanistan.

Marquez Diazz II Says:

I’m rooting for Matt on this next fight. I’m sure his skill and power will be too much.

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