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Chuck’s Retirement

   January 5th, 2011

Chuck Liddell

First of all, congratulations Chuck Liddell on your career and also on your new position as the UFC’s Executive Vice President of Business Development.

If any of you guys have never seen this, well here’s a great interview of Chuck and is probably what prompted the UFC to promote Chuck to his current role:

Chuck and his brother Dan have always teased me about being in Flaunt magazine years ago and they were also trying to say that I was part of Brokeback Mountain. So nobody should say anything about me taking a couple of shots at Chuck all in good fun.

Well, I haven’t talked to you guys since the GSP fight so I’m going to say this, even though I’m going to piss a bunch of people off. To me the GSP fight was boring and I’m even going to tell you why I think it was boring: because I believe GSP is on defense. Number one, he doesn’t want to lose the belt and, number two, I think the UFC is paying him too much money and he doesn’t want to lose that either. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind; but he just doesn’t seem like he wants to finish anybody.

I did not watch the Edgar/Maynard fight, but I did hear that it was pretty interesting. For a 5-round fight to end up as a draw is pretty unusual by itself, so I will be looking forward to the rematch.

I hope eveyrbody had a great holiday season, I know I did. I was even able to keep my wife out on New Years until about 2:30 AM.

Tater (Katelyn) turned one-year old on January 2nd, so here is a recent picture of the birthday girl:


And here is the Bible verse for this week:

May all that search for You be filled with joy and gladness in You. May those who love Your salvation repeatedly shout, “The LORD is great!” (Psalm 40:16)


51 Responses to “Chuck’s Retirement”

Abel Says:

I agree with you 100% on the gsp fight. He seems very scared to take a risk, which is not how a true champion should be like. Hope you had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year and I’ll see you at your next fight whereever it is =)

Nick Says:

I am not impressed with the performance of this blog!!!!!! (spoke with GSP accent) No just joking I really look forward to your blogs. Happy new year!!!!!!

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[...] his latest blog on Well, I haven’t talked to you guys since the GSP fight so I’m going to say this, even though [...]

Ty Says:

Congratulations on an AWESOME career, Chuck!!! Congratulations on your new position as well! And “Happy New Year!” to you and all yours, Matt! “Happy New Year!” everyone!

God’s Blessings!!!

GSP is boring… According to Matt Hughes « _MMA and UFC Fanatics MMA and UFC Fanatics Says:

[...] his most recent blog post at, Hughes had this to say regarding current welterweight champion Georges St. [...]

Stormhammer Says:

lol Poor Chuck.

Megan Says:

matt your are correct about the gsp fight. we all know when he wants to he can finish a fighter like josh anyday. in everyone of his interviews he always says he’s going to end the fight quickly, well come on and lets see it. if it was up to all your fans matt the ufc should give you the title shot because you’ve done so much for the sport, and to show people once again what a real champion is.

Trolloc Says:

GSP will go down in history as one of the best fighters because he fights smart. My father hates MMA because he feels its too violent, but, loves GSP because he see’s the intelligence in the way he fights. IMO your fight with BJ was boring and an under 30 second knockout is not what I want to see (some do). I enjoy fights that are battles of minds as much as it is physical. Fighters out thinking the others and forcing the other to counter. In terms of Kosh and GSP, Kosh has great knockout power. It be silly for GSP to risk getting knocked out when there is no need too. I think the Shields fight will show if he is scared to finish (which I don’t think he is). Shields has no knockout power, if the fight stays standing we’ll see if GSP wants to finish or not.

Brent Says:

I enjoy your sense of humor….this blog had me laughing pretty hard. Glad the holidays were good for you. What a beautiful little girl you have. Let us know if you do any good deer hunting this yr.

LTrain Says:

Totally agree on the GSP fight–terribly boring–he’s turning into a whelter weight Anderson Silva–speaking of which: if those two ever fight it will be the dullest fight ever. The only entertainment that they’ll provide is dancing around trying not to kiss each other!

dustin dwyer Says:

Agreed matt, that fight was realy boring.
He could have finished that fight easily.
What was wrong with chuck in the interview? drunk or somthing? haha

J.C. Says:

No disrespect, but Georges is awesome. He’s a champion who carries himself with dignity as you did. Maybe he has become risk adverse, but he finished you twice in the past and it comes across as sour grapes when you call him out. That being said, if anyone should be allowed to call him out I guess it would be you.

Ben Says:

Very encouraging seeing the Bible verse every week. Thanks Matt!

John King Says:

Matt, I agree as well with the fight even though any time you give your opinion all hell breaks lose. GSP could have finished him and should have. I give him respect as champion because other than you he is impressive with title defenses but like you said if you are paid the biggest bucks then you need to live up to it. Chuck will be missed by us old fans, just wish he would have done better in his last few fights. Thanks for your opinions. God Bless

NateR Says:

GSP had 4 rounds to finish a one-eyed opponent and he couldn’t do it. So that means that he either tried to finish the fight and was unable to, implying that he didn’t have the skills necessary, or he simply didn’t try to finish the fight, which is exactly Matt’s point.

Some people are bringing up the fact that GSP finished Matt twice (while also ignoring the fact that Matt finished GSP once, as well), but I don’t believe that’s the point being made here. If the GSP who defeated Matt would have showed up to fight Koscheck on December 11th, then I think Matt would have been more than happy to watch that fight and give GSP the respect he deserved. However, that GSP has been missing for the last 2 years. So I think Matt’s words are more out of frustration than anything else, because he knows that GSP is capable of doing better, but he is simply not living up to that potential.

howie_feltersnatch Says:

man i really enjoyed reading this until you took a jab at GSP. His favorite thing to do is beat up you and bj penn. and yes he could finish fights…he could finish them all. but he would rather beat you up for 5 rounds and show you how much better he is than you. BJ knocked you out in 30 seconds…is he a better fighter?? who knows..everyone get caught sometime or another…but if he beats your ass for 5 rounds..he is a better fighter.

J.C. Says:

Fair points NateR,

I never disregarded that GSP was finished by hughes though, but i don’t necessarily think that finishes are the only thing that make great fights either. Many people are already saying edgar vs maynard will go down as fight of the year even though there was no finish. GSP doesn’t take risks anymore, and while I’d love to see him completely dismantle an opponent again, I also enjoy watching him systematically disabling an opponent. One point I think is valid to make is that while everyone says Georges has gotten gun shy and not finished anyone since the first serra fight, one of his finishes against hughes was after the first serra fight, as were his finishes of BJ and matta serra. Also, he did plenty to finish fitch, that guy is just tough as nails. Maybe he didnt fight Hardy on the feet, but he did try for finishes. Against Kos though, I never really felt he truly went for the finish, but i really did enjoy watching him pick Koscheck apart.

RodP Says:

Matt I have been watching UFC since the beginning and as a result followed your career along with all the others that became popular through the years. I’m also a christian and have noticed on multiple accounts how you seem to take joy in tearing others down. Making fun of Liddell because of something he ribbed you about years ago seems pointless. Unless of course you don’t mind your jealousy being seen by countless others. What I took from this whole post is this. Congratulating Chuck then trying to embarrass him. Talking about GSP’s so called lackluster fight when in fact he is one of two men to finish you not once but twice in your decorated career. Then you post a picture of your daughter followed by a scripture. The bible says “to whom much is given, much is required”. It certainly appears you’ve been given much and I’m sure you’ve worked extremely hard for it. Just remember you affect many people by your words and deeds because of your platform. So if you are going to call yourself a christian you should be Christ-like to others. To sum it up, your actions here are the exact opposite of the example I would try to be as a christian.

Vincent Says:

Matt U are the man, I hope we havent seen the last of you in the ring..I think you still have some wins in you.
I hope to see u again… you are are an exciting fighter and the WW division just isnt the same without you.

Vincent Says:

And, another thing, you did more for the WW division then GSP has ever done…you fought to destroy opponents and to prove you are the man..not just to retain the belt…those were the days…
GSP, Edgar, Rashad fight with a very strange style, just to win the match and not take any risks…I guess all for the sake of just keeping a belt or just winning it really sucks. Personally I think the golden age of the UFC is gone and its really changing into a boring sport. Your a wrestler like these other guys but you always try to crush your opponents and not just win, thats what makes the sport great.

NateR Says:

Matt and Chuck Liddell have been close friends for many years; so the friendly ribbing that you read in this blog should be taken as nothing more than that. Jealousy doesn’t even enter into the picture.

It’s a very difficult thing to be a Christian in the world’s spotlight, but one of the worst parts about it is having to put up with self-righteous, judgmental Christians who have no problem publicly criticizing a fellow believer just because they don’t personally approve of their actions.

David Says:

You are 100% right Matt, Rampage knows its true too. GSP probably even greases too, I mean how can you put it past a guy who is that scared and will do anything to keep his belt? I mean he’s scared even when he’s the one who has mount. His fall is coming, no one can keep that BS up forever and it’s just going to be that much more humiliating that he has millions of fans who are just too blind to see the truth.

» UFC QUOTABLES: Matt Hughes thinks Georges St. Pierre’s UFC 124 win over Josh Koscheck was “boring” Ahoj Says:

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RodP Says:

I responded publicly because this is a public forum. That is where Matt chooses to post his blog. And since you don’t know me personally, I take no offense to your comment of self righteousness and being judgmental. I do in fact know those types of christians and choose to distance myself from them. Obviously I don’t agree with this particular blog and thats why I posted my feelings. And I can’t imagine “publicly” embarrassing a “close” friend of mine in this manner.

Rob D Says:

Matt it seems like some of these people don’t know you too well. Even questioning your actions as a Christian. Anyone who has watched you or read your book know your sense of humor and the jab at Chuck is in pure fun, and Chuck knows it. You’re a good American buddy, you represent the work ethic and values many of us in this country do, you do great work for charity and have always supported the troops and our basic rights to own guns. Your assesment of GSP may not be for everyone, there are a lot of people who like his style and that’s fine but to not agree that he doesn’t go for the kill is way off target. Listen, to me you are the greatest UFC Champ ever, your fights were exciting, on the other side GSP is a tremendous athlete and does carry himself well, and honetly I don’t know if anyone could beat him at 170, but he should be criticized for his style, it totally warrants it, if you’re that good then finish these guys, and challenge yourself and move up to 185, with that wrestling he should be able to beat most guys in that class. GSP needs to bring it up a notch and not just play it safe. Matt you are dead on with this blog. Happy new year and God Bless you and your family. Hope to see you in the Octagon soon, enjoy some hunting man.

Aaron Says:

I may not agree with what you are saying about GSP, but you have been in the spotlight, and an amazing world champ, you would have more insight than anyone else here regarding fighting and finishing fights…1 of my top 5 fav fights of all time is Hughes vs Trigg 2

Quell Says:

lol that’s a good picture of Katelyn. Happy belated Birthday to her and Happy New Year Matt. Hope you have a good one.

Matt Hughes Not Impressed with Georges St-Pierre, Says UFC Champ is Boring and Overpaid | Says:

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matt o Says:

Love the inspirational Bible Verses Matt. I look forward to seeing you back in the ring. BJ caught you with a good shot, that is all it was…a good shot. You know that if that shot had been avoided ground and pound would have been in store for BJ who can barely make it out of the second round without sucking wind. God Bless!

bob Says:

matt why don’t you come out and show us all how to finish fights. I believe koscheck and fitch have both called you out in the past and you declined both fights. Come on show GSP how to finish these 2 men.

NateR Says:

Matt has never declined a fight with Fitch or Koscheck (or even Mike Swick). The UFC never even offered those fights to Matt; so that rumor is completely false. However, Fitch was offered a chance to fight Matt, when Matt Serra dropped out of his first fight with Matt in late 2007, but Fitch turned it down.

I know that Jon Fitch has claimed that Matt was offered a chance to fight him, but turned it down because he only wanted “big fights” but that is simply not true. Matt never once received a call offering him a chance to fight Fitch, Koscheck or Swick. So, Fitch has either been misinformed or he is lying through his teeth.

bob Says:

If in fact fitch is lying about matt turning down fights with him, then so be it. I just go by what I’ve read and heard. But there was a time when koscheck called out matt after a win (can’t remember who he beat). Matt then came and blogged that he (i’ll paraphrase) “doesn’t know why koscheck isn’t calling out the champ. If you aren’t willing to call out the champ (gsp was champ) then you shouldn’t be calling out anyone.” Matt even though it may not seem like it. I do respect you as a fighter and as a person. But you just sound like a sore looser here. So why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and fight koscheck as your last fight. GSP dominated him from the first second to the 1500’s second of their fight. If you can finish him then please show us the old matt hughes. Not an old matt hughes

NateR Says:

Matt only takes the fights the UFC offers him and he has never turned down a fight. Sure Koscheck was calling Matt out at one point in time, but the UFC has never actually offered that fight to Matt. Thus, if you really want to see Matt fight Josh Koscheck for his last fight, then you’re barking up the wrong tree by posting it here, you should be petitioning the UFC directly with your request.

Keegan Says:

I respect your opinion Matt and you are my favorite fighter. However GSP does fight to inflict damage and not finish. He will finish if an opening to a finish is exposed.

The reason why fighters are playing safe is because of the favoring to wrestling and Octagon Control. Unfortunately we have a judging system and criteria that is not helping this evolving sport. Instead we have fighters that are trying to fight smart and also become dominate to win the judges over. That’s why when you get two styles that don’t mesh well together you get a lack luster fight. Doesn’t mean the fighters aren’t great. It means they just don’t clash well together.

Now you also have GSP who doesn’t have a strength in a certain area of his martial arts. He’s just a very well rounded fighter that can keep his opponent guessing. As well as utilize his tools in his arsenal very greatly.

Matt Hughes has fought a different kind of competition back in his early career. The sport has evolved and we also have a lot of young well rounded fighters that have worked on their weaknesses in their game.

Matt came into MMA and was strictly a wrestler picking up Jiu Jitsu. People would consider him a black belt level.

Fighters in general don’t necessarily evolve, but the fighters that have came to UFC are kind of a new breed. The sport is growing and we have a lot of fighters coming in that are young and calling out Matt Hughes. A legend.

The reason why is because they want to test their own strengths against Matt Hughes undeniably gifted talents inside the octagon. Matt Hughes is a fighter that can still hang with the top tier in the WW division. He in my opinion can give everyone a challenge with the exception of GSP.

Matt Hughes has always wanted to knock people out and unfortunately has the similar problem like Sherk. Just doesn’t have a long reach.

To judge a character based on their blogs(Razzing Chuck). I don’t know how you can bash Matt for being a poor Christian if he’s just playing around with his buddy Chuck online. It just shows you are too judgmental and need to relax. Stop taking the internet too seriously. Matt Hughes is by far the best WW champion and is a HOF’er. A very nice family man and has a vast knowledge when it comes to MMA. He’s not afraid to share his beliefs with God and who are you to judge someone? You’re just reading words on the board. Until you actually meet him. Try to be level headed or you’ll show your true colors and also give Christians a bad rep.

/rant. Hope you enjoyed your holidays Matt and Congrats Chuck.

Matt what do you think about the scoring system? I think it needs to be adjusted because there are a lot of decisions that have gone sour and it’s frustrating to see some fighters lose a decision.


Keegan Says:

Also would like to add to the judging system. The wrestling and while GSP stayed on top of Hardy. Is an example of a fight that people thought was dull and boring….GSP made a technical error while trying to secure that submission.

We also have a lot of fighters now that are trying to defend off their backs in the UFC because like most fighters. They like to dictate where the fight ends up.

So that’s why fights seem to become dull or boring is because of the fighters learning to defend from the bottom.

I also think GSP was trying to finish Kos as you can tell he did throw some high kicks to the head.

Just my two cents.

tampon ted Says:


Matt Hughes Not Impressed with Georges St-Pierre, Says UFC Champ is Boring and Overpaid Says:

[...] hall of famer and former champion Matt Hughes recently updated his blog to say Georges St-Pierre’s recent title defense over Josh Koschek was boring and that the [...]

Mike Says:

Mr. Hughes I am a big fan of your blogs! It’s good to get a fighters honest perspective on things but I do not fully agree with your latest edition. You said “Number one, he doesn’t want to lose the belt”. Why would any champion want to lose the belt? Of course he’s going to fight calculated and defensive, If you get reckless with any top contender in the 170 division (including yourself) you may end up getting KO’ed or submitted. Georges is the champ, he has the belt if people want it then they have to get it from him and take the fight to him. To be the champ you have to go out there and BEAT the champ, I know you agree with that as you stated that in your blog about Franky and BJ’s first fight. I don’t deem busting up someones eye to the point where he can’t even enter a plane to fly home “boring”. He gave it all he had and to Koschecks credit, the guy is tough. Georges simply couldn’t finish him. Happy new year to you and the family! Hope to see you back in the cage soon.

UFC QUOTABLES: Matt Hughes thinks Georges St. Pierre’s UFC 124 win over Josh Koscheck was “boring” | leesacanpos Says:

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Kyle Noffsinger Says:

I’ve been a Matt Hughes fan for years, and will continue to be one for many more, but the GSP comment was in poor taste. I do not mind you critiquing another fighter, clearly you are an expert on all things MMA, but when you brought up the issue of money it made you sound jealous and petty. Can’t believe I’m even saying this, but taking into account that GSP finished you twice, the critique just sounds like a cheap shot. As to money, GSP is champ at a time when the UFC is in its prime. That is thanks to guys like you, BJ, Chuck, Randy, and Tito, who built the company. I’m sure if you were champ today your paychecks would be fatter. The legacy of your dominance is well intact, let GSP build his, and let’s see who truly was the most dominate welterweight of all time.

brian Says:

That video of Chuck always gives me the creeps!

Anyway, you are spot-on with your assessment of GSP’s last fight. I’m not quite sure why all his “fans” can’t seem to grasp it, but it’s true. He fights not to lose. He’s a great athlete, but I’m not sure I can call him a fighter. He seems to train more than any fighter, he has by far the most expensive camps with all the experts he brings in, yet he can’t seem to deliver when it counts.

His fans watch that fight and see a striking clinic, but the truth is a jab causing a broken orbital is a fluke accident and it happened on the first punch of the fight. Which means that not only could josh NOT SEE HIM, he couldn’t find his own range. So basically, GSP fought against a half-blind guy for 5 rounds and never once came close to stopping the fight. That’s crazy. It goes against everything the UFC stands for. It’s ridiculous, really. Yet people will continue to defend him? I admire the dedication, but no other champion in the UFC would have gone the distance with that kind of advantage.

I’m a Koshcheck fan and I understand how hard he is to put away, but could you imagine how quickly the fight would have been over if it was Matt, or BJ in there with him? Hell, i bet even Frank Trigg would have finished him. Seriously. Dan Hardy, Carlos Condit, Jake Sheilds, Nick Diaz…these guys would be chomping at the bit to get 5 rounds to take out a one-eyed man!

UFC QUOTABLES: Matt Hughes thinks Georges St. Pierre’s UFC 124 win over Josh Koscheck was “boring” | The Info Aggregator Says:

[...] -Matt Hughes comments on Georges St. Pierre’s UFC 124 victory over Josh Koscheck on his personal blog at his official website. Penick’s Analysis: I have to vehemently disagree with Matt on this [...]

Chris Says:

Like many of you, I am a big Matt Hughes fan. However, I do disagree with Matt’s assessment of GSP’s last fight and his previous fights. The bottom line is that GSP fights intelligently. It’s that simple. He comes in with a gameplan and he sticks to his gameplan. Remember, this is a sport. It encompasses skill, physical preparation, and tactical preparation – a.k.a. strategy.

As far as Koscheck’s broken orbital and his inability to see….sure that would give most people an advantage. That doesn’t mean that you go at him recklessly. The guy still has major knockout power and is a tremendous fighter regardless of his condition. He’s still dangerous. If you get caught with one big right hand, it could be lights out. Be patient, pick your shots, and if you can catch him with a good shot or a flurry, then move in to capitalize. Alas, let’s recall a little history from the boxing world – Ken Norton vs. Muhammad Ali – Ali got his jaw broke very early on (I think it was the 2nd round) and fought 10 more rounds with a broken jaw and nearly won the fight. Fighters are still dangerous even when they damaged. The only time they aren’t dangerous is when they’re out cold.

Furthermore, why not appreciate GSP’s ability to dictate and dominate the fight? I recall a fight in 2005 in boxing in which Floyd Mayweather put on an absolute clinic when he fought the late Arturo Gatti. Gatti had all of this punching power and was a brawler, etc. etc. He couldn’t even touch Floyd. Floyd would hit him 6-7 times and Gatti would miss over and over. The fight did end in a TKO because Gatti’s corner threw in the towel. But, I don’t think Gatti would’ve been knocked out on that night. I think he would’ve kept taking punishment and being outclassed. Does that mean that Mayweather doesn’t go for the finish? Whether or not you like Mayweather, he’s still one of the top pound-for-pound boxers around and he has had one knockout across the last 10 years and only a handful of TKO’s – most of the TKO’s happened very late in the fight. Point being – can’t we appreciate the “art” that GSP brings to the octagon? He has hardly been touched across the past 3 almost 4 years. He fights smart, he executes, and he wins. At the end of the day, a win is a win.

I have no problem with how GSP fights. I greatly admire and respect his intellectual approach to fighting. As he describes himself – he’s a true martial artist.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and criticism. But, I believe that the true fans of the sport appreciate good technique and skill over just seeing a highlight reel knockout. Lastly, if I’m GSP, I’d follow this mantra – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He’s winning – why mess with success?

UFC QUOTABLES: Matt Hughes thinks Georges St. Pierre’s UFC 124 win over Josh Koscheck was “boring” | jcpolewestiwa Says:

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Keegan Says:

Great post Chris.

I’d also like to add that GSP is constantly trying to improve where he lacks in. The Hardy fight he went and corrected his submission attempt on Hardy. He went to Renzo Gracie I believe and asked why his technique didn’t prevail.

GSP is what 29? I could be mistaken but he’s still learning and making every opponent look outclassed. The WW division is stacked with talent and GSP hasn’t even became close to being dethroned.

I don’t know where you get these comments from Matt. You of all people should know that MMA is about being smart and strategic. If everyone went in for the kill without worrying about the consequences. The belt would be passed around like a hot potato.

I have a question for you people that call GSP boring or think he has the desire to not finish….

Why is it GSP just gets criticized for his performances and not finishing? Because he’s champion?

Why not look at his opponents and point the finger at them for not bringing the fight to GSP and “taking” the belt from GSP….

I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’m a true Matt Hughes fan…You say GSP is boring and seems to point fight…correct?

He destroyed Matt Serra and kneed his body to mashed potatoes. Why did your performance go the distance?

It’s easy to judge the champs performances. Yet he is still learning. He’s not as skilled as you are Matt in a sense. You are very experienced and built and molded this sport to what it is now….You came as a wrestler into the octagon and picked up JJ like it’s nothing. Have good boxing and everyone considers you GOAT(Greatest of all time)…Even the GSP lover’s can admit it.

Just a little dumb founded as to why you think it’s just GSP that fights for points. Haven’t you noticed the trend in UFC at all? It’s something that’s been carried through by many fighters…Rashad comes to mind…Machida…Fitch.

Other fighters who can’t seem to finish like Chael Sonnen who has pillow fists and was on anabolic steroids. Frankie Edgar of all people can’t seem to finish fighters and fought BJ twice, and now Gray. Going for ANOTHER rematch.

So why point the finger at GSP when all these other fighters seem to have things in common? The UFC is becoming very competitive and styles will bump into each other making a fight stalemate.

Don’t blame the champion. Look at his opponents and at the end. Their wills are broken when GSP is done with them and they don’t want to fight. They also change their tune in their attitude at the end of the fight when they are dominated for 5 rounds and look almost amateur compared to him.

I hope this changes your views slightly because your my all time favorite fighter. It would be amazing if you could expand more on your thoughts about your views on GSP. Just cause I like debating on these things.

Hope you’re having a good time off Matt. Wish you and your family all the blessings :)

CarrieInCali Says:

That is very well said Keegan and Chris. I love matt more than anything but I do disagree with him here. GSP is a great entertaining fighter who probably just does not want to make that split second mistake that may cost him like it did with the armbar with Matt and the punch to the head from Serra. Just because he didn’t finish a fight does not mean it was not entertaining. Great post Matt – but once again I skipped over the bible verse. All the best – can’t wait to see you in the ring SOON!

Keegan Says:

Thanks Carrie. I agree. He does fight smart and people criticize that. My only argument to help your case is the fight starts standing in the BJ Penn fight, but Matt knew BJ has heavy hands. He made the mistake keeping it standing for those 20 seconds.

Just like how Matt has tested his stand up with his previous opponents. It has cost him a loss on his record. So why would GSP stand there and risk it all. He does make very few of no risks at all but that’s why he’s champion.

That’s why you see some guys that don’t mix it up stand and bang and win a fight but never decide to shoot for a take down, and end up getting clipped in the later rounds from getting too confident in the stand up. They start head hunting.

Anyways I’m glad some people here are able to express their views even though for most of us on this board posting. Matt Hughes is our favorite fighter. He got me into this sport and Matt I won’t ever doubt that you would try to go for the finish every fight if you were the champion.

I can admit that and that’s why you are remembered and aren’t titled “safe”, but doesn’t change my views on GSP. I find him exciting and everyone has their own opinion on it.

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kyle Says:

hey thanks to chick lidden is the best a guy who is just awsome all the time and GSP needs to get a life and quite the UFC and find something else in life

matt i like how u r a follwerr a god now its the ending times we can be all up in heavne together

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